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Babysitter arrested for taking kids with her to rob bank

By Arthur Weinreb     May 18, 2016 in Crime
Severance - A Colorado woman has been dubbed the "Babysitter Bandit" after it was alleged she robbed a bank, taking two children with her and telling a teller a man in her car would harm the kids if she did not give him money.
Police announced on Monday that a woman in Severance, Colorado, just outside Denver, had been arrested for robbing a bank while taking the children she was paid to look after with her.
According to the Weld County Sheriff's Office, the bank robbery occurred on Friday. It is alleged the 28-year-old woman, accompanied by two small children, drove up to the drive-thru window of the Colorado East Bank and Trust. She sent a note through the vacuum tube saying there was a man in her car who said he would harm the two children, also in the vehicle, if she did not give him money. The teller then sent $500 back down the tube.
Documents indicate the note said, "Do not sound alarm, the man in the back wants 100s and dye packs or trackers...he has a gun on my kids."
Soon after the robbery took place, police found the white SUV she drove parked in front of a house. Rachel Einspahr was arrested and charged with bank robbery. Although the children, whose ages were not disclosed, were not harmed, she was also charged with two counts of child abuse.
Police interviewed the children who said they went to the bank with Einspahr and then she took them to a park. Sheriff's office spokesman, Matt Turner, said there never was a man in the car. The children were described as being young enough not to understand what really went on.
The Weld County Sheriff's Office also said Einspahr confessed to the crime. The Denver Channel reports Einspahr has two other criminal cases outstanding. In one case she is facing more than 30 counts of forgery, identity theft and felony theft. In the second matter, she had been charged with two counts of ID theft in Larimar County. Einspahr allegedly told deputies she needed $15,000 to use for restitution in a plea deal. She told officers, "I can't go back to jail."
But back to jail is where she went. Einspahr is scheduled to appear in court today on the bank robbery and child abuse charges.
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