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article imageAnonymous seizes Twitter account of KKK amidst Ferguson threats

By Holly L. Walters     Nov 17, 2014 in Crime
Ferguson - There's a lot of tension in the air in Ferguson, Missouri as reports indicate that the grand jury decision regarding the shooting death of teen, Michael Brown, may be imminent.
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon signed an executive order Monday that declares a state of emergency to activate the National Guard to support law enforcement agencies in anticipation of unrest following the verdict. The declaration allows Nixon to utilize the Guard for the next 30 days.
Although declaring a state of emergency before an actual emergency may seem premature to some, the governor has reason to be apprehensive about the verdict. Many talking heads are predicting there will be riots and other periods of unrest occurring after the jury’s decision concerning the investigation into the death of the Ferguson youth.
One organization has publicly threatened violence if there is a riot -- the Ku Klux Klan.
Ku Klux Klan Weighs In: Sends Incendiary Message
The drama unfolding in Ferguson has drawn in several interest groups, including the white supremacist group, the Ku Klux Klan. According to the UK edition of the International Business Times, a local chapter of the KKK gave out leaflets in Ferguson last week that indicated that the group was threatening to take 'lethal force' against all protestors in the aftermath of the grand jury announcement.
The leaflets distributed by the Missouri Chapter of the KKK read:
"You have awakened a sleeping giant. The good people of St. Louis County of all races, colors and creeds will not tolerate your threats of violence against our police officers, their families and our communities. You have been warned by the Ku Klux Klan! There will be consequences for your acts of violence against the peaceful law abiding citizens of Missouri. We will use lethal force as provided under Missouri Law to defend ourselves."
The Klan's Dust Up With Anonymous
After word got out that the Klan had distributed the literature threatening Ferguson protesters, it raised the ire of Anonymous, an international network of 'hacktivist' and activist entities. After the two organizations traded insults and threats online, the KKK took to Twitter to taunt Anonymous saying:
"Anonymous is nothing but a bunch of wannabes. They won't take any action. We will not be brought down by some low-lives behind a screen."
Anonymous Takes Action, Hacks the Klan
Anonymous didn't take the taunts from the Klan lightly and showed them exactly what actions they were capable of. Hackers that are affiliated with Anonymous launched "Operation KKK" (#OpKKK) and proceeded to seize control of KKK twitter accounts @KluKluxKlanUSA and @YourKKKCentral. They also took 4 websites associated with the Klan offline; this included their traditional website and Storefront, "a white nationalist online forum."
The Inquisitr reported that this is not the first time that the KKK made its presence known in the Michael Brown shooting. They began raising money for Officer Darren Wilson's legal fund about a week after the shooting. At this time, it's not known how much money the Klan has raised for him.
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