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article image9-month old baby is arrested for attempted murder in Pakistan

By Marcus Hondro     Apr 8, 2014 in Odd News
This is not something you come across every day, or every lifetime. A nine-month-old baby was arrested in Lahore, Pakistan, fingerprinted and charged — with attempted murder. Mohammad Musa was charged for an incident that occurred in February.
Note: At the baby's next court appearance the judge dismissed the charges.
The little guy appeared in court last week, he went with his Grandpa, to face the charges (Grandpa helped him during the fingerprinting process, too). Now he wasn't the only one, others from his family and neighborhood were also charged and in court with him.
It seems police were on a raid in Mohammad's neighborhood to cut off gas and electricity going to homes that contained occupants who had not paid their bills (some reports say they were there to monitor protests over power shortages). During the police action a group of some two dozen people allegedly threw rocks at the coppers, including, police insisted, wee Mohammad.
Police said the rocks were thrown with intent to kill but did not explain how a nine-month-old baby had the conscious will and the strength to throw a rock to kill. Grandpa noted that Mohammad doesn't yet know how to pick up his milk bottle, so throwing a rock with intent to kill isn't within his realm of possibility.
Cooler heads look to be prevailing, however as an inspector on that day who signed off on the charges to the baby has been suspended and the deputy inspector general of police in the area has condemned the affair. “A nine-month-old can never commit such a crime," Rana Abdul Jabbar told media. "This incident took place due to sheer misunderstanding on the police’s part and was not done on purpose."
So while Mohammad must return to court with the others next week the charges against him are being dropped and it does look as if he will walk away a...pardon, will crawl away a free man...sorry, baby. Let's get this straight: Mohammad will crawl away a free baby.
Unless his Grandpa packs him out, that is.
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