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Pistorius ordered to undergo psychotherapy

Johanesburg - Paralympian star Oscar Pistorius will have to undergo psychotherapy, South Africa's parole review board said Tuesday after blocking his release from prison just 10 months into his five-year sentence for killing his girlfriend.

Baby blues: Study finds expectant Dads also subject to depression

In a study from Canada's Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre in Montreal, researchers found that men, too, can suffer depression prior to becoming a parent. The number of expectant fathers who experience depression are significant.

Pistorius to stay in jail as parole decision delayed

Johanesburg - Oscar Pistorius will stay in jail after a decision to grant him parole was again delayed Monday, his lawyer told AFP, in a long battle over whether he should be released early from a prison sentence for killing his girlfriend.

Paralympian star Pistorius parole back under review after delays

Johanesburg - A South African parole board is due to meet Monday to determine whether Paralympian star Oscar Pistorius should be released early from a prison sentence for killing his girlfriend.

Rare white lion gives birth to four cubs at Toronto Zoo

Toronto - The white lion population at the Toronto Zoo has increased by four recently with the birth of four adorable — and vociferous cubs. White lioness Makali gave birth to two of the youngsters Saturday, Sept. 26, and then two more the following day.

South African murder rate soars to 49 a day

Johanesburg - South Africa's murder rate jumped 4.6 percent in the last year, official data showed Tuesday, with almost 49 people killed every day in a country battling a reputation as one of the crime capitals of the world.

Researchers create new pasta to combat diabetes, bad cholesterol

In the evolving world of new food creation scientists say they have developed a new "prebiotic" pasta that battles illness. It is enriched, they say, with a fibre that fights diabetes and bad cholesterol, among other health problems.

Ancient Greek shipwreck reveals remarkable artifacts from 65 BC

It is a shipwreck that has been dubbed the 'Titanic of the Ancient World' and though found at the start of the last century it remains a source of "fabulous finds." Famous for revealing the wondrous Antikythera Mechanism, it is now revealing even more.

Massive sinkhole in Australia swallows cars, entire campsite

A sinkhole in Queensland, Australia has swallowed an entire campsite. The phenomena started in the night and sleeping campers had to wake up quickly and scramble for safety. There were no fatalities.

Gangster-style car stunts put South Africa in a spin

Johanesburg - Deep in the Soweto badlands, between car scrap shops and evangelical churches, a diminutive teenage girl showcases her determination to become South Africa's greatest "spinning" star.

S. Africa recalls 50 peacekeepers from DRC for 'security' breaches

Johanesburg - Dozens of South African peacekeepers serving in the United Nations mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo are being recalled home for security breaches, the military said Thursday.

New drug for Alzheimer's Disease calms agitated patients

People stricken with Alzheimer's Disease and other dementia are often faced with bouts of agitation. During the progression of their illness they may have periods of agitated pacing, throwing objects and even physical violence. A new drug may stop that.

Oscar Pistorius' appeal hearing set for November 3

Johanesburg - The South African state's appeal to have Oscar Pistorius convicted of murder instead of culpable homicide will be heard on November 3, officials said Tuesday, as the Paralympian waits to be released on parole.

Book says David Cameron put private part in a dead pig's mouth

The U.K. is having a really pig day with a story told in a new book that claims Prime Minister David Cameron once put his private part into the mouth of a dead pig. The allegation was made in a book by a disgruntled former Conservative Party treasurer.

Zimbabwe's evicted farmers win symbolic victory in S. Africa

Cape Town - White farmers evicted from their land in Zimbabwe won a symbolic victory Monday when a government-owned house in Cape Town was sold to pay compensation, a lawyer involved in the case said.The auction of the house, which went for 3.

Greek election: Alexis Tsipras and Syriza win 145 of 300 seats

The Greek snap election returned Syriza, the party that called it, and gave them a strong mandate to pursue belt-tightening polices. It gives Greece a chance to move forward through the measures adopted in a deal this past summer with Eurozone creditors.

Manny Pacquiao says not getting Floyd Mayweather rematch is okay

More often than not losing hurts in sports and more often than not athletes want another shot at the team or individual they lost to. In boxing a rematch usually happens but in the case of the Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather it appears it will not.

Pistorius hopes for parole as panel reviews case

Johanesburg - A South Africa parole board was meeting Friday to determine if champion Paralympian Oscar Pistorius should leave jail, weeks after the justice minister blocked his release.

Tripped-up by camera-woman, Syrian refugee given job in Spain

This story is similar to the story of Ahmed Mohamed, the American boy arrested for making a homemade clock who wound up getting invited to the White House.  In this story a Syrian refugee was tripped-up by a journalist and wound up getting a job.

Pistorius defence files arguments against state appeal for murder

Johanesburg - Oscar Pistorius' defence team on Thursday submitted its argument fighting a state bid to have the star athlete found guilty of murder instead of culpable homicide.
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