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Illegal entry: Trespassers caught on camera having sex in hot tub

A security camera at a home in Kelowna caught some rare footage for the owners. After all, it's not often you see two perfect strangers sneak into your backyard, climb into your hot tub and have sex.

New boa constrictor species found on remote island in Bahamas

A new species of boa constrictor has been discovered on an uninhabited island in the Bahamas. One of the manners in which the species introduced itself was to slither out of a tree right up upon the head of a researcher.

Mandela's driver among first to receive bequests from will

Johanesburg - Nelson Mandela's driver, his personal assistant and grandchildren all received cash bequests from his will on Friday as executors of his estate carried out his final wishes more than two years after his death.

S. Africa broadcaster bans screening of violent protests

Johanesburg - South Africa's public broadcaster said Friday it would stop screening violent protests involving the firebombing of public buildings -- a move condemned as censorship ahead of crucial elections.

Adidas to return to Germany to make shoes by robots

Adidas, a German company, has not manufactured its products in Germany in more than 20 years. However, later this year it will begin production of shoes in Germany, made by robots.

Elite South African mine rescue squad risks all to save lives

Carletonville - In a dark, smoke-filled mine shaft, a group of South African rescue trainees heave and gasp after crawling through a narrow steel pipe -- but commands shouted by an instructor urge them onwards."Number four, what is your oxygen reading?" he yells.

Op-Ed: China sets (odd) record for most choreographed dancers

Okay so it's not the kind of record most of us would aspire to holding, or be a part of holding, and it doesn't have the sex appeal of, oh, say, most goals at the World Cup of Soccer. But it is a world record and it took a lot of effort to achieve it.

World's rarest plant is a relic from the age of the dinosaurs

Durban - Palm tree-like plants called cycads grew in abundance 135 million years ago, providing shelter from the heat and forage for plant-eating dinosaurs. If you want to see one of these plants today, you will have to visit a botanical garden.

S. Africa prosecutors to appeal ruling on Zuma's 800 graft charges

Pretoria - South African state prosecutors said Monday they would appeal against a court ruling that President Jacob Zuma should face almost 800 corruption charges, triggering accusations that he was being protected from justice.

Texas woman in Chewbacca mask laughs madly, sets Facebook record

Much like the movie Star Wars set box office records a woman from Texas has set a Facebook record - for views. How? Simply by donning a Chewbacca mask, laughing hysterically, and we really mean hysterically, and then posting it on to Facebook.

Brawl erupts in S.Africa parliament as opposition party ejected

Cape Town - A brutal fistfight broke out in the South African parliament Tuesday as security guards ejected opposition lawmakers in an ugly fracas that underlined heightened political tensions over Jacob Zuma's presidency.

Port Elizabeth, the S.Africa city that has Zuma quaking

Port Elizabeth - Sitting in his wooden shack in a township in Port Elizabeth, Kwanele Mphelo reels off a list of gripes with South Africa's ruling African National Congress.

African rhinos to be flown to Australia to escape poachers

Johanesburg - A retired South African sales executive who emigrated to Australia 30 years ago is hatching a daring plan to airlift 80 rhinos to his adopted country in a bid to save the species from poachers.

Gruelling tales behind South African miners' class action

Johanesburg - Dangerous working conditions, scant safety standards, inhumane living quarters and violent racism -- South African gold miners endured decades of hardship underground.

S.Africa court allows huge class action over miners' silicosis

Johanesburg - Hundreds of thousands of South African gold miners can pursue a multi-million-dollar class action against mining companies over an often-fatal respiratory disease contracted at work, a judge ruled Friday.

White South African judge in Facebook 'racism' row

Johanesburg - A white South African judge was at the centre of a social media storm on Monday after Facebook comments emerged in which she suggested rape was part of black culture.

Thousands demand legalisation of cannabis in South Africa

Cape Town - Thousands of South Africans took to the streets of Cape Town on Saturday demanding a relaxation of drugs laws to allow medicinal and recreational use of cannabis.

S. Africa mum sentenced for trying to sell baby on Internet

Johanesburg - A South African mother who tried to sell her 19-month-old baby boy on the Internet for $340 was given a five-year suspended sentence, a justice official said Thursday.

Fights erupt in S. African parliament over Zuma speech

Cape Town - Fists flew in the South African parliament on Wednesday as security guards physically ejected leftist opposition lawmakers in the latest outbreak of political drama over the troubled presidency of Jacob Zuma.

Ghanaian crowned first 'Miss Africa Continent'

Johanesburg - Barefoot, wearing traditional costumes including animal hide skirts and elaborately beaded headdresses, the contestants strutted the stage before Ghanaian Rebecca Asamoah was crowned the first 'Miss Africa Continent'.
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