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Killer whale beaches itself for dinner, orders a tasty sea lion

A killer whale was seen by a handful of beach-goers in Argentina going to a rather great length for dinner. It is dangerous for whales to move up and onto a beach but this one managed to get up there, grab its prey and get back into the ocean.

Zuma should pay back $500,000 of public funds: treasury

Johanesburg - South African President Jacob Zuma should pay back $500,000 of public funds spent upgrading his private residence with facilities including a chicken coop and a swimming pool, the treasury said Monday.

Hyena attacks teen in S.Africa's Kruger Park

Johanesburg - A 15-year-old was in a serious condition Monday after he was attacked in his tent by a hyena at South Africa's world famous Kruger National Park, officials said.

Petition demanding new Brexit referendum at 3 million, growing

A petition calling for a second Brexit referendum continues to circulate in the U.K. and has now topped 3 million signatures. It needs but 100,000 for it to be put upon the docket to be discussed in Parliament but will it mean much of anything?

On inviting all children, including those born with down syndrome

I am not a weeper. Never have been. It's not uncommon for us men to stifle tears and we could argue whether it's due to nature or nurture. But not here, not now. This is about 2 kids, each born with down syndrome, and how they blessed me with tears.

South African court rules Zuma can be charged over graft

Johanesburg - A South African court on Friday threw out President Jacob Zuma's attempt to appeal against a ruling that he should face almost 800 corruption charges, piling pressure on the embattled leader.

German police kill gunman but hostages survive, motive unknown

A gunman is dead but no one inside the German movie complex in which he fired his weapon Thursday was killed. There are reports of two dozen or more injuries but those injuries are related to police-fired tear gas, officials said.

Two more bodies found in S.Africa pre-election violence

Johanesburg - The death toll from days of pre-election violence in townships around South Africa's capital Pretoria has risen to five after the discovery of two more bodies Thursday, police said.

Pistorius says Steenkamp would want him freed

Johanesburg - Convicted murderer Oscar Pistorius has said he believes his late girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp would want him to devote his life to charity rather than return to prison for killing her.

Two killed in S.Africa pre-election violence: Police

Johanesburg - Two people have been killed and more than 40 arrested in pre-election violence in townships around South Africa's capital Pretoria, police said Wednesday.

Riots rock South Africa's capital ahead of vote

Pretoria - Buses were torched and roads were barricaded with rocks and burning tyres in South Africa's capital Pretoria Tuesday in riots sparked by upcoming nationwide municipal elections.

Op-Ed: Bob Arum compares Lomachenko to Manny Pacquiao - and Muhammad Ali

Bob Arum is getting close to his 85th birthday so perhaps we should excuse him if he embraces hyperbole a little more than even boxing promoters normally do. But comparing a rising fighter, relatively untested professionally, to Muhammad Ali?

The Times in U.K. supports decriminalizing illegal drugs

The U.K's Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) recently published a paper advocating the decriminalization of all illegal drugs in Britain and the society has an influential backer. The Times newspaper agrees and has published a piece saying as much.

Man who shot British MP Jo Cox a neo-Nazi, shouts 'Britain First'

The man who shot British MP Jo Cox at least three times before stabbing her shouted "Britain First" during his vicious assault. It is also being reported the alleged killer is a long-time member of an American neo-Nazi group.

Pistorius walks on stumps ahead of July 6 sentencing

Pretoria - A sobbing Oscar Pistorius on Wednesday hobbled on his stumps across a courtroom to demonstrate his physical vulnerability to a judge who will decide next month how long he goes to prison for murder.

Pistorius walks on stumps ahead of murder sentencing

Pretoria - A sobbing Oscar Pistorius on Wednesday walked on his stumps across a court to demonstrate his physical vulnerability to a judge who will decide his prison sentence for murdering his girlfriend.

Pistorius 'must pay' says Steenkamp's father

Pretoria - Reeva Steenkamp's father broke down in court on Tuesday as he told a dramatic sentencing hearing that Oscar Pistorius must "pay for his crime" of murdering his daughter three years ago.

Nude restaurant in London opens as naked dining takes (it) off

The food is mostly raw and likewise the patrons eat while in the raw at the Bunyadi, London's newest restaurant. You may think it's enough to put you off your appetite but there's a waiting list to dine nude - of over 46,000.

'Broken' Pistorius should not be jailed, court hears

Pretoria - Oscar Pistorius is a "broken" man who should be hospitalised rather than jailed, a South African court heard Monday, as the Paralympic athlete awaits sentencing for the murder of his girlfriend three years ago.

South African parks to ban animal apps

Mobile apps, designed to share information about animal sightings have become "a major cause for concern," according to the South African agency responsible for operating national parks.
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