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Tough times for S.Africa's all-female anti-poaching unit

- South Africa's all-female "Black Mambas" anti-poaching team had never lost a rhino since they were formed in 2013, but the killing of two animals earlier this month shattered their proud record.

All global trade banned in endangered pangolins

Johanesburg - The shy, scale-covered pangolin is to receive the highest level of protection against illegal trade to try to save it from extinction, after a vote Wednesday by delegates at a global conference.

Op-Ed: Donald Trump loses debate, beaten badly by Clinton and himself

There's no standard that exists upon our beloved planet, or none that contains the notion of reason, to apply by which Donald Trump won the first presidential debate. But does poor debating skills mean he can't win the presidency?

Shy pangolins need world spotlight to survive

Johanesburg - Reclusive, gentle and quick to roll up into a ball, pangolins keep a low profile.

Wildlife meeting weighs how to save endangered species

Johanesburg - Thousands of conservationists and government officials open talks in Johannesburg on Saturday to thrash out regulating international trade in elephant ivory, rhino horn and hundreds of endangered wild animals and plants.

Chinese baby is born with 15 fingers, 16 toes — but no thumbs

It's a condition that is rare but there is surgery to solve the problem of having extra digits. A baby in China has a lot of extra digits, 11 of them in fact, and yet neither of the infant's palms has a thumb.

How CITES works, and 5 species to look out for

Johanesburg - The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) is a treaty to protect wild animals and plants against over-exploitation through commercial trade.

Violent clashes in South Africa over student fees

Johanesburg - South African students and campus security guards clashed in Johannesburg on Tuesday, hurling rocks at each other as demonstrations over higher fees turned violent.

Handcuffed Indiana suspect manages to steal police car and escape

You can't keep a good man down, or in this case you can't keep a handcuffed robbery suspect in the back seat of your police car unattended. Why? Well, .he just might find a way to steal the cruiser and cause thousands of dollars in damage.

Protests as S. Africa university fee hikes get go-ahead

Johanesburg - South Africa on Monday gave universities the go-ahead to raise student fees by up to eight percent, prompting protests on several campuses across the country.

In effort to fight public 'pee-ers' new coating sprays urine back

People urinating on public buildings - let's be honest, it's almost always men — are leaving behind more than their urine. That's unpleasant enough but there's also the issue of smell. Well, there may be something to be done about it.

Desmond Tutu 'readmitted to hospital'

Johanesburg - South African retired archbishop and anti-apartheid icon Desmond Tutu was on Saturday readmitted to hospital in Cape Town just days after being discharged following surgery, his family said.

South African prosecutors bid to extend Pistorius sentence

Johanesburg - Prosecutors in South Africa said Thursday they would launch a new legal push for a tougher sentence for Paralympic star Oscar Pistorius, who was jailed for six years for murdering his girlfriend.

Desmond Tutu discharged from hospital: family

Johanesburg - Retired archbishop and anti-apartheid icon Desmond Tutu was Wednesday discharged from hospital in South Africa after three weeks of treatment for a "recurring infection", his family said.

World Suicide Prevention Day: Male suicide rate 3.5 times higher

September 10 was World Suicide Prevention Day and at last the epidemic rate of male suicides is being noted. Men are three to four times more likely to take their own lives, a stat that holds true in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and other countries.

Bacteria in the blood could trigger dozens of diseases

Are bacteria in the human blood system responsible for indirectly triggering a range of diseases? New research suggests a link to strokes and heart attacks, and other ill-health conditions.

S.Africa's ANC faces deep crisis after vote defeat

Johanesburg - Record electoral losses and deep internal divisions are threatening both the long hold on power enjoyed by South Africa's ruling ANC party and the political future of President Jacob Zuma.

Op-Ed: Trump again denies the fact he supported the invasion of Iraq

Many untruths Donald Trump utters come from his attempts to cover up his own behaviour, such as claiming he did not mock a reporter with a handicap when a video clearly showed that he had. Some just come from bald-faced lies.

Queen's Freddie Mercury would be 70, has asteroid named after him

The International Astronomical Union is throwing some of that crazy little thing called love at the late-Freddie Mercury to mark his 70th birthday. One of the more sparkling stars in rock history, the British singer now has an asteroid named after him.

South Africa invests in e-chalkboards for schools

South Africa is to begin implementing so-called e-chalkboards into schools, as a replacement for traditional chalkboards.
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