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Nuclear and renewable: S.Africa's ambitious new energy mix

Johanesburg - Heavily reliant on coal-fired electricity, South Africa is launching ambitious new projects aimed at diversifying its energy sources and avoiding the regular power cuts that have hobbled the economy in recent years.

Heart-warming video as 101-year-old B.C. woman plays in snow

The views of a rather simple video posted online Friday are, like the white stuff does in a heavy snowfall, piling up. It's not much on the surface, just a woman playing in snow. What is making it interesting is her age.

Danish genital mutilation suspect denied bail in South Africa

Bloemfontein - A South African judge Friday denied bail for a Danish man accused of mutilating women and storing pieces of their genitals in his freezer.

Freeing Africans from tyranny one phone at a time Special

In Africa, where roads are often impassible and conflict has put whole swaths of territory off-limits, the Internet is playing a pivotal role in bringing people together.

Tigers, piranhas may join crocodiles as Indonesian prison guards

Jakarta - The recent story about crocodiles being used as guards over drug convicts in Indonesia has a new twist. Those nasty crocodiles may have co-workers alongside them — tigers and piranhas.

Pistorius reports for first community service

Pretoria - Oscar Pistorius reported on Saturday for his first day of community service in the South African capital Pretoria as part of his parole conditions after being released from jail three weeks ago.

S.African students win university language victory

Cape Town - After months of turmoil at South African universities, student protesters on Friday won the right to be taught in English at Stellenbosch University, the intellectual home of Afrikaners during apartheid.

Nigerian journalist wins Africa fact-checking award

Johanesburg - A Nigerian journalist on Thursday won the top prize in the annual African Fact-Checking Awards for his work debunking claims about legislation on the age of sexual consent.

Apple issues apology to 6 black students kicked out of store

The Apple Corporation issued an apology to the six African-Australian students who were kicked out of one of their retail stores in Melbourne. It appears to be a horrific case of racial profiling.

Study finds giving up Facebook can make you happier

Big Facebook user? Do you check your 'wall' daily? If so, according to a study from the independent think-tank 'The Happiness Institute' you might be happier if you shut your account down and give it up altogether.

Danish mutilation suspect dismisses murder charge in court

Bloemfontein - A Danish man accused of mutilating women spoke publicly for the first time in a South African court Thursday, requesting bail and denying allegations he conspired to murder his wife.

Eight S.African policemen jailed over Mozambican's murder

Johanesburg - Eight South African policemen were jailed Wednesday for 15 years each for the murder of a Mozambican taxi driver who was dragged behind a police van in an incident caught on a mobile phone camera.

South African drought follows last year's third driest season

The South African Weather Service reported on Tuesday that the country's diverse farming sector has already been hit hard by a drought that follows on the heels of the 2014-2015 season, making it the driest since 1991-1992.

South Africa's anti-graft tzar vows to overcome setbacks

Pretoria - South Africa's anti-corruption ombudsman is an optimist, and perhaps she needs to be.

S. Africa police investigate genital mutilator over wife's murder

Johanesburg - A Danish national accused of mutilating several women and keeping their removed clitorises in his freezer is also suspected of involvement in the killing of his wife, South African police said Friday.

Take home opioid antidote kit available in Saskatchewan

The Canadian province of Saskatchewan is beginning a program that offers a take-home antidote kit for opioid drug users in the event of overdose. It is free and intended to battle the increasing number of deaths from drugs such as fentanyl.

Danish man in S.Africa court over female genitals kept in freezer

Bloemfontein - A Danish national accused of assault for mutilating several women and keeping their removed clitorises in his freezer appeared in a South African court on Wednesday to fight for bail.

Calgary invention helps premature babies in first minutes of life

A research team at the Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary have created a new medical device that may make a great difference in the lives of premature babies. The device allows babies to stay connected to the umbilical cord longer.

Pistorius lawyers battle to avoid murder charges

Bloemfontein - Oscar Pistorius' lawyers on Tuesday fought to keep him from returning to jail as state prosecutors argued for a murder conviction in a combative appeal hearing a fortnight after he was released.

S.African cops arrested over killing filmed by cameras

Johanesburg - Four South African police officers were arrested Monday on murder charges after a video emerged of an execution-style killing of a suspected robber on a suburban street.
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