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South Africa's withdrawal rocks International Criminal Court

Pretoria - South Africa announced Friday that it would withdraw from the International Criminal Court, dealing a major blow to a troubled institution set up to try the world's worst crimes.

S.Africa to pull out of International Criminal Court: media

Johanesburg - South Africa will withdraw from the Hague-based International Criminal Court (ICC), media reports in Johannesburg said on Friday, sparking rapid criticism from rights bodies.

62-year-old Spanish woman gives birth to her third child

A 62-year-old woman in Northern Spain has given birth to her third child and is encouraging other older women with a desire to give birth to go ahead and do it. She gave birth to the baby girl last week.

The Guptas: three brothers at heart of S. Africa's graft scandal

Johanesburg - Political drama, corruption allegations and even wedding party controversies -- the Gupta family, one of South Africa's wealthiest, has been accused of wielding undue influence behind the scenes.

Splits plunge S. Africa's liberation ANC party into turmoil

Johanesburg - South Africa's government has descended into open warfare as a clash between President Jacob Zuma and his finance minister unveils rivalries that could tip the country into instability.

Is S.Africa's graft watchdog about to lose its teeth?

Johanesburg - South Africa's fearless corruption fighter is to step down at the weekend, sparking fears the war on graft she has led for seven years might now run out of steam.

S.Africa opposition leader charged over land seizure call

Johanesburg - Prosecutors in South Africa said Thursday they had charged firebrand opposition politician Julius Malema under an apartheid-era law after he urged his supporters to occupy land illegally.

S. Africa's Zuma 'moves to block' graft report

Johanesburg - South Africa's embattled President Jacob Zuma on Thursday served a court notice to block a watchdog from releasing a report into allegations that he was involved in corrupt activities, his spokesman said.

S. Africa's respected finance minister Gordhan set for tough fight

Johanesburg - South African Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan has been described as the cleverest person in government.

South African finance minister to be prosecuted for fraud

Johanesburg - South African Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan will be prosecuted for fraud, officials said Tuesday, in a move that sent the rand tumbling over concerns about political rivalry and the country's fragile economy.

Racism and privilege stoke S.Africa student protests

Johanesburg - Weeks of protests at South African universities have targeted tuition fees -- but students say they are also about racism and inequality in a society still plagued by the legacy of apartheid.

South African student protesters disrupt lectures

Johanesburg - South African student protesters and police clashed in renewed violence in Johannesburg on Monday as attempts to re-open Wits University descended into running battles on campus.

At 85, Tutu says wants choice of assisted death

Cape Town - South African retired Anglican archbishop and anti-apartheid icon Desmond Tutu celebrated his 85th birthday on Friday saying he would like to be allowed the option of dignified assisted death.

Zuma to be quizzed by S.Africa watchdog

Johanesburg - South African President Jacob Zuma will be questioned by the country's top watchdog Thursday over alleged misconduct including allowing a wealthy Indian migrant family to choose ministers, officials said.

Donald Trump got his steel from China for 2 major U.S. projects

The questionable deeds of Donald Trump are being revealed fast and furiously and it is hard to keep up. Among the revelations on Monday, a Newsweek investigation found Trump has been buying most of his steel and aluminum not from home, but from China.

Namibia, Zimbabwe lose vote to allow ivory trade: CITES

Johanesburg - The global conference that governs wildlife trade voted Monday against proposals by Namibia and Zimbabwe to be allowed to sell their ivory internationally, in a move welcomed by many conservationists.

Two accused in S. African court for 'freeing' endangered penguin

Port Elizabeth - Two men have appeared in court in South Africa accused of stealing a penguin called "Buddy" from a marine park and releasing him into the sea, police said Friday.

Tough times for S.Africa's all-female anti-poaching unit

- South Africa's all-female "Black Mambas" anti-poaching team had never lost a rhino since they were formed in 2013, but the killing of two animals earlier this month shattered their proud record.

Donald Trump says if you don't like government don't pay taxes

In Monday night's presidential debate Donald Trump seemed to admit that he does not pay federal income tax and stated the reason he doesn't is because he does not like how the U.S. government spends tax dollars. It's not the first time he's said that.

All global trade banned in endangered pangolins

Johanesburg - The shy, scale-covered pangolin is to receive the highest level of protection against illegal trade to try to save it from extinction, after a vote Wednesday by delegates at a global conference.
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