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Prank video as terrified Paris Hilton told plane is crashing

It's not certain where an Egyptian TV show thought the humor was but they went ahead with a prank on Paris Hilton, convincing her the small plane she was in was about to crash. They even had an actor in on it thrown off the plane as it neared water.

For the first time in two decades, lions will return to Rwanda

Kigali - After being wiped out more than 20 years ago in Rwanda's horrific genocide that claimed an estimated 800,000 lives, lions will return to the country, wildlife officials say.

Barack Obama sings 'Amazing Grace' at funeral of slain reverend

U.S. President Barack Obama did something no other sitting president of his country has likely done before when he sang "Amazing Grace" at the eulogy for a friend murdered last week by a racist young white man. Obama led thousands of mourners in song.

Alzheimer's: Low memory test scores may be early sign of dementia

A new study has found low scores on memory and thinking tests may be a signal a person will develop Alzheimer's Disease. Researchers found that a signal that Alzheimer's is there may be detected up to 18 years before a diagnosis of the illness.

Op-Ed: U.S. changes direction as sacred cows die

Charleston - First a bayonet was stuck in the heart, if it had one, of the Confederacy. Then Obamacare was cleared. Now gays can marry.

Python's last supper ends in gruesome death

Port Shepstone - Pythons are among the largest non-venomous snakes in the world. With an incredibly flexible jaw, they are able to swallow prey several times their size, so rodents, including porcupines shouldn't pose much of a problem.

S.Africa inquiry slams police operation that led to Marikana massacre

Johanesburg - A 2012 South African police operation that left 34 Marikana mine workers dead should "not have taken place", a long-awaited report said Thursday, calling on the officers involved to face a criminal investigation.

S. Africa's Zuma to release Marikana mine massacre report

Johanesburg - President Jacob Zuma was on Thursday due to release the official report into the police killing of 34 South African striking workers at Marikana mine in 2012, his office said.

S. Africa may quit ICC over Bashir row: presidency

Johanesburg - South Africa said Thursday it may withdraw from the International Criminal Court after an outcry over Pretoria's refusal to arrest Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir on genocide charges.

Humpback whale tangled in nets survives after dramatic rescue

A juvenile humpback whale in waters off Powell River in B.C. became tangled in the ropes of a prawn fisherman's nets over the weekend and almost died because of it. It was rescued in a lengthy operation by fisheries officials.

Human footprints found on Calvert Island oldest in North America

An amazing archaeological find has been made on British Columbia's Calvert Island. It consists of 12 human footprints from three persons, thought to be the oldest footprints in all of North America.

S.Africa ministers 'plotted to protect Sudan's Bashir'

Johanesburg - The South African government secretly plotted to ensure safe passage out of the country for Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir despite an international warrant for his arrest on war crimes charges, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

Two mass shootings in U.S., in Detroit and Philadelphia, one dies

The United States was again hit by gun violence on Saturday. Twenty people were shot at events in two cities but as of this writing only one has died, with one other in critical condition. Ten were shot in Detroit, and 10 were shot in Philadelphia.

Stowaway fell to death from jet on approach to landing in London

The body of a man found upon a building in the south of London, below a flight path into Heathrow, likely fell from a plane coming into land. The dead man fell out of the undercarriage of a passenger plane arriving from Johannesburg, it is believed.

African scientists leading charge against anti-gay laws in Africa

Homosexuality is “un-African,” or at least that's what some national leaders would have you believe. The Academy of Science of South Africa, however, is pushing back, having released a report refuting and condemning anti-gay laws.

Biologist worried about lonely Beluga whale in Halifax harbour

A beluga whale living in the harbour in Halifax, Nova Scotia may be from the St. Lawrence Estuary, where belugas are endangered. A marine biologist is worried about the whale and will conduct tests to determine where it came from.

Ex-tennis star Bob Hewitt denied appeal for rape verdict

Pretoria - Disgraced former tennis Grand Slam champion Bob Hewitt will not be allowed to appeal a ruling that found him guilty of raping and assaulting young girls he coached in the 1980s and 1990s.

10,000 dogs, and cats, cruelly killed at dog meat fest in China

British comedian Ricky Gervais is among those appalled by the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, and he's asking for the public's support in ending it. Each year the fest kills some 10,000 dogs and almost as many cats by barbaric manners, before eating them.

Floyd Mayweather: Thurman joins list of fighters who want Money

It's no surprise there are fighters out there who want a shot at the man, Floyd "Money" Mayweather. You wanna be the best, obviously you gotta beat the best. That phrase got to be a cliche because of one reason — it's true.

Nigeria's Buhari plans Cameroon trip for Boko Haram force

Johanesburg - Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari is planning to visit Cameroon to cement a regional fighting force against Boko Haram, he told AFP on Monday.
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