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Yemen rebel leader vows resistance against Saudi-led air war

Aden - A defiant Huthi rebel leader vowed Sunday never to submit to "aggression" as weekend Saudi-led air strikes and clashes between his men and pro-government forces in Yemen killed 85 people.

Saudis pledge to fund aid for Yemen, keep up air raids

Sanaa - Saudi Arabia, which is leading a bombing campaign against Shiite rebels in Yemen, pledged Saturday to cover the entire $274 million in humanitarian aid sought by the United Nations for conflict-torn Yemen.

Iran presents Yemen peace plan to UN

Sanaa - Iran presented a four-point peace plan for Yemen to UN chief Ban Ki-moon, demanding international action to end the "senseless" Saudi-led air campaign against rebels backed by Tehran.

Intense Yemen bombing, Qaeda attack after UN peace call

Sanaa - Intense bombing by a Saudi-led coalition hit Yemen again Friday, three weeks into an air war against Iranian-backed rebels, as Al-Qaeda seized more ground in the chaos amid UN calls for peace.

Op-Ed: UN imposes sanctions on Houthis but Yemen conflict continues

Sanaa - In a sign that the Saudi-led bombing campaign and offensive against Houthi rebels is not going well, the newly minted vice-president appointed by the internationally recognized president Mansour Hadi has urged the Houthi fighters to end their offensive.

Al-Qaeda seizes provincial airport in southeast Yemen: Official

Aden - Al-Qaeda militants in Yemen on Thursday seized control of an airport in the southeastern provincial capital of Mukalla, an airport official told AFP.

UN Yemen envoy quits as Saudi-led air war enters fourth week

Sanaa - The UN envoy to Yemen has resigned after failing to avert large-scale violence, dealing a blow to hopes of a diplomatic solution to the conflict between Shiite rebels and Saudi-backed government forces.

UN Security council to vote on Yemen Huthi resolution

Aden - The UN Security Council will vote on Tuesday on a draft resolution demanding Yemen's Huthi rebels withdraw from territory they have seized and authorising an arms embargo and sanctions against their leaders.

Saudi demands Iran stop backing Yemen rebels

Sanaa - Riyadh on Sunday demanded Tehran stop backing Shiite rebels in Yemen but insisted it is "not at war with Iran", as Saudi-led warplanes launched fresh strikes on rebel forces.

500 Yemen rebels dead on border since air war began: Saudi

Sanaa - Saudi Arabia said Saturday at least 500 Shiite insurgents have been killed in border clashes since the coalition it heads launched air strikes against the Huthi rebels in war-battered Yemen.

Fresh aid reaches Yemen capital as clashes rage in south

Sanaa - The Red Cross on Saturday delivered a second planeload of aid to war-battered Yemen in as many days, as the Saudi-led coalition stepped up air raids on allies of Iran-backed rebels.

Red Cross, UN fly aid into Yemen as raids batter south

Sanaa - The Red Cross and UN flew medical aid into Yemen's capital Friday after southern city Aden was battered by the heaviest night yet of Saudi-led air strikes targeting Shiite rebels.

Saudi-led coalition batters Yemen with most intense raids yet

Aden - Warplanes from a Saudi-led coalition battered southern Yemen overnight in the most intense strikes since the launch of a campaign against Iran-backed rebels last month, residents and officials said Friday.

Op-Ed: Saudi air strikes in Yemen create greater humanitarian disaster

Sanaa - The aim of the Saudi-led operation Decisive Storm is to end Houthi military control of the main Yemeni cities and to return Mansour Hadi to the presidency. Hadi has fled Yemen to safety in Ryadh the Saudi capital.

Coalition air strikes 'hit Yemen defence ministry'

Sanaa - Air strikes by the Saudi-led coalition on Thursday hit Yemen's defence ministry in the capital Sanaa which is controlled by Shiite rebels and allied troops, witnesses said.

US warns Iran on backing Yemen rebels, Tehran defiant

Aden - Washington warned it would not stand by while Tehran supports Shiite rebels in Yemen, as Iran's supreme leader denounced Saudi-led air strikes in the country as "criminal acts".

Aid trickles in to Yemen as fighting rages

Aden - Much-needed aid was trickling into Yemen on Wednesday as rebels fought fresh battles with pro-government forces backed by a Saudi-led air campaign set to enter its third week.

U.S. hurries arms to Saudi-led coalition bombing Yemen rebels

Aden - Washington deepened its involvement in the Saudi-led air war in Yemen Wednesday as aid agencies scrambled to deliver help to civilians caught up in the campaign now heading into its third week.

Red Cross says situation 'catastrophic' in Yemen's Aden

Aden - The Red Cross warned of a "catastrophic" situation in Yemen's main southern city Aden, as forces loyal to the president battled Iran-backed Shiite rebels in the streets.

Red Cross says situation 'catastrophic' in Yemen's Aden

Aden - The Red Cross warned Tuesday of a "catastrophic" situation in Yemen's main southern city Aden, as forces loyal to the president battled Iran-backed Shiite rebels in the streets.
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