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Yemen air strikes, clashes kill 51

Aden - Saudi-led air strikes have killed 28 Huthi rebels around Yemen's west coast, medics and security sources close to the insurgents said Friday, as government forces reported deadly clashes in the south.

Strikes kill 30 in rebel-run Yemen prison: rebel TV

Sanaa - Saudi-led air strikes on a prison run by rebels in Yemen killed 30 people and wounded 80 on Wednesday, the rebels' Al-Masirah TV reported.

Yemen rebels mount show of strength in capital

Sanaa - Yemen's Huthi rebels mounted a show of strength in Sanaa on Thursday, holding a mass memorial ceremony for comrades killed in this month's battle for control of the capital.

Yemenis stash supplies, fearing worst after strongman's death

Sanaa - Sanaa residents were stocking up on goods and seeking urgent care Wednesday, fearing an impending resumption of hostilities after a showdown between Huthi rebels and loyalists of Yemen's slain ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Yemeni women protest for body of slain leader Saleh

Sanaa - Yemeni women held rare protests in Sanaa on Wednesday, demanding that the capital's rebel authorities hand over the body of slain ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Yemen rebels holding more than 40 media staff: watchdogs

Sanaa - Yemeni rebels who seized full control of the capital Sanaa over the past week have detained more than 40 media staff, press watchdogs said on Wednesday, demanding their immediate release.

Loved, hated, feared: Yemenis look to future without Saleh

Sanaa - He was hated. He was adored. The killing of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh has shocked Yemenis from all camps –- many of whom have never known a Yemen without him.

Yemen Huthis rally after killing strongman

Sanaa - Thousands of Huthi supporters rallied in Sanaa on Tuesday as the rebels cemented their grip on the Yemeni capital after killing their former ally ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Saudi-led strikes pound Yemen capital after rebels kill Saleh

Sanaa - Saudi-led warplanes pounded the rebel-held Yemeni capital before dawn on Tuesday after the rebels killed former president Ali Abdullah Saleh as he fled the city following the collapse of their uneasy alliance, residents said.

Yemen leader orders advance on Sanaa as predecessor killed

Sanaa - Yemen's exiled president ordered troops to advance on Sanaa hours after his predecessor was killed by Huthi rebels, officials said, as heavy fighting continued in the capital.

Yemen's Saleh: the ex-president who clung to power

Sanaa - Yemen's ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh, who was killed on Monday, ruled the Arabian Peninsula country for more than three decades, remaining a key player long after his 2012 resignation.

Yemen ex-president killed as fighting shakes capital

Sanaa - Yemen's ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh was killed by Huthi rebels on Monday as he fled heavy fighting in Sanaa after the collapse of his alliance with the Iran-backed insurgents.

Yemen rattled by air raids as clashes spread

Sanaa - A wave of air raids rattled Yemen's crisis-hit capital Monday, witnesses said, as clashes between rebels and supporters of ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh also spread beyond Sanaa.

Yemen rebel alliance crumbles as 'street war' rocks capital

Sanaa - Gun battles forced shops and schools to close in Yemen's capital on Sunday as residents warned a three-year rebel alliance was collapsing into a "street war" which has left dozens dead in the city.

Sanaa residents shelter from 'street war' as clashes rage

Sanaa - Fresh clashes forced schools shut and shops shuttered in the Yemeni capital Sanaa on Sunday, as residents warned a three-year rebel alliance was crumbling into a "street war".

Yemen rebel alliance unravels as strongman turns to Saudis

Sanaa - The rebel alliance controlling Yemen's capital appeared to crumble Saturday as a strongman opposed to the internationally recognised government reached out to a Saudi-led coalition fighting the insurgents.

Yemen's Huthi rebels slam Saleh speech as 'coup'

Sanaa - Yemen's Huthi rebels accused ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh Saturday of staging a "coup" against their fragile alliance, after the strongman said he was open to talks with the Saudi-led coalition fighting them.

Yemen rebel ally Saleh says open to talks with Saudis

Sanaa - Yemeni strongman Ali Abdullah Saleh said Saturday he was open to talks with the Saudi-led coalition fighting Iran-backed rebels, as his alliance with the Huthi insurgents appeared to be crumbling."I call on our brothers in neighbouring countries ...

Yemen's feuding rebels hold talks after deadly infighting

Sanaa - Yemeni rebel factions held new talks Friday aimed at ending infighting that left at least three more people dead overnight and raised fears of a new front in the country's devastating three-year war.

New rebel infighting hits Yemen capital

Sanaa - Clashes erupted on Thursday for a second successive night between Huthi rebels and loyalists of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh in the capital Sanaa, witnesses and security sources said.
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