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Suspected Saudi-led air strike kills 13 at Yemen wedding

Sanaa - A suspected Saudi-led air strike killed at least 13 people at a wedding in a rebel-held town in Yemen, witnesses and the rebels said Thursday, even as UN peace efforts made headway.

Yemen rebel-allied party says ready for UN-brokered peace

Sanaa - Ousted Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh's party, allied with Shiite Huthi rebels, announced Wednesday it has accepted a UN plan to end the country's seven-month-old conflict.The announcement on the General People's Congress party website, almotamar....

Yemen govt vows to stay in Aden despite IS bombings

Aden - Yemen's government has said it will stay in the country's temporary capital Aden despite a deadly Islamic State group attack on its headquarters which lightly wounded several ministers.

Yemen suicide bombing kills 7 in rebel-held capital

Sanaa - A suicide bombing outside a mosque in Yemen's insurgent-held capital killed seven people, rebel media and witnesses said Wednesday.

Yemen PM survives attack blamed on rebels, claimed by IS

Aden - Yemen's premier survived an attack in Aden Tuesday claimed by the Islamic State group but officially blamed on Shiite rebels, with 15 coalition troops and loyalists killed there and elsewhere in the city.

Yemen prime minister survives rocket attack on hotel

Aden - Yemen's prime minister survived a rocket attack on his hotel as an assault on Aden killed 15 coalition troops and loyalists Tuesday, just weeks after the city was recaptured from rebels.

U.S. blocks UN probe into civilian deaths in Saudi Yemen bombings

Sanaa - The Saudi-led bombing of Yemen that began last March has not only created a great deal of property damage and displaced thousands of people — it has also resulted in many civilian casualties.

Suspected Arab coalition air raid kills 40 at Yemen wedding

Sanaa - A suspected Saudi-led air strike on a Yemeni wedding Monday killed at least 40 people, including women and children, prompting Iran-backed rebels to accuse the kingdom of committing another "crime".

IS group claims deadly mosque bombing in Yemen capital

Sanaa - The Islamic State jihadist group claimed responsibility for a mosque bombing targeting Shiites in Yemen's capital on Thursday that killed at least 25 people.

President returns to war-torn Yemen, vows to retake capital

Aden - President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi flew in to war-ravaged Yemen's second city Tuesday after six months in exile in Saudi Arabia, vowing to make a rapid return to the rebel-held capital.

15 killed in Yemen as Arab coalition planes pound Sanaa

Sanaa - Air raids by Saudi-led coalition warplanes killed 15 people in Yemen's capital in one of the heaviest nights of bombardment in months, aid workers and witnesses said Saturday.One rescuer told AFP at least 10 civilians were among the dead.

Op-Ed: Al Qaeda in Yemen provides basic services to retain territory

Mukalla - Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula(AQAP) has been able to expand its area of control while joining the fight against the Houthi rebels in Yemen.

Exiled Yemen government back in Aden amid military push

Aden - Yemen's government returned Wednesday to Aden after nearly six months of exile in Riyadh, as loyalists backed by a Saudi-led coalition pressed a major offensive towards the rebel-held capital.

Op-Ed: Yemen government in exile rejects peace talks with Houthi rebels

Sanaa - Exiled Yemen president Mansour Hadi and his government announced on Sunday that they will not participate in planned UN peace talks. Hadi insists that Houthis must withdraw from any areas they seized during their offensive, including the capital Sanaa.

Yemen government shuns talks, begins major military push

Sanaa - Yemen's exiled government backed out of UN-brokered peace talks as loyalist forces supported by a Saudi-led coalition launched a major offensive against Shiite Huthi rebels.

Op-Ed: Talking peace while preparing an offensive in Yemen

Sanaa - The Saudi coalition fighting Houthi rebels in Yemen, some time ago decided that the bombing campaign alone was not sufficient to defeat the Houthis. Special forces and military equipment were sent to bolster local militia in Aden.

At least 20 dead in Yemen as rebel rockets hit market in Marib

Sanaa - Iran-backed rebels fired Katyusha rockets at a busy market in Yemen's eastern city of Marib killing at least 20 people on Friday, medics and witnesses said."Twenty civilians were killed and dozens wounded" in the attack, a medical official said.

31 dead as intense coalition raids pound Yemen rebels

Sanaa - Saudi-led air raids on rebels in Yemen killed at least 31 people on Tuesday, officials said, as the coalition intensified its attacks in the wake of a deadly missile strike.

Op-Ed: Gulf states paying price for intervention in Yemen

Sanaa - As long as the Saudi-led coalition against the Houthi rebels in Yemen engaged solely in a bombing campaign, they were free of casualties except for a few losses at the southern Saudi border.

Heavy air raids pound Yemen capital after rebel attack

Sanaa - A Saudi-led coalition pounded the rebel-held Yemeni capital with air strikes on Sunday in retaliation for the killing of 60 Gulf soldiers in a rebel missile attack.
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