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Destitute Yemeni builds home in a tree

Sanaa - Yemeni Ahmed Houbeichi is not acting out some childhood fantasy when he peers down on the street below from his tree-house. War and poverty have forced him to seek out such a lofty shelter.

Yemen raids kill 79 rebels in 48 hours

Aden - Saudi-led coalition air strikes in Yemen have killed almost 80 Huthi rebel fighters over 48 hours in the western province of Hodeida, military and medical sources said Tuesday.

Yemen rebels free sons of ex-president Saleh

Sanaa - Yemen's Huthi rebels said Wednesday they had released two sons of slain ex-president Ali Abdallah Saleh, 10 months after they were captured following the killing of their father.

Yemen separatists call for southern uprising

Aden - Yemen's southern separatist movement on Wednesday called for an uprising against President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi, accusing the government of negligence and corruption.

Landmines new scourge in war-torn Yemen

Mocha - For Imad and his sister Alia, life will never be the same after their father was killed by a landmine and they had to leave their endangered home in Yemen's western Hodeida province.

Yemeni children brave new school year as war rages on

Sanaa - The walls are crumbling, the windows shattered, and the boys sit three to a desk. But by being enrolled in classes at all, the pupils are among the luckiest children in war-torn Yemen.

Five million children risk famine in war-torn Yemen

Sanaa - More than five million children are threatened by famine in war-torn Yemen as prices soar, a charity said Wednesday, warning an entire generation may face death and "starvation on an unprecedented scale".

Renewed battle for Yemen's Hodeida sparks humanitarian crisis fears

Aden - Saudi-backed government forces in Yemen launched a series of attacks on rebel-held Hodeida, military officials said Tuesday, raising fears of a humanitarian crisis as an 11-week pause in the battle for the port city ended.

Yemen rebels accuse Saudi, allies of targeting food warehouses

Sanaa - Yemen's Huthi rebels accused the government and its Saudi-led allies on Tuesday of deliberately targeting food warehouses in Hodeida as they resumed an offensive on the rebel-held port city after an 11-week pause.

Yemen pro-govt forces renew assault on rebel-held Hodeida: coalition

Aden - The Saudi-led coalition said pro-government forces in Yemen launched a new offensive on Monday night against the rebel-held port city of Hodeida, after an 11-week pause during UN efforts to hold peace talks.

7 civilians killed in Yemen air strike: official

Sanaa - At least seven civilians have been killed in an airstrike by the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen, an official and rebel media reported Monday.

UN's Yemen envoy in Sanaa, as 32 rebels killed

Aden - Fresh clashes and air strikes around the Yemeni city of Hodeida have killed 32 rebels, hospital and medical sources said Sunday, as the UN envoy kept up peace efforts in Sanaa.

UN's Yemen envoy pushes for new peace talks as fighting continues

Sanaa - The UN's Yemen envoy Martin Griffiths has met the country's Huthi rebels in a push for new peace talks, as fighting continued Friday around the strategic port city of Hodeida.

Yemen rebel chief urges 'resistance' after peace talks collapse

Sanaa - The head of Yemen's Shiite Huthi rebels called Saturday for "resistance" as UN-brokered peace talks with the government collapsed after the insurgents stayed away.

Yemen rebels grounded in Sanaa as peace talks on hold

Sanaa - Yemen's Huthi rebels, expected at UN-sponsored peace talks in Geneva with the government, remained grounded in Sanaa Friday citing fears they would not be allowed to return home if they left.

Yemen rebels refuse to join Geneva talks until conditions met

Sanaa - Yemen's Huthi rebels said Thursday they will not join peace talks in Geneva until their conditions are met, accusing the United Nations of failing to keep its promises.

Yemeni boys excited for bus trip before deadly strike, father recalls

Sana - Little Ali begged his father to let him and his brothers go on a class trip in northern Yemen this summer. None of them would come home alive.

Yemen rebels 'stranded' on eve of Geneva talks

Sanaa - Yemen's Huthi rebels said Wednesday they were stranded in the capital Sanaa on the eve of United Nations-sponsored peace talks in Geneva with their government rivals.

Yemen rebels 'stranded' on eve of Geneva talks

Sanaa - Yemen's Huthi rebels said Wednesday they were stranded in the capital Sanaa on the eve of United Nations-sponsored peace talks in Geneva with their government rivals.

Yemen government announces pay rise amid protests

Aden - Yemen's embattled government has agreed to raise the salaries of thousands of public-sector employees, including pensioners, amid protests which have left one person dead.
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