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Loyalists retake Yemen's biggest airbase in new blow to rebels

Aden - Pro-government forces backed by a Saudi-led coalition retook Yemen's biggest airbase from Iran-backed rebels on Tuesday in a significant new gain after recapturing second city Aden last month.

Aid finally trickling in to Yemen's devastated Aden

Aden - After four months of heavy fighting, help has finally started to trickle in to Yemen's devastated city of Aden, but aid workers say it is not nearly enough.

Yemen loyalists battle rebels for key airbase

Aden - Loyalist forces began a major offensive Monday aimed at retaking Yemen's largest airbase which is held by rebels, as troops from the Saudi-led coalition entered recaptured second city Aden.

Exiled Yemen PM makes symbolic Aden visit to lead restoration

Aden - Yemeni Prime Minister Khaled Bahah made a symbolic visit to the devastated port of Aden from Saudi exile Saturday, two weeks after loyalist forces ousted Shiite rebels from the city.

Deadly car bomb hits Yemen capital as fighting rages in south

Sanaa - A car bomb claimed by the Islamic State group exploded outside a Shiite mosque in Yemen's capital Wednesday, killing four people, as loyalist fighters advanced on a rebel-held airbase in the south.

Op-Ed: A second ceasefire violated in Yemen

Sanaa - For the second time in a month after a ceasefire was declared in Yemen, fighting has continued. Saudi bombing began just hours after the earlier ceasefire and allies of the exiled government launched an offensive in Aden.

Air strikes and clashes shatter Yemen truce

Aden - A humanitarian truce in Yemen has failed to take hold after Saudi-led warplanes resumed raids on rebels who clashed with loyalists, military sources said.

'Friendly fire' kills Yemen loyalists despite truce

Aden - Warplanes from the Saudi-led coalition fighting Iran-backed rebels in Yemen hit positions of pro-government forces by mistake on Monday despite a humanitarian truce, killing a dozen people, military sources said.

Coalition jets hit pro-govt Yemen forces in error: military

Aden - Saudi-led coalition warplanes on Monday hit positions of pro-government forces in south Yemen by mistake, killing 12 people on the first day of a humanitarian truce, Yemeni military sources said.

Saudi-led coalition suspends Yemen strikes to allow aid

Sanaa - The Saudi-led coalition fighting rebels in Yemen suspended its air war Monday to allow desperately needed aid deliveries, although clashes broke out in several areas despite UN calls for a truce.

Ten take the Oath of Allegiance and become U.S. citizens today Special

Pittsburgh - Ten immigrants from nine different countries proudly stood and took the Oath of Allegiance to become U.S. citizens on Sunday during a naturalization ceremony in downtown Pittsburgh.

Pro-govt forces advance in south Yemen ahead of truce

Aden - Pro-government forces battled retreating rebels on the northern outskirts of Yemen's second city Aden Sunday ahead of a humanitarian truce declared by the Saudi-led coalition bombing the Iran-backed insurgents.

Saudis declare Yemen truce to allow in aid

Aden - The Saudi-led coalition bombing Yemeni rebels since March declared a five-day truce Saturday so aid can reach a country the UN says is on the brink of a humanitarian disaster.

Op-Ed: UK, UAE, and U.S. diplomats in talks with ex-president of Yemen

Aden - Representatives of Al Abdullah Saleh, the former president of Yemen are talking with diplomats from the United States, Britain, and the United Arab Emirates in negotiations that may help end the war in Yemen, according to a member of Saleh's party.

Yemen's Aden airport reopens with Saudi military plane

Aden - A Saudi military plane landed in Aden on Wednesday as the airport reopened in Yemen's second city after four months of fighting, the transport minister said.

Car bomb claimed by IS kills four in Yemen capital

Sanaa - A car bombing claimed by the Islamic State group killed four people near a Shiite mosque in the rebel-controlled Yemeni capital Sanaa, the Shiite rebels said.

Yemen rebel fire kills civilians as Aden battle rages

Aden - At least 57 civilians were killed on Sunday when Shiite rebels bombarded Yemen's second city Aden, where Saudi-backed pro-government forces have made gains against the insurgents, a health official said.

Yemen ministers back from Saudi exile in 'liberated' Aden

Aden - Yemeni ministers have arrived back in Aden from Saudi exile after the government announced the "liberation" of the country's second city from Iran-backed rebels, the interior minister said on Saturday.

Yemen government in exile sends ministers to Aden

Aden - Several ministers of the government-in-exile of Mansour Hadi arrived by helicopter from Saudi Arabia in preparation for the revival of institutions of state in the city of Aden.

Yemen govt says Aden 'liberated' but fighting persists

Aden - Yemen's exiled government announced Friday the "liberation" of second city Aden after four months of devastating fighting between loyalist forces and Iran-backed rebels.
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