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Top News: World

Dalai Lama says 'too many' refugees in Europe

Berlin - The Dalai Lama said in an interview published Thursday that Europe has accepted "too many" refugees, and that they should eventually return to help rebuild their home countries.

Op-Ed: Islamic State territory in Libya shrinking after 2-front advance

Misratah - After advancing very close to Sirte and threatening to surround it, forces loyal to the UN-brokered Government of National Accord from the Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous operation seem to have paused and may be consolidating their positions.

At least 10 dead as Biafra anniversary turns bloody

Lagos - At least 10 people were killed during protests by pro-Biafra campaigners as they marked the anniversary of the start of Nigeria's civil war, police said on Tuesday.

Holocaust survivor and Palestine advocate Hedy Epstein dead at 91

Saint Louis - Holocaust survivor and peace activist Hedy Epstein, who championed the cause of oppressed people from Palestine to Ferguson, died May 26 of illness at her home in St. Louis. She was 91 years old.

AFP, RFI reporter threatened over Burundi crisis coverage

Nairobi - The Burundi correspondent of Agence France-Presse and Radio France Internationale, who was tortured last year by security forces, received threats on social media Tuesday after being accused by authorities of "promoting crime and violence" with his cov...

Spain asylum system 'obsolete': Amnesty

Madrid - Amnesty International called Tuesday on Spain to reform an asylum system it labelled "inefficient, obsolete and discriminatory", blasting the "embarrassing" low number of refugees that have been taken in.

Big donors wary, but some ready to back Trump candidacy

Washington - Republican mega-donor Frank VanderSloot backed a Donald Trump rival in the US presidential primaries, but despite strong reservations, he says he's now ready to support the controversial tycoon as the "best bet" to defeat Hillary Clinton.

Signs of reprocessing at N. Korea complex: US think tank

Seoul - Recent satellite images reveal multiple indicators that North Korea is preparing, or has already begun, to reprocess plutonium for additional nuclear weapons at its main atomic complex, a US think tank said.

Man loses leg in Australia shark attack

Perth - A surfer was critical Wednesday after a shark ripped off his leg in an attack in Australia's west with witnesses recounting how "all hell broke loose" as his board was snapped in half.

Istanbul locked down on anniversary of 2013 demos

Istanbul - Turkish police on Tuesday detained several activists and imposed a heavy security blanket in Istanbul on the third anniversary of protests that posed the biggest challenge to the rule of Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

New Yemen clashes kill 38 rebels, loyalists

Aden - Renewed clashes between pro-government forces and Iran-backed rebels killed at least 38 people in Yemen during the past 24 hours, loyalist military sources said on Tuesday.

DRCongo's Bemba in ICC dock for bribing witnesses

Den Haag - Convicted Congolese war criminal Jean-Pierre Bemba found himself back in the dock at the International Criminal Court on Tuesday -- this time accused of bribing witnesses and falsifying evidence.

Hermes hit by ostrich farm cruelty claims

Paris - Hermes was thrown onto the defensive over claims of cruelty at a farm that allegedly supplies skins used in its luxury handbags, the second such allegations in a year.

Philippines' Duterte endorses killing corrupt journalists

Davao - Philippine president-elect Rodrigo Duterte said Tuesday that corrupt journalists were legitimate targets of assassination, as he amped up his controversial anti-crime crusade with offers of rewards for killing drug traffickers.

26 women report sex assaults at German music festival

Berlin - The number of women who have reported being sexually harassed or assaulted at a German music festival last weekend has risen to 26, police said Tuesday.

Taliban kill 16 bus passengers in northern Afghanistan

Kunduz - The Taliban killed at least 16 people Tuesday and kidnapped dozens of others after pulling them off buses in northern Afghanistan, officials said, the latest assault since the insurgents named a new leader last week.

IMF economists question faith in neoliberal doctrine

Washington - Leftists have long made a sport of blasting neoliberalism, the market-guided economic doctrine championed by the International Monetary Fund, as boosting poverty and inequality.Now that view is coming from inside the IMF itself.

Spanish PM's tax cut pledge ignites election campaign

Madrid - Spain's opposition on Tuesday blasted Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's conservative government for campaigning for a June general election on promises to lower taxes as well as slashing the public deficit.

Erdogan urges 'common sense' over Germany's Armenia genocide bill

Ankara - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday warned Germany against the adoption of a parliamentary resolution recognising the massacre of Armenians by Ottoman forces as "genocide", saying it would harm the countries' relationship.
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Top News: World