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On Hanoi's Red River, fruitsellers forgo comfort for cash

Hanoi - Card games and karaoke help migrant workers pass the time on the cramped houseboats of Hanoi's Red River, swapping their privacy to eke out a living selling fruit for a few dollars a day.

Mosquito trials raise hopes of defeating dengue

Nha Trang - Hundreds dead in the Philippines; a threefold increase of cases in Vietnam; hospitals overrun in Malaysia, Myanmar and Cambodia -- dengue is ravaging Southeast Asia this year due in part to rising temperatures and low immunity to new strains.

Monkey business: Vietnam macaque island draws tourists — and criticism

Nha Trang - Menacing macaques snatch bags of crisps, water bottles, cookies and crackers from uneasy tourists on Vietnam's Monkey Island, a popular attraction decried as cruel by activists calling for an end to animal tourism in Southeast Asia.

Uncle Ho's minders: The protectors of Vietnam's embalmed leader

Hanoi - The task of safeguarding the embalmed corpse of Vietnam's revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh is gruelling: carefully-selected riflemen work around the clock, watching over the communist nation's founding father who died 50 years ago Monday.

Op-Ed: America vs toxic food — Catastrophe in progress

New York - 100 million Americans are estimated to have pre-diabetes or actual diabetes. Consider the cost and misery this will cause. Cardio is worse. Now consider that the whole situation is also totally avoidable.

Australia urges 'sovereignty' as S. China Sea tensions rise

Hanoi - Australia's prime minister on Friday urged nations in Asia to stand up for their "independence and sovereignty", with tensions high in the disputed South China Sea where Beijing is under fire for increasingly bullish behaviour.

Op-Ed: Australia and Asia re-evaluate as US-China policy fragments

Sydney - Living in this region, US policy looks like a true raffle in terms of intentions and future positions. It’s not just China that’s getting people edgy; United States policy is itself so often unimpressive and outdated.

Vietnam seizes 125 kilos of rhino horn hidden in plaster

Hanoi - Fifty-five pieces of rhino horn were found encased in plaster at an airport in the Vietnamese capital, authorities said Sunday, as the country tries to crack down on sophisticated wildlife smuggling routes.

Vietnam demands 'immediate withdrawal' of China ship in disputed sea

Hanoi - Vietnam on Thursday called for the "immediate withdrawal" of a Chinese ship in the South China Sea, as the standoff over the disputed waters intensified.

Op-Ed: DARPA’s Squad X A.I. at Grunt level — A new kind of war

Washington - Think for about two seconds on the subject of infantry using A.I. in a firefight, or as tactical data in real time. Interesting, it definitely is. Good idea? Better than none, would be the obvious answer. DARPA's Squad X is a new threshold.

Vietnam and EU sign free trade agreement

Hanoi - The European Union and Vietnam on Sunday signed a long-awaited free trade deal that will slash duties on almost all goods as fears grow over mounting global protectionism.

Op-Ed: Is the US still the only superpower? Maybe, for a while

Washington - The world’s experts have come up with interesting, if somewhat predictable, findings that, “The United States is the only superpower, but..." The criteria for the various views, however, is pretty tacky and often dated, and as usual superficial.

Vietnam jails shipbuilding executive in graft crackdown

Hanoi - A Vietnam shipbuilding magnate has been sentenced to 13 years in jail for embezzlement, according to state media, the latest victim of an unprecedented anti-corruption drive in the communist country.

US man to face death penalty trial in Vietnam

Hanoi - A Vietnamese-American man charged with "attempting to overthrow the state" will go on trial in Ho Chi Minh City on June 24, his family said, and could face the death penalty if found guilty.

Vietnam jails activist for six years after Facebook posts

Hanoi - Vietnam sentenced an environmental activist to six years in prison for "undermining" the government in Facebook posts, state media reported, the latest harsh sentence in a crackdown on online dissent.

Despite culls, import bans, swine fever to hit pork market for years

Hanoi - Millions of pigs have been culled as African Swine Fever cuts through China and beyond, devastating global food chains, with pork prices expected to soar from the food markets of Hong Kong to American dinner tables.

Manufacturing migration: Trade spat shifts business from 'Factory of the World'

Hanoi - From socks and sneakers to washing machines and watches, Asian countries are hoping the US-China trade war will permanently boost manufacturing as brands dodge the row by choosing cheaper locations to make their goods.

Vietnam man jailed for plotting terror attack

Hanoi - A Vietnamese man has been sentenced to six years in jail for terrorism and weapons possession after he was convicted for smuggling a cache of guns into the country from Cambodia, a court official said Tuesday.

Vietnam seizes 5 tonnes of pangolin scales from Nigeria

Hanoi - Vietnam police have seized more than five tonnes of pangolin scales stashed in a cashew shipment from Nigeria, the government said Friday.

Vietnam seizes half tonne of ketamine in crackdown on synthetic drugs

Hanoi - Vietnamese police have seized half a tonne of ketamine worth $21 million in Ho Chi Minh City, a key transit hub that has seen record busts of synthetic drugs in recent weeks as narcotics gangs use its ports and air links to shuttle drugs across the reg...
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