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Op-Ed: New US nuke doctrine— Careful what you wish for

Washington - The idea of new, more “usable” nukes isn’t a Trump administration idea. It’s been around, for a while, including micro-nukes for tactical, less destructive operational use. This idea could be a massive own goal.

Vietnam oil exec 'kidnapped' from Germany goes on trial

Hanoi - The corruption trial of a Vietnamese former oil executive who was allegedly kidnapped from Germany opened on Monday, a high-profile case that can carry the death sentence.

New automated payment system for airport retail

Ho Chi Minh - The company VIMO is to provide WeChat payment systems at airport outlets in Vietnam, beginning with Ho Chi Minh City's international airport’s duty free shopping emporiums. The service is aimed at Chines tourists.

Vietnam rejects anti-China activist appeal

Hanoi - A Vietnamese court on Friday rejected the appeal of a dissident sentenced to nine years for anti-state propaganda, capping a grim year for activists in the one-party state.

Hanoi's nudists bare all, defying social norms

Hanoi - Butt cheeks bared, Hanoi's ragtag nudist club ignore the chilly weather to do their daily exercises -- some swim, some jog, one performs military drills -- stripping off and defying norms in the conservative communist nation.

Op-Ed: The dead hate Net Neutrality? The FCC agrees with them

Washington - New Yorkers have been infuriated to see fake anti-Net Neutrality comments from their dead relatives accepted by the FCC. It’s like the old Simpsons gag, “The dead have risen and they’re voting Republican!”

Communist Hanoi gets its first McDonald's

Hanoi - Global burger behemoth McDonald's opened its first branch on Saturday in the historic heart of communist Hanoi, a conservative city renowned for its traditional -- and cheap -- Vietnamese staples beloved by food-obsessed locals.

Op-Ed: Kim Jong Un challenges Trump with a slap in the face

Washington D.c. - “It will never happen”, “We won’t allow it to happen”, it’s happened. The Trump administration has obviously not managed to deter North Korea (DPRK) from its nuclear goals.

Vietnam and China agree to avoid conflicts in S. China Sea

Hanoi - Vietnam and China agreed Monday to avoid conflicts in the hotly contested South China Sea, as a new pathway to dialogue on easing tensions was opened with other Southeast Asian nations.

'Old' Trump takes dig at 'short and fat' Kim Jong-Un

Hanoi - US President Donald Trump took his verbal jousting with Kim Jong-Un to a new level Sunday, taunting the North Korean leader over his height and weight before musing over the idea of them eventually becoming friends.

Trump in Vietnam offers to 'mediate' on South China Sea dispute

Hanoi - US President Donald Trump told his Vietnamese counterpart Sunday he is ready to help resolve the dispute in the resource-rich South China Sea, which Beijing claims most of."If I can help mediate or arbitrate, please let me know...

Trump backs US spies on Russia meddling, but slams Putin 'haters'

Hoan Kiem - Donald Trump said Sunday he backed US intelligence agencies who concluded that Russia meddled in the 2016 US presidential election, but slammed "fools" who oppose better ties with Moscow.

Trump says Putin 'means it' with election meddling denials

Danang - President Donald Trump said Saturday he believes Vladimir Putin is being sincere when he denies meddling in the US election that propelled Trump to power, adding that the Russian leader felt "very insulted" by the allegations.

Tillerson visits 'Hanoi Hilton' that once held McCain and other POWs

Vietnam - Washington's top diplomat visited the remains of a Vietnam War era prison on Saturday where American POWs were held, including veteran Republican senator John McCain.

Smiles and snaps: Trump and Putin's delicate diplomatic dance

Danang - Talks between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, a much-anticipated box office event at an Asia-Pacific summit, were up in the air Saturday as the leaders swapped warm greetings in Vietnam but kept the world guessing on a formal meeting.

Trade ministers agree Asia-Pacific trade pact without US

Danang - Ministers from 11 Asia-Pacific countries agreed Saturday to press ahead with a major trade deal without the United States, as the world's largest economy seeks to go it alone under President Donald Trump's "America First" policy.

Trump says Asia held hostage by N. Korea's 'twisted fantasies'

Danang - US President Donald Trump on Friday said the Asia-Pacific region was being held hostage by the "twisted fantasies" of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, as he called on countries to stand united against Pyongyang.

Philippines' Duterte says he once stabbed someone to death

Danang - Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has said he stabbed a person to death as a teenager, in a defiant speech to promote his drug war ahead of a summit of world leaders in Manila.

Will they, won't they? Confusion still reigns over Trump-Putin meet

Danang - Russia and the United States gave mixed messages on Friday about whether their leaders will meet on the sidelines of a regional summit in Vietnam, with the White House ruling out an encounter but the Kremlin saying it could still happen.

Philippines' Duterte says he once stabbed a person to death

Danang - Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has said he stabbed a person to death as a teenager, in a defiant speech to promote his drug war ahead of a summit of world leaders in Manila.
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