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Vietnam media fined for 'false' fish sauce reports

Hanoi - Vietnam on Monday fined scores of news outlets for publishing now-discredited reports about toxic fish sauce, accusing them of sparking public panic over the staple condiment in a country plagued by food scares.

Vietnam destroys huge ivory, rhino horn cache

Hanoi - Vietnam destroyed a huge stockpile of ivory and rhino horn Saturday, urging the public to stop consuming illegal wildlife products driving several species towards extinction.

Two tonnes of ivory seized in Vietnam

Hanoi - Around two tonnes of ivory hidden in a timber shipment from Mozambique has been seized in Vietnam, customs authorities said Friday, the second large haul of the illegally-trafficked product in a week.

Vietnam jails Russian fraudsters for ATM theft

Hanoi - Three Russian fraudsters, including one who tried to escape prison using a spoon and a toothbrush to dig a tunnel, have been jailed in Vietnam for using fake ATM cards to steal $13,400.

Rare endangered primate spotted in Vietnam

Hanoi - A new group of critically endangered primates has been spotted in Vietnam, raising hopes the rare creatures may not be wiped out in the next decade as scientists had feared.

Alberta may charge American who killed black bear with a spear

A man from Ohio who killed a black bear in Canada may face charges. The bear is alleged to have suffered a day or more after having a spear thrown into its body and Alberta Fish and Wildlife is investigating to see if any laws were broken.

Vietnamese furnish ancestors with jets, rollers and mansions

Hanoi - With an average annual income of around $2,000 most Vietnamese would not consider themselves especially wealthy. But in the afterlife you can be a billionaire thanks to paper offerings made by your scions.

China asserts sovereignty over disputed South China Sea islands

Beijing - China pledged Sunday to defend its declared sovereignty over islands in crucial shipping lanes in the South China Sea despite competing claims from other nations.

Northern Vietnam struck by powerful storm, one dead

Hanoi - A powerful storm rolled across northern Vietnam on Thursday killing one person, delaying flights and felling hundreds of trees in the capital Hanoi.

Vietnam detains activists after South China Sea ruling

Hanoi - Scores of activists were detained in Vietnam's capital on Sunday as they gathered to protest against China after it rejected a recent international ruling that dismissed its claims to much of the South China Sea.

Young Vietnamese quiz Obama on rap, weed and good looks

Ho Chi Minh - Barack Obama fielded questions Wednesday on everything from rap and weed smoking to his good looks at a lively meeting with young Vietnamese, who see the US leader as a far cry from their staid Communist rulers.

Op-Ed: Obama scolds Vietnam on human rights, ignores U.S. war crimes

Hanoi - While visiting Vietnam this week, President Barack Obama criticized the nominally communist government’s human rights record and urged the Hanoi regime to allow greater freedom for the country’s 90 million people.

Obama confirms Taliban leader's death in U.S. strike

Hanoi - President Barack Obama on Monday confirmed Taliban chief Mullah Akhtar Mansour was killed in a US air strike, hailing his death as an "important milestone" in efforts to bring peace to Afghanistan.

Obama banishes Vietnam war era with lifting of arms ban

Hanoi - US President Barack Obama on Monday scrapped a Cold War-era ban on weapons sales to Vietnam, as ties between the former foes grow closer thanks to trade and mutual fears of Chinese expansion in disputed seas.

Obama lands in Vietnam to boost security, trade ties

Hanoi - US President Barack Obama landed in Vietnam late Sunday for a landmark visit capping two decades of rapprochement between the former wartime foes, as both countries look to push trade and check Beijing's growing assertiveness in the South China Sea.

At secret Vietnam gig, dissidents hope Obama remembers them

Hanoi - At a secret gig in a Hanoi house, a clutch of democracy activists listen intently to the words of a bluesy ballad, a small act of defiance by critics of Vietnam's communist regime who hope a visit by Barack Obama will open rather than cramp their space...

Veteran Vietnam dissident released ahead of Obama visit: Church

Hanoi - Authoritarian Vietnam released one of the country's longest serving prisoners of conscience on Friday, just days before US President Barack Obama is due to visit, the Catholic Church said.

U.S. dispute with Beijing over South China Sea islands heats up

Beijing - Tensions between the United States and China worsened last week after the U.S. Navy sent a warship past disputed islands in the South China Sea.

Communist Vietnam wraps up leadership change ahead of Obama visit

Hanoi - Vietnam's rubber-stamp parliament approved 21 new minister positions Saturday, state media reported, finishing off a leadership reshuffle among Communist top brass ahead of a visit by US President Barack Obama next month.

Writing lines for motoring offenses in Vietnam

In most countries, if you've been caught speeding or driving dangerously you'll expect to face a fine or, if it is a repeat offense, a time in prison. This might not be the case in Vitenam, where alternatives are being explored.
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