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Vietnam War refugees deported under Trump struggle to settle

Ho Chi Minh - Nguyen was nine when he boarded a boat alone to escape the communist regime in Vietnam for the United States. Some 40 years later, he returned in shackles, deported from the only country he really knows to one he can scarcely remember.

Vietnam arrests another police official over online gambling ring

Hanoi - Vietnam has arrested a second senior police official accused of involvement in an illicit online gambling ring, the Ministry of Public Security said Friday, amid a sweeping crackdown on graft in the communist nation.

My Lai massacre survivor recalls Vietnam War's darkest chapter

Quang Ngai - Pham Thanh Cong doesn't remember much about the day his family was killed in front of him by American troops in the My Lai massacre. He was only 11, and blacked out after a grenade hit the bunker they were hiding in.

Vietnam activist in hiding after book interrogation

Hanoi - A high-profile Vietnamese writer says she has gone into hiding after being interrogated about her banned book and placed under de-facto house arrest by plainclothes police, vowing Thursday to continue pressing for democracy in the one-party state.

Vietnam cops seize $2.5 mn heroin in China border drug bust

Hanoi - Five men were arrested in Vietnam for allegedly attempting to smuggle $2.5 million worth of heroin into China after police shot at their drug-packed vehicle as they tried to flee, local media reported Monday.

Something borrowed: grooms and guests for hire in Vietnam

Hanoi - Kha's wedding day looked perfect from the outside but she was hiding a dark secret: the 27-year-old was three months pregnant and her husband was fake, hired for a staged wedding to avoid the social stigma of becoming a single mother.

'Kidnapped' Vietnam exec gets second life sentence for graft

Hanoi - A Vietnamese former oil executive allegedly kidnapped from Germany was jailed for life Monday for embezzlement, state media reported, his second life sentence tied to a corruption crackdown in the communist country.

Vietnam marks 50 years since launch of Tet Offensive

Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam marked 50 years since the audacious Tet Offensive on Wednesday, in a bittersweet ceremony featuring patriotic dance performances recalling the attacks that changed the course of the Vietnam War.

US aircraft carrier to make historic visit to Vietnam

Hanoi - A US aircraft carrier will port in Vietnam in March, military officials said Thursday, a first for the allies and former foes as they seek to counter Beijing's growing might in the disputed South China Sea.

Unearthing dark history in Vietnam's war tunnels

Quang Tri - American bombs rained overhead as Ho Thi Giu was born in an underground tunnel on January 1, 1968, where hundreds of Vietnamese villagers carved out subterranean lives to escape the bloodshed of the country's brutal civil war.

Tet Offensive: audacious attacks that changed the Vietnam War

Hue - On January 30, 1968 -- the eve of Vietnam's Tet lunar new year holiday -- communist soldiers from the north and Viet Cong rebels launched a shock offensive on more than 100 cities and outposts throughout southern Vietnam.

Behind enemy lines: Vietnam's female spies who helped change the war

Hue - By day Nguyen Thi Hoa sold conical hats on the streets of Hue in southern Vietnam, at night she funnelled secrets to Communist army handlers who were poised to launch an audacious assault on the city that would reshape the Vietnam War.

Op-Ed: New US nuke doctrine— Careful what you wish for

Washington - The idea of new, more “usable” nukes isn’t a Trump administration idea. It’s been around, for a while, including micro-nukes for tactical, less destructive operational use. This idea could be a massive own goal.

Vietnam oil exec 'kidnapped' from Germany goes on trial

Hanoi - The corruption trial of a Vietnamese former oil executive who was allegedly kidnapped from Germany opened on Monday, a high-profile case that can carry the death sentence.

New automated payment system for airport retail

Ho Chi Minh - The company VIMO is to provide WeChat payment systems at airport outlets in Vietnam, beginning with Ho Chi Minh City's international airport’s duty free shopping emporiums. The service is aimed at Chines tourists.

Vietnam rejects anti-China activist appeal

Hanoi - A Vietnamese court on Friday rejected the appeal of a dissident sentenced to nine years for anti-state propaganda, capping a grim year for activists in the one-party state.

Hanoi's nudists bare all, defying social norms

Hanoi - Butt cheeks bared, Hanoi's ragtag nudist club ignore the chilly weather to do their daily exercises -- some swim, some jog, one performs military drills -- stripping off and defying norms in the conservative communist nation.

Op-Ed: The dead hate Net Neutrality? The FCC agrees with them

Washington - New Yorkers have been infuriated to see fake anti-Net Neutrality comments from their dead relatives accepted by the FCC. It’s like the old Simpsons gag, “The dead have risen and they’re voting Republican!”

Communist Hanoi gets its first McDonald's

Hanoi - Global burger behemoth McDonald's opened its first branch on Saturday in the historic heart of communist Hanoi, a conservative city renowned for its traditional -- and cheap -- Vietnamese staples beloved by food-obsessed locals.

Op-Ed: Kim Jong Un challenges Trump with a slap in the face

Washington D.c. - “It will never happen”, “We won’t allow it to happen”, it’s happened. The Trump administration has obviously not managed to deter North Korea (DPRK) from its nuclear goals.
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