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Activists claim Venezuela police 'massacre' killed 23 people

Caracas - At least 23 people were killed in a police operation that took place Friday to Saturday in a poor neighborhood in Venezuela's capital Caracas, a human rights organization and local press said.

Venezuela's new taxi drivers: moonlighting soldiers

San Crist - In crisis-hit Venezuela, even soldiers are struggling to make ends meet on meager salaries rendered practically worthless by the highest inflation in the world and have taken to moonlighting -- as taxi drivers.

Venezuelans risk lives to buy flour, rice from Trinidad and Tobago

Brisas De Londres - It is a short trip by sea from the once-prosperous port town of Guiria in northeast Venezuela to the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago.

New Venezuela parliament sworn in, US-backed Guaido out

Caracas - A new Venezuelan parliament was sworn in Tuesday with President Nicolas Maduro's party in firm control and opposition leader Juan Guaido officially without a job, but with foreign backing to keep up a parallel legislature.

New Venezuela parliament leaves Western-backed Guaido out in cold

Caracas - A new Venezuelan parliament will be sworn in Tuesday with the party of President Nicolas Maduro now in almost complete control and the main thorn in his side, Western-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido, out in the political cold.

Venezuela's oil unions accuse government of persecution

Caracas - Venezuela's vital oil industry is failing and the socialist government is feeling the pressure, and now the regime of President Nicolas Maduro is being accused of lashing out at the sector's unions.

Biden seeks negotiations with Venezuelan President Maduro

Bloomberg reported Friday that president-elect Joe Biden's advisors are preparing for potential talks with Nicolas Maduro the Venezuelan president. This would represent a break from the policy of president Trump.

Venezuelan migrant shipwreck death toll rises to 28

Caracas - At least 28 Venezuelan migrants died when a boat heading for Trinidad and Tobago sank, Attorney General Tarek William Saab said on Thursday.The boat left Guiria in the northeastern state of Sucre on December 6 but never reached its destination.

Iranian tanker loads crude oil at Venezuelan port for Iran

Ties are growing between Venezuela and Iran as the US uses sanctions and threats against both countries. The two countries are forced to forge more ties as the US limits their ability to work with other countries.

Venezuelan migrant shipwreck dead rises to 20

Caracas - At least 20 Venezuelan migrants died when a ship heading for Trinidad and Tobago sank, the public prosecutor's office said on Monday.Over the weekend the Venezuelan government said 14 bodies had been recovered either at sea or washed up on a beach.

14 dead in migrant shipwreck between Venezuela and Trinidad

Caracas - The Venezuelan government said Sunday it had found 14 bodies after a ship carrying migrants bound for Trinidad and Tobago was wrecked en route.

Venezuelan opposition wraps up 'popular consultation'

Caracas - Venezuela's opposition wrapped up a "popular consultation" on Saturday, in a symbolic poll hailed as "historic" by organizers but which did not prompt the massive mobilization seen during protests last year.

Venezuela's Maduro says hopeful of dialogue with Biden

Caracas - Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro said Tuesday he hopes to open channels of communication and dialogue with the incoming administration of US President-Elect Joe Biden, after years of tension with the Trump White House.

Boycott-tainted poll win gives Maduro total control in Venezuela

Caracas - President Nicolas Maduro hailed a "new dawn" in Venezuela on Monday as he celebrated his now total grip on power following a predictable triumph in polls boycotted by the opposition and slammed as a farce by international powers.

Boycott-tainted poll win gives Maduro total control in Venezuela

Caracas - President Nicolas Maduro seized total control of Venezuela's political institutions on Sunday with a sweeping victory in legislative elections that were boycotted by the main opposition parties.Maduro and his left-wing allies had 67.

Maduro allies set for poll victory with Guaido on the ropes

Caracas - President Nicolas Maduro and his allies are set to dominate Sunday's legislative elections in Venezuela, which are being boycotted by the mainstream opposition parties led by his main rival Juan Guaido.

Leading poll boycott, Venezuela's Guaido seeks more sanctions on Maduro

Caracas - Opposition leader Juan Guaido is leading a boycott of Venezuela's legislative elections on Sunday and, despite losing political momentum, has told AFP he is still the person the international community needs to oust Nicolas Maduro's regime.

Maduro hopes to resume 'decent' dialogue with Biden administration

Caracas - Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro said Sunday that he will work to resume "decent, sincere" political dialogue with the United States, a country with which his government maintains tense relations, once Joe Biden assumes the presidency."In time,...

Venezuela rivals congratulate Biden on victory

Caracas - Venezuela's political rivals Nicolas Maduro and Juan Guaido on Saturday both congratulated Joe Biden on his victory in the US presidential election.

Maduro looks for 'total power' in Venezuela legislative election

Caracas - Campaigning for next month's parliamentary election begins in Venezuela on Tuesday with President Nicolas Maduro looking to take back control of the National Assembly, whose speaker and opposition leader Juan Guaido is demanding a boycott.
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