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Campaigning begins in Venezuela's disputed presidential poll

Caracas - Campaigning in Venuzuela got off to a muted start on Sunday ahead of a divisive presidential poll on May 20 which is being boycotted by the opposition and branded illegitimate by much of the international community.

Economic crisis forces slowdown at Venezuela universities

Caracas - Teachers unable to pay the bus fare to get to class, students stuck in long supermarket lines in the quest for affordable food: Venezuela's academics say the deep economic crisis is paralyzing the country's universities.

In symbolic vote, Venezuelan legislators vote to prosecute Maduro

Caracas - Venezuela's opposition-controlled National Assembly on Tuesday approved plans to prosecute President Nicolas Maduro for corruption, in a non-binding yet symbolic vote by a legislature which is effectively powerless.

Venezuelans swarm outside Chilean consulate seeking new visa

Caracas - Hundreds of Venezuelans swarmed outside the Chilean consulate Monday hoping to get a new visa created by Santiago to offer a new home for people desperate to leave the crisis-wracked country.

Panama orders Venezuela envoy out, Caracas suspends flights

Caracas - Panama on Thursday ordered Venezuela's ambassador out and recalled its own envoy to the country as Caracas imposed sanctions on senior Panamanian officials and suspended flights in an escalating diplomatic row.

Venezuela suspends ties with Panama airline, risking deeper isolation

Caracas - Venezuela on Thursday risked worsening its travel isolation by declaring a suspension of commercial ties with Panama's main airline Copa after Panama put President Nicolas Maduro and his top officials on a list of possible money launderers.

At least 54 children dead in Venezuela measles outbreak: NGO

Caracas - At least 54 children from an indigenous tribe have died from an outbreak of measles in a remote jungle region of eastern Venezuela, a human rights group said Thursday.

Police charged with homicide after deadly Venezuela jail fire

Caracas - Five Venezuelan police officials have been charged with homicide after the deadly fire in a state police headquarters that killed 68 people last week, the state prosecutor's office said Wednesday.

Venezuela arrests five police commanders after deadly jail blaze

Caracas - Venezuelan authorities have arrested five police commanders suspected of bearing responsibility for a deadly fire in a state police headquarters jail that killed 68 people, the country's chief prosecutor, Tarek William Saab, said Saturday.

Venezuela to compensate relatives of 68 killed in jail fire

Caracas - Venezuela's government said Friday it will compensate the relatives of scores of prisoners and a couple of visitors who died this week when a fire engulfed an overcrowded police headquarters' jail.

Anger mounts over Venezuela jail fire that killed 68

Valencia - Authorities in Venezuela faced an onslaught of national and international outrage Thursday over a blaze in a police station's jail in which 68 people died, in one of the worst disasters to hit the country's desperately overcrowded detention facilities....

Venezuela jailbreak attempt sparks blaze, 68 dead

Caracas - A total of 68 people died on Wednesday during an attempted jailbreak in Venezuela after a fire engulfed police holding cells in one of the worst tragedies in years in a notoriously violent and overcrowded prison system.

Slippery start for Venezuela's petro crypto coin

Caracas - The government of crisis-torn Venezuela, struggling to overcome chronic liquidity shortages and burdened by US sanctions, launched the first government-backed cryptocurrency, the petro, earlier this year.

Jose Antonio Abreu, noted Venezuelan musician, dies aged 78

Caracas - Jose Antonio Abreu, a musician, politician and economist who created a network of more than 1,500 orchestras and choirs for young people in Venezuela, died on Saturday at age 78.

Maduro revalues Venezuela currency over hyperinflation

Caracas - Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro announced Thursday he would re-value the crisis-wracked country's bolivar currency, cutting three zeroes from current values to combat hyperinflation.

Op-Ed: Trump bans American use of Venezuelan petro coin

Washington - On Monday, President Trump signed an executive order that bans the use of Venezuela's new crypto coin the Petro. The ban prohibits all U.S. transactions in digital currencies that benefit the Venezuelan government.

Report highlights deepening Venezuela health crisis

Caracas - Venezuela's opposition-dominated Congress said Monday the country's deepening economic crisis has left hospitals lacking even the most basic medicines and surgical materials.

Venezuelan opposition groups protest election, demand new vote

Caracas - A coalition of Venezuelan opposition groups organized rallies across the country on Saturday to protest May 20 presidential elections it considers fraudulent and to demand "free and transparent" elections at a future date.

Venezuela's opposition calls for street demos Saturday

Caracas - Opponents of President Nicolas Maduro are calling for mass street protests on Saturday against the May 20 presidential elections which they say are fraudulent, a spokesman said on Wednesday.

Venezuela's ex-interior minister arrested

Caracas - Former Venezuelan interior minister Miguel Rodriguez Torres was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly plotting to divide the armed forces, the government said."He was wanted... for involvement in actions against peace.
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