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Venezuela to limit US diplomats, require visas for Americans

Caracas - President Nicolas Maduro plans to limit the US diplomatic presence in Venezuela and require American tourists to obtain visas, in a sign of growing tensions between the two countries.

Venezuelan students demand end to 'deadly force' order

Caracas - Angry Venezuelan students marched to the justice ministry Wednesday to demand it revoke a resolution allowing police to use deadly force at protests after an officer was charged with killing a 14-year-old boy.

Venezuela's ruling party targets new opposition leader

Caracas - Lawmakers from Venezuela's ruling party said Tuesday they have asked prosecutors to investigate a leading opposition lawmaker for conspiring to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro, the latest attack on his opponents.

Venezuelans' long waits yield soap, and intelligence agents

Caracas - With long, everyday waits in line to buy milk or toilet paper, Venezuela's economic crisis is proving ever more painful, as President Nicolas Maduro's socialist government struggles with the inflation-wracked, collapsing economy.

Caracas mayor to appeal coup plot charge

Caracas - The mayor of Caracas, who was detained and charged with plotting to overthrow Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's government, will appeal the "baseless" allegations, his lawyer said Saturday.

Caracas mayor held over alleged coup plot in Venezuela

Caracas - Caracas mayor and opposition politician Antonio Ledezma remained in custody Saturday following his arrest over what Venezuela president Nicolas Maduro alleges is a coup plot financed by the United States.

U.S., Latin America worry over Venezuela tensions

Caracas - The United States and Latin American nations voiced concerns Friday over political tensions in Venezuela after the socialist government arrested the opposition mayor of Caracas in an alleged coup plot.

Venezuelan leader steps up offensive against opposition

Caracas - Venezuela's socialist President Nicolas Maduro intensified his offensive against his most fervent opponents, sending the capital's mayor to jail as prosecutors planned Friday to charge him with a "violent" anti-government conspiracy.

Venezuela arrests Caracas opposition mayor over 'coup'

Caracas - Masked intelligence service agents arrested the mayor of Caracas over what socialist President Nicolas Maduro alleges was a coup plot financed by the United States and directed "from Washington.

Clashes erupt on anniversary of Venezuela protests

Caracas - Venezuelan police fired tear gas Thursday to break up students demonstrating against President Nicolas Maduro's government, on the anniversary of protests that eventually left 43 people dead last year.

Venezuela arrests pharmacy chain managers

Caracas - Two top executives at one of Venezuela's largest drugstore chains have been arrested for allegedly violating laws meant to protect consumers from shortages and runaway inflation, the government said.

Venezuela authorizes use of deadly force at demos

Caracas - Venezuelan soldiers can open fire on demonstrators if they feel their lives are at risk, under a new regulation published one year after anti-government riots left 43 people dead.

Crisis-hit Venezuela bars ex-presidents from talks with opposition

Caracas - Venezuela, which has accused a pair of Latin American ex-presidents of trying to spark a coup, on Sunday denied them permission to speak to jailed opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez.

Thousands march in Venezuela over economic crisis, shortages

Caracas - Demonstrators against Venezuela's economic crisis -- facing sky-high inflation and shortages of food and consumer goods -- took to the streets in their thousands Saturday, banging pots and demanding an end to President Nicolas Maduro's term.

Waiting in line to shop — A profession in Venezuela

Caracas - Shortages of basic goods and long lines of consumers hoping to buy them have spawned a new profession in crisis-hit Venezuela: waiting in line to buy things for other people.

Pacman sparring partner Jorge Linares wins WBC lightweight title

Jorge Linares, Manny Pacquiao's former sparring partner, scored a fourth round knockout win over Mexican Javier Prieto at the Metropolitan Gym Tuesday in Tokyo, Japan.

Venezuela's Maduro posts foreign minister Ramirez to UN

Caracas - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced that he was moving Foreign Minister Rafael Ramirez to serve as his United Nations envoy.

U.S.-Cuba rapprochement isolates Venezuela: analysts

Caracas - Cuba's surprise move to restore diplomatic relations with Washington leaves Havana's close ally Venezuela further isolated in a shifting political landscape, analysts here say.

'Stupid' U.S. sanctions won't undo my government: Maduro

Caracas - President Nicolas Maduro charged Saturday that tighter, "stupid" new U.S. sanctions are just further straining to undermine military staff loyalty after Venezuela derailed a bid to oust him.

Venezuela opposition leader charged over 'plot' to kill president

Caracas - Venezuelan prosecutors charged a prominent opposition leader with conspiracy in relation to an alleged plot to assassinate leftist President Nicolas Maduro.
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