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Maduro hails start of Norway-brokered talks with opposition

Caracas - President Nicolas Maduro welcomed Friday the "beginning of talks" with the Venezuelan opposition in Norway, after months of bloody clashes between the two sides.

Venezuelan opposition lawmakers allowed into congress

Caracas - Lawmakers entered congress on Wednesday, a day after opposition leader Juan Guaido accused Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro's government of trying to "gag" the legislature after it was blocked by security forces.

Guaido blasts Venezuela regime after security forces block congress

Caracas - Juan Guaido accused the Venezuelan government of trying to "gag" congress after security forces prevented opposition lawmakers from entering the National Assembly on Tuesday, two weeks after the opposition leader's failed uprising against President Nic...

Venezuelan lawmakers accuse security services of 'intimidation'

Caracas - Opposition lawmakers in Venezuela on Tuesday accused the government of trying to intimidate them by keeping them out of the legislature building before a planned session on the prosecution of legislators that backed a failed uprising against President ...

Caracas blasts Guaido's courting of US military

Caracas - Venezuela reacted with outrage Monday after the opposition openly courted US military support, with the regime denouncing what it called a "repugnant" attempt to plot an armed intervention in the crisis-torn country.

Venezuelan general calls for military uprising against Maduro

Caracas - A Venezuelan air force general has called on his country's armed forces to rise up against President Nicolas Maduro, who remains in power with military support despite a sweeping economic crisis."It's time to rise up, it's time to fight ...

Venezuela's Guaido rallies his supporters as Maduro clamps down

Caracas - Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido on Saturday urged his supporters once again to protest nationwide against President Nicolas Maduro, who has slowly ratcheted up the pressure on the lawmaker since a failed military uprising.

Dramatic tow-truck arrest of Guaido's right-hand man

Caracas - Sirens in the night, armed and balaclava-clad policemen surrounding an imposing four-wheel drive vehicle as its occupier refused to get out.

Venezuela's Guaido blasts Maduro over opposition crackdown

Caracas - Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Guaido accused President Nicolas Maduro's regime on Thursday of "dismantling" parliament after three lawmakers sought diplomatic refuge while another was arrested for treason.

Venezuelan opposition deputy takes refuge with Argentine ambassador

Caracas - A Venezuelan lawmaker who backed a failed opposition uprising against the government said Thursday that he had taken refuge in the Argentine ambassador's residence.

Guaido's deputy arrested in Venezuela

Caracas - Venezuelan intelligence agents Wednesday detained a senior leader of the opposition-dominated National Assembly, the first arrest of a lawmaker since the failed uprising against President Nicolas Maduro last week.

Venezuela to prosecute lawmakers who backed failed uprising

Caracas - Venezuela will prosecute seven lawmakers who backed last week's failed uprising orchestrated by opposition leader Juan Guaido, the country's Supreme Court ruled Tuesday, as Washington removed sanctions against Caracas' sacked spy chief for backing the ...

Venezuela to prosecute lawmakers who backed failed uprising

Caracas - Venezuela's Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the prosecution of several lawmakers who supported last week's failed uprising orchestrated by opposition leader Juan Guaido.

Venezuela arrested 2,000 this year for political reasons: NGO

Caracas - More than 2,000 people have been arrested in Venezuela for political reasons since the beginning of the year, most of them detained during anti-government protests, an NGO reported Tuesday.

Backers 'failed to follow through' in abortive uprising, Guaido tells AFP

Caracas - Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido said Monday that backers who had pledged support for his abortive uprising last week had "failed to follow through" to dislodge President Nicolas Maduro.

Pentagon discussing military options in Venezuela

Acting US Defense Secretary Patrick Sheehan cancelled his trip to Europe to deal with the situation in Venezuela. Instead, he held closed door meetings at the Pentagon last Friday with John Bolton and Mike Pompeo Secretary of State.

Maduro rallies military as Venezuela opposition appeals to troops

Caracas - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro urged his troops Saturday to be "ready" for potential US military action, as a limited number of opposition supporters marched on military barracks in a bid to win the armed forces' support.

Opposition figure Lopez taunts Venezuela's Maduro after court orders arrest

Caracas - Opposition figure Leopoldo Lopez sent a defiant message to Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro from his refuge in the Spanish ambassador's residence in Caracas after the country's top court ordered his arrest on Thursday.

Guaido calls for protests at military bases as Maduro rallies troops

Caracas - Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido on Thursday called for peaceful demonstrations at army bases, days after a military uprising in support of his bid to oust President Nicolas Maduro fizzled out.

Maduro exhorts Venezuela military to fight 'any coup plotter'

Caracas - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Thursday called on the armed forces to oppose "any coup plotter" after a failed military uprising by forces supporting opposition leader Juan Guaido.
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