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Venezuela opposition withdraws from crisis talks

Caracas - Venezuela's opposition Tuesday withdrew from the latest round of crisis negotiations with authorities, insisting the government first release prisoners and allow a vote on the volatile country's political future.

Venezuela fury at Mercosur suspension

Caracas - Venezuela angrily rejected as a "coup" its suspension from South American economic bloc Mercosur on Friday, the harshest international punishment yet for President Nicolas Maduro's crisis-racked government.

Venezuela lawmakers condemn massacre in rare show of unity

Caracas - Venezuelan lawmakers voted unanimously Tuesday to issue a declaration condemning the massacre of 12 civilians by soldiers, a rare display of unity in a country torn by a political crisis.

Maduro calls nephews' US conviction 'imperialist attack'

Caracas - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Friday railed against a US court ruling that convicted two of his nephews for drug trafficking, calling it an "imperialist attack.

Venezuela crisis talks wobble, December meeting key

Caracas - Talks aimed at easing Venezuela's economic and political crisis are threatening to run off the rails and could come to a head on December 6, opposition members warned Thursday.

Venezuela seizes medicines sent for charity

Caracas - Venezuelan customs officers confiscated a shipment of medicine that a charity said Thursday was a donation for poor citizens suffering shortages in the country's economic crisis.Authorities said the cargo was an unauthorized import.

President dances salsa while Venezuela churns

Caracas - Venezuelans are running short of food, medicine and patience, but fear not: President Nicolas Maduro is here to cheer them up -- by dancing salsa.

Court defends Venezuela president against trial threat

Caracas - Venezuela's high court ordered the opposition on Tuesday to drop plans for a political trial against President Nicolas Maduro, whose rivals blame him for food shortages in the volatile country.

President on top in Venezuela crisis talks

Caracas - Crisis talks in Venezuela last weekend left President Nicolas Maduro on top and the opposition floundering in its bid to remove him from power, analysts say.

Maduro rejects early elections as way out of Venezuela crisis

Caracas - Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro on Sunday rejected early elections as a way out of a spiraling crisis that has led to widespread shortages, soaring inflation and mass protests."An electoral way out? Way out to where?

Venezuela govt, opposition vow to find peaceful way out of crisis

Caracas - Venezuela's embattled government and the opposition committed themselves Saturday to seeking a peaceful, democratic way out of a deepening crisis that has led to food shortages and sky-high inflation.

Venezuela crisis talks to resume on hostile note

Caracas - Venezuela's political rivals will carry out more fraught Vatican-backed talks on Saturday as they struggle to stabilize a volatile country stricken by food shortages.

Venezuela crisis talks resume amid Trump tension

Caracas - Venezuela's political rivals are to sit down at the negotiating table Friday to resume fraught talks on the country's volatile crisis.

Venezuela orders civilians to back military on food distribution

Caracas - President Nicolas Maduro said Tuesday he was creating civilian units to back troops monitoring food production and distribution in crisis-wracked Venezuela.

Maduro to opposition: 'Don't give me ultimatums'

Caracas - Tensions fraying a fragile political truce in Venezuela escalated on Thursday, as President Nicolas Maduro warned his opponents not to issue ultimatums on holding elections and accused them of lying.

Venezuela opposition bets on risky truce with Maduro

Caracas - Venezuela's opposition began a tense truce Wednesday with President Nicolas Maduro, but supporters accused it of betraying them amid warnings the strategy might backfire.

Venezuela opposition eases off Maduro ahead of talks

Caracas - Venezuela's opposition suspended a "trial" by lawmakers together with a planned mass march against the unpopular President Nicolas Maduro, ahead of talks next week aimed at easing their country's deep crisis.

Opposition lawmakers stage 'trial' of Venezuelan leader

Caracas - Opposition lawmakers were to stage a "political trial" of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday after a blocked bid to oust the deeply unpopular leader through a referendum.

Venezuela rivals seek to ease political crisis

Caracas - Venezuela's embattled government and opposition leaders agreed Monday to hold talks to defuse a growing political crisis, but mistrust lingers after a recall bid against the president was scuttled.

Venezuela govt, mistrustful rivals plan crisis talks

Caracas - Venezuela's government and opposition leaders were set to meet Sunday for Vatican-backed talks in a bid to settle the country's deepening political crisis.
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