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Caracas protests flare as Maduro alleges 'coup' plot

Caracas - Thousands of Venezuelans marched Saturday in a new flare-up of protests against Nicolas Maduro, as the embattled president claimed several people had been detained over an alleged "coup" plot aimed at triggering a US military intervention.

Venezuelans rally in anger at death of young protestor

Caracas - Venezuelan demonstrators blocked streets Friday in protests over the death of a young man shot by police during an anti-government rally the night before.

Deaths from Venezuelan anti-government protests up to 75

Caracas - A 22-year-old man was shot dead on Thursday during an anti-government protest in Caracas, becoming the 75th victim in three months of unrest over the rule of President Nicolas Maduro.

Luisa Ortega: Venezuelan prosecutor defying president

Caracas - Her enemies have branded her insane, but those close to Venezuela's Attorney General Luisa Ortega say her defiance of the government over the country's deadly political crisis is pure courage.

Venezuela attorney faces charges after defying govt

Caracas - Venezuela's high court ruled Tuesday that the country's attorney general could face charges after she challenged the government's handling of a deadly political crisis.

Venezuela president fires military brass amid unrest

Caracas - Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro fired four top military commanders Tuesday including the head of a police force that is accused of attacking anti-government protesters during months of deadly unrest.

Rich Venezuelans eat sushi, guzzle cocktails amid chaos

Caracas - While most Venezuelans struggle to buy food and make ends meet, a small group still manages to eat sushi and sip cocktails in exclusive discos and country clubs.

Venezuela court resists case against pro-govt judges

Caracas - Venezuela's Supreme Court on Friday rejected a bid to put on trial several senior judges accused of favoring embattled President Nicolas Maduro as he clings to power in the face of deadly unrest.

Venezuela mobs kick, burn thieves in lynching epidemic

Caracas - Swearing in fury, the crowd strips the man naked and stomps on his head as he sprawls on the ground."You want things that come easy? Then take this, you bastard."In Venezuela, this is what robbers get when they are caught by passers-by.

Venezuela protest deaths rise to 72 after two killed

Caracas - Two protesters, both aged 20, died Thursday during anti-government demonstrations in separate regions of Venezuela, bringing the total deaths in more than two months of protests to 72, officials said.

Senior Venezuela official quits over crisis reforms

Caracas - A Venezuelan retired general said Wednesday he had resigned from a top defense advisory body over the government's contested constitutional reforms, the latest sign of division in the ruling camp.

Venezuela renegade attorney goes after pro-govt judges

Caracas - Venezuela's attorney general raised the stakes in her standoff with the government on Tuesday by demanding eight Supreme Court judges loyal to President Nicolas Maduro be put on trial.

Venezuelans watch news bulletins acted live on bus

Caracas - Short of newspapers, Venezuelans are getting updates about their country's deadly political crisis live -- acted out by reporters on the bus to work.Maria Gabriela Fernandez and Dereck Blanco stand on board inside a black frame.

Venezuela attorney general says officials threatened her family

Caracas - Venezuela's attorney general on Monday said intelligence officials had threatened and harassed her family after she openly challenged President Nicolas Maduro over the country's political crisis.

Venezuela anti-govt legal challenge rejected: court

Caracas - Venezuela's Supreme Court on Monday rejected a legal challenge by the attorney general against the government's constitutional reform bid in a deadly political crisis.

Venezuelan opposition rallies broken up by tear gas

Caracas - Hundreds of anti-government demonstrators marched against the Venezuelan president's planned constitutional reforms on Saturday, with some protests being broken up with tear gas in the country's latest bout of unrest.

Venezuela opposition rallies behind attorney against government

Caracas - Venezuelan opposition lawmakers filed fresh court cases Friday against planned crisis reforms, raising pressure on the government in a deadly political struggle after a similar challenge by a senior official.

Venezuela prosecutor challenges crisis reform plan

Caracas - Venezuela's attorney general on Thursday mounted a fresh legal challenge against President Nicolas Maduro's efforts to rewrite the constitution in a deadly political crisis.

Venezuela prosecutor challenges crisis reform plan

Caracas - Venezuela's attorney general on Thursday mounted a fresh legal challenge against President Nicolas Maduro's efforts to rewrite the constitution in a deadly political crisis.

Teen killed as Venezuela army chief urges troops not to hurt protesters

Caracas - A teenager died in new protests against President Nicolas Maduro's government on Wednesday just as the head of the military warned troops not to commit "atrocities.
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