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Venezuela's harried opposition eyes landmark win

Caracas - Its leaders have been thrown in jail, banned from politics and remain deeply divided, but Venezuela's opposition nonetheless looks set to bruise President Nicolas Maduro by winning control of the National Assembly.

Venezuela seeks to downplay security fears around vote

Caracas - The Venezuelan government sought Monday to downplay security fears around the country's upcoming legislative elections, rejecting the possibility of violence or a coup.

Venezuela opposition figure's killing was gangland hit: president

Caracas - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Thursday the shooting death of an opposition leader appeared to be a gangland score-settling, dismissing claims it was politically motivated ahead of key elections.

Venezuelan opposition leader shot dead during campaign event

Caracas - A Venezuelan opposition leader was shot dead during a campaign event, political leaders said Thursday, raising tensions ahead of a legislative vote that could weaken the major oil producer's socialist government.

Furious Venezuela demands U.S. name 'spies'

Caracas - Venezuela on Thursday demanded that Washington identify the agents involved in an alleged case of "outrageous" US spying against the state-run oil giant PDVSA.

Venezuelan opposition 'skeptical' of vote observers

Caracas - Venezuela's opposition said Wednesday it is "deeply skeptical" of the objectivity of election observers for high-stakes legislative polls next month.

U.S. 'kidnapped' Venezuelan first lady's nephews: Top lawmaker

Caracas - The speaker of Venezuela's National Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, accused the United States Monday of kidnapping two of First Lady Cilia Flores's nephews who were arrested on drug charges.

Campaign opens for crunch Venezuela vote

Caracas - The campaign for Venezuela's high-stakes legislative elections opened Friday with the spotlight on embattled President Nicolas Maduro's latest headache, a US drug trafficking indictment against two of his relatives.

Flores, Venezuela's first lady and 'first fighter'

Caracas - Venezuelan First Lady Cilia Flores is a political heavyweight who steadfastly served late leader Hugo Chavez and married his successor, her longtime partner Nicolas Maduro -- who now calls her the nation's "first fighter.

Maduro must go by 2016, says Venezuelan opposition leader

Caracas - Venezuela's opposition is seeking to oust President Nicolas Maduro by mid-2016, jailed dissident Leopoldo Lopez said Tuesday as the country headed toward legislative elections that the ruling socialists risk losing.

Venezuela claims U.S. spy plane violated its airspace

Caracas - Venezuela claimed Sunday that a US Coast Guard intelligence plane violated its airspace, an allegation promptly denied by the American military branch.

Venezuelan prosecutor fired after calling politician's case a 'farce'

Caracas - A Venezuelan prosecutor who called the conviction and imprisonment of a leading opposition leader a "farce" has been fired, the country's attorney general said Monday.

Venezuelan prosecutor calls opposition leader's jailing a 'farce'

Caracas - A Venezuelan prosecutor says he has fled the country with his family, accusing the leftist government of using "false evidence" to convict jailed opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez.

The unsustainable path of indoor cannabis Special

There is a dark cloud looming over the cannabis industry: indoor growing. While municipalities that have legalized marijuana are reaping the financial rewards, experts believe it may come at a greater cost.

Top Venezuelan businessman accused of treason

Caracas - Lawmakers from Venezuela's ruling Socialist party filed treason charges Wednesday against a prominent billionaire businessman for allegedly seeking an IMF bailout for the recession-ravaged oil giant.

Venezuela opposition figure arrested on return from exile

Maracaibo - Venezuelan opposition politician Manuel Rosales, who fled into exile after authorities charged him with corruption in 2009, was arrested Thursday as he returned ahead of key legislative elections.

Linares stops Cano in round 4, retains WBC lightweight title

Three-time world titlist Jorge Linares defended his WBC lightweight crown Saturday with his fourth-round knockout win against Ivan Cano of Mexico in a 12-round encounter Saturday at the El Poliedro, in Caracas, Venezuela.

Jorge Linares stakes WBC lightweight title against Ivan Cano

Three-time world titlist Jorge Linares defends his WBC lightweight crown Saturday against Ivan Cano of Mexico in a 12-round encounter in his native Venezuela.

Venezuela holds military exercise, raising tensions with Guyana

Caracas - Venezuela said Tuesday it is conducting military exercises in the eastern part of the country, a move neighboring Guyana denounced as an "extraordinary escalation" of an ongoing border dispute.

Venezuelans protest in support of jailed opposition leader

Caracas - Some 2,000 protesters rallied in Venezuela's capital Saturday in support of jailed opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez who was recently sentenced to nearly 14 years behind bars.
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