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President's opponents rally in tense Venezuela

Caracas - Protesters seeking to oust Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro staged fresh street rallies but drew scant turnout, a setback the divided opposition blamed on repressive tactics and a spiraling economic crisis.

Venezuela's angry opposition: What's their game?

Caracas - The political opposition pushing for the removal of Venezuela's socialist President Nicolas Maduro has vowed fresh protests this week in the volatile South American state.

Venezuela demos test of strength in political crisis

Caracas - Protesters seeking to drive Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro from office have vowed fresh street rallies on Wednesday and Thursday, a test of their strength in a tense political crisis.

Venezuela crisis draws timid international response

Caracas - Venezuela is sinking deeper into political and economic chaos, but the international response has been timid so far -- and is unlikely to put much pressure on an unbending President Nicolas Maduro, analysts say.

Venezuelan middle-class struggles with shrinking money

Caracas - Venezuela's minimum monthly salary is 15,051 bolivares, which a government subsidy for all workers bumps up to nearly 18,600 bolivares. But no matter how you cut it, it's barely enough to live on.

Op-Ed: Maduro calls out troops claiming U.S. plans to invade Venezuela

Caracas - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's embattled socialist government has been dealing with widespread protests, some of them violent, since last Wednesday. To quell the demonstrations, he called out the military.

Bolivian leader visits embattled Venezuelan counterpart

Caracas - Bolivian President Evo Morales made a brief visit to Venezuela on the weekend during which he reiterated support for his embattled ally, Nicolas Maduro, state media reported.

Op-Ed: With no sugar, Coke suspends all production in Venezuela

Caracas - Coca-Cola FEMSA has suspended all production in Venezuela because of a sugar shortage said the multinational company in a statement on Thursday.

International concern mounts over Venezuela

Caracas - International concerns are mounting over the economic and political crisis in Venezuela, where the military on Saturday wrapped up two days of exercises ordered by embattled President Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuela's armed forces are political too

Caracas - Venezuela's armed forces, which are conducting exercises against perceived internal and external threats, hold immense power in the government of President Nicolas Maduro and notably have interests in the vital oil sector.

Venezuela flexes military muscle with exercises

Caracas - Venezuela on Friday launched what it called its biggest-ever military exercises as unpopular President Nicolas Maduro sought to display his grip on power amid an economic meltdown and a push to vote him out of office.

Mediators push for 'national dialogue' to calm Venezuela crisis

Caracas - Foreign mediators trying to bring crisis-hit Venezuela back from the abyss announced a bid to get embattled President Nicolas Maduro's government and the opposition to sit down for talks.

Mediators push for 'national dialogue' to calm Venezuela crisis

Caracas - Foreign mediators trying to bring crisis-hit Venezuela back from the abyss announced Thursday a bid to get embattled President Nicolas Maduro's government and the opposition to sit down for talks.

Four and a half months in Venezuela: Timeline of crisis

Caracas - Venezuela's political crisis has intensified with the opposition demanding a recall referendum against President Nicolas Maduro, who has declared a state of emergency.Here is a timeline of recent events in the major South American oil producer.

Venezuela opposition courts international pressure on Maduro

Caracas - Venezuela's opposition leader met with foreign mediators in Caracas on Thursday in a bid to up the pressure for a recall referendum against embattled President Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuela president ready to escalate state of emergency

Caracas - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Wednesday he was prepared to escalate a state of emergency imposed this week after opposition-led protests in the capital and other cities.

U.S. embassy in Venezuela stops visa work over staff shortage

Caracas - The US embassy in Caracas said Wednesday it has suspended processing new applications for short-stay visas because the Venezuelan government was barring the entry of consular staff.

'We want food!': Venezuela crisis deepens

Guarenas - It was around noon when a food truck rolled up to a Venezuelan state-subsidized supermarket in the town of Guarenas just east of the capital.But, to the fury of the long line of people waiting out front, the cargo wasn't unloaded.

Venezuela police block anti-Maduro protest in Caracas

Caracas - Riot police firing tear gas blocked a 1,000-strong anti-government protest in the center of Caracas on Wednesday, one of 20 opposition rallies across crisis-hit Venezuela venting fury at President Nicolas Maduro and demanding his ouster.

Venezuela protests against Maduro to test state of emergency

Caracas - Public outrage over sweeping new emergency powers decreed this week by President Nicolas Maduro was expected to spill over onto the streets of Venezuela Wednesday, with nationwide protests planned.
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