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Venezuela arrests Guaido aide for 'terrorism' in defiance of US

Caracas - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's regime defied the US on Thursday to arrest a top aide of opposition leader Juan Guaido, whom Washington recognizes as the crisis-hit country's interim leader.

Chief of staff to Venezuela's Guaido arrested

Caracas - Venezuelan intelligence officers Thursday arrested the chief of staff of Juan Guaido, the opposition leader recognized by the US and other countries as interim leader, Guaido and the opposition-ruled congress said on Twitter.

Cradle of Venezuela oil industry is a scene of desolation

Mene Grande - Greasy slicks continue to darken the ground in Mene Grande, a modest town where Venezuela's oil boom was born more than a century ago. But now the days of crude glory are gone, replaced by desolation.The asphalt on the roads is worn down.

Venezuela doctors under regime pressure during UN visit

Caracas - Venezuelan doctors have come under pressure from President Nicolas Maduro's government for trying to alert a visiting UN mission about the severe lack of hospital medicine and equipment, NGOs say.

Hunger stabs at Venezuelans impoverished by crisis

Maracaibo - The fish Juan Maurice is catching are so small they're best thrown into a frying pan. Even so, they won't fatten this out-of-work builder who has lost 16 kilograms (35 pounds) over the past two years.

Venezuela's opposition-controlled legislature makes new military offer

Caracas - Members of the Venezuelan armed forces that abandon President Nicolas Maduro will keep their rank and be reinstated once a new government is in place, the opposition-controlled legislature said Tuesday.

German reporter released by Venezuela returns home

Caracas - A German reporter held by Venezuelan authorities for four months flew back home Sunday after being conditionally released, a Venezuelan NGO said.

Venezuela's Guaido starts domestic tour to stir support

Valencia - Venezuela's self-proclaimed interim leader Juan Guaido began a tour of his country Saturday aimed at sparking a citizen's movement to pry President Nicolas Maduro from power.

Venezuela's hidden damage: mental stress as desperation grows

Caracas - Escarli is afraid of the dark. German appears absent. Yuri tips into rage at the smallest upset. Mental malaise in Venezuela is growing, a hidden anguish adding to the litany of ills ravaging the country.

Venezuela frees German journalist after four months

Caracas - German journalist Billy Six, detained by Venezuelan intelligence services four months ago, was freed Friday in Caracas -- but must report to the court every 15 days, an NGO confirmed.

Maduro creates military unit to protect public service installations

Caracas - Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro created a military unit on Friday charged with protecting basic installations and services such as electricity and water just over a week after the country was hit with a massive blackout.

Polish reporter tells of being beaten by Venezuela police

Caracas - A Polish journalist in Venezuela was beaten by police in the troubled South American country, he said in accounts published by his newspaper and Venezuela's press union on Friday.

The slippery slope for Venezuela's oil output gets steeper

Caracas - A weeklong blackout and ever-tightening US sanctions have nudged Venezuela's already declining oil production into an even steeper dive, experts say.

Venezuela's pro-regime 'colectivos' vow to back Maduro whatever it costs

Caracas - Jorge Parrado collects water for his Caracas district. But he is also ready to fight completely in support of President Nicolas Maduro as a member of a "colectivo," cells that uphold and enforce the regime's socialist ideals.

Venezuela accuses US of 'terrorist attack' on oil facility

Caracas - Venezuelans resumed work Thursday after a weeklong hiatus forced by an unprecedented nationwide blackout, but President Nicolas Maduro's government faced fresh problems including a "terrorist attack" on an oil facility.

Venezuela's US invasion: the dollar takes hold

Caracas - Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro may be fiercely opposed to the "imperialist" United States. But in one regard, a US invasion is already happening: the dollarization of his South American country.

Venezuela calls public sector back to work as blackout recedes

Caracas - Venezuela's public employees were called to return to work Thursday after the government ended a nearly week-long hiatus caused by an unprecedented nationwide blackout that deepened widespread anger against President Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuelan 'cyber-attack' possible but unlikely, experts say

Caracas - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's government has accused the United States of "cyber sabotage" to knock out the country's central hydroelectric complex and leave the nation largely without electricity since Thursday afternoon.

In Caracas, water an obsession after days of blackout

Caracas - Plastic bottles and containers at the ready, Keisy Perez ignores the stench from the brown river as it slips slowly through the grimy San Agustin district of Venezuela's capital.

Lights go out on Venezuela's kidney patients

Caracas - Alfredo Quintero's kidneys failed five years ago, so he needs dialysis three times a week just to stay alive.But Venezuela's massive power outage that caused chaos in the South American country left Quintero in a panic, with dry mouth and nausea.
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