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Pope says he angered Merkel with comments on Europe

Vatican City - Pope Francis has revealed that he received an angry phone call from German Chancellor Angela Merkel after he compared Europe to a "barren woman", in an interview published Monday.

Former victim leaves Vatican child sex abuse commission

Vatican City - A former paedophilia victim has left the Vatican advisory commission on sexual abuse by the clergy, the Vatican announced Saturday, two days after the British campaigner criticised the body in the press.

Pope and Patriarch to bridge 1,000-year split in Cuba

Vatican City - Pope Francis will meet Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill in Cuba next week in a historic first meeting between the heads of the two largest Christian churches, the Vatican announced Friday.

Pope Francis under fire over China 'Realpolitik'

Vatican City - Pope Francis came under fire Wednesday after lavishing praise on China in a move widely seen as part of Vatican moves to improve relations with Beijing.

Pope reaches out to China with New Year praise

Vatican City - Pope Francis hailed China's "great history of wisdom" on Tuesday, holding out the prospect of reconciliation with Beijing sought by some Chinese Catholics but feared by many others.

Pope warns gossiping priests, nuns to 'bite your tongue'

Vatican City - Pope Francis told gossip-loving priests and nuns to bite their tongues on Monday, and warned those breaking their vow of obedience to fall into line sharpish.

Pope urges Iran to act for peace in Middle East

Vatican City - Pope Francis on Tuesday urged Iran to back peace efforts in the Middle East as the Islamic Republic's emergence from international isolation took a significant step forward with President Hassan Rouhani's first visit to the Vatican.

Pope Francis to visit Sweden in October to mark Reformation

Vatican City - Pope Francis will visit Sweden in October to mark next year's 500th anniversary of the start of the Protestant Reformation in Europe, the Vatican said Monday.

Pope hits out at Internet trolls

Vatican City - Pope Francis spoke out Friday over the increasingly aggressive nature of much political discourse and the use of social media as a forum for personal abuse.

Pope welcomes 5,000 migrants in Rome prayers

Vatican City - Pope Francis on Sunday welcomed 5,000 migrant worshippers at a special mass at St Peter's to mark the world day of migrants and refugees, urging them to treasure their "culture and precious values".

Pope prays for Schumacher recovery

Vatican City - Pope Francis prayed for racing legend Michael Schumacher on Thursday as he offered his backing for a Formula One-led road safety campaign aimed at reducing the number of children killed by cars.

Cardinal, clown and convict back Pope's mercy mission

Vatican City - Italy's best known comic, a cardinal and a Chinese convict teamed up on Tuesday to launch a book-length interview with Pope Francis.

Pope Francis urges Europe to keep welcoming migrants

Vatican City - Pope Francis on Monday urged European governments to keep welcoming migrants while acknowledging security and other concerns over the recent mass influx of people mainly from the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Pope says he's 'a sinner in need of God's mercy'

Vatican City - Pope Francis describes himself as "a sinner" in need of God's mercy, in an upcoming book where he also urges the Catholic Church to focus on its mission as a grassroots, hands-on organisation.

1,500 pedophiles busted by FBI hacking the Dark Web

In perhaps the largest pedophile sting in history, the FBI hacked the Dark Web server to infiltrate and investigate 1,500 pedophiles using the secret website named the Playpen.

Pope invites 5,000 migrants to mass at St Peter's

Vatican City - Pope Francis has invited 5,000 migrants to pray with him and attend a special mass at St Peter's to mark the world day of migrants and refugees, the Migrantes Foundation announced Friday.

Inter-dimensional portal caught on film, Truth or Hoax?

On December 7, 2015 tourists captured on film a swirling inter-dimensional portal in the sky above the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland. An orb is seen entering the portal before it disappears. The question is it truth or a clever hoax?

Charlie Hebdo's anti-God cover is unfair, says Vatican paper

Vatican City - The Vatican's newspaper on Tuesday criticised French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo for a front cover portraying God as a gun-wielding terrorist to mark the first anniversary of a terror attack on the publication.

Historic Vatican accord with Palestine takes effect

Vatican City - The Vatican's first accord with the Palestinians -- an agreement that Israel has attacked as counter-productive to the Middle East peace process -- has come into force, the Holy See announced Saturday.

Pope's Jubilee year off to a sluggish start

Vatican City - Pope Francis's Jubilee Year of Mercy has got off to a sluggish start, to the disappointment of Rome's hoteliers, restaurateurs and souvenir sellers.
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