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Remarried divorcees 'not excommunicated', pope tells Church

Vatican City - Divorced people who have remarried "are still part of the Church" and should not be treated as if they have been excommunicated or cast out, Pope Francis said on Wednesday."These people are not excommunicated -- they are not excommunicated!

Pope signs up for World Youth Day using iPad

Vatican City - Pope Francis on Sunday became the first person registered for next year's World Youth Day festivities, using an iPad to sign up while addressing thousands of pilgrims and tourists in Saint Peter's Square.

World mayors sign pact to fight climate change

Vatican City - Mayors from around the world have signed a declaration with Pope Francis stating that man-made climate change is real and humanity has a moral imperative to take action.

Big city mayors tackle slavery, climate change at Vatican

Vatican City - Harrowing accounts of girls forced into prostitution and modern slavery opened a two-day conference at the Vatican Tuesday, at which mayors from around the world testified to their efforts to fight forced labour and global warming.

Ex-archbishop hospitalised ahead of Vatican paedophilia trial

Vatican City - A former Polish archbishop became ill and was placed in intensive care ahead of the opening of his unprecedented trial on paedophilia charges at the Vatican, officials said Saturday.

Vatican holds first trial of cleric accused of paedophilia

Vatican City - The first ever trial of a former papal official accused of paedophile crimes opens Saturday at the Vatican in what is viewed as belated Church efforts to battle child abusers among the clergy.

Pope Francis takes message to forgotten corners of home continent

Vatican City - Pope Francis embarks Sunday on an eight-day visit to Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay, three of South America's 'peripheral' countries which share common challenges in addressing poverty, inequality and the legacies of past authoritarian regimes.

Pope backs Greeks in euro crisis, says human dignity vital

Vatican City - Pope Francis on Wednesday voiced his support for the Greek people and called for human dignity to be placed at the centre of talks on the country's future in the eurozone.

Coca leaves on the menu for Pope's visit to Bolivia

Vatican City - Pope Francis has not confirmed whether he will chew coca leaves on his trip to Bolivia but may well do so given his respect for local customs, his spokesman said Tuesday.

St Therese of Lisieux's parents to be canonised in October

Vatican City - The parents of French saint Therese of Lisieux will be canonised on October 18 along with an Italian priest and a Spanish nun, the Vatican announced Saturday.

Vatican signs historic accord with Palestine

Vatican City - The Vatican on Friday signed a historic first accord with Palestine, two years after officially recognising it as a state.

Pope says family separation can be 'morally necessary'

Vatican City - Pope Francis said Wednesday that it may be "morally necessary" for some families to split up, marking a change of tone in the Catholic Church's attitude to troubled marriages.

The green vision of Pope Francis

Vatican City - Main points of Pope Francis's Encyclical on the environment, released on Thursday: - Main Challenge -Climate change represents one of the principal challenges facing humanity in our time.

Pope urges world to act before climate change destroys planet

Vatican City - Pope Francis on Thursday urged the world to act quickly to prevent "extraordinary" climate change from destroying the planet, saying rich countries must bear responsibility for creating the problem, and finance a solution.

Pope to blame profiteers for killing the planet

Vatican City - Pope Francis will call Thursday on the world's leaders to pull together to fight global warming, publishing his hotly-anticipated thesis on the environment which slams profiteers and slaves to progress.

Pope slams nations which 'close the door' to migrants

Vatican City - Pope Francis said Wednesday that those who "close the door" to refugees seeking a safe haven in Europe should ask God's forgiveness, as tensions rose in the EU over the migrant crisis.

US Catholic bishops quit, envoy faces trial in sex abuse cases

Vatican City - The Vatican on Monday announced the resignation of two senior US clerics accused of failing to protect minors from a paedophile priest and set a date for an unprecedented trial of a former archbishop for paying boys for sex.

Vatican to hold first trial of senior cleric for paedophilia

Vatican City - A former papal ambassador to the Dominican Republic will be tried for paedophilia next month in the first case of its kind to be brought before a Vatican court.

Pope urges 'sincere effort' from Putin on Ukraine

Vatican City - Pope Francis on Wednesday urged Russian President Vladimir Putin and all other parties to the conflict in Ukraine to make a "sincere effort" for peace.

Bishops who cover up sex abuse to face Church judgement

Vatican City - Pope Francis has approved the creation of an internal Church tribunal empowered to punish bishops who cover up sex abuse by priests, the Vatican said Wednesday.
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