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Is mathematics the answer to antibiotic resistance?

Finding new drugs to combat antibiotic resistance is a complex task and running different biological scenarios can take years. To help screen potential drug candidates, researchers have developed a mathematical model.

Super alloy bounces back to shape, again and again

Materials scientists have created an alloy that pops back into shape even after it has been bent over 10 million times. The alloy has broken all existing records.

FIFA scandal: More arrests in prospect but Putin scents U.S. plot

Zurich - Sepp Blatter, FIFA’s incumbent president emerged victorious against challenger Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein at Friday’s FIFA elective congress.

Tense standoff outside U.S. mosque over cartoon protest

Phoenix - Anti-Islam protesters -- some of them heavily armed -- faced off against religious rights demonstrators outside a U.S. mosque, in a tense but peaceful standoff.

Amir Khan beats Chris Algieri via unanimous decision

British boxer and Olympic silver medalist Amir Khan on Friday at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, overtook Chris Algieri in the later rounds to earn a unanimous decision verdict from the judges.

Female boxers light up Khan-Algieri undercard

The highly-anticipated Amir Khan-Chris Algieri fight at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York starts tonight with two female boxers in the undercard.

Boston's snow piles — 'A science experiment waiting to happen'

Boston - They are not pretty to look at, and as the temperatures continue to climb, they won't smell too good, either. We're talking about Boston's leftover snow piles, some of them as tall as a three-story building.

US judge jails Silk Road mastermind for life

New York - The American convicted of masterminding the criminal website Silk Road was sentenced in court Friday to life in prison over the online enterprise that sold $200 million in drugs to customers worldwide.

Interview with Californian roots rock duo Dead Rock West Special

Cindy Wasserman and Frank Lee Drennen, who together make up the above-mentioned act, filled Digital Journal in on their upcoming release, a passionate and painstakingly researched tribute to the Everly Brothers.

Fecal transplant donor population 'stalls'

The rise of fecal transplants, as therapy to treat conditions like recurring bacterial infections caused by Clostridium difficile, have slowed down due to fewer people being suitable donors than medics had predicted.

Faster tests for Listeria detection are hitting the market

Food manufacturers have been looking for a faster way to detect Listeria monocytogenes. Current methods of detection often take several days before results are returned, but new tests have been developed that take just a few minutes.

Op-Ed: Christian conservatives fear their values are under attack

With liberalism and secularism on the rise in America, Christian conservatives find themselves in constant defense of their religious freedom and political philosophy.

US drops Cuba from terror blacklist in landmark move

Washington - The United States dropped Cuba from its blacklist of state sponsors of terrorism on Friday, removing yet another hurdle as the two countries seek to restore diplomatic ties frozen for five decades.

Silk Road website mastermind faces lengthy jail term

New York - The American convicted of masterminding criminal website Silk Road, which sold $200 million worth of drugs to customers all over the world using digital currency Bitcoin, will be jailed Friday.

Michael Jackson's Neverland to go 'on sale for $100 million'

Washington - The sprawling California property that was once the location of the 'king of pop' Michael Jackson's mind-boggling amusement park is going on sale for $100 million, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

Op-Ed: FIFA scandal — Challenge to Blatter from a Jordanian prince

Zurich - Amid a slew of corruption allegations FIFA is due to elect its President today. Incumbent Sepp Blatter, whose position seemed impregnable just days ago, is challenged by Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein, vice-president of the Asian soccer confederation.

Luminescent bacteria help diagnose cancer

Scientists have come up with a novel way to detect liver cancer. The approach makes use of beneficial bacteria. Through genetic engineering, these bacteria emit a luminescent pulse when cancer is present.

U.S. spelling bee ends in a tie — again

Oxon Hill - The world's premier spelling bee ended in a tie in the U.S. for a second year in a row after an intense 10-round showdown between two young contestants who tackled some of the English language's most obscure words.

Kenyan man pleads guilty in U.S. to supporting terrorist groups

Miami - A Kenyan man pleaded guilty to supporting three different terrorist organizations, admitting to providing money and recruits in Syria and Somalia, the U.S. Justice Department said.

Future at stake, Republicans crowd into White House race

Washington - With eight declared Republican presidential hopefuls and eight more expected to run, consensus has been brushed aside for 2016, as GOP rivals battle to shape the future of the party, and America, in the post-Obama era.
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