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Dozens may have come in contact with anthrax: US military

Washington - As many as 22 people in South Korea and four US lab workers may have been exposed to anthrax after the American military accidentally shipped out at least one live sample, officials said.

U.S. youth arrested for bogus 'terrorist threats'

Washington - An American youth who appeared in MTV reality show "Catfish" last year was arrested for making a series of bogus "terrorist threats" against metro stations, trains and buses in the U.S. capital.

U.S. launches new Islamic State investigations 'daily'

Washington - The United States now launches a new investigation into suspected Islamic State group sympathizers almost every day, a senior official said, underscoring the increased threat posed by the jihadist group.

U.S. military shipped live anthrax to lab by accident

Washington - The U.S. military accidentally shipped at least one live anthrax sample across the country to a commercial lab in Maryland and four workers were undergoing medical treatment as a precaution, officials said.

Juan Manuel Marquez open to Mayweather rematch

Mexican counter puncher Juan Manuel Marquez is open to a rematch against unbeaten Floyd Mayweather if it is offered to him provided that the terms and conditions are acceptable.

Iran nuclear talks shift into top gear

Washington - US Secretary of State John Kerry is set to launch a final high-stakes diplomatic push to seal a ground-breaking nuclear deal with Iran, as some officials warned Wednesday the negotiations may go beyond a June 30 deadline.

Russia's nuclear threats 'deeply troubling': NATO chief

Washington - Russia's provocative rhetoric and its dramatic expansion of flights by nuclear bombers are deeply troubling and dangerous, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Wednesday.

U.S. prosecutors allege 'World Cup' of soccer fraud

New York - The United States accused soccer officials of corrupting a sport loved by billions Wednesday, warning the investigation is not over and seeking the extradition of suspects arrested in Switzerland.

Syria readies offensive against Islamic State without U.S. help

Damascus - Syria does not expect help from the United States in battling Islamic State insurgents or in retaking the ancient city of Palmyra, officials said Wednesday.

UN demands action for crimes against journalists

New York - The UN Security Council on Wednesday urged world governments to end impunity for those who silence journalists in a resolution applauded as historic by a leading media rights group.

Here are the most and least obese states in the U.S.

America's collective waistline just expanded again. High obesity rates tend to coincide with higher-than-normal rates of other weight-related health problems.

Hackers make off with 100,000 people's tax info from IRS

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reported Tuesday that hackers have stolen the tax info of 100,000 people from the organization.

'Bribery in bidding' for South Africa World Cup: Lynch

New York - Corrupt officials at world soccer's governing body FIFA took bribes during the process that awarded the 2010 World Cup to South Africa, US Attorney General Loretta Lynch alleged Wednesday.

Op-Ed: Driverless trucks from Mexico to Manitoba: What could go wrong?

Brownsville - Hot on the wheels of Google's second generation of driverless cars, industry heads plan to send driverless big rigs on the road on a planned route from Mexico to Manitoba.

Bounce house flies in air and injures three children

Three children playing inside a bounce house were injured when a waterspout came onshore and lifted it in the air in Fort Lauderdale.

Maui's dolphin of New Zealand nearly extinct, humans at fault

The world's smallest dolphin, the Maui's dolphin, is on the verge of extinction. Some analysts now put the number of surviving Maui's dolphins at under 50, with only 10 of those mature females.

50 Cent files bankruptcy for own boxing promotions company

Floyd Mayweather's friend and business partner Curtis Jackson (aka 50 Cent) has filed bankruptcy for his own SMS Promotions, a boxing promotions company he formed in 2012.

Arrest in attempted dismemberment and burning of body

Las Vegas - A man came home from work and, thinking his nephew had been smoking marijuana, went to check the nephew's bedroom. He looked in the bathroom and discovered the nude, dismembered and partially burned body of a woman in the bathtub.

Sanders enters U.S. presidential race

Washington - U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders formally launched his populist, liberal campaign for the White House, reiterating his pledges to recalibrate an American economic system which created sharp disparities between rich and poor.

U.S. court rejects Obama's appeal on immigration

Washington - A U.S. appeals court dealt another blow to President Barack Obama's efforts to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.
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