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Evanger's dog food — Facility violations and adultered meat

The US food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Friday released the results of the agency's month-long investigation into Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Co., its production facility in Wheeling, IL, and the Nutripack LLC, facility in Markham, IL.

Former Canadian PM Brian Mulroney serenades President Trump

Palm Beach - At a fundraising gala held at Mar-a-Lago, former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney serenaded President Trump with “When Irish Eyes are Smiling.” It was reminiscent of the time Mulroney and Ronald Reagan sang the same song in Quebec City in 1985.

Only 10.7 percent of U.S. workers belong to a union

In 2016 the US had the lowest percentage of workers in unions on record. The level could drop even lower as right-to-work laws are being pushed at state and federal levels.

Trump aides in back-door Ukraine peace plan: NYT

New York - President Donald Trump's personal lawyer, a business associate and a Ukrainian lawmaker have drawn up a peace plan for the Russia-Ukraine conflict, presenting the proposal to the administration's former national security advisor, the New York Times rep...

U.K. Parliament to debate rescinding Trump state visit invitation

London - Lawmakers in the United Kingdom will debate on Monday whether the British government should withdraw an invitation to President Donald Trump for a state visit.

Ability to charge electronic devices through Wi-Fi is here

Imagine being in a room and charging your smartphone or other mobile device wireless, simply by connecting to Wi-Fi? This is will soon be possible thanks to Disney Research.

Powerful microscope shrunk to dime-size

Dallas - A high-technology imaging device has been created, in the form of a an atomic force microscope on a chip. The microscope is powerful and it can be manufactured at a low-cost.

Pence pays somber visit to Nazi concentration camp

Washington - US Vice President Mike Pence paid a somber visit to the former Nazi concentration camp at Dachau, Germany on Sunday, against the backdrop of concerns about a surge of anti-Semitic incidents in the United States since Donald Trump was elected president....

SpaceX rocket blasts off from NASA launchpad with ISS cargo

Miami - SpaceX on Sunday blasted off its Falcon 9 rocket carrying the unmanned Dragon cargo ship, packed with food and supplies for the six astronauts living at the International Space Station.

Increasing talk of using 25th Amendment to strip Trump of power

In the wake of Thursday’s press conference, Democratic lawmakers, pundits and other critics of the president are increasingly talking about using the 25th Amendment of the Constitution to try to remove the powers of the presidency from Donald J. Trump.

Trump refers to non-existent Sweden terror incident

Washington - Bowling Green, Atlanta and now... Sweden?

US aircraft carrier strike group patrolling S. China Sea

Washington - A US aircraft carrier strike group is patrolling in the South China Sea, the US Navy said Saturday, days after Beijing told Washington not to challenge its sovereignty in the waterway.

Fantasy league aims to lure US students to economics

Washington - Have you needed to use your high school chemistry recently? Anyone asked you lately who won the US-British war of 1812? Probably not. But have you taken out a loan to purchase a car or a house or go to college? Looked for a job? Got a credit card?

Tech tools gain traction amid Trump war on leaks

Washington - As President Donald Trump warns of a crackdown on US government leaks to media, interest is growing in technology tools that allow sources to share information anonymously.

Trump reassures supporters in fiery campaign-style speech

Melbourne - President Donald Trump turned back the clock with a bold and aggressive Florida speech straight out of his 2016 campaign playbook, enthralling fans while insisting all is well in the White House despite weeks of turbulence.

RCMP aids refugees after harrowing escape from U.S. border patrol

Winnipeg - Eight asylum seekers, including four children, made a harrowing crossing from the United States into Canada on Friday, barely escaping from pursuing U.S. border patrol agents into the custody of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Melania Trump prays, assails critics in Florida speech

Melbourne - First Lady Melania Trump, usually a demure and soft-spoken presence at her husband's side, broke with form Saturday, reciting the Lord's Prayer before issuing a scathing rebuke of his enemies and her critics at a campaign-style stop in Florida.

Blind sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman dies in US prison facility

Washington - Blind sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, the Egyptian-born cleric linked to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, died Saturday of natural causes in a US prison facility, the Justice Department said. He was 78 years old.

Mexican gray wolf reintroduction in Southwest US looks successful

In a bit of good news, the annual survey of the endangered Mexican gray wolf population in the Southwestern US was released on Friday by the Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS).

Washington encourages Israel-Arab alliance against Iran

Washington - With a new leader in the White House bent on disrupting the status quo, could it also be time for a fresh approach to Middle East peace?
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