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Key Democrat says impeachment needed to stop 'a crime in progress'

Washington - A key Democratic lawmaker said Sunday that President Donald Trump's misconduct amounted to "a crime in progress" that threatens US democracy, as the full House prepares for a historic vote on impeachment.

Detained migrants' trash inspires US janitor's art

Los Angeles - During a decade as a janitor at a US border station, Tom Kiefer gathered the trash left behind by thousands of undocumented immigrants, piecing together the histories of those who arrived seeking a better life.

US intel agencies distrust unpredictable president

Washington - Donald Trump's relations with his own intelligence services have never been so fraught: the US president doesn't listen to his spy chiefs, doesn't seem to rank his sources and makes snap decisions without giving them any warning.

Saudis resist 'throwaway' culture of food waste

Apo - The plate is designed to make a meal look bigger -- a gastronomic illusion and an innovative way to tame Saudi Arabia's pervasive throwaway culture which results in colossal food waste.

Op-Ed: US withholds key evidence against Assange in extradition hearing

The Trump administration's efforts to extradite Julian Assange the Wikileaks founder to the US from the UK are facing several questions including Assange's health as well as withholding crucial evidence against him from his legal team.

Op-Ed: Is Amazon Web Services ripping off developers? A mess.

New York City - Open source is one of the surviving icons of the idealistic original internet. The world was to be connected, developers could deliver free software, and it happened. Now, open source and Amazon Web Services are clashing severely.

Brands are held at a higher standard than the federal government Special

According to a new survey, brands in the U.S. are held at a higher standard than the federal government. However, the report finds that consumers don’t believe they have control over their personal data. We unpick the survey with Mike Anderson of Tealiu

US trade negotiator hails 'remarkable' deal with China

Washington - The US-China trade deal is "remarkable" in scope but it won't solve all the problems between the world's two biggest economies, the top US negotiator said Sunday.

Calm broken as clashes break out in Hong Kong malls

Fpo - Hong Kong police used pepper spray and made multiple arrests on Sunday as small groups of black-clad pro-democracy protesters targeted some of the city's malls, ending a rare lull in violence.

2020 security predictions that every enterprise needs to note Special

According to security experts at secure access provider Pulse Secure, 'Zero Trust' will continue to gain momentum and an increasing number of technologies will move towards security measures that adapt to the needs of the modern workforce.

Comey admits 'real sloppiness' in FBI Russia warrant request

Washington - Former FBI director James Comey acknowledged Sunday "real sloppiness" in the bureau's handling of a warrant to surveil a Trump campaign advisor with ties to Russia.

Felix Rohatyn, financial force and former US envoy, dies at 91

New York - Felix Rohatyn, a towering figure on Wall Street credited with saving New York from insolvency and who later served as US ambassador to France, has died at age 91.

US expelled two Chinese diplomats on spying claims: report

Washington - The United States quietly expelled two Chinese embassy officials in September after they drove onto a sensitive military base in Virginia, The New York Times reported Sunday.

Now hackers are breaking into Ring cameras Special

News has broken of a Ring camera being hacked and allowing the attacker to speak to a eight-year-old girl in her bedroom. Will LaSala, Director of Security Solutions, Security Evangelist at OneSpan tells Digital Journal about the risks.

US to announce 4,000-troop drawdown from Afghanistan: media

Washington - The Trump administration will announce as early as this week plans to withdraw around 4,000 troops from Afghanistan, US media reported.

Hong Konger 'missing' after crossing China bridge checkpoint

Fpo - Hong Kong's immigration department said Sunday they have received reports a man went missing on a cross-border mega bridge to the gambling hub of Macau that currently hosts a Chinese mainland police checkpoint.

Military probes possible 'white power' hand signs at Army-Navy game

Washington - US military officials said they are investigating an incident where army and navy students used hand signs that can signal white power during a television broadcast.

Tokyo unveils heat-busting stadium, 7 months before Olympics

Apo - Tokyo formally unveiled its 60,000-seater main Olympic Stadium Sunday, more than seven months before the 2020 Opening Ceremony -- with a host of special features to beat the feared heat.

Op-Ed: US pauses peace talks after Taliban attack on Bagram air base

Last September as the US Taliban talks had reached a deal in principle, President Trump declared the talks dead after a Taliban attack that killed one US soldier among others. Trump was angered at the attack even though no ceasefire had been agreed,

GM and LG team up for a new generation of batteries Special

In a major re-positioning in the industry, General Motors and LG Chem have announced plans to mass-produce battery cells for future battery-electric vehicles. This will be through a new company, jointly owned by the two players.
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