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Obama eyes chance to make mark, at last, on climate change

Washington - Six years after a fiasco in Copenhagen and a year before he leaves office, a Paris summit offers Barack Obama the chance to make his mark in the fight against climate change.

Start-up company wants to bring you back to life after you die

For many people, cheating death is either an abomination or perhaps, an inevitable consequence of our ever-expanding use of technology. One start-up company has announced their plans to cheat death and reinvent the afterlife.

Op-Ed: Did Donald Trump hit new low by mocking reporter with disability?

Donald Trump's scraped the bottom of the pool before, likely his entire life though we've been more privy to it of late. But mocking a physical disability, with his voice and with goofy gestures? And what does it say about his supporters?

Climate change — Truth vs. the doubt spread by corporate funding

Through the concerted efforts of the Koch brothers and ExxonMobil, the American public has been spoon-fed so much misinformation about climate change, they have polluted the main stream media and created two warring camps in the climate change debate.

Op-Ed: Why Manny Pacquiao won't pick Amir Khan for his next fight

Amir Khan should not put too much hope in his camp's ongoing fight negotiations with Pacquiao's promoter Bob Arum because his chances of getting Pacquiao in the ring with him are almost nil.

Op-Ed: Broadway in Sonoma, Transcendence Theatre's gift for the Holidays Special

Sonoma - The beauty of the wine country attracts and inspires many people, among them is Transcendence Theatre Company. For over four years, this eclectic group of Broadway-based performers have won over the Sonoma Valley.

Taylor Farms of Calif. linked to Costco E. coli outbreak

Initial testing done by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) indicates a vegetable mix from a California produce wholesaler is possibly the source of E. coli connected to Costco's rotisserie chicken salad.

Canadian 'dinosaur' discovered in 1845 rebranded as a Dimetrodon

A fossil found in Canada two centuries ago believed to be from a dinosaur has now been found to be a creature called a Dimetrodon. These large beasts actually pre-date dinosaurs by millions and millions of years.

Eban Brown of The Stylistics on his new solo project Special

A member of the famed four-piece since 2000, soul singer Eban Brown is spreading his wings as a solo artist and releasing a brand new single. Digital Journal spoke to him.

Obama Thanksgiving message likens refugees to pilgrims

Washington - US President Barack Obama Thursday urged Americans to open their hearts to refugees in his Thanksgiving message to the nation, likening them to the pilgrims the holiday celebrates.

Man sentenced for stealing and selling brains from museum

David Charles, from Indiana, admitted to stealing human brain samples from a medical museum. He also admitted to selling them.

Hurricane Sandra surges to Category 4 in Pacific

Miami - Hurricane Sandra, the strongest storm on record this late in the Pacific hurricane season, surged to Category 4 off the coast of Mexico on Thursday.

YouTube Kids app criticized over junk food marketing videos

Groups in the United States found promotional videos for Oreos, Coca-Cola and other junk food products in YouTube's Kids app, and the groups want regulators to investigate it.

Arrests in Chicago, NY at protests over police shootings

Chicago - Multiple arrests were made overnight in Chicago and New York during protests over police shootings of two black males, US media reported.

Drifters accused of two Bay Area murders plead innocent

San Rafael - Three young transients accused of robbing and killing two people in Northern California have pleaded innocent to murder charges.

Wearable kidneys could replace dialysis machines

Los Angeles - Kidney dialysis is a long, drawn-out process, requiring those undergoing the treatment to spend long periods inside specially designed machines. This could be about to change with a new, wearable medical device.

Op-Ed: Mayweather's Pacquiao compliment could be part of rematch plan

Floyd Mayweather never praised Manny Pacquiao since they started negotiating for the 'Fight of the Century' about his talent and skill in boxing until he talked about the proposed Pacquiao-Crawford fight penciled for April 9.

Facts take a back seat in White House race

Washington - It is campaign season, and facts are taking it on the chin.Republican Donald Trump's claim that Arab Americans cheered during the September 11, 2001 attacks is just the latest in a string of falsehoods from US presidential candidates.

Obama 'deeply disturbed' by Chicago police shooting

Chicago - President Barack Obama said he was "deeply disturbed" by video of a white Chicago policeman shooting dead a black teenager, in the latest such incident to roil the United States.

Orca whale spotted and no longer tangled up in rope

If you happened to be worried about T77A, the killer whale struggling due to having become tangled up in rope and a float off the coast of Vancouver Island, worry no more. It has somehow managed to untangle itself.
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