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Mayweather training for Pacquiao, hires lefty sparring partner

A former world junior welterweight champion, a southpaw, has been hired by Floyd Mayweather to be his sparring partner as he begins training for his May 2 fight with Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao is a lefty so Mayweather sparring with a lefty was expected.

U.S. Congress passes security funding, averting crisis

Washington - Congress finally gave the Department of Homeland Security its due, funding the crucial U.S. agency after months of political wrangling that threatened to plunge it into shutdown.

Obama administration to ban green tip 5.56 ammunition?

The ATF is proposing a ban on certain armor piercing 5.56 ammunition, citing the increased availability of 5.56 caliber pistols.

Paul Grignon responds to John Oliver on infrastructure Special

On Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight, popular comedian John Oliver looked at the crumbling infrastructure in the U.S. and asked how the government might raise funds for repairs when the people adamantly reject the idea of raising taxes.

Protesters demand justice over LA homeless killing

Los Angeles - Angry protesters have hit the streets of Los Angeles demanding justice, two days after graphic video footage that went viral showed police shooting dead a homeless man.

Photo of weasel riding upon back of flying woodpecker goes viral

An amateur photographer in the U.K. managed make himself and his photo go viral today. Spreading across the Internet is this shot of a weasel riding atop a woodpecker.

E. coli outbreak sickens six children in Lodi, California

Lodi - An E. coli outbreak in Lodi, California has sickened six elementary school children, requiring one to be hospitalized. The children all attend the same elementary school, but the school has been ruled out as a source of the outbreak.

Jennifer Lawrence to play Pulitzer-winning war photographer

Jennifer Lawrence isn't afraid to take on heavy roles; fictional or real. Which is good, because she's set to portray Pulitzer Prize-winning war photographer Lynsey Addario in an adaptation of her just-released memoir.

Air pollution damages cognition, memory, in brains of children

The Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology in Spain published results from their new study Tuesday and they are disturbing. They found that the brains of kids who go to school in heavy-traffic areas are being damaged.

How we think we eat affects how we age, says new study

A new study suggests that focusing on aspects of the central nervous system related to ‘sensing’ the energy generated by nutrients could help to slowdown the aging process.

Can garlic help those with cystic fibrosis to fight infection?

A chemical compound extracted from garlic has been shown to kill the pathogenic bacteria capable of triggering life-threatening lung infections in people with cystic fibrosis.

Engineer in commuter train crash last week dies

Oxnard - The engineer of the Southern California commuter train crash in Oxnard last week has died. He was badly injured after the Metrolink train crashed into an abandoned truck that was stuck on the tracks.

You can get free pancakes at IHOP today

National Pancakes Day is today, Tuesday, and IHOP, a national pancake chain, is giving away free pancakes, and they are doing it all day.

Petraeus to plead guilty to spilling secrets to mistress

Washington - Former American military commander and CIA chief David Petraeus will plead guilty to illegally providing classified secrets to his mistress, a dramatic fall from grace for a general once lauded as a war hero.

Op-Ed: Justin 'piece of s**t' Bieber begs Seth Rogen to roast him

There are of course a lot of haters out there who say mean things about the embattled Justin Bieber. But he's shown he can be a rather cheerful fellow who can make sport of himself. For example, his recent attempts to lure Seth Rogen into roasting him.

Huawei announces 3 new wearables

The Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, Spain is an important event for those in the technology industry. In addition to updated cellular devices, companies such as Huawei are unveiling state-of-the-art products such as wearable devices.

HTC One M9 vs. Samsung Galaxy S6: Which smooth phone do you want?

The two hottest cellular device manufacturers on the planet just made an announcement within hours of each other about the many exciting features their devices will soon offer to consumers.

Op-Ed: The new arms race — Hypersonic missiles and the doomsday racket

Sydney - …And now the good news. It’s not just economists and corporations trying to destroy humanity. Those lazy military industrial complexes have found a nice money spinner — Hypersonic weapons. Yeah, dance in the streets, the doomsday racket is back!

Report says air pollution killing thousands in Europe each year

The European Environment Agency (EEA) released a major report Tuesday slamming the continent's slow movement on air pollution and predicting thousands more premature deaths in Europe as a result. The report also said many positive steps have been taken.

Op-Ed: Murder of Polish priest may offer clues in Boris Nemtsov's case

The 1984 murder of Polish Catholic priest Father Jerzy Popieluszko may offer clues as to what led to the assassination of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov and who may have been responsible. The U.S. can help with better media outreach to Russia.
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