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Op-Ed: Sitchin's '12th Planet' book still fascinates after 40 years Special

The question of “where did we humans come from” has been spinning around for thousands of years, much like the classic question, “what is the meaning and purpose of life?”

UN council discusses move to enforce North Korea sanctions

New York - UN Security Council diplomats were negotiating a draft statement on Friday that would push for tough sanctions on North Korea to be enforced worldwide after Pyongyang's latest test-firing of medium-range missiles.

Drones being used to scan for dead bodies

Shallow graves and recently interned bodies can occur during war time and during certain criminal activities. On the ground, finding whereabouts of these sites is difficult. Spotting sites from the air could make the process easier.

Biologically powered solar cells tested

The search for alternative forms of power, necessary to future-proof electricity generation in the face of dwindling sources of oil, has led to biological life forms. A new development is a co-called bio-solar cell.

Feeding the world through the use of nanoparticles

Saint Louis - With the world's population soon expected to reach eight billion, scientists have been working to find a way to produce enough food to feed all those hungry mouths. A team of engineers has found a way to do this using nanoparticles.

Hounded by protests, Trump surges as Cruz scrambles

Burlingame - Hundreds of protesters faced off with police on Friday at a California hotel where Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump was giving a speech, as tensions intensified ahead of the next key primaries.

Op-Ed: Arches National Park latest victim of ignorant graffiti vandals

An investigation is underway at Arches National Park in Utah after graffiti, etched so deep it will be almost impossible to remove, was found on the famed red rock arch.

Victor Ortiz aims to duplicate win over Andre Berto in rematch

Former WBC welterweight champion Victor Ortiz is aiming to duplicate his first victory over Andre Berto as they collide on April 30 at the StubHub Center in Carson California in a 12-round non-title fight.

Op-Ed: One woman's life in an oyster shell of chaos reveals a pearl Special

Sonoma - The comedian/entertainer Phyllis Diller in an interview once said that the hardships in life are like the grain of sand that agitates an oyster into making a beautiful pearl.

Sailors rush for tattoos as U.S. Navy bends rules to recruit

Washington - An indelible blue drawing of an ornate birdcage, festooned with roses and petals, wraps its way around Navy Corpsman Jessica Bryant's forearm.

Satanists not pleased after Boehner compared Cruz to Lucifer

While people who dislike Ted Cruz found John Boehner's comments, comparing the presidential candidate to Lucifer entertaining, members of the Satanic Temple were not amused. They were upset.

Protests at Trump California rally turn violent

Los Angeles - Protests at a California rally for Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump reportedly turned violent Thursday, with 20 people arrested after a police car window was smashed and rocks were thrown.

A path to nomination, narrow as it is, emerges for Trump

Washington - Donald Trump's path to victory in the Republican presidential nomination race, dismissed as inconceivable by many in the run up to the primaries, is actually appearing more credible, political experts said.

Former U.S. House speaker: Cruz is 'Lucifer in the flesh'

Washington - Former US House speaker John Boehner has let fly with a stunning critique of fellow Republican and 2016 presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, labeling him the devil incarnate.

Shrinking U.S. presence in Afghanistan creates security concerns

Washington - The dwindling US troop presence in Afghanistan is hampering the Pentagon's ability to train and monitor local security forces, a government watchdog report warned Friday.

Will Ferrell to play Ronald Reagan; late president's kids angry

Will Ferrell is about to take on what might be his most controversial role yet — playing Ronald Reagan. Two of the former U.S. president's children have expressed anger about it, saying the script is in poor taste and makes fun of Alzheimer's Disease.

Three linked to California terror attack arrested

Los Angeles - The FBI arrested three people, including the older brother of San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook, on charges of marriage fraud and lying to investigators, authorities said.

Oxygen levels in some of the world's seas are dropping

Climate change is not only a major issue in the world today, but we are beginning to experience the results of the change at a seemingly alarming rate.

Ukraine at UN seeks to shore up ceasefire

New York - Ukraine told the UN Security Council on Thursday that a fragile ceasefire must be strengthened before progress can be achieved in political talks on solving the two-year conflict in the country's east.

Millennials, Baby Boomers turning away from marriage

For a generation that is learning to embrace renting in place of ownership, cohabitation is on the rise, and may be in line to replace traditional matrimony.
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