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Former Mayweather foe Victor Ortiz arrested for assault

Former Floyd Mayweather foe Victor Ortiz was arrested over the weekend at the Kenny Chesney concert in Pasadena for assault

Scientists seek reason for mass whale die-off in Alaska, 18 dead

In mid-June and beyond, whale carcasses started to show up floating off of Kodiak Island in Alaska and scientists were called in to try and find out why. However, it appears they may never know the reason for the mass of deaths.

Op-Ed: Mayweather-Pacquiao rematch likely to happen next year

There are indications that the record-breaking fight popularly known as the "Fight of the Century" between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will happen for the second time in Las Vegas, Nevada early next year.

Boston out as possible 2024 Olympic host, but LA interested

New York - Boston's troubled bid for the 2024 Olympics ended amid financial fears and local opposition, leaving the US Olympic Committee to seek a replacement candidate by mid-September.

NSA to stop using bulk US phone data in November

Washington - The National Security Agency will cease its access to most bulk data collected under a controversial surveillance program in November, but retain records for litigation purposes, officials said Monday.

Half of Columbia River sockeye salmon dying in overheated waters

Over a quarter-million sockeye salmon, returning from the ocean to spawn, are either dead or dying in the Columbia River and its tributaries due to warming water temperatures.

Delays found in drugmakers reporting of serious adverse reactions

Washington - Drugmakers have delayed reporting serious and unexpected "adverse events" from their drugs, including death, in nearly 10 percent of cases, a study said Monday.

Salmonid fish toxin could be effective against cancer

A fish toxin could be the basis of a new treatment for cancer, according to a study. This has been found by performing genetic testing on the humble zebrafish.

The risks of methyl bromide exposure remain

Methyl bromide is a highly toxic pesticide. Although it is not permitted to be used in areas close to human habitation, incidences of poisoning still occur according to the U.S. CDC.

CT scanning may trigger DNA alterations

A new study has highlighted a potential concern with CT scanning. Here, scientists examined the effect on human cells from low-dose radiation produced by cardiac and vascular CT scanners. They found some detectable cellular damage.

Boy Scouts of America lifts ban on gay troop leaders

Washington - The Boy Scouts of America officially ended its decades-old ban on gay troop leaders Monday, a historic but controversial shift after years of legal wrangling and internal strife.

Why a hacker took down New York Magazine

New York City - Last night New York Magazine came out with a bombshell feature that interviewed 35 women, all of whom allege to have been sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby over the last four decades. But soon after it went live, New York Magazine’s website went down.

Solving the world's refugee crisis - 'Refugee Nation'

San Francisco - Refugees are everywhere, from the U.S. to Europe, and now, Australia. They are almost 60 million strong, and they are the world's displaced population, a nation of refugees. One man has come up with a way to help these people. Give them a nation.

U.S. gives Cuba an upgrade in its human trafficking report

Washington - The United States recognized Cuba's efforts to combat forced sexual servitude, giving it better marks Monday on its annual report on human trafficking.

Burundi presidential vote not credible: UN observers

New York - A United Nations observer mission said Monday that last week's presidential elections in Burundi were relatively peaceful but had not been "an inclusive, free and credible" vote.

US blasts Thailand, rewards Malaysia on trafficking

Washington - Washington accused Russia and Thailand of failing to tackle human trafficking Monday, while praising progress in Malaysia and Cuba, in a report on a global scourge decried as "modern slavery.

Amazon plans on opening drive-up grocery stores

Sunnyvale - Amazon, the online retailer, is said to be planning to test out a new feature that will let customers go to a physical location to pick up fresh groceries and other items.

Canadian wins gold at International Mathematical Olympiad

A Canadian has won gold at the 2015 International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Alex Song pulled off the feat and solidified his IMO ranking as the top math student in the world. His score? Perfect.

NASCAR: Busch is 'going to bask in a moment' after latest win

Indianapolis - If NASCAR had such a thing as a hat-trick, Kyle Busch has just completed it. Busch continued his incredible run since returning from injury and won his third-consecutive Sprint Cup Series on Sunday.

Hamels throws no-hitter in what may be last start for Phillies

Chicago - Philadelphia Phillies pitching star Cole Hamels certainly heard the rumors about being traded before Saturday's waiver deadline.
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