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Spectacular drone video shows 2,000 beluga whales in Arctic

CBC News in Canada obtained a wonderful drone video of over 2,000 beluga whales in the waters of Nunavut's Cunningham Inlet. The spectacular footage was shot by a 24-year-old adventure tour guide, who describes it as a beluga "party."

Miguel Cotto bound to honor contract with Roc Nation Sports

Puerto Rican boxing star Miguel Cotto is definitely returning to the ring next year because he has one more contract to honor with Roc Nations Sports as part of his $50 million three-fight deal with the promotions company.

Burglar killed after getting stuck in a chimney

Huron - A suspected burglar, a little too big in size for his cunning plan, has been killed after getting stuck in a chimney after an unsuspecting family lit a fire in the hearth.

Introducing bacon scented underwear

Bacon scented underwear is a real thing. Both men and women can buy the unique line of underwear. The company behind the undies is J&D's Foods, the makers of Bacon Salt.

High-strength marijuana is increasing cases of psychosis: study

A newly-released study from London has found high-potency marijuana is of great danger to the brain. Skunk-like cannabis is the name given to the high potency marijuana studied and the results reveal it may be leading to psychosis.

Obama heads to Paris with hope for climate change deal

Washington - US President Barack Obama left Washington for Paris Sunday to take part in a United Nations climate summit aimed at reaching a deal to curb global warming.

Colorado shooter a loner, 'weird': U.S. reports

Washington - People who knew the suspected gunman in the Colorado Springs shooting described him as a loner who was "weird" but had given few signs of violent behavior, US media reported Sunday.

Why loneliness might kill you sooner

Chicago - Being alone can be bad for your health, according to a new study. Here the impact on health is assessed as greater than that of obesity. However, has this really been proven?

Adele's '25' album sales smashes record

New York - Pop singer Adele's latest album, "25," has sold a record-smashing 3.38 million copies in its first week on the US market, Nielsen Music reported.

Fury outpoints Klitschko to become the new heavyweight champion

Unbeaten British heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury used his youth. height and reach advantages over long-reigning heavyweight titlist Wladimir Klitscho to score a unanimous decision win and become the new heavyweight champion of the world.

Trump claims Muslims worldwide were 'going wild' after 9/11

Miami - US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump ramped up his incendiary rhetoric, claiming that Muslims around the world were "going wild" to cheer the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Black Friday crowds smaller, calmer in stores across the country

New York - Smaller crowds and fewer unruly bargain-hunters made the start of the holiday shopping season seem almost civilized, reports from around the country appear to indicate.

EPA seeking court clearance to revoke approval for 'Enlist Duo'

In a surprise move on Tuesday, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) went to court to ask that the registration of Dow AgroSciences' herbicide, Enlist Duo, be vacated, citing potentially significant environmental risks.

Planned Parenthood no stranger to violence, controversy

Washington - The motive for America's latest deadly shooting is not yet known, but Planned Parenthood, where three were killed, has been attacked before by people fiercely opposed to abortion.

Gas leak at facility results in 100+ families being relocated

Los Angeles - As of Thursday, more than 130 families in Los Angeles have been temporarily relocated because of a massive gas leak at a natural gas storage facility.

ISIS fueling soldiers with drug that makes them feel unstoppable

ISIS has allegedly been supplying its militants with a drug that makes them feel unstoppable. The drug Captagon creates an euphoric state where the user feels no pain, unbelievable strength and will not sleep for days.

Op-Ed: Manny Pacquiao may continue fighting beyond 2016

Manny Pacquaio will likely continue fighting beyond 2016, but only if he fails to get elected as senator in the upcoming Philippine elections which will take place on May 9, 2016.

Obama says 'enough is enough' after latest deadly shooting

Washington - US President Barack Obama declared "enough is enough" and made an impassioned call for tighter controls on military-style weapons, a day after a gunman killed three people at a family planning center.

Barber gives 9-year-old free haircuts for life for good grades

Gastonia - A barber in North Carolina decided that he would give a nine-year-old free haircuts for life because he got good grades in school.

Man who jumped over White House fence left a suicide note behind

Washington - A man who jumped over the fence at the White House on Thanksgiving left a suicide note in which he told his mom she may not see him again. He also included a reference to "Star Wars."
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