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Some regular Tesla Model 3 reservation holders in luck for Xmas?

At long last Tesla is inviting non-employee reservation holders to design their Model 3s, perhaps a sign that the cars could be close to entering full production, a giant leap forward for the company.

Women have 'just started' to speak out on sexual harassment: UN Women

New York - The avalanche of sexual misconduct allegations that has rattled Hollywood, US media and beyond is just beginning, says the head of UN Women, who expects many more women to come forward before behaviors change.

How to revitalize a city? Attract millennials

Columbus - The concept of the city as a contained social structure is well-established and cities go through different periods of prosperity. Key to a successful city today, according to one analyst group, is a matter of demographics.

Can blockchain help accelerate life sciences research?

The focus of blockchain technology has been with supply chains and finance, but the applications are far wider including life science research, like new drug development and the control of patient data.

Shaping consumer eating habits with VR technology

Consumption of ‘unhealthy foods’ is a major societal problem, especially with spiraling obesity rates in so-called ‘developed countries’. Can consumer behavior be modified to eat more healthy foods through the use of virtual reality?

US Supreme Court to rule on wedding cake that split America

Washington - When Dave Mullins and Charlie Craig entered the "Masterpiece Cakeshop" bakery in a Denver suburb on July 19, 2012, they were giddy about choosing their wedding cake.

5th round of NAFTA talks end in Mexico with big issues unresolved

Mexico - The 5th round of NAFTA talks ended on Tuesday that had started on Friday in Mexico City. Even after three months of talks, the parties remain far apart on major issues.

Former US gymnastics doctor pleads guilty to sex abuse

Lansing - Former USA Gymnastics team doctor Lawrence "Larry" Nassar, accused of molesting more than 100 female athletes over several decades, pleaded guilty Wednesday to multiple counts of criminal sexual conduct.

Western Sahara UN envoy says 'encouraged' after first meetings

New York - Fresh from a regional tour to discuss the dispute over Western Sahara, the new UN envoy said Wednesday he was "encouraged" but did not announce plans for new political talks.

Interview: Technological solutions for precision medicine Special

The role of pharmacists in precision medicine growing in importance. Some of the challenges for pharmacists have been set out by the company OneOme, which is partnering with pharmacists. We spoke with pharmacist Kathleen Bosse.

Why precision medicine is important for pharmacists: Interview Special

The role of pharmacists in precision medicine growing in importance. Some of the challenges for pharmacists have been set out by the company OneOme, which is partnering with pharmacists. We spoke with pharmacist Kathleen Bosse.

Russia at UN says open to new Syria chemical weapons probe

New York - After vetoing the renewal of a UN-led probe into chemical attacks in Syria, Russia on Wednesday said it was open to establishing a new panel to investigate the use of toxic gases in the six-year war.

Energy-saving LEDs boost light pollution worldwide

Miami - They were supposed to bring about an energy revolution -- but the popularity of LED lights is driving an increase in light pollution worldwide, with dire consequences for human and animal health, researchers said Wednesday.

US condemns 'ethnic cleansing' of Myanmar's Rohingya

Washington - The United States on Wednesday toughened its stance on Myanmar, accusing the country's security forces of perpetrating "horrendous atrocities" against the Rohingya that amount to "ethnic cleansing" of the Muslim minority.

US condemns 'ethnic cleansing' of Rohingya in Myanmar

Washington - US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Wednesday that Myanmar's Rohingya population was being subjected to "ethnic cleansing", accusing the security forces of perpetrating "horrendous atrocities" against the Muslim minority.

Airlines settle Twin Towers claim over 9/11 attacks

New York - American Airlines and United Airlines have agreed to a $95.1 million settlement with the developer of the World Trade Center over the September 11, 2001 attacks, ending 13 years of litigation.

US military opens new, but risky front in Afghan air war

Washington - As the US military opens a new front in its air war in Afghanistan, targeting the Taliban's poppy-processing factories and dropping thousands more bombs, experts are warning of the risk of alienating the local population.

Disney executive on leave over improper contact with staff

Los Angeles - Disney animation chief John Lasseter said Tuesday he is taking a six-month leave of absence after acknowledging in an internal memo that he had made staff feel "disrespected or uncomfortable" with unwanted hugs.

Hackers stole data from 57 million Uber riders, drivers: CEO

San Francisco - Uber said Tuesday that hackers compromised personal data from some 57 million riders and drivers in a breach kept hidden for a year.

NY attack suspect faces expanded 22-count indictment

New York - The Uzbek immigrant accused of killing eight people in New York in the name of the Islamic State group has been slapped with murder charges, US prosecutors said Tuesday.
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