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Op-Ed: Trump blames China for not stopping COVID-19 pandemic

In an interview with Fox Business this Thursday Trump continued to criticize China about the COVID-19 pandemic claiming that China had failed to prevent the spread of the virus and the pandemic had cast a pall over the US trade deal with China.

Pacific US military outpost eyes shifting strategic seas

- Life on Wake Island seems, much of the time, rather sedate.The blank "Flight Movement" board at this tiny airfield in the middle of the Pacific promises zero flights, and no movement.

Atmosphere of Jupiter surprisingly 'exotic'

Houston - NASA's Juno mission to Jupiter has delivered first science results and the findings suggest the biggest planet in our solar system is more complex than previously thought.

Top medic highlights the risk of ‘polypharmacy’

New York - Many patients are at risk from a practice known as ‘polypharmacy’. This occurs when a patient visits multiple doctors and receives prescriptions of drugs from more than one doctor, without the medics knowing the risks from drug combinations.

Op-Ed: Bernie Sanders plays selfish card - much like Hillary in 2008

Those legions of young followers of never-say-die Bernie Sanders won't be able to wrap their heads around this but here we go: there is no honor in their hero's refusal to drop out of the race for the Democratic nomination. There may, however, be shame.

Turning tobacco plants into cannabinoid bio-factories

With the medical marijuana market heating up, the company 22nd Century has announced a new initiative to produce medically important cannabinoids in plants other than cannabis, like tobacco plants.

UK researchers discover fountain of youth

London - It turns out the fountain of youth isn’t in some undiscovered triple-canopied jungle in Africa or the coast of Clearwater, Florida, at least not according to scientists at the Institute for Aging at Newcastle University in the UK.

More U.S. Marines to move to Guam

Washington - A force of 4,800 U.S. Marines is to move to Guam to be ready for war and disasters in East Asia as part of Obama's pivot to Asia plan.

Video of resourceful seal jumping into boat to escape orca whales

A rather resourceful seal saved itself from getting eaten alive by orca killer whales in B.C. waters last week. The desperate fellow jumped into an empty dinghy to avoid the whales and there is video of the seal waiting it out as the orcas search nearby.

Op-Ed: U.S. House of Representatves passes $612 billion defense bill

Washington - In spite of President Barack Obama's threat of a veto, the Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives passed a $612 billion military spending bill.

South Africa has first official nudist beach on African continent

It may be surprising to some to learn that the African continent did not have a single sanctioned nudist beach until now. But those are the bare facts, with the first one revealing itself on South Africa`s South Coast Saturday.

Review: Police surveillance breaches privacy, abuses power

People may not like the spy games when the light is turned on them, but many value surveillance to catch criminals, even as others speak about how it is abused.

Op-Ed: Hippies, Tea Party, Progressives create divided politics

Several years ago a New York Times article compared the Tea Party with the New Left and the hippies, but are there really parallels for the politics today?

Boxing official: Mayweather-Pacquiao fight deal in 7 to 10 days

In yet another indicator Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will fight in 2015, the L.A. Times reports a boxing official involved in negotiations between the two camps told them a deal is "making progress." The fight, it seems will go in May or June.

Treasure trove of dinosaur fossils found in bonebed near Edmonton

A massive trove of dinosaur remains the likes of which has rarely been discovered anywhere has been revealed in Monday's issue of the monthly 'Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences.' It details work in the Danek Edmontosaurus Bonebed south of Edmonton.

Man who killed John Lennon seeks forgiveness from Yoko Ono

Mark David Chapman, the man who shot Beatle John Lennon dead 34 years ago this month, has written to Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, and asked her to forgive him. Chapman's wife says she has also written Ono.

Op-Ed: Republican committee clears Hillary on Benghazi

Washington D.c. - Less than a month after Republicans swept the nation, in lightly turned out election, their most feared enemy, Hillary Clinton, has gotten a boost. And it came from the GOP.

Russian ship hauling bunker and diesel fuel adrift off B.C. Coast

A Russian container ship laden with some 450 tonnes of fuel is powerless and drifting in a storm off of the coast of B.C., toward Haida Gwaii. The ship has eleven crew members, including a captain who is reportedly injured.

Canada gets its first marijuana vending machine — Guess where?

Vancouver - Let's do away with the suspense created by the title: Canada has its first marijuana vending machine in, naturally, Vancouver. The city's a haven for the pot movement but this vending machine is strictly about medical marijuana.

New York City joins others with own Internet web address: .nyc

Forget .com or .net or any of the generic web addresses, they're now passe for businesses and other organizations in New York City. As of today New Yorkers can apply to have an '.nyc' web address.
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