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Moscow fury as Kiev bans Russia singer from Eurovision

Kiev - Tensions between Russia and Ukraine spread to the Eurovision Song Contest on Wednesday after Kiev banned a Russian contestant from entering the country over a past performance in Moscow-annexed Crimea.

Ukraine MP claims ex-president's party secretly paid ex-Trump aide $750,000

Kiev - An Ukrainian MP alleged Tuesday that the party of ousted president Viktor Yanukovych secretly paid former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort $750,000 via an offshore shell company.

Trade war drives fresh wedge between Ukraine and rebels

Donetsk - It was always an uncomfortable paradox for Ukraine's warring sides: while Kiev and Russian-backed rebels battled each other for nearly three years, trade kept flowing across the frontline.

Ukraine imposes sanctions on Russian state-owned banks

Kiev - Ukraine slapped sanctions on Russian state-owned banks operating in the country on Thursday, ratcheting up tensions with Moscow amid a bitter trade war with Kremlin-backed rebels in the east.

Two Ukrainian soldiers killed, 16 wounded in fresh fighting

Kiev - Ukraine's army reported Saturday two soldiers killed in clashes with Russian-backed rebels, in a new uptick in violence across eastern Ukraine.

Feminists urge Ukraine to reclaim Women's Day

Kiev - Around a thousand people marched through Kiev on Wednesday, International Women's Day, calling for a return to the original feminist meaning of a holiday now largely associated with flowers and gifts.

Ukraine reaches preliminary agreement with IMF

Kiev - The International Monetary Fund said Saturday it had reached a preliminary agreement with Ukraine that could see the war-scarred and cashed-starved nation receive fresh aid in the first half of the year.

Sex workers march in Ukraine demanding legalisation

Kiev - Dozens of sex workers and human rights campaigners gathered in Kiev on Friday demanding the legalisation of prostitution in Ukraine.

Stress under shelling produces baby boom in Ukraine

Avdiyivka - Olena Gorbatova gave birth to her third child in war-torn eastern Ukraine to the sounds of gunfire and exploding shells in the Kiev-held flashpoint town of Avdiivka.

Deadly blast rips through Ukraine coal mine

Kiev - Eight miners died Thursday when a methane gas explosion tore through a pit in western Ukraine, in the latest mine disaster in the ex-Soviet state.

Rebels shut down first Ukraine firm in trade war

Kiev - Russian-backed rebels on Wednesday halted the operations of the first Ukrainian company after an ultimatum expired to end a trade blockade between the two foes.

Trade blockade in east Ukraine riles rebels and Kiev

Medenychi - A locomotive with some 30 empty wagons stands halted before a makeshift barricade of wooden boards and barbed wire.

Ukraine rebels threaten to seize enterprises over blockade

Kiev - Russian-backed separatists in Ukraine on Monday threatened to seize control of enterprises across their territories unless Kiev halts a blockade by nationalist protesters.

Ukraine says building bridges with Trump

Kiev - Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko insisted Wednesday he was building bridges with US counterpart Donald Trump amid growing dismay over the unravelling of the latest bid to still fighting in the country's east.

Ukraine accuses rebels of breaking truce as Western concern rises

Donetsk - Ukraine's military on Monday accused pro-Moscow rebels of breaking a new ceasefire deal barely hours after it came into effect, as Western powers warned Russia over its actions in the former Soviet state.

Ukraine rebels accuse OSCE of aiding Kiev forces

Lugansk - Ukraine's Russian-backed insurgents on Friday accused a top official in the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) of aiding Kiev's forces in the 34-month war.

Ukraine declares state of energy emergency

Kiev - Ukraine on Wednesday announced a state of emergency for its energy sector that could result in rolling blackouts as officials try to sharply curtail electricity use by consumers.

Ukraine's economy grows nearly 5%

Kiev - Ukraine said Tuesday its economy expanded at a surprisingly fast pace of nearly five percent in the fourth quarter as it continued its steady climb out of a two-year recession.

Two years since peace deal, war simmers in Ukraine

Kiev - Two years have passed since the signing of a deal aimed at ending the war in Ukraine but the bloody conflict has rumbled on -- at the cost of another 5,000 lives.

The Ukraine conflict: Five things to know

Kiev - The war between Kiev and Moscow-backed rebels has killed more than 10,000 people, rattled eastern Europe and plunged relations between the West and Russia to post-Cold War lows.
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