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Ukraine authorities announce find of arms linked to 2014 protest

Kiev - Ukrainian investigators said Saturday they had found a cache of 24 guns implicated in a bloody crackdown on pro-EU demonstrators in February 2014 that led to the downfall of the country's pro-Russian leader.

Ukraine faces fresh crisis after economy minister quits

Kiev - Ukraine faced the prospect Thursday of a fresh political crisis sparked by its reformist economy minister's resignation in protest at alleged influence-peddling and state graft.

Hundreds of Soviet regime victims reburied in Ukraine

L'viv - The remains of more than five hundred apparent victims of the Soviet regime were reburied on Wednesday at a cemetery in Ukraine's western city of Lviv, local authorities said.

U.S. to train alleged neo-Nazi Azov Battalion in Ukraine

Washington - Many in the U.S. Congress favor helping Ukraine in its battle against Russian-supported rebels in the east of the country. However, some of the militia groups associated with the struggle have links to militia that are neo-Nazi or Nazi sympathizers.

Ukraine reports first military casualties in 3 weeks

Kiev - Two Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in the country's war-torn east where government forces are seeking to put down a pro-Russian insurgency, the first reported casualties in nearly three weeks, Ukraine's military said Sunday, "Over the last day, as...

Statue of controversial Bolshevik leader toppled in Ukraine

Kiev - Ukrainian activists in the eastern city of Dnipropetrovsk on Friday night toppled a statue of controversial Bolshevik leader Grigory Petrovsky, implicated in a famine that killed millions in the 1930s, city hall said.

Lenin statue survives bomb plot in rebel Ukraine

Donetsk - A Lenin statue escaped largely unharmed Wednesday after unidentified plotters tried to blow up the massive monument of the Soviet Union's founder in the de facto capital of rebel Ukraine.

The unorthodox path of a Ukrainian Jew in the 'new' Ukraine

Dnipropetrovs'k - Asher Cherkasskiy lived a modest life in peaceful southern Ukraine, observing Orthodox Jewish custom and putting his three children through religious school.But when war against pro-Russian insurgents broke out in 2014, everything changed.

Ukraine expands bitter trade war with Russia

Kiev - Ukraine on Wednesday ratcheted up its trade war with Russia in reprisal for Moscow's seeming efforts to slash its westward-leaning neighbour's economic ties with other former Soviet states.

Ukraine ramps up peace talks with French, German envoys

Kiev - Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko held talks Tuesday with top German and French diplomats that sources said aimed to break the uneasy stalemate in the former Soviet nation's pro-Russian separatist revolt.

Foreign monitors under fire in east Ukraine: OSCE

Kiev - Western monitors of Ukraine's tattered truce reported Sunday that they had come under fire during an assessment of the situation in the war-torn east of the former Soviet state.

Ukraine's Poroshenko seeks EU, US help to get Crimea back

Kiev - Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said Thursday he wanted EU and US help in securing Crimea's return from Russia and vowed to win back the separatist east this year.

Protests across Ukraine against Russian cigarettes

- Hundreds of activists in several Ukrainian cities blockaded on Tuesday the cigarette distribution centres owned by a Russian tycoon with alleged links to ousted pro-Moscow president Viktor Yanukovych.

Two Ukrainian troops, two rebels first killed in east in 2016

Donetsk - Two Ukrainian soldiers and two rebels have been killed in eastern Ukraine, marking the first deaths this year in the war-torn region, Kiev and breakway officials said Sunday in separate tolls.

1,500 pedophiles busted by FBI hacking the Dark Web

In perhaps the largest pedophile sting in history, the FBI hacked the Dark Web server to infiltrate and investigate 1,500 pedophiles using the secret website named the Playpen.

Inter-dimensional portal caught on film, Truth or Hoax?

On December 7, 2015 tourists captured on film a swirling inter-dimensional portal in the sky above the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland. An orb is seen entering the portal before it disappears. The question is it truth or a clever hoax?

IT experts say Ukraine blackout caused by a cyberattack

Kiev - A power failure that plunged parts of western Ukraine into the dark last month was caused by a cyberattack, IT experts said Tuesday, and one source called it a world first.

Eastern Ukrainian villages change hands despite truce

Ukraine - Clashes between pro-Russian rebels and government forces in eastern Ukraine have dwindled but villages in the buffer zone around the frontline have been surreptitiously changing hands, raising fears that the tenuous ceasefire could unravel.

EU-Ukraine trade deal comes into force, angers Moscow

Kiev - Ukraine's free-trade deal with the EU comes into effect Friday, coinciding with the start of Moscow's food embargo against Kiev that will force the impoverished former Soviet republic to revisit its economic model.

Power cuts in Crimea after new blast on Ukraine power line

Kiev - An explosion on Crimea's main electricity line from Ukraine has left parts of the peninsula annexed by Russia in the dark, authorities said Thursday, weeks after power lines were sabotaged by anti-Russian activists.
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