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Ukraine tackles graft with new U.S.-style police force

Kiev - Some 2,000 young, athletic, US-trained Ukrainians on Saturday swore oaths to enforce the law -- and resist the temptation to take bribes -- at the launch of a new police service in Kiev to replace a notoriously corrupt force.

Ukraine rebels withdraw from key frontline village

- Pro-Russian fighters have withdrawn from a strategic frontline village, Ukraine's military reported on Friday, although some troops doubted whether the surprise retreat and lull in fighting would last.

Ukraine rebels announce disputed elections in October

Kiev - A top pro-Russian rebel announced plans Thursday to hold local elections in October that would cement the separatists' semi-autonomous status within a united Ukraine.

Russia fumes at expulsion of TV reporter from Ukraine

Kiev - A new public relations war raged Thursday between Moscow and Kiev after Ukraine deported a reporter with Russia's Channel One television for allegedly running "destructive" stories about the crisis-torn ex-Soviet state.

Ukraine leader lays out vision of new war-time constitution

Kiev - Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Wednesday proposed constitutional changes giving sweeping powers to the regions but critically failing to address demands of pro-Russian militants in the separatist east.

Hounded and out of work, gay Ukrainians flee rebel east

Kiev - Oleksandr had already lost his job for being gay in the rebel Ukrainian bastion of Donetsk when he was approached by two Russian speakers with rifles dangling on their hips."So what are you, a fag?

Op-Ed: Ukraine likely to default on payment due in July

Kiev - Ukraine has found it necessary to obtain a further bailout from the IMF even though it had agreed to a $17 billion aid package last year, of which it has so far received $4.6 billion. It needed more in early 2015.

Ukraine, creditors exchange blows ahead of debt talks

Kiev - A vicious fight broke out in the open Friday between Ukraine's cash-strapped government and its foreign creditors over billions of dollars in debt that are up for negotiation next week.

Internal border closes on Ukrainians splintered by war

- Irina grips a bag filled to bursting with fruit in each hand and begins the arduous trek across the shell-splattered no man's land splitting pro-Russian militias from Ukrainian troops.

'Nearly half' of MH17's wreckage still in Ukraine

Kiev - A top pro-Russian rebel said Wednesday that nearly half the wreckage of the Malaysia Airline jet shot down over Ukraine last year remain strewn across fields controlled by the separatists.

Ukraine rebels train child soldiers in the making

- He is only 14 but already knows how to assemble a Kalashnikov rifle. Denis is a child soldier in the making -- eager to join the pro-Russian militants fighting Ukrainian troops.

Ukrainian wants to deliver psychological support to war-torn home Special

Even before the current bloody conflict in Ukraine erupted last year, the nation's largely Soviet-era mental health infrastructure was in shambles.

Merkel, Hollande see 'insufficient' Ukraine progress after Putin call

Donetsk - French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel lamented the "insufficient" progress in resolving the Ukraine crisis after a telephone conversation Monday with Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to a source close to the ...

Three killed as clashes grip Ukraine ahead of talks

Kiev - Ukraine on Sunday reported the deaths of two soldiers while pro-Russian rebels accused Kiev's forces of killing a civilian in clashes preceding crunch talks aimed at ending the 15-month war.

Op-Ed: Now is the time for the EU to engage with Turkey

Ankara - Turkey decided to vote Erdogan out of his presidential ambitions. However, this is the European Union's best moment in a decade to engage with Ankara.

Ukraine parliament fires powerful security chief

Kiev - Ukraine's parliament Thursday fired the powerful head of the SBU state security service after he fell foul of President Petro Poroshenko and became embroiled in a conflict with the nation's chief prosecutor.

Ukraine creditors reject 'haircut' despite default threat

Kiev - Ukraine's biggest private creditors mounted a firm defence Wednesday of their refusal to accept a debt write-off that could keep the impoverished but strategic ex-Soviet nation from slipping into default.

Ukraine accuses own soldiers of killing pro-rebel civilians

Kiev - Prosecutors in war-torn east Ukraine on Wednesday charged two government soldiers with the murder of an elderly woman and her daughter in the separatist eastern province of Donetsk.

Ukraine rebels deport Russian opposition paper reporter

Donetsk - A reporter with a top Moscow opposition newspaper that has won numerous awards in the West was detained Tuesday in separatist eastern Ukraine and deported to Russia, his colleagues said.

Security agency wars add to Ukraine's spreading woes

Kiev - War-scarred Ukraine was engulfed Monday by a scandal involving the chiefs of its two main domestic security agencies amid claims of criminal dealings with top Russian tycoons.
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