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Ukraine halts Russian gas purchases, closes its airspace

Kiev - Tensions between Moscow and Kiev ratched up further Wednesday as Ukraine decided to stop buying gas from Russia and closed its airspace to its giant eastern neighbour's airlines.

Mental scars of war leave Ukraine troops battling suicide threat

Brovary - Artur Galtsov survived the bombs and bullets on the frontline in east Ukraine but after returning home the army volunteer faced another battle -- overcoming his horrifying memories.

Power outages plague Crimea as Russia threatens to cut Ukraine gas

Simferopol - Power cuts in Crimea affected nearly 940,000 people on Tuesday as tensions raged between Kiev and Moscow over the annexed peninsula and Russia threatened to cut off gas supplies to Ukraine.

Ukraine halts goods deliveries to Crimea amid new tensions with Russia

Kiev - Ukraine on Monday halted the delivery of goods to Crimea in a move set to ratchet up tensions with Russia, with the annexed peninsula already reeling after explosions on power lines left some 1.6 million people without electricity.

State of emergency in Crimea after power lines blown up

Sevastopol - Crimea declared a state of emergency on Sunday after its main electricity lines from Ukraine were blown up, leaving the Russian-annexed peninsula in darkness after the second such attack in as many days.More than 1.

Russian food ban would cost Ukraine $600 mln next year: PM

Kiev - Ukraine said Wednesday it expects to lose some $600 million next year as a result of a food trade ban which Russia has threatened to introduce from January 1st.

Former boxer Vitali Klitschko re-elected as Kiev mayor

Kiev - Former world heavyweight boxing champion Vitali Klitschko has been re-elected mayor of Ukraine's capital Kiev, final results of a runoff vote showed on Monday. The 44-year-old -- who is an ally of pro-Western President Petro Poroshenko -- won 66.

Ukraine president condemns escalation as soldier killed

Kiev - President Petro Poroshenko on Sunday decried a sudden re-escalation in the conflict with pro-Russian separatists after a Ukrainian soldier was killed in clashes in the country's east.

French idealist becomes unlikely Ukraine mayor

Ukraine - His family was one of the Russian Empire's richest industrial dynasties before Bolshevik collectivisation caused it to flee to the capitalist West.

Ukraine bans workplace discrimination against gays

Kiev - Ukraine's parliament Thursday finally banned discrimination against gays in the workplace during a heated session on legislation that could open the door to visa-free travel to much of the EU in 2016.

Fears of new flareup in Ukraine as violence grows on frontline

Ukraine - It's been only two months since Yelena Krivonos has stopped sleeping in her cellar to hide from shelling, but now that violence has ticked up in eastern Ukraine she is headed back underground.

Ukraine fails again to ban discrimination against gays

Kiev - Ukraine's parliament failed for the second time Tuesday to adopt a ban on anti-gay discrimination in the workplace, though it did vote in five other laws needed to secure visa-free travel to most EU nations.

EU says Ukraine would gain 'credibility' by beating graft

Kiev - EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini urged Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko Monday to take tougher and more immediate action against corruption as his ex-Soviet country moves closer to Europe.

Kiev completes arms pullout from eastern front: army

Ukraine - Ukraine's military said Saturday it has finished withdrawing its weapons from the eastern frontline with pro-Russia rebels, where clashes have erupted in recent days despite a ceasefire.

Ukraine snubs free travel to Europe over anti-gay law

Kiev - Ukraine's parliament Thursday scuppered the ex-Soviet country's chances of visa-free travel to most EU nations by blocking legislation that would have banned discrimination against gays in the workplace.

Ukraine rebels complete small arms withdrawal

Donetsk - Ukraine's pro-Russian insurgents said Thursday they had withdrawn all of their smaller weapons from a deadly buffer zone in the ex-Soviet state's separatist east.

Op-Ed: Morons at work — U.S., UK imply IS downed Russian plane

Sydney - Giving IS credit for knocking down the Russian plane in Sinai is the equivalent of giving them free publicity and improving their credibility. That such a basic forensic investigation could be so mismanaged reflects no credit on anyone.

Plane that crashed in South Sudan was in no state to fly: Antonov

Kiev - The decades-old Antonov plane that crashed Wednesday in South Sudan, killing at least 36 people, "was is no state to fly", the Ukraine-based aircraft company said.

Money, patriotism drive Russians to join Syria mission

Sevastopol - When Oxana's sailor father left his home in 's Black Sea port of in September, he just said he would be going to "the Mediterranean Sea".But the family soon realised the true purpose of his mission -- 's military operation in .

Ukraine probes 'sniper attack' on top prosecutor

Kiev - Ukraine on Tuesday launched a criminal probe into an alleged sniper attack on a top prosecutor who had been probing President Petro Poroshenko's main political and business foes.
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