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Top News: Travel

Flight attendant accused of hitting passenger with baby stroller

San Francisco - An American Airlines flight attendant is accused of violently taking a stroller from a woman, striking her and almost hitting her baby. After confronted by a male passenger, the flight attended dared the man to hit him.

Europe's largest wooden church restored in Poland

Varsovia - Europe's largest wooden church has recovered its original splendour after three years of restoration work, the coordinator of the project in southern Poland said Friday.

Champs Elysees, Paris's emblematic avenue

Paris - The Champs Elysees, scene of the fatal shooting of a police officer Thursday night, is the beating historic heart of Paris, its elegance and prestige earning it the sobriquet of "the most beautiful avenue in the world".

Tourists venture back to Champs Elysees after attack: 'Vive Paris!'

Paris - Tourists were back on the Champs Elysees early Friday with a mixture of shock and defiance, a day after a jihadist shot dead a policeman on the world-famous avenue on the eve of France's election.

Gambia's race to save its 'Roots' on Kunta Kinteh island

As the rebel slave who defied his captors, Kunta Kinte, immortalised in print and on screen in "Roots", put The Gambia on the map for historical tourism.

'Australia first' foreign visa changes spark cheers, fears

Sydney - Australia's controversial decision to scrap a visa programme for temporary foreign workers got a mixed response Wednesday, with critics slamming it as spin over substance and pandering to anti-immigration rhetoric.

Some Americans willing to pay more, travel longer to avoid United

The results of a poll is not good news for United Airlines. Taken in the wake of Dr. David Dao being seen physically removed from a plane show a significant number of people would choose another airline even if the flight was more expensive and longer.

Mummies discovered in ancient tomb near Egypt's Luxor

Luxor - Egyptian archaeologists have unearthed several mummies, colourful wooden sarcophagi and more than 1,000 funerary statues in a 3,500-year-old tomb near the city of Luxor, hailing an "important discovery".

Family see shark kill teenage daughter off Australia

Sydney - A 17-year-old girl has died after being mauled by a shark in full view of her parents on Australia's southwest coast, authorities said Tuesday.

Couple travelling for their wedding kicked off United flight

Houston - In the latest fiasco involving United Airlines, a Utah couple who are getting married in Costa Rica were told to leave the plane after a dispute arose over their seats. United has a different version of what happened than the man and woman do.

Family vacation begins with Air Canada bumping 10-year-old boy

Charlottetown - A family vacation to Costa Rica was disrupted when Air Canada announced a couple’s 10-year-old son was being bumped from a flight from Charlottetown, PEI to Montreal. The fact a young child was being bumped did not seem to matter to the airline.

Refugees bring dying Italy village back to life

Sant'alessio In Aspromonte - In the foothills of the Aspromonte mountains in southern Italy, the silence of a once-dying village is broken by the laughter of a small group of refugees.

Korean man sues American Airlines for discrimination in bumping

After a 69-year-old doctor forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight because the airlines needed his seat for a crew member, a Korean pastor has launched a lawsuit against American Airlines alleging discrimination in being bumped from a flight.

United Airlines may have misled federal regulators in 2014

During discussions about proposed rule changes back in 2014, United Airlines argued one of these changes was not necessary because all ticketed passengers are guaranteed seats. Recent events have shown this is not always the case.

Canada is to adopt legislation on overbooked flights

Ottawa - After the outpouring of anger over a United Airlines passenger who was injured when he was forcibly removed from a flight, the Canadian government announced that it will pass legislation to address the problem.

United finally apologizes as image takes beating

Chicago - The chief executive of embattled United Airlines unequivocally apologized Tuesday for an incident in which a passenger was dragged off a plane, promising a thorough review of the airline's practices.

United incident shows how few rights you have on a flight

United Airlines has come under fire for a viral video that shows a passenger being forcibly removed from a plane after refusing to give up his seat.

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz makes a bad situation worse

Chicago - According to the CEO of United Airlines, the passenger who was forcibly removed from a Chicago to Louisville flight because of overbooking was “disruptive and belligerent.” Many are calling for a boycott of United and the firing of the CEO.

US regulator reverses course on in-flight calling

Washington - A top US regulator moved Monday to roll back efforts to allow cellphone use in aircraft, reversing course on relaxing a long-standing ban on in-flight calls.
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Top News: Travel