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Top News: Technology

HP's newest laptop is a premium Chromebook with a 4K display

HP has launched a new Chromebook, the 13-inch Chromebook 13. The laptop is one of few to be billed as a premium Chromebook, starting at $500 and including an all-metal chassis and high-end features. HP said it is "built for performance" on the go.

Popular Minecraft server hacked, doesn't bother to tell users

The passwords to over seven million user accounts owned by members of a popular Minecraft community have been hacked and are now being offered for sale on the dark net. The community, Lifeboat, didn't notify users until three months after the breach.

Apple could tell you when autocorrect destroys a text message

Autocorrect can dramatically speed up typing speed on mobile devices. It's not without its problems though and can insert a wrong correction or autocorrect things that should be left alone. Apple wants to fix that, letting you know when it makes mistakes.

Apple launches CareKit app platform to help you track your health

Apple has begun to roll out CareKit, a platform for health apps designed to make it simpler for app developers to build care products on iOS. CareKit connects patients with doctors, providing medication and treatment advice directly from a smartphone.

Watch Windows 10 upgrade prompt ruin a live weather broadcast

Microsoft's "Upgrade to Windows 10" nagware has been annoying users for months with its insistence that you should install the new OS immediately. Recently, it interrupted a live weather broadcast by deciding an upgrade was required while on air.

Microsoft adamant it is 'committed' to struggling Windows Mobile

Microsoft has reiterated its commitment to Windows 10 Mobile, saying it intends to support the platform for "many years." The OS has failed to make an impact on Microsoft's negligible mobile market share, leading some to suggest it should abandon it now.

Why Microsoft is buying DNA molecules from an SF startup

Microsoft is buying 10 million strands of long oligonucleotides — laboratory-made molecules of DNA — from San Francisco startup Twist Bioscience, the companies announced today.

Intel wants to replace headphone jacks with USB Type-C ports

Intel has published a proposal to replace the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack with digital USB Type-C connections. The company claims it would provide higher quality audio and simplify the connection of audio equipment to different kinds of devices.

HTC invests $100 million in virtual reality content creators

HTC has announced it is dedicating $100 million in investment to a new virtual reality accelerator program that aims to get more developers creating VR content. HTC Vive X looks to establish an ecosystem for VR shaped around unique content.

When technology bites back

Paris - From the 1912 sinking of RMS Titanic to the Chernobyl nuclear accident 30 years ago, technology has repeatedly confounded the confidence of its creators.

Top Apple analyst: iPhone 7 to be a 'disappointment'

iPhone fans are in for a "disappointment" this year, according to noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities. According to Kuo, the iPhone 7 has no standout features and could send iPhone sales back to 2014 levels in a worst case scenario of demand.

Innovative billboard uses human sweat smell as a mosquito killer

Brazil now has sweating billboards to add to its armory of weapons used to kill Zika virus-carrying mosquitoes. Created by advertising agencies NBS and Posterscope, the boards release a lactic acid and carbon dioxide solution that imitates human sweat.

New Android malware silently installs ransomware from website

A new form of malware using online advertisements to sneak ransomware onto Android devices has been discovered in the wild. The malware loads "Dogspectus" onto phones and doesn’t require any user interaction, operating completely silently.

Spotify denies it was hacked as lists of passwords appear online

A list that contains hundreds of Spotify usernames, email addresses and passwords has appeared online. Spotify says it wasn't hacked but users have confirmed many of the details are valid and have reported problems with their account.

Chromebooks to get millions of new apps from Android's Play Store

Google currently maintains two distinct operating systems, Android and Chrome OS. The company may be planning to tie the two together more closely than ever before though, letting the millions of Android apps run natively on Chromebook PCs.

Play retro videogames wirelessly with this tiny adapter

You can now play retro 8-bit videogames with a standard wireless controller using a tiny wireless adapter that works with the Nintendo NES. The adapter connects to the NES' standard controller port and works with most modern wireless gamepads.

Microsoft's popular Word Flow keyboard now available on iOS

Microsoft has publicly released its Word Flow keyboard for the iPhone, taking it out of beta and making it available to everyone. The keyboard is widely considered one of the best around and now includes more features than the Windows Phone original.

New battery can be recharged up to 200,000 times

Irvine - Researchers at the University of California Irvine have developed a nanowire-based battery material that can recharged several hundred thousand times without breakdown or loss of energy.

Japan succeeds in test flight of first stealth fighter jet

Toukyo - Japan's first stealth fighter jet successfully took to the skies on Friday as the country joins a select group of world military powers wielding the radar-dodging technology.
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Top News: Technology