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Top News: Technology

Smart city market is fastest growing segment of government

The drivers behind smart city tech are fueling a technology market that is expected to hit $775 billion in 2021, as more and more cities around the world look to information and communications technology in creating sustainability.

LinkedIn forced to allow AI bots to scrape its data

LinkedIn has been ordered to unblock a startup's access to its data, concluding a legal debate that sets a precedent for the future. LinkedIn sent a cease and desist letter when HiQ Labs started scraping its data. A court allowed the activity to continue.

Google buys startup that uses smartphones as health monitors

Google has acquired a startup that uses smartphones as medical devices capable of monitoring several vital stats. The company has created a series of mobile apps that use simple smartphone hardware, such as the camera and mic, to detect health issues.

Snap shrugs off growth concerns as stock rebounds from record low

Snap might be on course to recover its position on the stock market. Employees can now trade their stock as the lockup period is over. Although analysts had thought this could cause a rush of selling, the price is up and Snap has started the week strong.

Google Allo is finally available on the web… sort of

Google Allo now has a web version, almost a year after its launch. The long-requested site is rolling out now but only some users will benefit from it. The app's currently limited to Android devices and the Chrome browser, restricting its usefulness.

Examples of how augmented reality enriches customer experience

Augmented reality is a view of reality modified by computer-generated input such as sound, video, graphics or even GPS data. The augmented reality enhances ones perception of reality.

Chicago tackles urban flooding with the 'Array of Things'

Chicago - Because of the wide range of environmental factors impacting our lives, from air quality and traffic to urban flooding and noise, the use of sensors and cloud computing have become increasingly valuable tools for managing and planning urban environments.

Improving supply chains through digital transformation

Keeping supply chains in control and competitive is a key consideration for any company that sends physical products nationally or internationally. The application of digital technology presents many advantages.

Microsoft forced to damage control as Surface problems exposed

Microsoft has responded to Consumer Reports' finding that Surface devices have a 25 percent failure rate. While it publicly denied the report, a leaked memo reveals Microsoft is aware of reliability issues. The company said it's "proud" of Surface.

Samsung says the Galaxy Note 8 will 'do bigger things'

Samsung has said its upcoming Galaxy Note 8 flagship smartphone will "do bigger things" ahead of its launch this month. Although the name of the phone is still unconfirmed, Samsung's widely expected to stick with its Note brand despite last year's recall.

Vivaldi gets a new logo and improved reader mode in latest update

Vivaldi has been updated with a new-look icon and improved accessibility options. The team behind the young browser has expanded its built-in reading mode and added new settings that make Vivaldi more comfortable for everyone to use.

MIT AI tries to eliminate buffering when streaming videos

MIT has developed an AI capable of streaming video without making you wait for it to buffer. Buffering is one of the biggest hindrances publishers face when convincing viewers to watch their content. Visitors on slow connections will simply turn away.

Google's voice dictation tech now supports 30 more languages

Google has greatly expanded the range of languages its voice recognition tech can understand. The company is rolling out an update that brings voice support to 30 more languages and regions worldwide, including traditional dialects with rich histories.

Augmented reality system helps medical professionals

Birmingham - The coming together of medics and technologists has shown how a mixed reality system can allow medical practitioners to view and effectively interact with virtual replicas of patients' organs, bones and body parts.

New technology cleans up St. Patrick’s Cathedral

New York City - Condensation between window panes can ruin stained glass, causing problems for some of the finest cathedrals. As an example of how new technology can help to preserve something old and revered, St. Patrick’s Cathedral has received a make-over.

Parked electric vehicles can earn money supplying the power grid

Our ambitious efforts in replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources have created challenges for power grid operators in finding new ways to secure grid capacity and balance the demand for power.

Some tech workers are paid millions while doing nothing

Mountain View - The big tech companies in Silicon Valley in the southern San Francisco Bay area in California employ some high-tech workers who collect both full pay and stock without doing much or any work. They are nicknamed "resters and vesters".

Chicago introducing smart city technology

Chicago - Chicago faces a huge problem when any new construction involves digging within the city. Chicago was incorporated in 1837 and many records of the network of underground pipes is hopelessly outdated.

SpaceX to launch supercomputer to Space Station Monday

On Monday, a SpaceX CRS-12 rocket will be launched from Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, headed to the ISS. The payload will include an HP Enterprise (HPE) supercomputer, called the Spaceborne Computer.
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Top News: Technology

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