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Top News: Technology

The world's first $4 Android smartphone is finally launching

Back in February, Indian telecoms firm Ringing Bells unveiled a smartphone that costs just $4. It quickly ran into trouble though, being investigated for fraud allegations and claims it directly copied other handsets. Four months on, it's finally on sale.

Google wants ideas for a hypothetical 'Chromebook Pro'

Google is reportedly asking people their thoughts on a "Chromebook Pro" device. The product does not currently exist in Google's line-up, suggesting the company is working on a new premium laptop or tablet running its own Chrome OS.

Google reportedly building its own Android phone from scratch

Google is reportedly planning a move to disrupt the Android ecosystem by launching its own smartphone developed entirely in-house. Its current range of Nexus handsets are built by external companies. Google now wants control, abandoning the Nexus name.

U.S. President Obama backs entrepreneurs at global tech summit

Palo Alto - U.S. President Barack Obama told the best and brightest in the technology industry on Friday that the government would partner with private industry to keep the Internet free and open to innovation.

Op-Ed: Analogies teach computers to think like humans — Sort of

Evanston - Humans use relational statements and memories to make decisions and understand information. They use analogies, similar cases, to speed up and improve their understanding. Computers are now being taught how to use analogies.

Technology News: Olympics spectator experience reaches new levels

Technology advancements over the last decade have been astounding, both for personal use and in sports and at this years Rio Olympics, several new gadgets will give spectators and athletes a better experience.

Visual cloud computing method aids in disaster response

Massive amounts of visual electronic data are produced during a natural or man-made disaster, and processing the information quickly and efficiently could mean the difference between life and death for survivors.

3D Printed wheelchairs and other advances announced

3-D printing (additive printing) continues to advance, with the latest round of innovations including a 3-D printed wheelchair. Digital Journal takes a look at the latest 3-D printing news.

U.S. President Obama lands in California for global tech confab

Mountain View - U.S. President Barack Obama arrived in Northern California on Thursday to attend an entrepreneurship summit at Stanford University and meet with many of the world's renowned technology innovators.

WhatsApp voice calls prove wildly successful, 100m made each day

The hugely successful smartphone messaging service WhatsApp has announced over 100 million voice calls are made over its network every day. The company has over 1 billion monthly active users and is reportedly gearing up to launch another major update.

A Netflix 'download button' could be in the works

Industry sources say Netflix is developing a feature that would let people download its shows and movies and watch them later in "offline mode," according to LightReading.

New nanomaterial promises flexible electronic devices

A U.S.-South Korean collaboration has led to the creation of a new ultrathin, transparent, conductive film. The film is the basis of new, flexible and wearable electronics.

Xiaomi-backed company releases foldable electric bike

China's road congestion is a problem that probably won't be solved any time soon, and bicycles are a popular way of getting around it. Now a company backed by Xiaomi has debuted an electric bike that can fold up for easy transportation.

Browser battery wars: Opera hits back at Microsoft Edge

A few days ago, Microsoft posted a video and a detailed blog post in which it claimed Edge is by far the most power-efficient web browser around. Not everyone is satisfied with the results though. Opera has hit back at Microsoft, saying it can do better.

The Chinese company that banned iPhone sales 'barely exists'

The Chinese company that recently banned sales of the iPhone 6 in China "barely exists," according to an investigation into Shenzhen Baili Marketing Services. The smartphone company currently has no products available and has closed down its website.

Huawei uncomfortable about Android dependence, building own OS

Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei is said to be developing its own mobile operating system as a contingency plan if Google were to tighten its hold on Android. The company is one of a growing number of brands who want to loosen their reliance on Android.

Apple sets a mystery, releases iOS 10 without an encrypted core

Last week, Apple released a developer's preview of iOS 10, the latest update to its ubiquitous mobile operating system. Researchers have since discovered the kernel has been left unencrypted, allowing developers to investigate what lies in the core.

Sony agrees to pay compensation to people who ran Linux on a PS3

Sony has agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit by paying compensation to PlayStation 3 owners who installed the Linux operating system on their console. Sony later removed the built-in feature without warning, leaving many customers unhappy.

Amazon revamps its budget Kindle to reverse falling e-book sales

Amazon has announced a new version of its base model Kindle e-reader. The budget device has been updated with a lighter design and improved performance. The changes are designed to attract more people to Kindle as e-readers stagnate.
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Top News: Technology