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Top News: Technology

New Zealand crypto firm files for bankruptcy after hacker theft

Christchurch - Cryptopia Limited, a New Zealand firm which operated a cryptocurrency exchange with over 300,000 accounts from around the globe has filed for US bankruptcy protect after hackers managed to steal more than US $16 million from the company.

India's complex Chandrayaan-2 Mission set to launch in July

Dehli - The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is gearing up for the July launch of Chandrayaan-2, a robotic lunar orbiter/lander/rover combo that is scheduled to touch down at a predetermined site close to the lunar south pole.

Ford Motors unveils 'Digit,' a home-delivery robot

Ford Motor Co. said on Wednesday it was partnering with walking robots maker Agility Robotics as it designs a planned fleet of self-driving delivery vans that will drop packages at the doorsteps of people’s homes.

French startup raises €9m for next-gen fast-charging batteries

As technology develops in ever-more interesting ways the one limitation that limits the experience is the relatively short battery life. For this reason, many companies are racing to developing better batteries. One such example is NAWA Technologies.

Op-Ed: Huawei no longer able to use official SD or micro-SD cards

The negative effects of the US ban on Huawei technology are growing worse as the SD Association, the trade group that sets standardized specs for SD and micro-SD cards, has barred Huawei from the Association.

Girls need role models if we’re going to close the gender gap

Girls Who Code CEO Reshma Saujani and Girls Who Code Canada Programs Coordinator Kathryn Semogas share their perspective on the need for role models in tech for the next generation.

Op-Ed: Trump says Huawei could be part of a US China trade deal

US President Donald Trump said Thursday that the giant Chinese telecommunications company Huawei could be part of a trade deal. The US put Huawei on a blacklist this month for security reasons.

Canada funds A.I. startup to create Country-wide health network

Montreal - Montreal radiology startup, Imagia aims to create a Canada-wide health data platform. In collaboration with the Terry Fox Research Institute and a $49 million grant from the Canadian government, they will make personalized health care a clinical reality.

SpaceX launches first 60 satellites of its internet network

Washington - SpaceX has launched a rocket carrying the first 60 satellites of its "Starlink" constellation, which is intended to provide internet from space in an array that could one day contain over 12,000 orbiting transponders.

First high-powered charging EV station for the U.K.

The first high-powered charging station has been launched in the U.K., provided by the energy service provider Ionity. This will enable EV owners to charge their vehicles in less than 20 minutes.

TikTok to challenge Spotify with a paid streaming service

ByteDance, which owns TikTok, is seriously considering launching a rival streaming platform to Spotify. The target is countries where services from Spotify or rivals like Apple Music are not established.

China bemoans US 'bullying' of Huawei

Bejing - China's foreign minister has slammed US moves against telecom giant Huawei as "economic bullying", and warned that Beijing was ready to "fight to the very end" in its trade war with Washington.

Op-Ed: Huawei said to release its own OS for smartphones in the fall

Huawei is planning to release smartphones and tablets with its own operating system later this year. Huawei has only 90 days before its devices will no longer have access to new software updates, for Google's (Alphabet) Android operating system.

Chinese drone maker to install airplane and helicopter detectors

DJI drone makers will fit all of the drones it now offers, with sensors that can detect airplanes and helicopters. The sensors can receive the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) sent out by planes and helicopters.

Need for parking investments in the age of shared mobility

Cities around the world are actively proposing ways to decrease the number of vehicles on the streets. A consequence of this is with strategic parking investments, which are seen as essential for economic growth.

OECD adopts new Principles on Artificial Intelligence

OECD, plus partner countries, has formally adopted a new set of OECD 'Principles on Artificial Intelligence'. This took place at the Organisation’s 2019 Ministerial Council Meeting on May 22 in Paris.

Google has stored some user passwords in plain text since 2005

Google's latest data breach concerns the revelation that G Suite user passwords have been stored in plaintext since 2005, opening up cybersecurity concerns. This impacts upon a small number of enterprise customers.

China slams US 'bullying' as firms step away from Huawei

Bejing - China berated the United States for "bullying" Huawei on Thursday as Panasonic joined a parade of foreign companies reviewing their ties with the telecom giant after a US ban linked to security concerns.

Bitcoin SV (BSV) surges as Dr. Craig Wright files for patents

The cryptocoin Bitcoin SV (BSV) the eleventh largest cryptocoin by market cap for a short while was at one point today up over 200 percent on some exchanges during trading sessions, although it has since dropped back considerably.
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Top News: Technology

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