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Top News: Technology

Apple co-founder: iPhone deserves 'high in the extreme' price tag

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has admitted that the iPhone's price tag is "high in the extreme" but said he believes it represents Apple's commitment to quality. His comments come as anticipation builds for the iPhone 8, which may cost $1,000.

Bitcoin starts to recover from 'civil war' fears

Bitcoin appears to be recovering as fears that the cryptocurrency could split in a community dispute described as a "civil war" start to lift. The currency is continuing to experience sharp swings as miners switch to using new blockchain software.

Bluetooth steps up fight against Wi-Fi by adding Mesh Networking

Bluetooth SIG, the organisation behind the Bluetooth standard, has announced the technology now supports mesh networking. The system enables large-scale networks of devices to be set up, letting Bluetooth drive masses of connected "smart" products.

Qualcomm's profits plunge as Apple patent battle begins to bite

Processor manufacturer Qualcomm, the largest producer of the ARM-based chips used in smartphones, has announced a dramatic decline in its profit forecast. The company is being hit hard by an ongoing patent dispute with Apple, one of its largest customers.

India unveils country's first train with solar powered coaches

New Delhi - Indian Railways is the largest rail network in Asia and a huge consumer of diesel fuel. However, this is all about to change with the debut in New Delhi of it's Diesel Electric Multiple Unit (DEMU) with solar powered coaches.

Coal-fired power plants getting brains to reduce CO2 emissions

Believe it or not, but artificial intelligence is already driving a major shift in the global economy. Companies are using AI to improve efficiency in their data systems and some energy companies are using AI to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Google ready to start selling portions of its quantum cloud

Google has reportedly started selling access to its quantum-powered cloud computing service to interested developers. The company is one of several major tech firms vying to be the first to commercialise quantum computers, the next era of technology.

Huge growth in mobile video to push ad market to $18bn in 2018

The continued trend towards mobile video is expected to increase spending on adverts for the format by 49 percent in 2018. It will push the total value of the market above $18 billion while causing a decline in the spending on desktop video ads.

Google launches a Facebook-style news feed for your interests

Google has announced a new mobile app feature that surfaces articles that may be relevant to you. Called Feed, the feature has drawn comparisons with Facebook's News Feed. It's part of Google's ongoing efforts to become a destination, rather than a tool.

Samsung starts rolling out Bixby Voice in the U.S.

Samsung has announced that the rollout of Bixby Voice in the U.S. has now commenced, allowing Galaxy S8 owners to start interacting with the digital assistant using their voice. The feature was delayed from the device's launch due to ongoing issues.

Costs, advantages and disadvantages of smart homes

The smart or automated home applies new technology to control and automate heating, ventilation, air conditioning and security, but can involve appliances as well such as refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers and many other items.

Why neuromorphic technology is the key to future AI

The future of artificial intelligence is seen by many researchers as "neuromorphic". Neuromorphic chips are being designed to mimic the human brain and they may, soon, replace CPUs.

Toronto to use innovative tech solutions to handle city problems

Toronto - In finding solutions to a number of city challenges, Toronto has formed a Civic Innovations Office. The office will work with City Divisions and agencies in identifying major challenges that can be solved using innovative partnerships with outside teams.

Biotech used to create parallel computers

Swedish technologists have successfully used nanotechnology to develop a biological computer, designed to solve complex mathematical problems in a far faster than conventional computers. This type of technology will aid business and academia.

Google announces new recruiting app to help businesses fill roles

Google has launched a new business app that helps recruiters to find potential candidates for job openings. The company cited research that found businesses routinely struggle to identify ideal hires. It's using technology to help solve the problem.

Fastest drone in the world highlights aerial progress

Unmanned aerial vehicles are growing in popularity for businesses and fro consumers. a new world record for fastest drone highlights the continuing advances in drone technology.

Jide abandons its desktop-based Android OS to focus on enterprise

Jide Tech, the company behind the popular Remix OS desktop-based Android variant, has announced it is shifting its focus to the enterprise. The company has decided not to pursue its efforts to create an Android alternative to Windows.

Snap shares fall below $15 after underwriters downgrade stock

Snap's stock hit a new all-time low today as it fell to just $15 per share. Investors are increasingly anxious that Snapchat won't be able to sustain its meteoric growth as the competition from apps like Facebook and Instagram steps up.

'Happy' Afghan girls compete at robotics meet after US visa woes

Washington - Huddled around a small table in the halls of a cavernous Washington concert hall, a group of Afghan teenage girls tweak gears and sprockets on their radio-controlled robot, hoping to best the competition.
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Top News: Technology