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Top News: Technology

The restaurant of the future might be entirely robotic

It must have seemed like a revolutionary idea to diners of the 1920s — people on roller skates delivering food straight to their driver's side window.

Google can now peer inside your apps to get search results

Google has announced that it can now use your installed apps to power search results on mobile devices. It means that searching with the Google app will show you links to content in other apps, such as music tracks in Spotify and notes in Keep.

Acer unveils the world's first curved laptop, offers insane specs

Acer has unveiled what is possibly the most overkill gaming laptop ever created, a 21-inch curved goliath featuring an Intel Core i7 processor, two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards and five cooling fans to keep it all running.

BLU unveils the Pure XR, a $300 smartphone with '3D Touch'

The influx of premium smartphones with budget price tags shows no sign of slowing. This week, BLU introduced the Pure XR, a $300 handset with features usually found on devices costing twice as much. It includes "3D Touch," a copy of Apple's display tech.

Mobile 4G speed record has been broken

A new record has been established for a mobile device operating on the 4G mobile phone technology Internet. This is based on a claim from the mobile operator.

Fitbit unveils new slimmer fitness trackers with more features

Fitbit has unveiled two new fitness trackers that update its existing product line-up. The Flex 2 is the first Fitbit device to offer swim tracking features while the Charge 2 has a large easy-to-read display. Fitbit has recently been hit with lawsuits.

Apple is now being sued over iPhone 'Touch Disease'

Last week, news broke that scores of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handsets are turning up at repair shops with a new hardware defect dubbed "Touch Disease." It leaves the handset's display unusable. Apple is now being sued by a group of consumers.

Microsoft apologises as Bing translates 'Daesh' to 'Saudi Arabia'

Microsoft has been forced to apologise after its Bing search engine began automatically translating "Daesh" into "Saudi Arabia." The company blamed crowdsourced translations for the error and is investigating the issue. Saudi users called for a boycott.

Opera resets passwords of 1.7m users after 'server breach'

Opera has informed users of its Opera Sync browser synchronisation service that they need to reset their passwords. The company said it has detected an attack on its systems which may have allowed hackers to steal user passwords and account information.

Microsoft makes it easy to report Xbox Live, Skype hate speech

Microsoft has launched a new website for Xbox Live, Skype and other users to report hate speech and to reinstate posts that were wrongly deleted.

Apple could be hit with its largest tax penalty ever

One of the worst-case scenarios for Apple's tax predicament might come true this week. Previous estimates have pegged Apple's liability over back taxes in Ireland at as much as $19 billion, but other estimates have it at under $1 billion.

Japan grants $2M for Maryland-Washington high-speed train study

The government of Japan has approved a fund of $2 million to finance a feasibility study on the plan to build a high-speed railway from Baltimore in Maryland to Washington.

Belgians are looking for books instead of Pokémon monsters

A Belgian educator has created an online game that encourages people to look for real books instead of Pokémon characters. And the game is catching on.

Swiss Post to test self-driving robots to deliver goods

Switzerland’s national postal service is testing next month autonomous robots to assess their suitability to deliver goods in the future.

iPhone users urged to update after 'unprecedented' spyware found

Apple has released a critical security update for iOS that contains patches for three of the most serious flaws ever discovered in the software. A successful exploit has been found in the wild, giving hackers complete access from a single text message.

WhatsApp breaks its promise, starts sharing data with Facebook

WhatsApp is facing a huge backlash after breaking a promise it made two years ago. When it was bought by Facebook, it pledged not to share user data with its new parent. Now, it's reversed that policy and will soon share data to power ads.

President Obama leads new VR tour of Yosemite National Park

Oculus has announced a new virtual reality experience that sees President Obama take you on a tour of the Yosemite National Park. In the short 360-degree film, Obama remarks on several of Yosemite's most famous features to celebrate its centennial.

Italians in quake zone urged to disable Wi-Fi passwords

In the wake of the recent earthquake in central Italy, the Italian Red Cross and other agencies are asking people in the region to disable their Wi-Fi passwords to facilitate communication. But security experts warn there are dangers in doing this.

Op-Ed: Scientists using MS Excel end up with research paper errors

Researchers who reviewed thousands of academic papers relating to genomics have found the data to contain errors and they have blamed this on Microsoft's spreadsheet software Excel.
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Top News: Technology