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Top News: Technology

Apple has designed 'detailed mockups' of iMessage for Android

Apple has experimented with potential designs for an Android version of iMessage, according to reports this week. The company has drafted several different layouts, including ones styled after Google's apps, although the result may never launch.

Six second video service Vine is closing down

Twitter has announced it is shutting down its short-form video sharing service Vine. The company said users will be able to download their clips before the mobile app stops working. It has not explained why it is abandoning Vine.

Xiaomi's new phone is possibly the most striking ever built

Xiaomi has announced a new smartphone with an almost bezel-less display. The Mi MIX was unveiled in China this week and sports a screen that covers over 90 percent of its surface. The giant phablet also offers high-end performance.

Apple unveils its new 'groundbreaking' MacBook Pro

Apple has announced its long-anticipated refresh of the MacBook Pro. The new model comes with heavily upgraded performance, a thinner and lighter design and a unique capacitive touch strip above the keyboard called the Touch Bar.

Two out of three Canadians want distracted walking laws

According to a poll taken early last month, 66 percent of Canadians would like to see laws that ban the use of cellphones by pedestrians on public roadways. The respondents were fed up with pedestrians using cellphones and not paying attention.

Uber's 'Elevate' project to bring flying cars to cities by 2026

Uber has launched a new project to bring flying cars to commuters by 2026. The company published a white paper today outlining its plans for Uber Elevate, a network of on-demand electric aircraft.

Review: Inateck BR1003 — bring Bluetooth to any device with a 3.5mm jack

The Inateck BR1003 is a compact Bluetooth adapter that lets any device transmit and receive audio wirelessly. With mobile devices increasingly emphasising Bluetooth accessories, the BR1003 lets you bring incompatible products into the wireless ecosystem.

The HY4 — a plane that runs on fuel cells and emits only water

Stuttgart - The vision of sustainable air travel took a great leap forward recently when German researchers took to the air in a four-seater airplane that runs on hydrogen fuel cells while emitting only water vapor.

New medical device technology set to benefit patients

As regular readers of Digital Journal will be aware, health technology and digital health have introduced a range of important innovations. Many of these involve ‘connected technology.’ We survey five new innovations.

Microsoft announces the Windows 10 'Creators Update'

Microsoft has officially unveiled the Windows 10 Creators Update, the first major release of the OS scheduled to launch in 2017. It adds a range of new features aimed at "bringing ideas to life," including tools for 3D modelling and mixed reality.

Microsoft's Surface Studio is the company's first desktop PC

Microsoft has announced its first ever desktop computer, the $2,999 Surface Studio. The 28-inch all-in-one PC offers a touchscreen display, sixth-generation Intel processors and an integrated discrete GPU for gaming and 3D modelling.

Microsoft's Surface Dial is a radical new take on PC peripherals

Microsoft has introduced a new kind of PC input device at its 2016 Surface hardware event. Surface Dial is a wireless rotational peripheral with 3,600 precision points that places shortcut buttons, toolbars and radial menus at your fingertips.

Contextual GIF maker Guggy will help developers spice their apps

The new contextual GIF maker Guggy is now available as an API to provide a solution for developers who want to offer an improved user experience by adding text and smartness to their app's GIFs.

Meerkat is dead: the streaming app gets withdrawn from stores

The unfortunate video-streaming app Meerkat is finally dead. The app has been withdrawn from the market a few weeks ago after months of struggling against its competitors.

Google unveils Jamboard, a 55-inch whiteboard for the cloud

Google has announced a 55-inch digital whiteboard to rival Microsoft's Surface Hub. Part of the company's "G Suite" collaboration tools, Jamboard claims to be a "reimagining" of the whiteboard for cloud technology and modern offices.

UV light used to make smartphone cameras better

The smartphone market is driven by incremental improvements to device models. One key selling point is the camera. The next generation of smartphone cameras could be improved by an innovation using UV light.

What happens when your clothes talk back to you? Special

New York - Clothing has served many purposes – it keeps us warm, provokes attention or makes us inconspicuous; it can be practical or seductive. But it’s never been able to communicate with us – until now.

Webcam company recalls devices that caused internet outage

Chinese webcam manufacturer Xiongmai has announced it is recalling many of its products in the wake of last week's internet outage. The attack affected sites including Spotify and Twitter and is believed to have been triggered by hijacked 'smart' devices.

AI 'judge' predicts court cases with 79 percent accuracy

Scientists have built an AI capable of predicting the outcome of human rights trials with an accuracy of 79 percent. The development marks a milestone in AI development.
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Top News: Technology

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