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Top News: Technology

Italy declares man's brain tumor linked to his mobile phone use

The Italian court, in Ivrea, has ruled that a man's brain tumor is linked to his mobile phone use. This is based on extensive smartphone use. The connection is, however, questioned by experts.

Computer pioneer Harry Huskey has died

Harry Huskey, who helped build many of the first ever computers and who worked alongside Alan Turing, has died aged 101.

Microsoft experiments with putting tabs in every Windows window

Microsoft is toying with a major rethinking of the core Windows desktop. The company is considering a new layout for apps that would see every window fitted with a tab strip reminiscent of your web browser. Multiple app instances would display as tabs.

Samsung unveils new Microsoft Surface rival for 2-in-1 computing

Samsung has formally introduced its Galaxy Book Windows 10 convertible, a device built to compete with Microsoft's Surface. While smaller and less powerful than Surface, the Galaxy Book is also significantly less costly, a point that could sway buyers.

Vaux the first battery-powered speaker for Amazon Echo Dot

Consumers will now be able to utilize Alexa with the first battery-powered speaker created specifically for Amazon Echo Dot. The new "Vaux" device provides mobility and increased audio quality.

Mastercard's new credit card comes with a fingerprint sensor

Mastercard has announced what it's describing as a "new generation" of credit cards. The company has included biometric technology that adds a fingerprint to the card for additional security. It's used when verifying payments and replaces the PIN code.

Google plans to add a built-in ad blocker to Chrome

Google is planning to add a built-in ad-blocking feature to its Chrome web browser, according to a report. It will be available on Chrome's desktop and mobile apps and could be unveiled next month. It's already facing scrutiny from industry bodies.

Satellite dishes reconnect post-IS Mosul to world

Mosul - Satellite dishes have been sprouting on the rooftops of east Mosul since it was retaken from the Islamic State group, who punished anyone caught with a dish with the lash.

Kentucky coal company plans state's biggest solar farm

Pikeville - A coal company in Eastern Kentucky is partnering with a renewable energy company to set up a solar farm on a reclaimed mountaintop strip mining site, promising jobs to displaced coal miners.

Are we ready for the consequences of a technology-ruled world?

Technology plays an increasingly big part of our lives with an array of gadgets and the development of the Internet of Things. Is the rise in technology a good thing for the human condition? A top academic thinks we need to pause for thought.

Microsoft unveils new 'To-Do' app, will kill off Wunderlist

Microsoft has launched the preview version of new task management app that will eventually replace the popular Wunderlist. The aptly-named Microsoft To-Do is available on Android, iOS and Windows and is backed by Microsoft's Office 365.

Facebook looks to augmented reality as its future focus

Facebook has announced a new focus on augmented reality, unveiling a set of features for developers and users that will enable you to communicate online in VR and AR. It includes an app for hanging out in a virtual environment and new camera effects.

Google teams up with PayPal to make Android Pay more useful

Google has announced a new partnership with PayPal that will see the popular online payments service integrated into Android Pay. Mobile payment users will be able to complete in-store transactions using their PayPal account, adding a new way to pay.

Samsung Galaxy S8 owners report strange red-tinted screens

Early buyers of the Samsung Galaxy S8 are complaining the phone has a hardware problem. While the device isn't catching fire, some handsets appear to be shipping with oddly red-tinted displays. Samsung has denied there is anything wrong with the S8.

New Windows update could boost battery life by over 10 percent

Microsoft has announced details of an upcoming Windows power saving technology that could lead to substantial battery life improvements. The next major Windows version will be able to intelligently manage background apps to cut down power consumption.

Facebook thinks Messenger can replace the Yellow Pages

Facebook has announced the second generation of its Messenger bot platform, giving developers new tools to create intelligent services on Messenger. The company said it wants Messenger to replace the Yellow Pages, connecting you straight to businesses.

Google unveils the all-new Google Earth

Google has launched a brand-new version of Google Earth, its rapidly aging mapping software designed to let you explore the planet. After a lengthy development period, today's rethinking brings new features to help you discover the world around you.

iPhone 8 to feature stainless steel and glass design

Apple is planning a major overhaul of the iPhone's design in recognition of the iconic smartphone's 10th anniversary. According to a report corroborated by multiple outlets, the highlights of the new design will be stainless steel sides and a glass back.

The next big mobile development will be hand control

How far can mobile devices develop? It seems that the next innovation will be controlling mobile devices by hand gestures, according to technologists from Linnaeus University.
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Top News: Technology