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Top News: Technology

Zuckerberg further verifies the validity of virtual reality

Like it or not, virtual reality is closer than you think. The technology is already here, it’s just a matter of encouraging widespread adoption and finding ways to adapt it to meet lifestyle demands.

Op-Ed: Who really invented the selfie stick?

The selfie stick was the hottest item in stores leading up to Christmas last year. In fact, according to Spencer Soper, writer for Bloomberg, an estimated 100,000 selfie sticks were purchased in America in just the month before Christmas.

Google commits on Windows XP Chrome updates until the end of 2015

Google has announced that it will continue to provide Google Chrome updates to Windows XP users until the end of 2015, over a year after Microsoft ended support for the aging operating system. Google was originally going to end updates this month.

Why you can’t ignore the rise of the wearables market

Wearables are primed to become the “in” tech in 2015, according to a recent study by International Data Corporation. And we can credit the Apple Watch for the surge of interest.

Review: The Inateck BK1003E Bluetooth keyboard makes mobile typing easy

The Inateck BK1003E Bluetooth keyboard is a sleek and stylish portable keyboard for use with your mobile devices when on the go. It can be slung into a bag and makes typing on the move much easier.

The best-selling Windows Phone ever has Windows 10 preview pulled

Microsoft has been forced to temporarily cancel the Windows 10 preview for the world's most-popular Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 520. It follows reports from many users that their devices were bricked when trying to return to Windows Phone 8.1.

Apple execs concerned over Apple Watch launch problems

Apple is the company that, more than any other, prides itself on getting things right. Apple products "just work." Its devices are "magical." Its designs are "thoughtful" and "careful."

You can now find your lost Android phone by Googling it online

You can now find a lost Android phone online with a simple Google search. The new feature is incorporated directly into search results when you type "find my phone" into the Google search bar, if location services are enabled on the phone.

China now downloads more iOS apps than the U.S., says new report

A new report has found that Chinese iPhone users have downloaded more apps than those in the U.S. during the first quarter of this year. Apple has become one of China's most-popular brands and iPhones are cherished products in the market.

New CG animation tool to revolutionize the industry

Computer generated (CG) animation has become extremely popular during the past two decades, and it is now much more common to see this type of rendering in films and TV shows as opposed to stop-motion or hand drawn animation.

3 ways people are using Periscope app live-streaming

After the onslaught of attention Meerkat live-streaming attracted during the 2015 SXSW we are also seeing new and unique use cases of Twitter's app for live-streaming — Periscope.

Nintendo makes moves for mobile

The mobile gaming industry is booming. So much so that the overall video gaming business is expected to grow to a $102 billion market by 2017.

Google's wireless service 'Project Fi' revealed in leaked app

Google's plans to create a subscription-based wireless mobile service controlled entirely through an app have been fully revealed in the best possible way - a leaked version of the under-development app called Tycho.

Review: The Inateck BR1001 lets you stream music to any speakers

The Inateck BR1001 Bluetooth audio receiver lets you play music wirelessly from a mobile device through any set of speakers. It is a useful addition to the home of any tech-lover and can also be used while on the move.

Microsoft unveils yet another budget Lumia Windows Phone

Microsoft has added another low-cost entry-level smartphone to its growing range of Lumia Windows Phone devices. The Lumia 540 Dual Sim packs in some decent hardware, a slim body and capable camera while still costing less than $150.

Windows 10 on small tablets: Windows Phone but a little bigger

Screenshots have emerged of an early build of Windows 10 for tablets with small screen-sizes of under 8-inches. For these devices, the desktop will not be accessible and a Windows Phone-reminiscent interface will be used.

More Lollipop issues: Nexus 5 camera problems widely reported

After recent reports that Android Lollipop has been permanently bricking Nexus 5 and 7 devices, Nexus 5 owners are facing even more issues. Many users have reported that the camera often fails to start or immediately force closes in several apps.

Law enforcement closes down massive botnet of 770,000 computers

A worldwide botnet operating in 190 countries and on 770,000 computers has been forced offline by law enforcement groups and private security companies. It stole banking credentials and installed more malware on users' computers.

Want to learn more about technology? Try these courses

Whatever your experience level, there are some great courses available online to teach you more about the world of technology. Covering skills from programming and web development to network management, everybody can learn new skills in their own time.
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Top News: Technology
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