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Seaweed farmers in hot water as Zanzibar struggles

Zanzibar - Waist deep in sparkling blue water off the white beaches of the Indian Ocean spice island of Zanzibar, seaweed farmer Mtumwa Vuai Ameir gently ties seedlings to wood poles.

Training rats to sniff out TB sufferers

East African researchers are considering using the highly developed sense of smell of rats to screen for tuberculosis among prisoners in the crowded prisons in Tanzania and Mozambique.

Zanzibar president warns against violence at swearing in

Zanzibar - Zanzibar's newly-elected President Ali Mohamed Shein called for unity and calm on Thursday after being sworn in following controversial re-run elections in Tanzania's semi-autonomous islands.

Zanzibar votes in re-run election as opposition boycott

Zanzibar - Voting began in Zanzibar on Sunday with security tight and an opposition boycott in place for the re-run of October's election in Tanzania's semi-autonomous islands, cancelled due to fraud allegations.

Tanzanians jailed for British wildlife pilot murder

Dar Es Salaam - Four Tanzanians facing trial for the murder of a British conservationist whose helicopter was shot down have been jailed for 20 years for possessing firearms, lawyers said Friday.

Five Tanzanians arrested after British pilot killed: President

Dar Es Salaam - Tanzanian president John Magufuli has condemned the killing of a British conservationist after his helicopter was shot down while he chased suspected poachers, saying five people have been arrested.

Zebras don't use their stripes for camouflage, new study reports

It's a question that has intrigued scientists for decades: "Why do zebras have stripes?" Thanks to a recent study, we may now be much closer to the answer.

A horrific fishing tactic in Tanzania is destroying marine life

Dar Es Salaam - The use of explosives in catching fish was outlawed some years ago in Tanzania, but recent reports confirm the practice is alive and well in the African country.

Leading Rwandan genocide suspect arrested in DR Congo

Arusha - One of nine top fugitive Rwandan genocide suspects, a former mayor accused of slaughtering thousands of people and organising mass rapes in 1994, has been arrested, the United Nations said.Ladislas Ntaganzwa, who had a $5 million (4.

Watch adorable birds tap-dance while attracting a mate

An enchanting video has been released showing adorable and colourful birds undertake a rhythmical dance, replete with toe-tapping action, in a bid to attract a mate.

Five Tanzanian miners freed after 41 days trapped underground

Dar Es Salaam - Five Tanzanian gold miners have been rescued after spending 41 days trapped deep underground eating cockroaches and frogs to survive, the mining ministry and survivors said Tuesday.

Five Tanzanian miners freed after 41 days trapped underground: ministry

Dar Es Salaam - Five Tanzanian gold miners have been rescued after spending 41 trapped deep underground eating cockroaches and frogs to survive, the mining ministry and survivors said Tuesday.

Tanzania's Magufuli sworn in as president

Dar Es Salaam - Tanzania's new President John Magufuli was sworn into office Thursday along with the east African nation's first female vice-president to huge cheers from crowds.

Tanzania prepares president's inauguration, but Zanzibar to miss

Dar Es Salaam - Opposition leaders in Zanzibar said Wednesday they would not take part in celebrations for the inauguration of Tanzania's new president John Magufuli, after elections were annulled on the islands.

Zanzibar opposition urges calm amid political crisis

Zanzibar - Zanzibar's opposition chief called for calm Monday, having previously threatened to lead protests if results of annulled elections were not released on the semi-autonomous Tanzanian islands.

Small blasts hit Zanzibar after poll annulled: Police, AFP

Zanzibar - Two small blasts rocked streets of Zanzibar on Saturday but caused no casualties, police and an AFP reporter said, in the latest unrest following the annulment of polls on the semi-autonomous Tanzanian archipelago.

Tanzania's new leader calls for unity amid opposition fraud claims

Dar Es Salaam - Tanzania's new leader John Magufuli called for unity Friday after winning hotly contested polls the opposition claimed to have won, and amid tensions after Zanzibar annulled polls."I promise to deliver my election pledges, but we need to work together....

Tanzania ruling party's Magufuli wins presidential vote

Dar Es Salaam - Tanzania's ruling party candidate John Magufuli won hotly contested presidential elections, officials announced Thursday, but the opposition said the vote was rigged and also claimed victory.

Zanzibar poll annulment throws Tanzania results into doubt

Dar Es Salaam - Tanzania's elections were thrown into doubt Wednesday after the semi-autonomous Zanzibar archipelago annulled polls, sparking tension on the islands and raising questions about national presidential results due Thursday.

Tension in Tanzania poll count as ministers lose seats

Dar Es Salaam - Tanzania's ruling party presidential candidate took an early lead Tuesday as election officials counted votes in a close race for a second day, while several key ministers lost their seats.
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