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Burundi clashes as East African leaders hold crisis talks

Dar Es Salaam - Burundi police battled with protesters Wednesday as East African leaders gathered for crisis talks aimed at ending weeks of deadly violence over the president's controversial third term bid.

At least 19 killed in Tanzanian mine collapse

Dar Es Salaam - At least 19 Tanzanian gold miners were killed when the pit they were working in collapsed in the northwestern Msalala district, a local government official said Saturday.

200 witchdoctors arrested in Tanzania crackdown

Dar Es Salaam - Over 200 people have been arrested in Tanzania as part of a nationwide crackdown on witchdoctors linked to a wave of albino attacks and murders, police said Thursday.

At least 40 killed in bus, truck collision in Tanzania

Dar Es Salaam - At least 40 people were killed and 23 seriously injured on Wednesday in a collision between a bus and a truck in central Tanzania, officials said.

Seven held in Tanzania over latest albino attack

Arusha - Police in Tanzania said Tuesday they have arrested seven suspects over a vicious weekend assault in which a six-year-old albino boy's hand was hacked off with a machete.

Plague alert: How agriculture could trigger problems in Africa Special

A warning has been sounded that methods deployed to increase food production in East Africa could increase the risk of plague, possibly to epidemic levels.

Lions suffering from ‘dog disease’

The disease, commonly known to affect dogs, called canine distemper is more widespread among animal species than previously thought. This includes many lions.

Canadian feds pays $180,000 for mining watchdog that isn't there

Last year, the Harper government spent over $180,000 to run the office of a counsellor of corporate social responsibility for the Canadian mining industry. There's only one problem: There is no corporate social responsibility counselor.

Tanzania bans witchdoctors to stem grisly albino murders

Arusha - Tanzania has banned witchdoctors to try and stem a surge in murders of albinos, whose body parts are sold for witchcraft, officials said Wednesday.

Cheetah uses GoPro as chew toy when cameraman gets too close

Dodoma - An inquisitive cheetah turned into a cameraman's dream come true when the big cat playfully swiped the man's GoPro camera away from him. Boris von Schoenebeck was used to watching two of the big cats climb on his jeep while he filmed in the Serengeti.

Four held in Tanzania over albino girl kidnapping

Arusha - Police in Tanzania said Wednesday they have arrested four people over the kidnapping of an albino girl in the north of the country, where many are killed and their body parts sold as lucky charms.

Tanzania president vows never to expel Maasai

Dar Es Salaam - Tanzania's president has vowed never to evict the Maasai people from their traditional lands, which activists claimed were threatened by plans for a hunting reserve for the wealthy.

Tanzania threat to 'evict' 40,000 for hunting park: campaigners

Dar Es Salaam - Tanzania will evict thousands of members of the Maasai community from their traditional lands if it goes ahead with plans to create a hunting park, campaigners claimed Tuesday.

Two suspected 'witches' hacked to death in Tanzania

Arusha - Two Tanzanian women were hacked to death by men who accused them of casting spells that made them sexually impotent, police said Friday, in the latest killings of alleged "witches".

GlaxoSmithKline asks for regulatory approval of malaria vaccine

Researchers at GlaxoSmithKline believe they have finally developed an effective vaccine for Malaria. Now they need government approval to finish and deploy the latest version.

Attacks hit Tanzania and Kenya tourist sites

Arusha - Tanzania and Kenya were targeted in separate attacks in key tourist sites in the east African nations, police said Tuesday, the latest in a series of bombings and gun battles scaring off foreign visitors.

Rwanda genocide court upholds 30-year sentence for ex-army chief

Arusha - The UN court for Rwanda upheld a 30-year jail term for former army chief Augustin Bizimungu on Monday for his role in the 1994 genocide during which he called for the murder of minority Tutsis.

Creating safe water for Tanzania

Scientists have developed a solar filtration system, designed to produce high-quality drinking water from polluted brackish water, for regions in Tanzania. The filter effectively separates undesired substances, bacteria, and viruses.

Poaching could wipe out Tanzanian elephants in 7 years: group

Dar Es Salaam - Poachers are slaughtering Tanzania's elephants for their ivory at such alarming rates that the population could be completely wiped out in just seven years, conservationists told a conference Friday.

Ocala Heart Institute: Saving lives at home and abroad Special

Each year approximately 1.1 million Americans have a heart attack. For approximately 515,000, myocardial infarction means death. (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute)
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