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Miner becomes millionaire after finding biggest tanzanite stones

Dar Es Salaam - A Tanzanian small-scale miner has become a multi-millionaire after uncovering two of the biggest of the country's precious tanzanite stones ever found and selling them to the government.Saniniu Kuryan Laizer, 52, found the stones weighing 9.27 and 5.

Tanzania's Magufuli dissolves parliament ahead of elections

Dar Es Salaam - Tanzanian President John Magufuli on Tuesday dissolved parliament to allow for elections in October, pledging a "free and fair" vote in a country where the opposition has decried a climate of fear and violence.

Twenty killed in Tanzanian church stampede: official

Dar Es Salaam - Twenty people in Tanzania were trampled to death at an open-air evangelical Christian church service in the north of the country, officials said on Sunday.

Tanzania mourns 69 killed in fuel tanker blast

Morogoro - Tanzania was in mourning Sunday, preparing to bury 69 people who perished when a crashed fuel tanker exploded as crowds rushed to syphon off leaking petrol.

Tanzania mourns 64 killed in fuel tanker blast

Morogoro - Tanzania was in mourning Sunday, preparing to bury the dead after 64 people perished when a crashed fuel tanker exploded as crowds rushed to syphon off leaking petrol.

Tanzania fuel tanker blast kills 64

Morogoro - Sixty-four people perished in Tanzania Saturday when a fuel tanker overturned and then exploded as crowds of people rushed to syphon off leaking fuel.

Fighting back on poaching: Fitting tracking collars to wildlife

As part of its conservation work, the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WFF) is fitting Tanzanian Elephants with satellite-trackable collars. The aim is to track the movement of the elephants at all times.

Jihadist threat haunts northern Mozambique

Mtwara - What's left of the Nanduadua mosque lies deep within a labyrinth of alleyways in Mocimboa da Praia, a port town in Mozambique's far north.A handful of veiled women hurry past the one-time place of worship, which is now reduced to rubble.

In Kenya, anti-poaching dogs are wildlife's best friends

Mara - Five-month-old bloodhound Shakaria gambols through the long savannah grasses of Kenya's Maasai Mara reserve, her playful mood swiftly turning to keen determination as she is ordered to track a human scent.

TED: Phones and drones transforming healthcare

Arusha - In the developing world, basic healthcare is often a challenge -- let alone expensive medical screening or tests for easily treatable, preventable illnesses.

A new leap for AI: computer chips that can smell

Arusha - Nigerian neuroscientist Oshiorenoya Agabi may have found a way to solve one of life's puzzling dilemmas: how to make air travel pleasant again.

Erdogan asks Tanzania to act against Gulen network

Dar Es Salaam - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday asked his Tanzanian counterpart John Magufuli to take action against the network of an exiled cleric he blames for last year's failed coup.

Tanzania earthquake toll climbs to 14 dead, 200 injured

Dar Es Salaam - A 5.7-magnitude earthquake that struck northwest Tanzania, close to Lake Victoria and the borders of Uganda and Rwanda, has killed at least 14 people and injured 200, local authorities said Sunday.

Tanzania opposition postpones protests against 'dictatorship'

Dar Es Salaam - Tanzania's main opposition party on Wednesday postponed for a month promised protests against what it says are anti-democratic actions by President John Magufuli.

Keeping elephants at bay with chili powder and condoms

The ultimate elephant repellent has been found to be chili powder inside condoms, with the condoms placed at key locations. There's a reason for this, and it's to do with protecting elephants from poachers.

Shiny new buses challenge chaotic old ways in Tanzania

Dar Es Salaam - Sweaty passengers crammed into battered buses and stuck in traffic jams look on enviously as Tanzania's shiny new commuter buses fly by on the pristine asphalt of dedicated highway lanes.

Tanzanian rats with nose for trouble train to save lives

Morogoro - They have proven their worth in detecting landmines but Africa's giant pouched rats have a lesser-known but equally critical vocation - saving lives by speeding up tuberculosis detection.

Chinese families of MH 370 victims protest proposed end of search

Beijing - Family members of passengers aboard ill-fated Maylasia Airlines Flight 370 demonstrated outside China's Foreign Ministry on Friday, demanding to meet officials who propose suspending the high-tech search for the jet if it is not found by year's end.

Call to ban helium balloons to save supplies

Medical reserves of helium gas have reduced to such a low level that doctors are calling for a ban on using the gas in party balloons to preserve the supply.

Huge helium gas field found in Tanzania could be a 'game changer'

A huge field of helium gas discovered in Africa could help to ease the global shortage of the precious element, vital to many of our high-tech applications, such as MRIs and yes, even those colorful party balloons.
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