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Taiwan angry over 'emotional' female president comments

Taipei - Outraged Taiwanese took to the Internet Thursday to slam sexist comments by a Chinese analyst who said the island's new president practises "emotional" politics because she is a single woman.

Taiwan's cat-loving president to adopt retired guide dogs

Taipei - Taiwan's new president, whose two cats grace many of her Facebook posts, said Thursday she would adopt three retired guide dogs, but dismissed media speculation over a "civil war" among presidential pets.

Taiwan indicts man over child's beheading

Taipei - Taiwanese prosecutors indicted a man Monday for murder over the public decapitation of a four year old girl, saying they would seek the death penalty for the "extremely cold-blooded" attack.

Taiwan's ex-president Ma faces lawsuits as immunity ends

Taipei - Dozens of lawsuits brought against former Taiwanese president Ma Ying-jeou reopened Saturday as his presidential immunity lapsed after the island swore in its new leader.

Beijing issues warning to Taiwan's new president

Taipei - Beijing warned Taiwan's new president Tsai Ing-wen against seeking independence Friday, cautioning that peace would be "impossible" if she made any moves to formally break away.

Taiwan's Tsai calls for 'positive dialogue' with Beijing

Taipei - Taiwan's new president Tsai Ing-wen called for "positive dialogue" with China in her much-anticipated inauguration speech Friday, striking a conciliatory tone in the face of an increasingly hostile Beijing.

U.S. dispute with Beijing over South China Sea islands heats up

Beijing - Tensions between the United States and China worsened last week after the U.S. Navy sent a warship past disputed islands in the South China Sea.

'Dead panda' scare over animal gifted to Taiwan by China

Taipei - Taipei Zoo was forced to deny reports that a giant panda gifted by China as a symbol of unity had died on Monday, in what initially appeared to be a frightening portent for cross-strait ties.

Fallen hero: How the tide turned for Taiwan's Ma

Taipei - He won Taiwan's largest ever landslide victory, a safe pair of hands promising prosperity and stability -- but president Ma Ying-jeou leaves office this month caricatured as incompetent, aloof and wildly out of step with public sentiment.

Religion goes green in Taiwan pollution battle

Taipei - Smoke billows daily from temples across Taiwan as visitors burn incense and paper money to bring luck and prosperity -- but that familiar fragrant haze could be a thing of the past as concerns grow over ritual pollutants.

Beijing 'tightens screws' on Taiwan's new president

Taipei - When Tsai Ing-wen becomes Taiwan's president later this month, she will end a period of unprecedented rapprochement with rival Beijing -- and China is already ramping up the pressure on her new government.

Taiwan party organiser jailed for fireball that killed 15

Taipei - The organiser of a party which saw a fireball rip through a Taiwan waterpark, leaving 15 dead and hundreds injured, was jailed for almost five years Tuesday as the court cited the "excruciating pain" of the bereaved.

Bravery, loss and hope: Life after Taiwan waterpark tragedy

Taipei - Huang Po-wei trains five times a week with a coach, crunching out 300 sit-ups and pulling on weights -- all in anticipation of the day when he can strap on a new pair of legs.

Taiwan protests after officials 'barred by China' at OECD meet

Taipei - Taiwan said Tuesday it would protest to Beijing and Belgium after its delegation was barred at a global industry conference in Brussels due to complaints from China.

Rare crane a boost to Taiwan's troubled wetlands

Taipei - It has a Facebook page, two books and its own brand of rice. A Siberian crane that landed in Taiwan after getting lost on migration over a year ago even made international headlines when it was found wandering outside a train station.

Taiwan beheading suspect beaten by angry mob

Taipei - A Taiwanese man suspected of decapitating a four-year-old girl was beaten by an angry mob, as the case sparked fresh debate Tuesday about the death penalty for child-killers.

Taiwan's KMT picks China-friendly leader after election loss

Taipei - Taiwan's opposition Kuomintang party picked a China-friendly leader on Saturday as it struggles to regain public support after a crushing defeat in national elections.

Tiananmen dissident warns of Trump danger

Taipei - A former leader of the Tiananmen Square protests in China has lashed out at US presidential hopeful Donald Trump, whom he dubbed a "privileged comeback king", and warned America is at risk of abandoning its cherished freedoms.

U.S. expected to raise South China Sea issues in talks with China

Beijing - U.S. diplomats are expected to voice concerns about a suspected military expansion in the South China Sea at high-level talks this week in Washington, D.C.

Taiwan vows new safety laws after quake disaster

Taipei - Taiwan's premier pledged Friday to change safety laws after more than 100 people were killed when an earthquake toppled an apartment complex thought to have been weakened by shoddy construction.
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