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US envoy defends his criticism of Chinese religious persecution

Taipei - US envoy for religious freedom Sam Brownback defended his remark that China is "at war with faith" after the Chinese foreign ministry issued an angry statement condemning the envoy's words as a "malicious attack and slander on China's religious policie...

Taiwan asks US for new fighter jets to defend against China

Taipei - Taiwan has made a formal request to the United States for new fighter jets to defend itself against increasing Chinese threats, Deputy Defence Minister Shen Yi-ming told reporters Thursday.

Op-Ed: China vs Taiwan heating up with a song and firepower

Beijing - The Year of the Pig has started with an exchange of pleasantries between China and Taiwan. China sent Taiwan a “reunification” message, and a song written by a fighter pilot. Taiwan replied with a message, “We Are Ready”, and a show of firepower.

Dissidents trapped inside Taiwan airport allowed in after 125 days

Taipei - Two Chinese activists who spent more than four months trapped in limbo at a Taiwanese airport have been temporarily allowed to stay on the island, officials said Thursday.

Taiwan entertainer faces jail for slapping minister over history row

Taipei - A retired Taiwanese entertainer could face jail after she slapped a minister to protest government moves to address the controversial legacy of late leader Chiang Kai-shek, officials said Thursday.

Taiwan's traditional medicine stores struggle on life support

Taipei - Traditional medicine store owner Gu Cheng-pu knows her dispensary can only stay open as long as her ailing father-in-law lives, their careers hostage to a quirk in Taiwanese law that is killing off the industry.

Chinese dissidents in Taiwan airport limbo for over 100 days

Taipei - Chinese dissident Liu Xinglian marked his 64th birthday on Wednesday at Taiwan's Taoyuan airport, one of two refugees who have been trapped in limbo there for more than 100 days, hoping for asylum overseas.

Op-Ed: China-U.S. trade talks — Big stakes, big risks

Washington - The China-U.S. trade talks are rattling along, with some offers made by the Chinese, but America now muttering about whether the Chinese will stick to their commitments. The underlying issues are much bigger, and far more dangerous.

China taking advantage of Taiwan's openness, warns Tsai

Taipei - China's manipulation of Taiwan's democratic openness is the biggest threat to the island's security, President Tsai Ing-wen said Tuesday, as she called on Beijing to seek peaceful means to solve their differences.

Taiwan New Year tax protesters cite French 'yellow vest' success

Taipei - A Taiwanese tax reform campaign whose activists dress in yellow ramped up its protests Tuesday, interrupting a New Year flag-raising ceremony attended by the president, partially inspired by the recent success of France's "yellow vests".

Op-Ed: Military drones; the new wave raises questions

Sydney - New technologies, and more capabilities, and more punch are making drones serious military threats. Theoretically, there is no real limit to what these drains can carry, and deliver to a target.

Op-Ed: Accountancy vs USS Zumwalt, a stupid story

Washington - The US military industrial complex is famous for its greed, not its combat savvy. Since the “Age of Shoddy” during the Civil War, its reputation for tacky intrusions into military needs has been fully justified.

Taiwan to enact separate law on gay marriage

Taipei - Taiwan will enact a separate law for same-sex unions after conservative groups won a recent referendum battle, the premier said, as LGBT activists Friday urged the government to abide by a landmark ruling to offer equal marriage rights.

Speeding blamed for fatal train crash in Taiwan

Taipei - Taiwan's government said Monday speeding was the main cause of a train derailment that killed 18 people last month in the first official report on the incident.

Taiwan's same-sex couples put future on hold after vote defeat

Taipei - After more than three decades together, Wang Tien-ming and Ho Hsiang finally decided to tie the knot when Taiwan's top court ruled last year that same-sex marriage must be legalised.

Five takeaways from Taiwan's vote results

Taipei - A massive defeat for Taiwan's ruling party in mid-term polls Saturday was seen as an indictment of President Tsai Ing-wen and called into question her approach to China, as well as unpopular domestic reforms.

Taiwan's progressive image takes hit after divisive polls

Taipei - LGBT activists in Taiwan fear their newly won right to marriage equality is under threat, while the president is battling for her political future after a wide-ranging vote that saw the island swing towards conservatism.

Anti-gay marriage groups win Taiwan referendum battle

Taipei - Voters in Taiwan backed anti-gay marriage referendums Saturday in what LGBT activists said was a major blow to the island's reputation as a rights trailblazer.

Anti-gay marriage groups win Taiwan referendum battle

Taipei - Voters in Taiwan backed anti-gay marriage referendums Saturday in what LGBT activists said was a major blow to the island's reputation as a rights trailblazer.

Taiwan vote spotlights social and political rifts

Taipei - Millions of Taiwanese went to the polls Saturday in key elections which tap into a raft of divisive issues, from relations with Beijing to gay rights.
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