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Cake fight: Taiwan, China officials scuffle at Fiji soiree

Taipei - Taiwan and China traded accusations Monday over a physical clash between their diplomats at a reception in Fiji -- with Beijing revealing that a cake helped fuel the dust-up.

Taiwan rejects China spy claims as 'creating terror'

Taipei - Taipei accused Beijing Tuesday of "creating terror" after state media aired a series of reports on espionage that included alleged confessions of two Taiwanese in Chinese custody.

Tsai defiant as Taiwan's anti-China jet flights double

Taipei - Taiwan will not "yield an inch" in defending itself, President Tsai Ing-wen warned Tuesday, as new figures revealed the island is scrambling fighter jets at more than double the rate of last year in response to Chinese incursions.

Baby boom at Taipei Zoo lightens pandemic blues

Taipei - Taiwan's largest zoo has celebrated a flurry of births in recent months -- including pandas and pangolins -- in a welcome boost during a visitor slump due to the coronavirus.

China 'must back off', says Taiwan

Taipei - Taiwan on Tuesday demanded that China "back off" and accused it of threatening peace, after a Beijing official rejected a largely respected marine boundary following recent incursions.

Senior US diplomat wraps up Taiwan visit as China flexes muscle

Taipei - A top US diplomat attended the funeral for former Taiwan president Lee Teng-hui Saturday which featured a eulogy by Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama before wrapping up a visit overshadowed by Chinese military exercises.

Taiwan scrambles jets as China military overshadows US visit

Taipei - Taiwan scrambled fighter jets Friday as the Chinese military conducted exercises near the Taiwan Strait during a rare visit by a high-ranking US diplomat to the self-ruled island.

US sends top-level diplomat to Taiwan, angering China

Taipei - A top US diplomat landed in Taiwan Thursday, the highest-ranking State Department official to visit in 40 years, in a further sign of Washington's willingness to defy China and its campaign to isolate the self-ruled island.

US sends top-level diplomat to Taiwan, defying China

Taipei - A top US diplomat will arrive in Taiwan on Thursday, the highest-ranking State Department official to visit in 40 years, in a further sign of Washington's willingness to defy China and its campaign to isolate the self-ruled island.

Taiwan bird group blames political flap for ejection from global network

Taipei - A Taiwan bird protection group said Tuesday it has been kicked out of BirdLife International -- a global conservation partnership -- after refusing to sign a statement saying it would never advocate for the island's independence from China.

Taiwan artisans fuse reality and fantasy in miniature worlds

Taipei - From a bucolic rural grocery shop to fictional battlefields and robot warrior bases, Taiwanese artisans are meticulously handcrafting miniature worlds that fuse reality and fantasy.

Somaliland launches representative office in Taiwan

Taipei - Somaliland opened a representative office in Taiwan Wednesday as the unrecognised but de facto sovereign territories deepen a relationship that has sparked angry rebukes from both China and Somalia.

Taiwan's polarising pig festival draws smaller sacrifices

Hsinchu - A festival in Taiwan where enormous pigs are slaughtered and displayed is drawing smaller crowds as animal rights activists alter perceptions of the controversial tradition.

Taiwan urges international alliance to safeguard regional stability

Taipei - Taiwan's president called Tuesday for democratic countries to combat China's regional expansionism, saying the alliance would safeguard "freedom... human rights and democracy".

'I am Taiwanese': Czech speaker channels JFK in Taiwan speech

Taipei - A senior Czech politician invoked a famous Cold War-era phrase by late US president John F Kennedy as he delivered a landmark speech to Taiwan's parliament Tuesday during a visit that has incensed Beijing.

Taiwan builds on recognition with Czech delegation

Taipei - A Czech delegation arrived in Taipei Sunday in the second high-profile foreign visit to Taiwan this month -- a setback for China's campaign to keep the island isolated from the rest of the world.

Taiwan 'on front lines of freedom' after HK crackdown: president

Taipei - Taiwan stands on the front lines of freedom and democracy, President Tsai Ing-wen said Thursday, as Beijing clamps down on Hong Kong and ramps up military activities in the region.

Thousands of Taiwan government email accounts 'hacked by China'

Taipei - Chinese hackers infiltrated at least 10 Taiwan government agencies and gained access to around 6,000 email accounts in an attempt to steal data, officials said Wednesday.

US health chief sceptical of Russia's virus vaccine claim

Taipei - Washington's health chief on Wednesday expressed scepticism about Russia's claim of developing the world's first safe coronavirus vaccine, pointing to the lack of data from its initial trials.

China warns US against 'playing with fire' over Taiwan visit

Taipei - China warned Washington not to "play with fire" on Wednesday as a US delegation wrapped up a historic trip to the self-ruled island of Taiwan.
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