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Fear has made me stronger: former detained Hong Kong bookseller

Taipei - The disappearance of a Chinese billionaire from his Hong Kong hotel has brought back frightening memories for bookseller Lam Wing-kee, who also went missing in an ordeal that highlighted Beijing’s tightening grip on the city.

Distraught relatives mourn victims of Taiwan bus crash

Taipei - Distraught relatives in Taiwan gathered to mourn their loved ones on Tuesday after a bus carrying elderly local tourists flipped on its side and left 33 dead in one of the island's worst ever road accidents.

32 dead in Taiwan's worst highway accident for decades

Taipei - A Taiwan bus taking elderly local tourists home from visiting seasonal cherry blossoms careered off a highway Monday night leaving 32 dead, in the island's worst road accident in decades.

Op-Ed: China vs. U.S. in the South China Sea — a very deadly situation

Sydney - The possible conflict between China and the U.S. over the South China Sea islands has some truly bizarre issues built in. The U.S. has stated it intends to “block access” to the islands. This could very well mean war with China.

Taiwan tells Beijing to grow up over Trump ceremony row

Taipei - China should not be so "narrow-minded", Taiwan said Thursday, after Beijing pressed Washington to block the island from attending Donald Trump's inauguration.

Taiwan simulates China attacks as tension rises

Taipei - Taiwan began two days of military drills Tuesday simulating an attack by China as the government sought to reassure the public in the face of deteriorating relations with Beijing.

Op-Ed: Trump major gaffe with China gets ominous response

Sydney - If there is one thing China will never negotiate, it’s the One China policy, which says that Taiwan and China will reunify. Donald Trump’s suggestion that the policy is negotiable has caused an extraordinarily angry reaction in Beijing.

China aircraft carrier enters strait, Taiwan warns against 'panic'

Taipei - China's only aircraft carrier has entered the Taiwan Strait in a highly symbolic show of strength, but Taiwan insisted Wednesday there was no need for panic even as tensions boil over the island's diplomatic status.

Taiwan president heads to US as Beijing watches

Taipei - Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen left for the United States Saturday on her way to Central America, a trip that will be scrutinised by China, incensed by her congratulatory call to Donald Trump.

Op-Ed: China blasts Trump’s Twitter obsession

Sydney - Seems that while DT’s tweets generate a lot of business for America’s “news media”, China is already tired of it. Official Chinese news outlet Xinhua has a lengthy list of complaints and commentary.

Pole dancers jam traffic at Taiwan politician's funeral

Taipei - Fifty pole dancers clad in black bikinis gave one Taiwan politician a raucous final send-off in an eyebrow-raising funeral parade that jammed traffic and drew crowds of onlookers.

Taiwan prisoners turn artisan chefs as 'jail food' takes off

- If it were not for the locked doors, knives chained to the table and uniformed staff, the food factory inside Taoyuan women's prison would resemble any commercial kitchen.

Taiwan leader urges reflection over Nazi parade row

Taipei - Taiwan's president on Thursday urged educators to reflect deeply on human rights and pass on those lessons to young people after a Nazi-themed parade held by Taiwanese students before Christmas sparked international furore.

Taiwan warns of growing threats from China

Taipei - Taiwan's defence minister warned Tuesday that threats from China were growing daily after Beijing's aircraft carrier and a flotilla of other warships passed south of the island in an exercise as tensions grow.

Taiwan school principal resigns over Nazi parade

Taipei - The principal of a Taiwanese high school has stepped down after students held a Nazi-themed parade ahead of the Christmas weekend, triggering a furore and harsh criticism from Israel.

Taiwan moves a step closer to legalising same-sex marriage

Taipei - Taiwan's parliament on Monday passed the first draft of a controversial marriage equality bill, moving the island a step closer to becoming the first place in Asia to legalise same-sex nuptials.

China's aircraft carrier passes south of Taiwan

Taipei - Taiwan said Monday it was closely monitoring the movements of China's sole aircraft carrier and five other warships, which earlier passed south of the island on an exercise held amid worsening cross-strait relations.

Deep divisions in Taiwan over gay marriage reform

Taipei - Watching her boisterous twin toddlers romp around the living room, Hope Chen worries what would happen to them if she ever fell seriously ill or had an accident.

Taiwan hostage freed by Somali pirates ate mice, scorpions

Taipei - Hostages were forced to eat mice, scorpions and centipedes to survive during the nearly five years they were held by Somali pirates, according to a Taiwanese seafarer who arrived home Wednesday.

Thirsty Taiwan makes splash on global whisky scene

- An upstart Taiwanese whisky is outshining veteran brands on the global stage as the island fast earns a reputation as a stamping ground for connoisseurs.
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