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Gas station shooter gets life for killing teen over loud music

A white man who shot into a car full of black teenagers at a Florida gas station in 2012, killing one, has been sentenced to life without parole. Michael Dunn was sentenced to life today in a Florida courtroom.

Porn stars allowing men to fondle breasts for charity at Boob-Aid

For 24 consecutive hours, 10 female Japanese porn actresses will allow men to fondle their boobs. The boob gropers must first make a donation to the fight against AIDS, however, and while they're doing it they'll be on TV.

Sex study: Lesbians orgasm more than straight women, but not men

Research from the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction at Indiana University in Bloomington found that lesbians have more orgasms compared to straight women. Overall though, men still come first.

Women bare breasts all over world on International Go-Topless Day

It's a serious event that's also a bit of a spectacle and somewhat odd — it's organized by the Raelians, who believe aliens created humanity — and it draws more fully-clothed spectators than half-dressed participants. In it, breasts are bared.

Distressed family of trapped Orca whale stays until he's freed

The family of a young Orca whale who became tangled in a fisherman's net near Port Hardy in B.C. stayed by his side until he was freed. The Orca's mom, two siblings, an aunt and two of his cousins stuck near, making sounds indicating their concern.

Microbes found growing in a tar pit

La Brea - A new study has shown that microdroplets of water in a natural asphalt lake are home to active microbial life. This has thrown up the re-occurring question of whether such bacteria could exist on seeming inhospitable planets.

Book claims Malaysia MH370 downed by pilot in murder/suicide

Two writers, one a former pilot and one a chief executive officer for two airlines, are publishing a book that claims the pilot of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 was responsible for the tragedy. They believe Zaharie Ahmad Shah committed murder/suicide.

Cristiano Ronaldo may be out of 2014 World Cup due to knee injury

After Cristiano Ronaldo left a training session early Wednesday and iced his knee, rumors about his availability are swirling. Some media reported he is out of the World Cup altogether due to an injury in his left knee, but that news is unconfirmed.

New Zealand man who sued prostitute for refund loses in court

A man in New Zealand who sued a prostitute in court, claiming he did not receive satisfaction from her when he hired her for a sexual favor, has lost his case. Indeed, he has lost so badly the judge said he must pay his legal bills - and hers.

Costa Concordia News: Couple to sue owners for 2 million Euros

A British couple celebrating their anniversary onboard the Costa Concordia on January 13, 2012 say they will launch a lawsuit against the owners. John and Mandy Rodford want the company to "suffer" like they say that they've suffered.

6 Iranians arrested for dancing in 'Happy' video are released

Six young Iranians who made a dance video to singer Pharrell Williams' 'Happy' are free. They weren't free for a while though as they were arrested for making what Tehran police chief Hossen Sajedinia called a "vulgar clip which hurt public chastity."

Beyonce's sister lays a beating on Beyonce's husband, Jay-Z

A good whipping was administered to rapper Jay-Z, husband of Beyonce, laid on him by his wife's sister, Solange Knowles. Video from the Standard Hotel shows a one-sided scrap as the trio were returning to their rooms after the Met Ball last week.

Texas cop fired by city council after shooting 93-year-old woman

A police officer in Texas was fired today days after shooting dead a 93-year-old woman. The woman held a gun and reports say she fired twice; at some point Officer Stephen Stem told her to put it down three times; she refused and he fired four shots.

Canada gets its first marijuana vending machine — Guess where?

Vancouver - Let's do away with the suspense created by the title: Canada has its first marijuana vending machine in, naturally, Vancouver. The city's a haven for the pot movement but this vending machine is strictly about medical marijuana.

Canadian boy fights for life, seeks new treatment and needs help

This is a story of pain that wants very badly to become a story of joy. Zack Downey is by all accounts an energetic baseball player and a wonderful kid. He's fighting not to become a statistic and though strong, and with spirit, he can't do it alone.

Justin Bieber is again kaput with Selena Gomez, dates Spaniard

Like other Justin Bieber stories, this one may or may not be true; after all, it's hard to really know what's going on in his world. But here's this: reports now say he again split with Selena Gomez and is now with an 18-year-old Spanish model.

Man arrives at court for stolen vehicle charge, in stolen vehicle

Timothy Frederick Knight is arguably not the brightest guy in Daly City, California, but he has a lot of hutzpah. It appears that Knight arrived at court for his trial on charges of possessing a stolen vehicle — in a stolen vehicle.

Scuba diver Jason Neilus filmed giving seal pup bellyrub, tickles

In the waters off of the wild Farne Islands in Northumerland, England, diver Jason Neilus often encounters seals. He filmed himself with one particularly friendly 'sea dog' and being friendly himself, the result is pretty awesome.

May take 8 months to find Flight MH370 in larger search area

The search for Malaysia Flight MH370 is moving to a larger area in the south Indian Ocean and officials say it may take 8 months to complete. The U.S. Navy's submersible Bluefin-21 has searched the most probable area, a smaller area, but found nothing.

Costa Concordia: Sponsons positioned to ready for tow from Giglio

The first of 19 more massive sponsons to be attached to the Costa Concordia was positioned last week to ready the ship to be towed from the Italian island of Giglio. The cruise liner has sat 300 meters from shore since the Jan. 13, 2012 tragedy.
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