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Trinidad PM sworn in, vows 'radical reform' of education

Saint James - Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Keith Rowley promised a "radical reform" of the country's education system after he and his cabinet were sworn into office for a second term.

Trinidad opposition leader demands election recount

Saint James - Trinidad and Tobago's opposition leader Kamla Persad Bissessar demanded a recount Tuesday in three key constituencies despite Prime Minister Keith Rowley's declaration of victory in the general election.

Trinidad PM declares election victory as opposition contests result

Saint James - Trinidad and Tobago's ruling People's National Movement party has declared victory in a close-run general election where it lost a seat to the opposition, which has said it will contest the result.

Chinese baby is born with 15 fingers, 16 toes — but no thumbs

It's a condition that is rare but there is surgery to solve the problem of having extra digits. A baby in China has a lot of extra digits, 11 of them in fact, and yet neither of the infant's palms has a thumb.

New boa constrictor species found on remote island in Bahamas

A new species of boa constrictor has been discovered on an uninhabited island in the Bahamas. One of the manners in which the species introduced itself was to slither out of a tree right up upon the head of a researcher.

Prof. has way for Earth to cloak itself, hide from alien planets

A professor at Columbia University has found a simple way for the Earth to hide from other planets who may not have nice intentions should they discover us. It's a bit cloak without the dagger but he feels we should consider it.

Man builds life-like robot, looks just like Scarlett Johansson

A product and graphic designer has fulfilled what he said was a lifelong dream to build a human-like robot. And he didn't just build any robot, he built a replica of American movie star Scarlett Johansson.

Oldest man in the world no longer — Japanese man dies at 112

A Japanese man believed to have been the oldest man on Earth has died. Yasutaro Koide inherited the title just last July upon the death of a fellow countryman and hands the title to a man from China. Koide died at 112 years, 311 days old.

Canadian dollar drops below 70 cents U.S., some happy, others not

For the first time in 13 years the Canadian dollar fell below the 70 cent U.S. mark on Tuesday. The country's dollar is falling right alongside world oil prices, which dropped to below $30 a barrel, also on Tuesday.

U.K. study may have discovered Alzheimer's Disease breakthrough

Scientists from the University of Southampton released results of a study on Friday that they believe is an important next step toward finding a cure for Alzheimer's Disease and other dementia. It involves blocking one of the brain's receptors.

Wake-up! Vancouver-area hit by 4.9 magnitude earthquake

An earthquake hit the Vancouver, Victoria and Georgia Strait area at about 11:39 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 29. There have been no reports of injuries but it woke some sleepers while others slept right through it.

Risk of Alzheimer's Disease more than doubled with stress

An U.S. study has found stress can play a role in whether you will suffer from cognitive decline, which in turn can lead to Alzheimer's Disease. The study authors say your chances of Alzheimer's is reduced, however, if you manage stress well.

New report finds climate change will increase world poverty

A newly published report from the World Bank Group finds climate change will dramatically increase the number of the world's impoverished people. Published as an eBook, the news it heralds is bad but it is also, the report says, preventable.

Tigers, piranhas may join crocodiles as Indonesian prison guards

Jakarta - The recent story about crocodiles being used as guards over drug convicts in Indonesia has a new twist. Those nasty crocodiles may have co-workers alongside them — tigers and piranhas.

Apple issues apology to 6 black students kicked out of store

The Apple Corporation issued an apology to the six African-Australian students who were kicked out of one of their retail stores in Melbourne. It appears to be a horrific case of racial profiling.

Ex-FIFA official Warner faces December extradition case

Saint James - Former FIFA executive Jack Warner will face an extradition hearing in December after authorities in Trinidad and Tobago quashed attempts to have the case against him tossed out, officials said Friday.

Trinidad and Tobago to rule Friday on extraditing FIFA official

Laventille - A Trinidad and Tobago magistrate will rule Friday on whether to extradite former FIFA vice president Jack Warner to face charges linked to the corruption scandal sweeping football's governing body.

Trinidad to swear in new PM Wednesday

Saint James - Trinidad and Tobago's prime minister-elect Keith Rowley will be sworn into office Wednesday, after voters in the twin-island nation backed his calls for change amid an economic contraction.

Trinidad and Tobago ushers opposition back into power

Saint James - Voters in Trinidad and Tobago chose not to give Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar's coalition a new five-year term, opting to bring back the opposition under Keith Rowley.

Trinidad and Tobago race tight ahead of Monday elections

Saint James - Trinidad and Tobago's two major political parties have virtually equal support ahead of Monday's general elections, which pollsters pegged as too close to call heading into a final weekend of campaigning.
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