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How to save face in Syria: Erdogan's conundrum

Istanbul - As Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime presses ahead with a relentless campaign, his counterpart across the border in Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan is battling to avoid being the big loser in the battle for the last rebel bastion of Idlib.

Over last 19 days 7,400 Turkish troops have entered Syria

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human rights just in the past 19 days 2,700 Turkish military vehicles have gone into Syria along with 7,400 troops during the same time period. On Saturday alone a Turkish convoy of 80 vehicles entered Idlib.

Op-Ed: As Turkey sends more troops to Idlib Syrian conflict escalates

This week fighting in northeastern Syria escalated significantly with disturbing results as Turkey became directly into confrontation with Syrian army forces. Russia which is supporting Assad's forces could come into conflict with Turkey as well.

Erdogan announces Syria summit for March 5

Istanbul - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday said he would hold a summit with the leaders of Russia, France and Germany on March 5 to discuss the escalating violence in Syria's last rebel enclave of Idlib.

Erdogan urges Putin to restrain Syria regime in Idlib

Ankara - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday urged his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to halt the Syrian regime's offensive in northwest Syria as France called for an urgent summit with those leaders to end the bloodshed and humanitarian crisis...

Turkey claims 50 Syrian soldiers killed in retaliatory attacks

Clashes in Syria's Idlib Province have increased Thursday as Turkish forces attacked Syrian Army forces. The Turks claim to have killed over 50 Syrian soldiers. Turkish officials said their attacks were in retaliation for Syria's killing of two soldiers.

Russia warns Turkey, blocks UN bid to end Syria bloodshed

Istanbul - Russia on Wednesday warned Turkey against intervening in Syria as it blocked a UN bid to end the Damascus regime's brutal assault on the last rebel enclave.

Turkish rights defender Kavala re-arrested after acquittal

Silivri - Turkey's civil society swung from hope to despair Tuesday after counter-terror police detained leading rights defender Osman Kavala just hours after a court ordered his release from jail.

Syrian rebels try to regain some ground lost to Syrian Army

Turkish-supported rebels in Syria have begun a new counter-offensive in Aleppo Province during the weekend to try to regain territory that had been won by the Assad government forces in recent weeks.

Turkish mother fights to free cadet son from life sentence

Ankara - Wearing a colourful headscarf and long coat to guard against a bitter Ankara frost, Turkish mother Melek Cetinkaya would not usually catch the attention of the police.

Turkish author fears for her life if she returns home

Istanbul - Exiled Turkish novelist Asli Erdogan expected to be a convicted woman by now with a life sentence hanging over her head.

Renowned Turkish novelist acquitted in terror trial

Istanbul - A Turkish court on Friday acquitted renowned novelist Asli Erdogan on charges of membership of an armed terror organisation, in a case which sparked international condemnation.

Turkey threatens force against 'radicals' in Syria's Idlib

Istanbul - Turkey on Thursday threatened to use force against "radicals" in Syria's Idlib province after Russia accused Ankara of failing to "neutralise" jihadist groups under a 2018 deal.

Erdogan threatens Damascus, slams Moscow over Idlib 'massacre'

Istanbul - Turkey will strike Syrian regime forces "everywhere" if its soldiers come under renewed attack, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Wednesday, while also accusing Damascus ally Russia of committing "massacres" in Idlib.

Syrian Army attempts to seize Damascus to Aleppo highway

While fighting is ongoing in Idlib Province in northern Syria it has now spread into the southern Aleppo region as the Syrian Army takes advantage of its momentum. The Syrian Army seized the key town of Al Eis from al-Qaeda-linked factions in the area

Turkey warns it will protect outposts in Syria

Istanbul - Turkey threatened Saturday to strike back if its military outposts in the Syrian opposition bastion of Idlib come under attack, a day after officials said three had been surrounded.

Turkey probes pilots over deadly plane crash

Istanbul - Turkey will investigate two pilots for possible negligence after their plane skidded off an Istanbul runway killing three passengers, state media reported Thursday.

Three dead, scores hurt, in Turkey plane accident

Istanbul - Three people have died and 179 were injured when a plane skidded off the runway at an Istanbul airport, caught fire and split into three after landing in rough weather.

Avalanches kill nearly 40 in eastern Turkey

Ankara - At least 33 people were killed in eastern Turkey Wednesday by a second avalanche which buried a team of rescuers searching for people hit by the first the day before.

Four Turkish soldiers killed by Syria regime shelling in Idlib: Ankara

Ankara - Four Turkish soldiers were killed Monday by Syrian regime shelling in the northwestern region of Idlib, Turkey's defence ministry said.
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