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Swagg Man, conman posing as millionaire rapper

Tunis - On social media he burned 500-euro notes and flaunted "his Bentley". In real life, Swagg Man is accused of having ripped off young fans to the tune of $1.8 million.

In Tunis, flamingos wade past waste in key Africa wetlands

- Hundreds of flamingos wade past waste in the murky waters of the vast Sijoumi lagoon, a critical wetland in the heart of Tunisia's capital threatened by overexpansion.

Tunisians demand Italy take back waste

Sousse - Dozens of Tunisian activists protested in the port city of Sousse on Sunday to demand the return of nearly 300 containers of household waste illegally imported from Italy.

Young Tunisian activists under police pressure

Tunis - Hamza Nasri, a young Tunisian activist, hit the streets as part of anti-government protests in recent months. Now he says he is under police watch and afraid for his friends."I've moved house three times in recent months.

Tunisia film-maker hails 'historic' Oscar nomination

Tunis - The director of the first ever Tunisian film to be tipped for an Oscar has hailed the "historical" nomination and urged the North African country's authorities to support homegrown cinema.

Tunisia's debt-laden public firms edge toward ruin

Tunis - Tunisia's state-owned firms are in dire straits, facing a perfect storm of debt, mismanagement, the coronavirus pandemic and a decade of political instability that could push some to bankruptcy, experts say.

Tunisia's gender violence law struggles to get beyond paper

Tunis - When Nadia told police about her husband's violence during a coronavirus lockdown in Tunisia, she nearly lost custody of her daughter, illustrating a chasm between a gender law and its enforcement.

Dying breed: Tunisian crafts smoking pipes from briar wood

Tabarka - Bent over a century-old machine, Tunisia's sole artisan pipe-maker Anis Bouchnak carves smoking pipes from native briar wood, a craft passed down by his grandfather and father.

Tunisia seeks to stem wave of night-time street riots

Tunis - Tunisia saw angry daytime protests against the government and braced for further evening clashes Tuesday after hundreds were arrested in four nights of confrontations between police and disaffected youths across the country.

Tunisia arrests over 600, deploys troops after riots

Tunis - Tunisian authorities said Monday they had arrested more than 600 people and deployed troops after a third consecutive night of riots, mostly by young people in working class districts of several cities.

Locked-down Tunisia marks decade since dictator's fall

Tunis - Tunisia marked 10 years Thursday since its street revolution sent autocratic ruler Zine El Abidine Ben Ali fleeing into exile, but few are celebrating amid a lockdown as Covid-19 cases spiral.

Glum mood 10 years after Tunisia protest ousted president

Tunis - Tunisia, where the Arab Spring started, has also been its relative success story -- but celebrations will be muted when it marks on Thursday one decade since protesters ousted its autocratic leader.

Algerian state tightens screws on online media

Tunis - Algeria has announced tighter state controls over online media, sparking alarm in the North African country whose pro-democracy movement is under heightened pressure from the government.

Hopes lie crushed as Tunisians mark a decade since revolution

Sidi Bouzid - Ten years since the intoxicating early days of Tunisia's revolution, dreams for a better future lie crushed, and in the rural town where it began, the mood on Thursday was one of anger rather than hope.

Cartoon cat helps keep Tunisia's revolutionary flame alight

Tunis - When Tunisia's embattled dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali delivered a last-ditch speech promising new freedoms to a country in revolt, Nadia Khiari sketched her cat delivering the same address to a group of mice.

Despite democracy, Tunisia's revolution remains unfinished

Tunis - Tunisians may have overthrown dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali a decade ago but, with few reforms to the country's security forces and an economy rife with nepotism, its revolution is far from achieving its goals.

In birthplace of Tunisia's revolution, few jobs and little hope

Sidi Bouzid - Khouloud Rhimi sits sipping a latte with friends in Sidi Bouzid, ground zero of the Tunisian uprising, and laments 10 years of disappointment and economic woes.

How the Arab uprisings were weakened by online fakes

Tunis - The Arab uprisings a decade ago were supercharged by online calls to join the protests -- but the internet was soon flooded with misinformation, weakening the region's cyber-activists.

Libya talks end without naming govt but UN vows to continue

Gammarth - UN-led talks aimed at appointing an executive to help lead Libya out of a decade of conflict ended Sunday without discussing names, the world body said.

UN former envoy 'very optimistic' for peace in Libya

Tunis - The UN's former envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salame, says he has higher hopes than ever of seeing an end to a decade of violence in the North African country."I'm very optimistic," the Lebanese diplomat said.
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