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A World Redrawn: Re-think gender roles, says Tunisian feminist Bochra Belhaj Hmida

Tunis - During Tunisia's coronavirus lockdown, feminist activist and former lawmaker Bochra Belhaj Hmida has been worrying about family violence, rethinking gender roles -- and crocheting.

Coronavirus crisis punctures Tunisia tourism rebound

Tunis - As the novel coronavirus pandemic wipes out a recovery from jihadist attacks in 2015, Tunisia's vital tourism sector is trying to find ways to avoid going under."Normally, the season starts now.

Tunisia hopes novel methods will aid virus fight

Tunis - The feared impact of coronavirus on Tunisia's fragile public health system has provoked a flurry of innovation from robotics to digitalisation efforts to bolster the North African country's pandemic response.

Tunisia herbalists cash in on coronavirus fear

Tunis - There is no known cure for the new coronavirus, but in the medicinal herbs souq in Tunis, anxious Tunisians are consulting with herbalists and stocking up on traditional remedies.

Suicide attackers hit outside US embassy in Tunis

Tunis - Suicide attackers struck outside the US embassy in the Tunisian capital on Friday, killing a police officer, wounding six other people and once again shaking a city repeatedly hit by jihadist violence.

Suicide attackers strike outside US embassy in Tunis

Tunis - A double suicide attack shook the Tunisian capital on Friday as assailants wounded six people including police guarding the US embassy, authorities said.

Tunisian parliament rejects government of Habib Jemli

Tunis - Tunisia's parliament Friday rejected the government proposed by Prime Minister-designate Habib Jemli after months of negotiations between political parties to fill positions.

Tunisian women perform Chilean song against rape

Tunis - Around 60 Tunisian women on Saturday performed the feminist flash-mob song "The rapist is you!", a Chilean creation that went global, in front of the seat of government in Tunis."We are here to denounce all forms of violence...

Pro-poll regime trolls counter Algeria protest activists

Tunis - Social networks set alight the months-long protest movement against Algeria's establishment, but as a contentious presidential poll looms, bots and trolls are staging an online comeback to bolster the regime.

Tunisians march against violence towards women

Tunis - Several hundred mostly women protesters rallied in the Tunisian capital on Saturday against violence targeting women, urging authorities to act to ensure their rights.

Triggered by MP's disgrace, Tunisia's #MeToo breaks taboos

Tunis - Viral images of a Tunisian lawmaker allegedly masturbating outside a high school have sparked the country's own #MeToo moment, with sex abuse victims breaking taboos under the hashtag #EnaZeda.

Newly sworn-in Tunisia president pledges to heal divisions

Tunis - Tunisia's new President Kais Saied vowed Wednesday to defend women's rights, reunite the country and restore trust in its leaders as the political outsider outlined his agenda following a surprise election victory.

What next for Tunisia's new president?

Tunis - Tunisia's president-elect Kais Saied has won a clear mandate to fight corruption and promote social justice, even though his role focuses on security and diplomacy.

Young Tunisians, the force behind Saied's presidential victory

Tunis - Behind the landslide victory of conservative political outsider Kais Saied in a runoff presidential vote were millions of young voters, who describe him as a leader worthy of their trust as Tunisia's democracy takes root.

Official results set to seal outsider's victory in Tunisia polls

Tunis - Tunisia's electoral commission was expected to confirm Monday that voters gave conservative political outsider Kais Saied a sweeping mandate to be the next president, thanks largely to young people who flocked to his side.

Media mogul, academic face off as Tunisians choose president

Tunis - Tunisians voted on Sunday in a presidential runoff pitting a conservative academic against a media magnate fresh out of jail, reflecting a shift in the country's post-revolution political landscape.

Jailed Tunisia presidential candidate Karoui to go free: lawyer

Tunis - Tunisia's jailed presidential candidate Nabil Karoui is expected to walk free later Wednesday, his lawyer said, just days ahead of a runoff vote.

Anti-establishment parties battle political elite in Tunisia election

Tunis - Tunisians headed to the polls Sunday for the third round of legislative elections since the country's 2011 revolution, weeks after a presidential vote swept aside the post-Arab Spring political establishment.

Tunisians spoilt for choice in Sunday's parliamentary vote

Tunis - Just weeks after Tunisians rejected ruling political parties in the first round of presidential polls, voters are set to return to the ballot box on Sunday to elect a new parliament.

Anti-party Aich Tounsi shakes up Tunisian election

Ariana - With punching bags for "beating corruption" and clowns to yellow-card the system, an independent Tunisian "anti-party" has launched an unusual campaign to win over voters fed up with political elites.
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