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After Rwanda, now Togo looks to join the Commonwealth

Lom - Diplomatic talks and visits by experts are gathering pace in Togo as the former French colony looks to follow another Francophone nation and join the Commonwealth.

Togo police fire tear gas at protest for media rights

Lom - Police fired tear gas at hundreds of people Saturday as they marched through Togo's capital to protest the shutdown of two private media channels.

African nations hail maritime deal

Lom - African leaders on Saturday signed a deal to boost security off the continent's economically crucial coasts, hoping to shore up development by tackling maritime crimes like piracy and smuggling.

Togo voodoo market helps the sick and politicians

Lom - Lucien Yekpon, a Lome traditional healer, sat on a stool surrounded by voodoo objects -- skulls, feathers, statuettes -- to place his hand on the head of a patient and recite incantations.

Togo votes for a new president

Lom - Togo went to the polls in presidential elections on Saturday, with the incumbent Faure Gnassingbe seeking a third term in office to extend his family's grip on power into a second half-century.

Op-Ed: The Top 5 Influential Africans of 2014

This has been a very busy year for numerous African countries and there are many exceptional leaders who stand out and deserve the recognition.

Justin Bieber arrested in Miami

Miami - Justin Bieber has a huge Twitter following, but in recent months he has been making news for all the wrong reasons, and has now been arrested for drag racing and DUI and driving on a expired licence and resisting arrest.

Pirates free French tanker seized off Ivory Coast

Abidjan - A French-owned tanker seized by pirates off the Ivorian coast earlier this week has been released and its crew is safe, the vessel’s owner said Wednesday.

Op-Ed: Understanding the Mali Conflict

Bamako - The Mali insurgency followed 10 years of US counter-terrorism programs. In spite of big goals to curb terrorism, and enhance regional cooperation and stability, Islamic groups were able to infiltrate Mali, threatening the existence of the democracy.

First batch of Nigerian West African troops arrive in Mali

Bamako - The Voice of Nigeria (VON) reports that the first batch of Nigerian troops arrived in Mali on Thursday to reinforce French and Malian troops fighting to halt the advance of al Qaeda-linked rebels from the north of the country.

South Africa sends troops to Central African Republic

Bangui - South Africa has deployed 400 soldiers to the troubled Central African Republic, where a rebellion threatens to overthrow the elected government.

Op-Ed: Hillary Clinton's legacy of 'firsts'

As President Obama has recently nominated Senator John Kerry as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is preparing to step out of the limelight after 31 years of public service.

Togo women stage sex strike against president Faure Gnassingbé

The women of Togo are coming to the end of a one-week sex strike, called in an effort to bring the dictatorial reign of President Faure Gnassingbe to an end.

Pirates seize oil tanker and 24 hostages in gunfight off Togo

Pirates have seized a Greek oil tanker and 24-crew on board, after a gun battle with a naval patrol boat off the coast of Togo.

Soccer: Tottenham Hotspur in talks with Emmanuel Adebayor

London - In an effort to bulk up his squad before the current transfer deadline closes, Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp is currently in talks with Manchester City striker Emmanuel Adebayor.

Op-Ed: Cristiano Ronaldo says Real Madrid won't need Emmanuel Adebayor

Madrid - In a message that won't help Emmanuel Adebayor's ploy to depart Manchester City, Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has informed manager José Mourinho not to bother with the Togolese striker.

Op-Ed: The Ivory Coast and the end of French colonialist connivance

France’s reputation for influence-peddling and widespread corruption in Africa is nobody’s secret, but Nicolas Sarkozy's reactions to the current electoral deadlock in the Ivory Coast indicate that France's shadowy African era may be coming to an end.

‘Cocaine Airlines’: old planes fly the South America-Africa route

Drug trafficking gangs in Latin America are buying cheap passenger and cargo airplanes to bring their illegal cargo to Africa as a “technical stop” required before transfer into Europe.

Guerrillas Claim Shot Togo Soccer Team 'By Accident'

A guerrilla group which has been fighting for independence since 1963 says its killing of members of the Togolese soccer team was an accident, because the attack was aimed at the accompanying Angolan security force.

African Sickle-Cell Anemia Deaths Heighten By Vaccine Shortage

Despite readily available vaccines, death rate of sickle-cell anemia in African children remains to be a growing concern, researchers said Thursday.
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