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Top News: Science

Solar Impulse reaches quarter way point in Japan-U.S. flight

Toukyo - A solar-powered aircraft on a round-the-world flight was high above the Pacific Ocean Tuesday, over a quarter of the way to Hawaii after leaving Japan, the mission website showed.

Blue is the color for wiping out sleeping sickness

Scientists have found that the color blue is attractive to the tsetse fly. Knowing this could help in the battle against sleeping sickness.

Laboratory-made blood to begin trials

Cambridge - The U.K. National Health Service (NHS) aims to test blood made in a laboratory within the next two years. This could signal a move away from blood donations.

GM crops do not always work as expected

Hertford - A genetically modified wheat has failed tests in the U.K. The crop was designed to repel pests and grow a more hardy variety of the grain.

Making smarter T cells to fight cancer Special

Boston - The war against cancer was never supposed to last this long or be this grueling. To fight some of the most intractable kinds of cancer scientists are trying to come up with new therapies and new approaches to old therapies.

Solar Impulse past 'point of no return' from Japan to Hawaii

Toukyo - A revolutionary solar-powered aircraft was past "the point of no return" and flying over the Pacific Ocean bound for Hawaii Monday, on the most ambitious leg of its quest to circumnavigate the globe.

SpaceX, NASA react to rocket fail and will 'get back to flight'

SpaceX and NASA answered questions about Sunday morning's Falcon 9 rocket explosion, but offered few explanations about why it happened. This is the third consecutive failed cargo mission to the International Space Station.

Giant goldfish 'size of dinner plates' are becoming huge problem

You may not think a tiny goldfish could grow into a massive problem in Canadian, American and world waterways, but it can. It seems that when families no longer want Goldie they often dump the little guy into a lake, stream or other waterway.

Smithsonian tightens up science ethics

Washington - Following an issue where a scientist who published research on climate change failed to declare where his funding came from, The Smithsonian has declared a crackdown on ethics and funding declarations.

Rats dream about the places they want to go

London - According to new research, rats dream about places that they want to go next. This is a theory from neuroscientists following some classic maze and hidden food experiments.

Op-Ed: Is political preference tied to weight loss?

A research group in the U.S. has concluded that the ability of people to diet is tied to their political preferences, with so-called conservatives finding it easier than so-called liberals. Great science or pseudoscience?

Alzheimer's: Low memory test scores may be early sign of dementia

A new study has found low scores on memory and thinking tests may be a signal a person will develop Alzheimer's Disease. Researchers found that a signal that Alzheimer's is there may be detected up to 18 years before a diagnosis of the illness.

Mistletoe is genetically different to other plants

Mistletoe has been found to be made-up in a slightly different way to other plants or animals: it is missing several key genes needed for energy production in cells.

Biological lock-and-key for GMO safety

Researchers have developed a way to allay one concern with GMOs entering the environment. This is based on a molecular lock-and-key, to inactivate unwanted microbes.

Here's how almost dying in a plane crash affects your brain

When a plane flying several thousand feet above the Atlantic ran out of fuel, everyone on board was afraid they were about to die. Air Transat Flight 236 developed a fuel leak in 2001, making an emergency crash landing after plummeting thousands of feet.

Humpback whale tangled in nets survives after dramatic rescue

A juvenile humpback whale in waters off Powell River in B.C. became tangled in the ropes of a prawn fisherman's nets over the weekend and almost died because of it. It was rescued in a lengthy operation by fisheries officials.

Reviving an old therapy to fight a new threat Special

Boston - It’s an arms race and one we’re losing. MRSA is a bacterial infection that’s evolved to resist just about everything medicine can throw at it including methicillin, amoxicillin, penicillin and oxacillin.

Human footprints found on Calvert Island oldest in North America

An amazing archaeological find has been made on British Columbia's Calvert Island. It consists of 12 human footprints from three persons, thought to be the oldest footprints in all of North America.

Solar Impulse could be stuck in Japan for a year: Pilot

Ginebra - A solar-powered plane attempting to fly around the world must cross the Pacific within a few weeks or it could remain stuck in Japan for a year, its pilot said in an interview published Thursday.
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Top News: Science
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