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Rebels cornered as Syria and Russia pummel Ghouta

Harasta - Eastern Ghouta's six-year rebel rule was in its dying moments Friday as fighters evacuated one of the Syrian enclave's three remaining pockets and a deal was reached for another.

Syria rebels begin Ghouta evacuation: state media

Harasta - Syrian rebels began leaving Eastern Ghouta on Thursday, state media said, under the first such evacuation deal from the battered opposition enclave outside Damascus.

First rebels leave Syria enclave under Russian-brokered deal

Harasta - A Syrian rebel group in Eastern Ghouta announced a ceasefire from midnight Friday, a spokesman said, after fighters and their families left under a Russian-brokered evacuation deal that is the first for the shrinking opposition enclave outside Damascus...

Rebels expected to evacuate Syria's Eastern Ghouta

Harasta - Buses waited outside a bombed-out town in Syria's Eastern Ghouta on Thursday after a deal was announced to evacuate rebels and civilians following weeks of regime bombardment.

Syria rebels agree to evacuate Ghouta town

Duma - Syrian rebels said Wednesday they have agreed to evacuate a bombed-out town in Eastern Ghouta, the first such deal since the start of the regime's month-old assault on the enclave.

Syria's Kurds turn new year festival into protests for Afrin

Kamishli - Donning vibrant traditional dress, thousands of Kurds in Syria's Qamishli turned their new year celebration of Nowruz on Wednesday into mass protests in solidarity with the city of Afrin.

Conditions for displaced from Syria's Ghouta 'tragic': UN

Damascus - The UN humanitarian coordinator in Syria on Wednesday condemned the "tragic" living conditions of thousands of civilians who have fled a regime assault on the shrinking rebel enclave of Eastern Ghouta.

American mother in Syria's Ghouta urges Trump to 'do something'

Duma - In the United States, her children could have "played under the sun". But trapped in Syria's Eastern Ghouta, Michigan native Deana Lynn and her eight children are living out a nightmare underground.

Grief and stitches at Damascus hospital after rocket attack

Damascus - Inside a hospital in Syria's capital, Ilham slaps her head in grief after her daughter stepped out to buy her a Mother's Day present but never came back.

Syria forces battle to secure Damascus

Duma - Syrian regime and allied forces battled to suppress the last pockets of resistance in and around Damascus Tuesday while the beleaguered Kurds in the north braced for further Turkish advances.

In Syria's Ghouta, hard-hit but home again

Jaramana - Talal Sadek clutched his elderly mother's hand, helping her navigate the piles of rubble that snaked up to their front door in the battered town of Saqba, outside Syria's capital.

Fresh bombardment kills 20 in Syria's Ghouta: monitor

Duma - At least 20 civilians have died in a resumption of bombing on Douma, the largest town in shrinking rebel-controlled pockets of Syria's Eastern Ghouta, a monitor said Monday.

Thousands of Syrians flee raging assaults on two fronts

Duma - Thousands of terrified Syrian civilians fled for their lives on Saturday, as they sought to escape two raging offensives in a rebel bastion outside Damascus and a northwestern Kurdish enclave.

Tearful reunions, uncertain fates for Syrians fleeing Ghouta

Adra - Syrian soldier Ayman al-Khatib scoured the crowds streaming out of Eastern Ghouta until he spotted his parents. Falling to his knees, he embraced them for the first time in seven years.

Intensifying assaults in Syria spark dual evacuations

Adra - Syrian civilians in the last rebel-held pockets of besieged Eastern Ghouta have been urged to flee as Russia-backed regime forces storm into the beleaguered area near Damascus, with intense airstrikes killing dozens and causing thousands more to evacua...

Syrians fleeing Ghouta leave brutal siege, trapped relatives behind

- Weary, hunger-stricken families streamed out of Syria's Eastern Ghouta on Thursday, finally escaping after five years of brutal siege but leaving trapped loved ones and destroyed homes behind.

Thousands flee Ghouta rebel enclave as Syria army advances: AFP

Adra - Thousands escaped Syria's rebel-held Eastern Ghouta into government-held territory on Thursday, AFP correspondents on both sides said, the largest numbers since the regime assault on the enclave began.

Thousands flee Syria rebel enclave after month-long bombardment

Adra - Thousands of civilians poured out of Eastern Ghouta on Thursday after a month-long bombardment brought the Syrian regime closer to recapturing the devastated rebel enclave outside Damascus.

Medical evacuations expected out of Syria's battered Ghouta

- The Red Crescent prepared to evacuate people in desperate need of medical care from Syria's battered rebel enclave of Eastern Ghouta on Tuesday, multiple sources said.

Syrians evacuated from Ghouta fear for family left inside

Adra - At a shelter outside Syria's battered Eastern Ghouta, civilians evacuated by the army from the rebel enclave are wracked with anguish over the loved ones they left behind.
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