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Palmyra temple destruction is a war crime

The cultural arm of the United Nations condemned the destruction of the 2,000-year-old Baal Shamin temple at the Syrian site of Palmyra, calling it a war crime.

Is Hungary keeping its founder’s advice to welcome foreigners? Special

Johannesburg - South Africa’s largest Hungarian community has commemorated the country’s main national day, Saint Stephen’s Day, with current issues and ancient wisdom both remembered.

Syria regime attacks kill 20 civilians near Damascus: Monitor

Damascus - Shelling and air raids by Syrian government forces killed at least 20 civilians and wounded or trapped 200 on Saturday in rebel-held Douma east of Damascus, a monitoring group said.

ISIS fighters forced to become suicide bombers after getting HIV

ISIS fighters who have been diagnosed with HIV after contracting the virus from captured sex slaves are being forced to become suicide bombers.

Five dead in new Israeli raid on Syrian position: State TV

Damascus - A new Israeli raid on a Syrian army position in the Golan Heights killed at least five people on Friday, Syrian state television reported, describing the victims as unarmed civilians.

Typhoid hits Palestinians from Syria's Yarmuk camp: UN

Damascus - Typhoid has broken out among Palestinian refugees from the besieged Yarmuk camp in the Syrian capital Damascus, a UN agency said Wednesday.

Syria strikes toll nears 100, UN aid chief 'horrified'

Damascus - The toll in Syrian government air strikes on a rebel-held town outside Damascus neared 100 Monday, as the UN's humanitarian chief expressed horror and appealed for civilians to be protected.

Over 80 dead in Syria air raids as UN aid chief visits

Duma - At least 82 people were killed in Syrian regime air raids Sunday on a town outside Damascus, a monitor said, as the UN's top humanitarian chief held talks with government officials.

Escape to freedom — Bringing a Syrian family to safety Special

This is the story of a Syrian family’s journey to freedom in Europe and the small part I played in helping them. Along the way I saw and learnt a lot about what refugees face as they escape from war-torn countries and political oppression.

Op-Ed: Many questions remain about Syrian 'safe zone'

Damascus - Ever since the U.S. and Turkey announced an agreement that would see Turkey fight the Islamic State(IS) and grant the U.S. use of a Turkish air base to launch attacks, there has also been talk of a "safe zone" in northern Syria along the Turkish border.

Op-Ed: U.S.-trained rebels refuse to fight Al Qaeda's group in Syria

Damascus - Most Syrian rebel groups have as their first priority defeat of the Assad government. However, they will defend themselves against other more radical Islamist rebel groups if they are attacked which has happened with the Islamic State and Al Nusra front.

Ceasefire begins in Syria rebel border bastion

Damascus - A 72-hour ceasefire came into effect Wednesday in the last rebel stronghold along Syria's border with Lebanon, a monitoring group and resident said.

Syria regime raids kill 37 civilians near Damascus: monitor

Damascus - At least 37 civilians were killed in Syrian government air strikes on Eastern Ghouta near Damascus on Wednesday, as a barrage of deadly rebel rocket fire hit the capital, a monitor said.

Op-Ed: Canada's Green leader wins on foreign policy in leaders debate

Toronto - Canadian Green Party leader Elizabeth May was the big winner during last night's federal leaders debate. But it wasn't on the economy or energy. It was her stance on foreign policy and tough criticisms of our involvement in the Middle East.

UN official confirms ISIS 'sex slave' price list is real

An ISIS "price list" first appeared about eight months ago, and was purported to be genuine. The pamphlet detailed the cost to the buyer for children, young girls and women for use as sex slaves. Since that time, the list has been confirmed to be real.

Op-Ed: Obama approves bombing of any forces attacking U.S.-trained rebels

Aleppo - President Barack Obama has authorized the bombing of any forces that attack US-trained rebels. This could include attacks by troops loyal to President Assad of Syria.

Israeli strike on Syrian town kills five pro-regime forces: Monitor

Kafer Halab - An Israeli air strike on a government-held village on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights ceasefire line killed five pro-regime forces on Wednesday, a monitoring group said.

ISIS leader reportedly bans gruesome execution videos

After months of being subjected to videos online of gruesome beheadings and other horrible atrocities by ISIS followers, the leader of the Islamic State has apparently decided to put an end to the release of such films.

ISIS capabilities increasing with use of chemical mortar shells

ISIS has become an even greater threat to the world with the discovery of an unexploded shell fired by the militant group in Iraq last month. The device is crude, and explains the reason it didn't explode on impact.

Op-Ed: Islamic Front leaders killed in attack in Syria

Idlib - In a pair of suicide bombings in the town of Idlib, Abu Salqeen, the leader of Ahrar al-Sham, and six other members were killed including senior figures. Other top figures were among those killed.
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