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Turkey threatens to resume offensive in Syria if YPG not removed

On Monday Mevlut Cavusoglu accused both the US and Russia of failing to abide by their respective ceasefires and of failing to expel the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) from the safe zone along the Turkey Syria border.

Trump at odds with others in claiming US in Syria only for oil

President Trump's new position on the Syrian War simplifies matters but only by ignoring the position of lawmakers and the Pentagon on why the US is there. However, it avoids criticizing Turkey and its occupation of the Syrian safe zone.

Trump gives warm White House reception to Turkish President

Trump welcomed Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan to the White House on Wednesday, Trump's warm welcome included the president saying he was a "big fan" of Erdogan.

Drone footage shows Turkey-backed rebels in possible war crimes

US military officials claim that during the Turkish invasion of northeastern Syria, US drone feeds show that Turkish-backed rebels were attacking civilians in Kurdish-controlled area.

Turkish forces clash with Syrian troops near town of Ras al-Ayn

Heavy fighting has erupted last weekend near the Syrian town of Ras al-Ayn in northern Syria. Turkish forces and those of the Syrian government have been fighting with at least four Syrian troops being killed and several others wounded.

Bombings kill six civilians in Syria's main Kurdish city

Kamishli - Three simultaneous bombings killed at least six civilians Monday in the northeastern Syrian city of Qamishli, the latest attack to target the de-facto capital of the country's embattled Kurdish minority.

Syria puppeteer offers Idlib children breathing space

Sar - Walid Abu Rashed walks past bombed-out buildings in war-torn northwest Syria, carrying a large wooden board and a plastic bag filled with puppets while dozens of children trail behind him.

US reported to be building two bases near Syrian oil fields

Local sources in eastern Syria report that the US appears to be preparing to build two substantial military bases in the Soor area which is close to major oilfields that the Trump administration claims it will retain.

Women’s and children’s hospital hit by airstrikes in Syria

Two hospitals located in Idlib, Syria were targeted by airstrikes. This brings the total of medical facilities hit within 48 hours to four. The direction of the civil war appears to have taken a new turn, with no target off limits.

Op-Ed: Russia claims US will sell oil monthly worth millions from Syria

Maria Zakharova, spokesperson for Russia's Foreign Ministry accused the United States of "criminal activity" associated with President Trump's plan to deploy US troops to guard the oil fields in eastern Syria

French jets attack alleged ISIS tunnels in northeastern Iraq

The French Defense Ministry issued a statement last Friday verifying reports that they had carried out a series of airstrikes with Rafale jets in northeastern Iraq that were believed to have been on ISIS tunnels in the area.

At least 13 dead in car bomb in Syrian border town

Kamishli - A car bomb killed at least 13 people in a Turkish-held border town in northeast Syria Saturday, as thousands of Kurds in the wider region protested against "Turkish occupation".

Trump's claim to Syrian oil complicates US mission in Syria

President Trump in a recent speech in Chicago said that the US was staying in Syria to control the oil. However, he also said that the US was "keeping the oil" and claimed it was worth $45 million per month.

Syria's Assad says he does not want Turkey as an 'enemy'

Damascus - Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Thursday said he did not want to make an "enemy" of neighbouring Turkey despite the stand-off between their forces in the north of the country.

'Best bad option': Syria Kurds brace for regime return

Kamishli - In Qamishli, the de-facto capital of Syria's embattled Kurdish minority, the future looks uncertain and shoppers at the market say they have no good options left."What scares me most is that nothing is clear.

Op-Ed: Trump may deal with Exxon-Mobil or others to tap Syrian oil

US President Donald Trump said yesterday that he is interested in making a deal with Exxon-Mobil or some other energy company to tap Syrian oil reserves in areas not controlled by the Syrian government.

Moscow, Damascus deploy forces to Syria-Turkey border

Kamishli - Damascus and Moscow deployed extra forces Friday to Syria's border with Turkey, even as Washington partially reversed a drawback to boost its own military presence near key Syrian oil fields.

Kurdish forces start Syria-Turkey border pullback

Kamishli - Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria left several positions along the extensive border with Turkey on Thursday, complying with a deal that sees Damascus, Ankara and Moscow carve up their now-defunct autonomous region.

US troops redeployed from Syria to Iraq cannot remain there

Just a few days after the US announced that US troops from Syria were being redeployed to western Iraq US Defense Secretary Mark Esper announced that instead the troops will be returning to the US after all.

Russian forces head for Syrian-Turkish border in blow to Kurds

Kamishli - Russian forces in Syria headed for the border with Turkey Wednesday to ensure Kurdish fighters pull back after a deal between Moscow and Ankara wrested control of the Kurds' entire heartland.
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