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Syrians alarmed at Russia push to limit cross-border aid

- Displaced Syrians relying on humanitarian assistance voiced alarm Thursday after regime ally Russia tried to reduce cross-border aid to millions in the northwest of the war-torn country.

Israeli airstrikes hit several targets in Syria killing seven

Israeli media are reporting that there have been a series of Israeli air raids against targets in Syria. Syrian state media has reported two Syrian soldiers were killed, and Israeli media claimed seven dead overall.

Op-Ed: US threatens sanctions against UAE over Syria embassy

US Special Envoy, James Jeffrey, has warned the US will not tolerate the United Arab Emirates opening an embassy In Damascus, Syria.

US announces it will increase sanctions on Syria

On Wednesday new US sanctions on Syria are set to come into effect. The increased sanctions come as the nation is still struggling to rebuild after being shattered by a nine-year civil war.

Op-Ed: Israel missiles hit Syrian capital of Damascus

A new round of missile strikes by israel on Damascus the capital of Syria took place overnight. Details about the attacks are scarce as Israel has followed its standard protocol of not commenting on their attacks.

Syria's Assad sacks PM Khamis

Damascus - Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Thursday sacked his prime minister of four years, Imad Khamis, as the country grappled with a stinging economic crisis and renewed protests.

Syrians turn to flea markets for frugal Eid al-Fitr

Damascus - In a Damascus flea market, Sham Alloush rummaged through a pile of clothes for something nice to wear for Eid al-Fitr that wasn't too expensive.

Hoping to cure virus, Syria labs churn out anti-malarial drug

Homs - In central Syria, factory owner Rashid al-Faysal watches his staff working tirelessly to churn out a controversial antimalarial drug that Damascus hopes can help treat the novel coronavirus.

Ramadan in ruins for Idlib family

Idlib - As dusk settles on the forest of gutted buildings around them, Tareq Abu Ziad and his family break the Ramadan fast on the remains of their home.

Syrians in Idlib protest opening of trade link with regime

Idlib - Protests broke out across opposition-held parts of northwest Syria Friday against an al-Qaeda-linked jihadist group after it opened a trade crossing into regime territory, an AFP correspondent and a war monitor said.

Some members of US-supported rebel militia in Syria defect

US-supported rebel militia group Maghawir al_Thawra appears to be losing some members along with their families who are fleeing into Assad government territory. There have been two recent group defections.

Israeli drones attack a vehicle near Syria Lebanon border

Israeli drones fired two missiles at a vehicle in southern Syria on Wednesday near the border between Syria and Lebanon. Israel said the attack target Hezbollah member. Early reports claim there were no Hezbollah casualties.

Displaced Syrians go home to ruins rather than risk virus

Idlib - His home in volatile northwest Syria may have been destroyed, but Hassan Khraiby decided returning was better than risking his 10 children catch the coronavirus in a packed displacement camp.

In war-torn Syria, digital learning battles power cuts

Idlib - Staring into a smartphone camera in an empty classroom in rebel-held northwest Syria, geography teacher Danielle Dbeis addresses students confined at home away from the novel coronavirus."Even if we are now doing distance learning...

At standstill over virus, Damascus dreads new silent foe

Damascus - On a deserted street in the old city of Damascus, the new coronavirus has forced salesmen like Ahmad to close up shop indefinitely for the first time in Syria's war.

Russia and Turkey to operate joint patrols on Syria's M4 highway

According to the Turkish Ministry of Defense, troops from Russia and Turkey will start conducting joint patrols along M4 highway in Syria in Idlib province. This was agreed to as part of the recent Idlib ceasefire deal.

Egypt to provide military assistance to the Kurds in Syria

Since the US has pulled its support from the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Force(SDF) in Syria, Turkish forces have advance into Syria and driven them out of some areas of Syria's northeast. The Turks also support jihadist rebels in Idlib province.

Idlib: Syria's 'forgotten city' targeted for revenge by Assad

Idlib - At the heart of Syria's latest humanitarian crisis, locals call Idlib "the forgotten city", still paying the price for one day in the 1970s when the former president was pelted with tomatoes.

New homes offer some relief for Syria's desperate displaced

- Hamad al-Abdallah has installed wifi and insulation in his new concrete room, trying to make the most of the desperate conditions his family has endured since fleeing Syrian regime bombardments.

In Damascus, war-scarred Syrians weary as conflict enters 10th year

Damascus - The guns may have died down around Damascus as Syria's war enters its 10th year, but florist Abdelqader Qasem says the conflict has left scars he will never forget.
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