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El Salvador court starts looking at ex-president's suspicious wealth

Sansalvador - An El Salvador court began proceedings Monday looking into the suspected illegal enrichment of former leftist president Mauricio Funes, his ex-wife and one of his sons.

Hundreds of dead sea turtles found floating off El Salvador

Sansalvador - Hundreds of dead sea turtles have been found floating off El Salvador's Pacific coast, leaving officials scratching their heads as to what caused the massacre.

Central America cracks down on gangs in coordinated swoops

Sansalvador - Central America's "northern triangle" -- consisting of its most crime-ridden nations -- waged a coordinated crackdown this week on two major gangs infamous for extortion, murder and violence: Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) and Barrio 18.

Salvador teen gets 30 years after baby dies at birth

Sansalvador - A court in El Salvador sentenced a teenage rape victim whose baby died at birth to 30 years' jail for murder, an abortion rights group said Friday.

El Salvador bans metal mining in world first

Sansalvador - El Salvador on Thursday became the first country in the world to ban the mining of metals in what campaigners called a landmark move for environmental protection.

El Salvador zoo in hot water over false hippo death account

Sansalvador - El Salvador's main zoo is in trouble for claiming a hippo died of a brutal stabbing attack by unidentified people, when an autopsy finally revealed the animal in fact died of possible poor care.

ICE removes asylum seeker with brain tumor from Texas hospital

Fort Worth - U.S. immigration officers forcibly removed a Salvadoran asylum seeker in desperate need of brain surgery from a Texas hospital on Wednesday and transferred her to a for-profit prison without contact with her family and almost no access to her lawyers.

Hundreds of inmates abandon gang life in El Salvador

- Inside a Salvadaron prison Francisco Lopez teaches fellow ex-gang members how to make paper figurines, as part of a program designed to reinsert them into society once they are released.

El Salvador gets $98m in US funds to fight emigration

Sansalvador - El Salvador on Tuesday became the second Central American country to receive tens of millions of dollars in US aid to fight the root causes forcing its citizens to emigrate.

Kin of victims of El Salvador wartime massacre get compensation

Sansalvador - Relatives of more than 1,000 people murdered in the worst massacre of El Salvador's 1980-1992 civil war are to be given up to $35,000 each by a compensation commission set up Tuesday, the government said.

Central America violence dire despite security crackdown

Sansalvador - Central America's northern three countries -- Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras -- remain among the most violent in the world despite intensified security crackdowns on their lawless gangs.

Ordinary jail for El Salvador ex-president

Sansalvador - A former president of El Salvador who is detained pending trial for alleged embezzlement was transferred to an ordinary jail Tuesday.

El Salvador has first murder-free day in two years

A few days ago, police in El Salvador said it had gone a full 24 hours without any murders, which is rare in a country that has been plagued by gang warfare.

7.0 quake shakes El Salvador, Nicaragua: officials

Sansalvador - A Pacific Ocean earthquake with a 7.0 magnitude shook El Salvador and Nicaragua on Thursday, officials said, an hour after a powerful hurricane hit Nicaragua's Caribbean coast.

El Salvador ex-president faces trial from jail

Sansalvador - Former El Salvador president Elias Antonio Saca will be kept in jail pending trial on charges of embezzling millions of dollars while in power, prosecutors said Saturday.

El Salvador ex-president 'embezzled' millions, prosecutor says

Sansalvador - A former president of El Salvador, Elias Antonio Saca, arrested with six other people over the weekend, stole $246 million from state coffers, the Central American nation's chief state prosecutor said Monday.

El Salvador arrests ex-president over graft accusations

Sansalvador - Police in El Salvador arrested the country's ex-president Elias Antonio Saca and six other suspects including three serving government officials on Sunday for alleged embezzlement and money laundering, authorities said.

Central American countries form anti-gang force

Sansalvador - Three Central American presidents announced Wednesday they are forming a joint force to combat gangs and organized crime groups that have made their countries among the most dangerous on Earth.

Prison overcrowding highlights swamped justice in Central America

Sansalvador - Central America's relentless struggle with gangs and street crime has created a worrying consequence: prisons so overcrowded they serve more as schools for felons than institutions for rehabilitation, according to experts.

El Salvador throws out civil war amnesty law

Sansalvador - The Supreme Court in El Salvador has declared unconstitutional an amnesty law that protected perpetrators of crimes committed during the country's 1980-1992 civil war.
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