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Ordinary jail for El Salvador ex-president

Sansalvador - A former president of El Salvador who is detained pending trial for alleged embezzlement was transferred to an ordinary jail Tuesday.

El Salvador has first murder-free day in two years

A few days ago, police in El Salvador said it had gone a full 24 hours without any murders, which is rare in a country that has been plagued by gang warfare.

7.0 quake shakes El Salvador, Nicaragua: officials

Sansalvador - A Pacific Ocean earthquake with a 7.0 magnitude shook El Salvador and Nicaragua on Thursday, officials said, an hour after a powerful hurricane hit Nicaragua's Caribbean coast.

El Salvador ex-president faces trial from jail

Sansalvador - Former El Salvador president Elias Antonio Saca will be kept in jail pending trial on charges of embezzling millions of dollars while in power, prosecutors said Saturday.

El Salvador ex-president 'embezzled' millions, prosecutor says

Sansalvador - A former president of El Salvador, Elias Antonio Saca, arrested with six other people over the weekend, stole $246 million from state coffers, the Central American nation's chief state prosecutor said Monday.

El Salvador arrests ex-president over graft accusations

Sansalvador - Police in El Salvador arrested the country's ex-president Elias Antonio Saca and six other suspects including three serving government officials on Sunday for alleged embezzlement and money laundering, authorities said.

Central American countries form anti-gang force

Sansalvador - Three Central American presidents announced Wednesday they are forming a joint force to combat gangs and organized crime groups that have made their countries among the most dangerous on Earth.

Prison overcrowding highlights swamped justice in Central America

Sansalvador - Central America's relentless struggle with gangs and street crime has created a worrying consequence: prisons so overcrowded they serve more as schools for felons than institutions for rehabilitation, according to experts.

El Salvador throws out civil war amnesty law

Sansalvador - The Supreme Court in El Salvador has declared unconstitutional an amnesty law that protected perpetrators of crimes committed during the country's 1980-1992 civil war.

El Salvador's half-year murder toll tops 3,000

Sansalvador - More than 3,000 people were violently killed in El Salvador in the first half of this year, according to the latest official figures.

Ex-gang members in El Salvador erase tattoos from violent past

Sansalvador - In many countries, tattoos are simple adornment, a small sign of unconventionality, of minor rebellion. In El Salvador, however, they are usually the mark of gang members who live -- and often die -- by codes of violence.

El Salvador confirms first Zika-linked birth defect

Sansalvador - El Salvador confirmed its first case of microcephaly in a baby that was linked to a Zika infection in the mother.Microcephaly is a birth defect that causes an abnormally small head and deformed brain.

Anti-gang offensive in El Salvador cuts murder rate

Sansalvador - El Salvador, ranked one of the most dangerous countries in the world, has nearly halved its staggeringly bloody monthly murder rate amid a fierce crackdown on fearsome gangs.

Erasing gang graffiti in El Salvador

Sansalvador - Police and soldiers painted over gang graffiti in a town in El Salvador as part of a vigorous new campaign against criminal gangs that for decades have terrorized the Central American country.

El Salvador refuses to recognize Brazil's new government

Sansalvador - El Salvador has said it refuses to recognize the new Brazilian government put in place after President Dilma Rousseff was suspended to face an impeachment trial.

Molasses spill triggers alert in El Salvador

Sansalvador - A molasses spill in a river in El Salvador from a sugarcane processing plant has triggered an alert by authorities worried about the effect on fish and people along the waterway.The civil protection service issued the alert after 3.

New force raids El Salvador gang districts

Sansalvador - Police and soldiers in El Salvador raided parts of the capital on Tuesday under a new campaign to break the reign of vicious gangs, officials said.

Drought parches El Salvador

San Salvador - Citing lack of rain, the Salvadoran government has declared a drought emergency as rivers and lakes have dropped to record levels and many are going days without running water.

El Salvador unleashes new elite force on gang bosses

Sansalvador - El Salvador on Wednesday deployed a new, heavily armed elite force of soldiers and police to hunt down gangs that have turned the country into one of the world's deadliest.

White tiger kills keeper, escapes El Salvador zoo

Sansalvador - A white tiger being kept in a private zoo in El Salvador fatally attacked its keeper on Friday and escaped but was recaptured hours later, police said."It was a horrible situation," a police inspector, Mario Macal, told AFP.
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