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Freeing Africans from tyranny one phone at a time Special

In Africa, where roads are often impassible and conflict has put whole swaths of territory off-limits, the Internet is playing a pivotal role in bringing people together.

Over 90,000 hit by Somalia floods: UN

Mugadishu - Over 90,000 people in war-torn southern Somalia have been hit by weeks of severe flooding, almost half of them forced from their homes, the United Nations has warned.

At least 12 die as Shebab attack Somalia hotel

Mugadishu - At least 12 people were killed in the Somali capital on Sunday after Al-Shebab gunmen used a vehicle packed with explosives to blast their way inside a hotel, police said.

Somalia's Shebab warn British troops of welcome 'with bullets'

Mugadishu - Somalia's Shebab Islamists have threatened to "welcome with bullets" British soldiers due to be deployed in support of an African Union force.

12 Somali soldiers killed in Shebab attack: Officials

Mugadishu - Twelve Somali government soldiers have been killed in an attack by Al-Qaeda-affiliated Shebab militants, officials and witnesses said Saturday.

Shebab briefly seize AU base in Somalia after suicide attack

Mugadishu - Somalia's Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab militants briefly seized control of an African Union base Tuesday after ramming a suicide car bomb into it, the AU said, adding it had regained control.

Dozens killed as Somali Shebab ambush troops: government

Mugadishu - Dozens have been killed in Somalia after Shebab gunmen ambushed an army convoy, officials and local elders said Thursday, the latest battles with the Al-Qaeda-linked insurgents.

Somali president defiant after Shebab bomb diplomats' hotel

Mugadishu - Somalia's president on Monday gave a defiant warning to Shebab insurgents a day after they killed at least 13 people in a bomb attack on a hotel that houses several diplomatic missions.

Shebab gunmen kill Somali lawmaker and his guards

Mugadishu - Somalia's Shebab insurgents assassinated a lawmaker and his guards, the president said, hours after US President Barack Obama said the Al-Qaeda affiliated militants had been "weakened".

Somali, AU troops capture another Shebab stronghold

Mugadishu - Somali government troops backed by African Union forces on Friday captured the Shebab stronghold of Dinsor, the second town seized from the Al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamists this week, the defence minister said.

Somali, AU troops capture key Shebab stronghold

Mugadishu - Somali government troops backed by African Union forces on Wednesday captured the Shebab stronghold of Bardhere, one of the last key bases of the Al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamists, officials said.

AU troops in new offensive against Shebab

Mugadishu - African Union troops said Sunday they had launched a new offensive against Al-Qaeda-affiliated Shebab rebels in southern Somalia, vowing to flush the insurgents out of rural areas.

Drone strikes kill 30 in Somalia

Mogadishu - A US. .drone fired at least two missiles that struck a vehicle and caused a large explosion on a nearby al-Shabab base at Bardere.

Somalia says 12 Shebab killed in hotel raids

Mugadishu - Somalia's government said Saturday that 12 Shebab militants were killed in Friday evening's raids on two heavily-fortified Mogadishu hotels.

Somalia's Shebab in twin Mogadishu hotel attacks

Mugadishu - Somalia's Shebab militants stormed two hotels in the capital Mogadishu on Friday, killing at least five people, before they were themselves killed in heavy fighting, security forces said.

Dozens killed as Somali Shebab 'overrun' African Union base

Mugadishu - Dozens of soldiers were killed Friday when Somalia's Shebab insurgents overran an African Union base, witnesses said, describing intense fighting which left corpses strewn around.

Somalia Shebab attack on UAE embassy convoy kills six

Mugadishu - Somalia's Shebab insurgents killed at least six people Wednesday in a suicide attack on a diplomatic convoy from the United Arab Emirates in the Somali capital Mogadishu, police and the Islamists said.

'Three Shebab militants killed' in attack on Somali military base

Mugadishu - Shebab militants launched a major suicide attack on Sunday against a military intelligence base in Somalia's capital Mogadishu, setting off a car bomb before storming inside, security officials said.

Italy: Illegal immigrant jumps into river, saves drowning woman

Rome - An illegal immigrant in Italy jumped into the Tiber river and successfully saved a drowning woman. The immigrant has been rewarded with a one-year permit to live in Rome.

Blaming the victims of rape in Somalia

Mugadishu - After 14-year-old Fatima was raped by a tuk-tuk driver, she was arrested, detained for a month and raped repeatedly by a police officer, according to the child and her aunt.Sexual violence is widespread in Somalia and rarely prosecuted.
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