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Killer hippos spread fear among fishermen in Senegal rivers

Ta - Lying in hospital with bloodied bandages over the deep gashes in his legs, Senegalese fisherman Ali Fall recalls the moment a hippopotamus tried to kill him as he hauled in nets in a local river.

Diagnosis app scoops Africa health prize

Dakar - An app that allows rural doctors to seek advice remotely from experts won Africa's first prize recognising new technology that boosts health on the continent.

Senegal's child beggars show limits of 'apptivism'

Dakar - Mamadou is a child beggar wandering the streets of Dakar, perilously darting in and out of traffic as he tries to gather enough money for his Islamic teacher to feed him.

Three Red Cross staff kidnapped in Mali now free

Dakar - Three Red Cross workers captured in northeastern Mali last weekend by Islamist group Ansar Dine have been freed, the ICRC said Friday.

US transfers two Libyans from Guantanamo to Senegal

Dakar - The Pentagon announced Monday the transfer of two Libyan inmates from the Guantanamo Bay detention centre to Senegal, the latest move under President Barack Obama's contentious plan to shutter the notorious jail.

Senegal holds vote on sweeping constitutional change

Dakar - Senegal holds a referendum Sunday on sweeping constitutional reforms, including cutting the presidential term from seven to five years.Why is it controversial and what will the result mean for the country?

U.S. top brass urge tighter West Africa response to Islamist threat

Saint-louis - West Africa's armed forces, police and governments need to ramp up cross-border links to contain Islamist groups now increasingly staging spectacular attacks on civilian targets, US and local top brass said this week.

Prosecutor demands life in prison for Chadian ex-dictator Habre

Dakar - The prosecution in the landmark trial of former Chadian dictator Hissene Habre on Wednesday demanded he be jailed for life and stripped of all his assets.

Gbagbo trial rekindles controversy in Africa over western justice

Dakar - The groundbreaking war crimes trial in The Hague on Thursday of former Ivory Coast president Laurent Gbagbo has rekindled a bitter row across Africa over the international justice system.

W. Africa boosts security as jihadist threat grows

Dakar - Faced with a growing jihadist threat, West African nations are scrambling to boost security but are seeing visitor numbers fall as foreign governments warn their nationals about the risks.

Senegal submits president's reform to limit terms

Dakar - Senegalese leader Macky Sall's proposal to limit presidents to two consecutive terms was Monday submitted to the constitutional council, putting him at odds with several fellow African heads of state criticised for clinging to power.

Senegal wraps up witness phase of landmark Habre trial

Dakar - The first phase of former Chad dictator Hissene Habre's history-making trial for atrocities during the 1980s concluded in Senegal this week, with the regime's victims giving at times traumatic and horrifying evidence.

Senegal produces first wine in shade of iconic baobab

Ta - The bottles boasting Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache could be from any Parisian supermarket but a closer look reveals this is wine with a difference -- nurtured in the unforgiving soil of Africa's Sahel.

Out of Africa: Tinseltown diplomat with roots in Senegal

Dakar - Scanning the surf burbling off the rock-ribbed Senegalese coast, Charles Rivkin grasps at gossamer childhood half-memories roused by the sounds and smells of a home left behind a lifetime ago.

Testimony mounts in Habre trial, but is there a smoking gun?

Dakar - As an avalanche of testimony overwhelms exiled dictator Hissene Habre, his lawyers have repeatedly employed one line of defence -- that there is no smoking gun linking him to the atrocities of 1980s Chad.

Senegal trial hears grim torture methods of Habre regime

Dakar - Prosecutors in Senegal spelled out on Tuesday some of the cruel abuses meted out to detainees of Chadian ex-dictator Hissene Habre's brutal regime, including the infamous "Arbatachar" torture method.

Chad ex-dictator Habre forced into dock at war crimes trial

Dakar - Chad's former dictator Hissene Habre was forced into the dock after refusing to attend the resumption of his trial in Senegal on Monday for war crimes and other atrocities.

Search for missing medical plane carrying seven off Senegal

Dakar - An air and sea search was underway Sunday for a medical evacuation plane carrying seven people, which went down off the coast of Senegal.

War crimes complaint filed against Chad leader Deby

Dakar - War crimes accusations have been filed against Chad's President Idriss Deby, a Senegalese court which is already trying ex-Chadian dictator Hissene Habre said Thursday.

Senegal court upholds graft conviction against ex-president's son

Dakar - Senegal's supreme court on Thursday upheld a graft conviction and six-year jail term against Karim Wade, the son of Senegal's ex-president Abdoulaye Wade, in a blow to his own presidential aspirations.
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