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Three Senegal fathers sentenced after pushing sons to migrate to Europe

Dakar - A Senegalese court on Tuesday handed down jail terms to three fathers accused of pushing their sons to migrate to Europe by sea, sending them on a trip that left one of them dead, a defence lawyer said.

For young Senegalese, perilous journey to Europe worth the risk

Mbour - Djiby Dieng packed just a tiny backpack when he boarded a brightly coloured wooden boat at the Senegalese port of Mbour to seek his fortune in Europe.

Senegal's coronavirus success divides experts

Dakar - Senegal has been widely praised for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic, with few infections and life returning to normal, but the reason behind its success still divides experts.

At least 140 dead in migrant boat sinking off Senegal last week: IOM

Dakar - More than 140 people died last week when a vessel carrying around 200 migrants sank off Senegal, in the deadliest shipwreck recorded in 2020 so far, the International Office for Migration (IOM) said in a statement Thursday.

Senegal to ease virus curfew after angry protests

Dakar - Senegal said Thursday it would ease an anti-coronavirus curfew and lift restrictions on inter-city travel following two nights of protests marked by violence and more than 200 arrests.

In Senegal, the struggles of a small airline during coronavirus

Dakar - Launching an airline in Africa is a notorious challenge in a continent and sector where opportunities are often crimped by regulations and national champions are dominant.

Misinformation flood hampers fight for virus vaccine in Africa

Dakar - The task of introducing a vaccine for the coronavirus faces an uphill struggle in Africa, where a flood of online misinformation is feeding on mistrust of Western medical research.

Ex-Chad dictator temporarily released from jail due to virus

Dakar - A Senegal judge has granted Chad's former dictator Hissene Habre two months' leave from prison, where he is serving life for crimes against humanity, as the jail is being used to hold new detainees in coronavirus quarantine.

Africa mobilises against coronavirus as fears mount

Dakar - African countries are scrambling to avert an outbreak of the rapidly spreading coronavirus strain, as health officials warn that the poorest countries are ill-equipped to combat the deadly disease.

Sahel violence having devastating impact on children: UN

Dakar - Hundreds of children in the Sahel were killed, maimed or forcibly separated from their parents last year, the United Nations said Tuesday, as a jihadist conflict rages across the region.

Art blooms in gritty Dakar neighbourhood

Dakar - Mamadou Boye Diallo, an art curator with a penchant for heart-shaped glasses, calls Dakar's working-class Medina neighbourhood an open-air museum.

Huge crowds for inauguration of Senegal's mega-mosque

Dakar - Tens of thousands of people from across Senegal converged on the capital Dakar on Friday for the inauguration of a huge mosque, claimed to be the largest in West Africa.

Gambian ex-dictator 'handpicked' women for rape, abuse: HRW

Dakar - Former Gambian president Yahya Jammeh "handpicked" women whom he would rape or sexually coerce, offering cash, gifts and other privileges in exchange, international rights groups said on Wednesday.

Rights group calls on Senegal to tackle Koranic school abuses

Dakar - Children studying in Senegal's Koranic schools face "alarming rates" of abuse, including rape, neglect and imprisonment, Human Rights Watch said Tuesday, urging the government to reform the still-unregulated religious institutions.

In pursuit of 'zero waste', Senegalese tackle trash

Dakar - Once an idyllic stretch of white beach enticing fishermen and tourists alike, decades of factory and household waste have turned Senegal's Hann Bay into a dump.

Smart tech the new tool for African farmers

Dakar - How do you manage the trick of feeding school children better and at a lower cost?How do you count the number of mangoes on your farm so that you get a fair price?And what's a clever-but-cheap way for a farmer to cut down his irrigation bill?

Senegal's Sall in sweeping election victory

Dakar - Macky Sall has been re-elected president of Senegal for a second term, according to provisional results published on Thursday.Figures released by the National Vote Counting Commission (CNRV) showed Sall won Sunday's first round outright, picking up 58....

Senegal: Model of African stability

Dakar - Senegal, whose voters have returned Macky Sall as president according to provisional election results released Thursday, is often held up as a model of stability in West Africa.

Senegal's Macky Sall heading for presidential win: media tally

Dakar - Senegalese President Macky Sall was poised Tuesday to return to office with a first-round election victory, with nearly 90 percent of votes counted.Sall, 56, has so far won 2.2 million of the votes cast Sunday, against 1.

Senegal's Sall wins re-election in first round: PM

Dakar - Senegal's President Macky Sall won in the first round of the election Sunday, his prime minister said, although his two main challengers look set to contest the outcome.
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