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Sierra Leone warns against swimming in Freetown waters

Freetown - Authorities in Sierra Leone on Tuesday warned tourists and locals against swimming in the capital's waters after 60 bodies washed up following deadly flooding and mudslides in Freetown last week.

'It could have been me': S.Leone struggles to recover from disaster

Freetown - Gathered in a Freetown church, worshippers struggled Sunday to come to terms with the devastation wrought by the flooding and mudslide that struck the Sierra Leone capital six days ago, as the arduous search for bodies continued.

Death toll in SLeone flood disaster reaches 441

Freetown - The death toll from a mudslide and flooding that struck Sierra Leone's capital Freetown has reached 441, the government said on Saturday.

Mass burials begin for 300 Sierra Leone flood victims

Freetown - Sierra Leone buried at least 300 victims of devastating floods on Thursday, as fears grew of more mudslides and accusations of government "inaction" over deforestation and poor urban planning mounted.

Sierra Leone mourns 100 children among dead in massive flooding

Freetown - Sierra Leone began a weeklong period of national mourning on Wednesday as it emerged that 105 children were killed by the mudslides and torrential flooding that have left 600 people still missing in Freetown, in one of the worst natural disasters to hi...

Sierra Leone appeals for urgent help after deadly floods

Freetown - Sierra Leone's president issued a desperate appeal for help, a day after flooding ravaged the country's capital, killing more than 300 people and leaving hundreds more missing.

312 dead as mudslides, flooding sweep through Sierra Leone capital

Freetown - At least 312 people were killed and more than 2,000 left homeless on Monday when heavy flooding hit Sierra Leone's capital of Freetown, leaving morgues overflowing and residents desperately searching for loved ones.

Divine diamonds: Sierra Leone pastor's 709-carat find

Freetown - Evangelical preacher Emmanuel Momoh prayed for five years that he would discover the diamond he needed to pull his family out of poverty in eastern Sierra Leone.

'The gallows are ready': Sierra Leone reconsiders death penalty

Freetown - For almost 20 years, Sierra Leone has avoided using the death penalty. But spurred by public outrage over ritual murders and gang violence, the government is moving once again to hang offenders.

Sierra Leone stops mandatory testing of corpses for Ebola

Freetown - Sierra Leone declared Friday that it would stop the mandatory testing of all dead bodies for the Ebola virus, lifting a restriction put in place at the end of an outbreak that claimed thousands of lives.

Rural midwives on front line of Sierra Leone maternity crisis

Makeni - It is final exams season at Masuba midwifery school in rural Sierra Leone, and 70 more students are about to begin working life at the sharp end of the country's maternal health crisis.

Alone and at risk: Sierra Leone's baby-faced mothers

Freetown - Dizzy and sweating, 15-year-old Isatu Koroma sits with her eyes closed in the maternity ward in Sierra Leone where she has spent the last 10 days, as her tiny little daughter begins to cry.

S. Leone Ebola flare-up over, virus halted in West Africa: WHO

Freetown - The latest flare-up of Ebola in Sierra Leone has ended with no confirmed cases of the virus now in West Africa, the UN said Thursday, as the country celebrated a "joyous" milestone.

WHO confirms second new Ebola case in Sierra Leone

Freetown - A new case of Ebola has been confirmed in Sierra Leone, officials said Thursday, the second since west Africa celebrated the end of the epidemic last week.

Sierra Leone vaccinates people quarantined after Ebola death

Freetown - Sierra Leone authorities announced a vaccination programme for people quarantined following a new Ebola death last week just as west Africa declared an end to the epidemic.

Sierra Leone puts over 100 people in quarantine after new Ebola death

Freetown - Sierra Leone's government on Saturday urged the public not to panic as it announced that more than 100 people had been quarantined following a new death from Ebola just as the country seemed to have overcome the epidemic.

Joy over Ebola victory crushed by Sierra Leone death

Freetown - The World Health Organization confirmed Friday a new death from Ebola in Sierra Leone just a day after west Africa celebrated the end of an outbreak which killed 11,000 people.

Sierra Leone probes suspected Ebola death hours after all-clear

Freetown - Tropical disease experts in Sierra Leone scrambled Friday to investigate a new suspected death from Ebola announced just hours after west Africa celebrated halting the spread of the deadly virus.

What a difference a year makes as Ebola-free zone brings in 2016

Freetown - Banned from gathering in public as the death toll crept towards five figures, the people of west Africa's Ebola-hit nations could hardly have had a worse New Year's Eve 2014.

Sierra Leone is officially Ebola free

Freetown - Some good news with the battle against the Ebola virus in West Africa — Sierra Leone, which has experienced the second highest level of incidences, has been declared free of the virus.
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