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Czech, Slovak PMs the latest to slam Greece on migrant crisis

Bratislava - The Czech Republic and Slovakia on Tuesday criticised Greece's handling of the migrant crisis and urged the fellow EU member to tighten its borders with Bulgaria and Macedonia to staunch the influx of people.

Slovakia files court challenge to EU migrant quotas: PM 

Bratislava - Slovakia said Wednesday it had mounted a legal challenge to the EU's plan to distribute 160,000 asylum-seekers among member states under a quota system.

Slovakia to file lawsuit over EU migrant quotas by mid-December

Bratislava - Slovakia will launch legal action by next month against an EU quota plan to distribute 160,000 refugees and migrants across the bloc, a justice ministry spokeswoman told AFP Tuesday.

UN chief regrets 'root causes' of refugee crisis were unaddressed

Bratislava - UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said Monday more should have been done to tackle the "root causes" of the worst refugee and migrant crisis since World War II.

Slovakia to dispute EU migrant quotas in court: PM

Bratislava - Slovakia's leftist Prime Minister Robert Fico said Wednesday his country would take legal action to dispute mandatory quotas adopted by the European Union to relocate 120,000 refugees amid an unprecedented migrant crisis.

Slovakia to oppose quotas at EU meeting: PM

Bratislava - Slovakia's Prime Minister Robert Fico said his government will oppose EU plans for compulsory migrant quotas at an emergency meeting in Brussels on Monday."If quotas are approved, we will take a substantial and clear position.

Ukraine PM calls second Russia-Germany pipeline 'anti-European'

Bratislava - Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk on Thursday criticised as "anti-Ukrainian and anti-European" a deal between Russia's energy giant Gazprom and several Western firms to build a second gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea.

Fear, ignorance fuel eastern Europe's unease over refugees

Gabcikovo - A potent mix of fear, ignorance and Islamophobia is fuelling widespread opposition in eastern Europe to taking in refugees despite EU pressure for a new quota system.

Slovak PM says will not 'bow' to Germany, France on migrants

Bratislava - Prime Minister Robert Fico on Wednesday said Slovakia should not bow to pressure from Germany or France, maintaining his opposition to mandatory migrant quotas as the EU unveiled plans to force the bloc to share 160,000 refugees.

Slovakia to grant asylum to only 200 Christian Syrians

Bratislava - Slovakia's interior ministry said Thursday the EU member would grant asylum to only 200 Christian Syrians, as the European Union struggles to cope with a huge influx of refugees and migrants.

Seven die in Slovak mid-air plane collision

Bratislava - Seven people died Thursday morning when two planes carrying dozens of parachutists collided in mid-air in western Slovakia, the interior ministry said.

Egg-shaped 'Ecocapsule' capsule lets you 'live-off-the-grid'

Bratislava - Digital Journal has featured houses with straw walls, farm silos turned into houses and mini-apartments and homes. Now, a Slovakian firm has turned the world of architecture upside-down with the ultimate in sustainable micro-living.

Mass arrests after thousands rally against immigration in Bratislava

Bratislava - At least 140 people were arrested Saturday after violence broke out at an anti-immigration rally in Bratislava attended by thousands of people in protest at EU quotas on migrant numbers, local media said.

France warns 'everything' must be done to clinch Greek deal by June 22

Bratislava - French President Francois Hollande insisted on Friday that "everything" must be done to seal a compromise on the Greek debt crisis before a Monday emergency eurozone meeting.

Successful states have 'moral duty' to migrants: Slovakia

Bratislava - Slovakia's president said Thursday that successful EU states such as his own have a "moral duty to help" those fleeing war and poverty, an idea opinion polls show a majority of his countrymen oppose.

S.Korean man thought to have MERS hospitalised in Slovakia

Bratislava - A South Korean man thought to have contracted the potentially deadly MERS virus was hospitalised in the Slovak capital Bratislava on Saturday, a spokeswoman said.

Slovak makers of flying car press on after crash

Bratislava - Slovak tech firm AeroMobil is working on a new prototype of its flying car, weeks after the vehicle of the future spread its wings and crashed during a test flight.

Slovak vote on gay marriage, adoption ban a flop

Bratislava - A referendum intended to strengthen a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage and adoption in socially conservative Slovakia fell flat Saturday with low turnout.

Slovak vote on same-sex marriage alarms rights activists

Bratislava - Rights activists are sounding the alarm over a referendum in EU-member Slovakia on Saturday designed to cement a constitutional ban on gay marriage, pointing to a rise in hate speech.

Op-Ed: In Slovakia, Christmas dinner is in the bathtub

It's always fun to learn about Christmas traditions around the world. In the U.S., most of us enjoy a turkey or holiday ham for our Christmas dinner, but in Eastern Europe, if you were there today, chances are you would find a carp in the bathtub.
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