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Singapore says it deported 26 Bangladeshis for terror links

Singapore - Singapore disclosed Wednesday it arrested 27 Bangladeshi construction workers late last year for supporting "the armed jihad ideology of terrorist groups" and deported 26 of them.

1,500 pedophiles busted by FBI hacking the Dark Web

In perhaps the largest pedophile sting in history, the FBI hacked the Dark Web server to infiltrate and investigate 1,500 pedophiles using the secret website named the Playpen.

Inter-dimensional portal caught on film, Truth or Hoax?

On December 7, 2015 tourists captured on film a swirling inter-dimensional portal in the sky above the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland. An orb is seen entering the portal before it disappears. The question is it truth or a clever hoax?

Op-Ed: Robot receptionists — The new social robots, and big questions

Singapore - Her name is Nadine, she works at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, and she’s the new face of robotics. She’s Siri with moods, humanoid, and responds to people by looking them in the eye. ….And?

Suspected match-fixer detained without trial in Singapore

Singapore - A Singaporean accused of leading the world's largest football match-fixing syndicate was ordered to be detained without trial Saturday under a special law following his rearrest earlier this week, the interior ministry said.

Singapore police extend investigation of Belgian charged with son's murder

Singapore - Singapore police have a further eight weeks to complete their investigation into a Belgian financial executive charged with murdering his five-year-old son, after state prosecutors Wednesday requested more time.

Over half of world's primates on brink of extinction: experts

Singapore - More than half the world's primates, including apes, lemurs and monkeys, are facing extinction, international experts warned Tuesday, as they called for urgent action to protect mankind's closest living relatives.

Epic handshake highlights China-Taiwan Summit

Singapore - The first meeting between the leaders of China and Taiwan since their 1949 civil war division was expected to produce a dramatic handshake -- but no one thought it would last 81 seconds.

China, Taiwan leaders open summit with historic handshake

Singapore - The presidents of China and Taiwan reached across decades of Cold War estrangement and rivalry for a historic handshake Saturday, before exchanging warm words in the first summit since the two sides' traumatic 1949 split.

Q&A on landmark China-Taiwan summit

Singapore - The summit between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou in Singapore on Saturday is the first meeting between leaders from the two sides since their 1949 split after a bloody civil war.

Stage set for landmark Taiwan-China summit

Singapore - The leaders of China and Taiwan hold a historic summit Saturday that will put a once unthinkable presidential seal on warming ties between the former Cold War rivals.

Stage set for historic Taiwan-China summit

Singapore - The leaders of China and Taiwan hold a landmark summit Saturday afternoon that will put a once-unthinkable presidential seal on a historic rapprochement between the former Cold War antagonists.

Op-Ed: ASEAN is riding today’s rapids, but smooth sailing is in sight

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), formed in 1967, has represented a major slice of the world’s economic activity since its founding.

Singapore church leaders convicted of fraud in pop music venture

Singapore - Six Christian church leaders in Singapore were convicted of fraud Wednesday for using $36 million to turn the pastor's glamourous singer wife into a global pop star to attract more followers.

Singapore slams Indonesia over haze response as schools shut

Singapore - Singapore slammed "shocking" statements from Indonesian officials over the haze crisis as it closed all schools and distributed protective face masks Friday in emergency measures after the air pollution index soared to hazardous levels.

Asia's millionaires to become 'world's richest group'

Singapore - Asia Pacific millionaires are set to become the world's richest this year, a report said Wednesday, driven largely by wealthy individuals in India and China.The combined wealth of Asia Pacific's super rich will surpass its 2014 total of $15.

Singaporean voters opt for continuity in snap poll

Singapore - Singaporeans spooked by the prospect of a contentious two-party political system delivered a massive swing vote to keep the long-ruling People's Action Party (PAP) in power, analysts say.

Singapore votes in its most-hotly contested election

Singapore - Singaporeans voted Friday in the most hotly contested election in the country's history after massive turnouts at opposition rallies boosted chances that a two-party system will emerge from half a century of domination by the ruling party.

Singapore votes as opposition seeks end of one-party dominance

Singapore - Singaporeans will cast their votes Friday in a snap parliamentary election after a heated campaign that boosted opposition hopes of further eroding half a century of dominance by the ruling party.

Huge rallies boost opposition hopes in Singapore polls

Singapore - Singaporeans vote in snap elections Friday that the opposition hopes will dramatically boost its presence in parliament and challenge half a century of ruling party domination, after huge crowds attended its campaign rallies.
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