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Op-Ed: AI marketing to extroverts — The rise of machine marketing

Singapore - How would you define your personality? Would you use long-term or short-term indicators? Would you believe it? Research using AI is trying to predict the reactions of extroverts to marketing, and it’s a hoot.

Op-Ed: Surprising no-drug anti-cancer research delivers great results

Singapore - Chemotherapy and other heavy-duty treatments can do only so much. A novel method using nanomaterials to deliver cellular self-destruct messages to cancerous growths is looking very good.

Flexible robots get new metal material for extra movement

Robotics engineers have developed a material which is lighter than paper and also very flexible. The materials also has excellent electrical conductivity, heat generation, and it is capable of wireless communications.

Antioxidant in green tea could help fight TB

An antioxidant found in green tea plant could help in fighting tuberculosis. The compound is epigallocatechin gallate and it can inhibit the growth of a tuberculosis-causing bacteria strain. This may pave the way for the development of novel drugs.

Op-Ed: Suspending Parliament — The Last Muddle Through for the UK?

London - Boris Johnson’s highly controversial and very unpopular suspension of Parliament is looking very like The Last Muddle Through for the UK in far too many ways. The hideously mismanaged Brexit mess is making the Blitz look good.

Review: Michael Andrew wins 50 meter butterfly at World Cup in Singapore Special

American swimmer Michael Andrew has a major reason to be proud. He took home the gold medal in the men's 50 meter butterfly at the World Cup in Singapore.

Scientists apply AI to predict material properties

Researchers from Singapore, the U.S. and Russia have developed artificial intelligence that can be applied to materials science, in order to predict and engineer material properties. This could lead to creating new materials with special properties.

Singapore to test facial recognition on lampposts

Singapore is considering fixing surveillance cameras to the top of over 100,000 lampposts. The aim is to assist authorities with picking out and recognizing faces in crowds across the island-state. Not all are happy about the situation.

Meet Lilo Baier: Rising child singer and entertainer

Young singer, actress, and dancer Lilo Baier is making a name for herself in the contemporary entertainment scene, where she is a triple threat.

Autonomous vehicle vision program receives big investment

FLIR Systems, who specialize in thermal imaging, have made a strategic investment in CVEDIA, a Singapore-based machine learning and AI startup to bolster its autonomous vehicle vision program. This signals further growth in the autonomous car market.

Op-Ed: Trump scuttles Broadcom's attempt to takeover Qualcomm

San Diego - The decision to ban any takeover by Singapore's Broadcom of the U.S. chipmaker Qualcomm may signal a shift toward stronger control and oversight of the technology of the telecom and wireless area.

No pay rise for Singapore's million-dollar ministers

Singapore - Singapore government ministers were told Thursday their salaries will stay frozen despite a recommendation for a hike, but there was little sympathy in the city-state for the world's best-paid politicians.

Soul-searching as symbol of 70s Singapore faces demolition

Singapore - The looming demolition of a horseshoe-shaped tower block that symbolised Singapore's growth from a port town to an affluent city-state has sparked soul-searching about whether enough is being done to protect the country's recent history.

Singaporean in church fraud case tries to flee on boat

Singapore - A Singaporean man convicted over a high-profile fraud case at a megachurch was caught Wednesday trying to flee in a boat before he was due to start his sentence, police said.

Singapore won't cane suspected bank robber sought from UK

Singapore - Singapore has agreed not to cane a man accused of carrying out a rare bank robbery in the city-state if Britain extradites him to face charges, officials said Tuesday.

Colombia protests Escobar restaurant in Singapore

Singapore - Colombia has lodged an angry complaint with Singapore over a restaurant in the city-state named after drug kingpin Pablo Escobar.

Singapore to amend law after 'showbiz pastor' case

Singapore - Singapore will amend a law that allowed a megachurch pastor to escape a harsher prison term for fraud despite funnelling millions in church funds into his wife's music career, a senior official said Monday, following a public backlash.

Quantum algorithm helps AI to think faster

Technologists have developed a quantum speed-up algorithm for machine learning. The effect will be to enable artificial intelligence system to think faster.

Pastor in Singapore church fraud escapes harsher jail term

Singapore - The leader of a glitzy Singapore megachurch convicted of misusing nearly $20 million in church money to advance his wife's music career escaped a harsher prison term Thursday as a court rejected demands to reinstate his original sentence.

Singapore holds 17 men, seizes tanker over alleged Shell oil theft

Singapore - Singaporean authorities have arrested 17 men for allegedly stealing fuel from a major Shell refinery, and seized an oil tanker and millions of dollars in cash, police said.
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