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Lockdown-shy Sweden passes pandemic law

Stockholm - Sweden's parliament on Friday passed a pandemic law giving the government new powers to curb the spread of Covid-19 in a country that has controversially relied on mostly non-coercive measures to fight the virus.

Sweden seeks new probe of Estonia ferry wreck after 25 years

Stockholm - Sweden said Friday it would seek to lift a ban on inspections of the wreck of the Estonia ferry, which sank in the Baltic Sea in 1994 with the loss of 852 lives in one of the worst maritime disasters of the 20th century.

Sweden struggles under second virus wave

Stockholm - Despite a sharper tone from authorities and new restrictions, Sweden, which has famously relied on non-coercive measures, is struggling to contain a strong second wave of Covid-19 it thought it could avoid.

Sweden's taxi drivers help step up Covid testing

Stockholm - As the Covid-19 pandemic worsened and her business ferrying Stockholmers around the city dried up, Swedish taxi driver Jotta Nikopoulou found new work with her cab: delivering tests to the sick.

Pandemic putting democracy under threat: study

Stockholm - More than six in 10 countries around the world have adopted measures during the Covid-19 pandemic that threaten democracy or human rights, a report by democracy institute International IDEA said Wednesday.

Two liquid states: New properties of water discovered

Stockholm - Water in the liquid state is not all that it seems. By applying novel technology, scientists have been able to establish that water can move through two different liquid states, presenting new properties.

Iran postpones execution of Iranian-Swedish academic: wife

Stockholm - The planned execution of Iranian-Swedish academic Ahmadreza Djalali, who was sentenced to death in Iran three years ago for spying, has been postponed, his wife said Thursday.

Sweden mother 'kept son locked up for decades'

Stockholm - A woman in Sweden suspected of holding her son captive inside their apartment for decades has been arrested, police said on Tuesday, with reports claiming the man was found undernourished with infected sores on his body and almost no teeth.

Narcolepsy fiasco spurs Covid vaccine fears in Sweden

Stockholm - Take a vaccine developed in haste? Never again, says Meissa Chebbi, who, like hundreds of other young Swedes suffered debilitating narcolepsy after a mass vaccination campaign against the 2009-2010 swine flu pandemic.

Sweden urges Iran to call off execution of medical researcher

Stockholm - Sweden's foreign minister Ann Linde said Tuesday she had spoken to her Iranian counterpart to formally object to the planned execution of an Iranian-Swedish professor sentenced to death on spying charges.

Finnish ferry runs aground in Baltic with nearly 430 aboard

Stockholm - A passenger ferry ran aground Saturday next to islands between Sweden and Finland, leaving nearly 430 passengers and crew stranded for the night, the Finnish owner and coast guard said.

EU health agency urges tighter controls on mink farms

Stockholm - The European Union's health agency on Thursday said countries should step up tests on mink farms, after a potentially "problematic" variant of the coronavirus was discovered in animals in Denmark.

Sweden sticks to its guns as Covid cases rise

Stockholm - Sweden is seeing an uptick in coronavirus infections and introducing targeted measures, but the country that famously refused to lock down is sticking to its guns and insisting coercive methods are not the way to go.

Economics Prize wraps up unusual Nobel season

Stockholm - Work on inequality, economic psychology, auctions, health economics and labour markets are some of the favourites as Monday's economics prize closes an unusual Nobel season nearing the record of women laureates in one year.

American poet Louise Gluck wins Nobel Literature Prize

Stockholm - American poet Louise Gluck won the 2020 Nobel Literature Prize on Thursday, an unexpected choice known for themes of childhood and family life that draw inspiration from myths and classical motifs.

Swedish Academy hands out Nobel Literature Prize after scandal years

Stockholm - After several years of scandals and wildcard picks, the Swedish Academy will on Thursday crown the 2020 Nobel Literature Prize laureate, with literary experts hedging their bets due to the unpredictability of the exercise.

Nobel Literature Prize 2020: Controversy or crowdpleaser?

Stockholm - This year's Nobel Literature Prize field is wide open ahead of Thursday's announcement, with literary circles abuzz about whether the nod will go to yet another controversial pick or a crowd-pleaser.

US-British trio win Nobel Medicine Prize for Hepatitis C discovery

Stockholm - Americans Harvey Alter and Charles Rice together with Briton Michael Houghton won the Nobel Medicine Prize on Monday for the discovery of the Hepatitis C virus, paving the way for a cure, the Nobel jury said.

US-British trio win Nobel Medicine Prize for Hepatitis C discovery

Stockholm - Americans Harvey Alter and Charles Rice together with Briton Michael Houghton won the Nobel Medicine Prize on Monday for the discovery of the Hepatitis C virus, the Nobel jury said.

2020 Nobel season opens with medicine prize

Stockholm - Breakthroughs in the field of health will be honoured Monday when the 2020 Nobel season kicks off with the medicine prize, as the world battles the worst pandemic in a century.
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