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EU to relocate Sweden asylum seekers

Stockholm - Overwhelmed by a stream of migrants, Sweden will soon benefit from a "relocation" programme for some of its asylum seekers, the European Commissioner of Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos said Monday.

Swedish court: ISPs cannot block file-sharing site Pirate Bay

Stockholm - On Friday, a court in Sweden ruled Internet Service Providers cannot be forced to block the Pirate Bay, a file-sharing website.

Will Trump's newest verbal attack push away disabled voters?

Donald Trump is the current front runner in the 2016 U.S. presidential race. He is no stranger to controversy but current allegations of verbal abuse have created a media frenzy. Has he pushed himself into a corner by what some call flagrant verbal abuse?

Refugee crisis tests Sweden's lofty aim of 'equality for all'

Malm - Aneta Moura, who emigrated to Sweden from Greece 43 years ago, says the last ethnic Swede has moved off her street in Malmo's Rosengard neighbourhood and youths with nothing to do hang out on the streets at all hours.

In Sweden, migrants live in fear of arson attacks

Lund - "I came from my room to see what was happening. I saw the fire and ran outside," says Dawit, a 13-year-old Ethiopian boy living in a Swedish centre for asylum seekers.

Strained Sweden tightens asylum rules further

Stockholm - Sweden said Tuesday it would drastically tighten its asylum rules in a bid to stem the flow of migrants coming to the country, putting its rules on a par with the EU's minimum regulations.

A rose by any other name is still a rose, even if it's a cyborg

Scientists in Sweden have created bionic roses, merging transistors and electrodes into the plant's vascular systems, creating a living organism that can sense and display environmental changes, and a lot more.

Migrant flow into Sweden drops after border checks brought back

Stockholm - The number of new migrant arrivals in Sweden has dropped by a third since it reinstated border controls earlier this month, the country's migration agency said Saturday.

Swedish police arrest man for 'plotting terror attack'

Stockholm - Swedish authorities are interrogating a suspect arrested for plotting a "terror attack", authorities said Friday as security is tightened following last week's carnage in Paris.

Swiss farmer finds 4,166 Roman-era coins buried in his orchard

A Swiss farmer in the Aargau area near Zurich was working on digging out a molehill that was harming his cherry tree recently when he found something far more valuable than fruit: buried Roman-era coins. The treasure trove of coins date back 1,700 years.

Suspect sought in Sweden for 'planning terrorist act': police

Stockholm - Swedish police were hunting Wednesday for a man wanted for "planning a terrorist act", security services said, with the country on high alert following the deadly terror assault in Paris last week.

Study finds giving up Facebook can make you happier

Big Facebook user? Do you check your 'wall' daily? If so, according to a study from the independent think-tank 'The Happiness Institute' you might be happier if you shut your account down and give it up altogether.

Sweden reinstates border checks amid huge migrant influx

Malm - Sweden reinstated border controls on Thursday in a bid to gain control over the massive influx of migrants arriving in the country, without blocking the steady flow of asylum seekers.

Sweden to temporarily reinstate border controls over migrant influx

Stockholm - The Swedish government on Wednesday said it would temporarily reinstate border checks to deal with an unprecedented influx of migrants, making it the latest country in Europe's passport-free Schengen zone to tighten its borders over the crisis.

Academics win prize for showing how to avoid raising a criminal

Stockholm - Three researchers were awarded the 2016 Stockholm Prize in Criminology for showing how parents, even criminals, can prevent a child from becoming delinquent, Stockholm University announced on Tuesday.

Migration tests Sweden's 'humanitarian superpower' image

Stockholm - Overwhelmed by a massive influx of migrants, Sweden is approaching its fiscal and emotional limit and this "humanitarian superpower" is now being forced to hit the brakes.

Migrant influx sparks run on Ikea beds in Germany, Sweden

Stockholm - Several Ikea stores in Germany and Sweden have run out of beds and mattresses due to a surge in demand caused by the influx of migrants, the Swedish furniture chain said Friday.

Bindi Irwin must prove father's death via contract with DWTS

A judge in the L.A. Superior Court has ruled Bindi Irwin will not be paid for appearing on the show Dancing with the Stars until proof is provided of her father's death. Steve Irwin was best known as the Crocodile Hunter on Animal Planet.

Sweden to ask EU to help relocate migrants

Stockholm - Sweden, struggling with a huge influx of migrants, was to ask Brussels to relocate to other EU countries some of the asylum seekers it has taken in, the premier said Wednesday.

Swedish school reopens after deadly racist attack

Stockholm - Several hundred students returned to class under heightened security Monday after a racially motivated attack claimed the lives of two people at their school in southwestern Sweden 11 days ago.
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