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Four men injured in shooting in Sweden

V - Four men were injured, one critically, in the centre of Sweden's southern city of Malmo, in what police said appeared to be a targeted attack by gunmen riding scooters.

Hungary is breaking EU law on migrants: Nordic nations

Stockholm - Nordic nations on Wednesday called for the EU to take "measures" against Hungary over its reluctance to take in registered asylum-seekers.

Julian Assange arrest warrant upheld by Swedish court

Stockholm - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange faced another setback in his legal stand-off with Sweden Friday after an appeals court rejected his request to lift an arrest warrant for him over a 2010 rape accusation.

Swedish court to rule on Assange arrest warrant

Stockholm - A Swedish appeals court will on Friday decide whether to maintain an arrest warrant for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange over a 2010 rape accusation which he fears could lead to his extradition to the US.

Sweden to begin age tests for unaccompanied child refugees

Stockholm - Sweden will next year begin medical testing to determine the age of unaccompanied child refugees, officials said Friday over fears adults are trying to pass themselves off as minors to up their chances of getting asylum.

CRISPR-Cas9 may be the answer to feeding our growing world

For possibly the first time ever, two people sat down to a meal featuring fried cabbage that had been genetically modified using "genetic scissors," and had been cultivated, harvested and cooked in Europe. You might even say it was an historic occasion.

Lower breast cancer risk for women who breast feed

A new study indicates that the risks of breast cancer mortality are lower with women who have breast fed their children compared with those who opted to use formula milk.

World rope skipping record smashed

Rope skipping is a long-standing technique for undertaking physical exercise. To hit one hundred in a few minutes is regarded as a sign of good fitness. To break the world record, though, requires something special.

Assange appeals European arrest warrant

Stockholm - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has appealed a Stockholm district court's decision to maintain a European arrest warrant against him over a 2010 rape allegation, his lawyer said on Wednesday.

Sweden to begin studying the sex lives of its citizens

Helsingborg - The government of Sweden is launching a three-year study of its citizens' sex lives. The study cuts across the social, cultural and biological spheres.

Whey to go: 17th-century cheese found in Baltic wreck

Stockholm - Divers searching the wreck of an 17th-century Swedish warship on the bed of the Baltic say they have found de Brie.

On inviting all children, including those born with down syndrome

I am not a weeper. Never have been. It's not uncommon for us men to stifle tears and we could argue whether it's due to nature or nurture. But not here, not now. This is about 2 kids, each born with down syndrome, and how they blessed me with tears.

Sweden takes next step to fossil-fuel freedom with eHighway

Sweden has taken a giant step forward in bringing the world closer to fossil fuel freedom with an "electric highway" that focuses on the carbon-intensive transportation industry's need for cleaner and more efficient energy sources.

Op-Ed: Vancouver Canucks please trade for contract and get youth, pick

My suspicion is that it is frustrating for most fans of the Vancouver Canucks to hear GM Jim Benning repeat over and over again his mantra of making the team competitive now. Of putting the 2017 playoffs ahead of the franchise's next decade, or more.

Sweden clamps down on asylum seekers

Stockholm - Sweden toughened its rules for new asylum seekers on Tuesday as well as for refugees wanting to join their families in the country, after receiving 160,000 asylum claims last year.

U.S., Russia cutting nuke arsenals, but modernising: Study

Stockholm - The world's biggest nuclear powers, the US and Russia, are slowly reducing their nuclear arsenals but are modernising their capacities, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) said on Monday.

In turnaround, Sweden agrees to continue nuclear power

Stockholm - Sweden's left-wing government struck a deal with the opposition Friday to continue nuclear power for the foreseeable future, backtracking on its pledge to phase out atomic energy.

Two new types of childhood blood cancer detected

Lund - Two new types of blood cancer have been detected, by virtue of advances in genetic testing. The discovery may signal the greater use of personalized medicine, applicable to different patients.

Assange arrest warrant upheld by Stockholm court

Stockholm - A Stockholm district court on Wednesday maintained a European arrest warrant against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange over a 2010 rape allegation, rejecting his lawyers' request to have it lifted.

Swedes' long journey to their final resting place

Stockholm - "You don't leave a chicken in the fridge for several weeks, yet that's exactly what we do with our dead, it's terrible!
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