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Sweden sticks to its guns as Covid cases rise

Stockholm - Sweden is seeing an uptick in coronavirus infections and introducing targeted measures, but the country that famously refused to lock down is sticking to its guns and insisting coercive methods are not the way to go.

Economics Prize wraps up unusual Nobel season

Stockholm - Work on inequality, economic psychology, auctions, health economics and labour markets are some of the favourites as Monday's economics prize closes an unusual Nobel season nearing the record of women laureates in one year.

American poet Louise Gluck wins Nobel Literature Prize

Stockholm - American poet Louise Gluck won the 2020 Nobel Literature Prize on Thursday, an unexpected choice known for themes of childhood and family life that draw inspiration from myths and classical motifs.

Swedish Academy hands out Nobel Literature Prize after scandal years

Stockholm - After several years of scandals and wildcard picks, the Swedish Academy will on Thursday crown the 2020 Nobel Literature Prize laureate, with literary experts hedging their bets due to the unpredictability of the exercise.

Nobel Literature Prize 2020: Controversy or crowdpleaser?

Stockholm - This year's Nobel Literature Prize field is wide open ahead of Thursday's announcement, with literary circles abuzz about whether the nod will go to yet another controversial pick or a crowd-pleaser.

US-British trio win Nobel Medicine Prize for Hepatitis C discovery

Stockholm - Americans Harvey Alter and Charles Rice together with Briton Michael Houghton won the Nobel Medicine Prize on Monday for the discovery of the Hepatitis C virus, paving the way for a cure, the Nobel jury said.

US-British trio win Nobel Medicine Prize for Hepatitis C discovery

Stockholm - Americans Harvey Alter and Charles Rice together with Briton Michael Houghton won the Nobel Medicine Prize on Monday for the discovery of the Hepatitis C virus, the Nobel jury said.

2020 Nobel season opens with medicine prize

Stockholm - Breakthroughs in the field of health will be honoured Monday when the 2020 Nobel season kicks off with the medicine prize, as the world battles the worst pandemic in a century.

On Nobel committees, women are in short supply

Stockholm - Marie Curie, Mother Teresa and Malala are among the just five percent of women Nobel laureates. But women are also heavily underrepresented in the institutions that select the prizewinners each year.

Belarus, Iran, US, Nicaragua activists win 'alternate' Nobel

Stockholm - A Belarusian pro-democracy campaigner, an imprisoned Iranian human rights lawyer, a US civil rights attorney, and a Nicaraguan activist on Thursday won a top Swedish honour sometimes called "the alternative Nobel Prize.

Nobel prizes in year marked by pandemic

Stockholm - Press freedom groups and climate activist Greta Thunberg are making Nobel Peace Prize buzz ahead of next week's award announcements, in a pandemic year that has highlighted the importance of science and research.

Alfred Nobel, creator of dynamite and high-minded prizes

Stockholm - Swedish inventor and scholar Alfred Nobel, who made a vast fortune from his invention of dynamite in 1866, ordered the creation of the famous Nobel prizes in his will.

EU warns virus epidemic worsening, as restrictions ramp up

Stockholm - The European Union raised the alarm on Thursday over the coronavirus pandemic, saying it is worse now than at the March peak in several member countries, as governments in Europe and beyond reimpose drastic measures.

Criminal 'clans' challenge Sweden's law enforcement

Stockholm - Police in Sweden say they're struggling to control criminal "clans" exercising their own form of justice, amid an escalation of violent crime in what has long been a tranquil and safe country.

Finnish cruise ship evacuated after running aground in Baltic sea

Stockholm - A Finnish passenger cruise ship was evacuated on Sunday after it ran aground off the island of Aland in the Baltic Sea, the cruise line and emergency services said Sunday.

Swede on trial for murder after DNA hit on genealogy site

Stockholm - A 37-year-old man went on trial Tuesday for a double murder that went unsolved and gripped Sweden for more than 15 years until police matched his DNA on a popular genealogy website.

Arabic theatre is cultural lifeline for Sweden's migrants

Stockholm - In a theatre in Stockholm's suburbs, a small crowd gathered to watch three actors, two Syrian and one Swedish, act out the lives of a young migrant couple settling into life in Sweden.

Syrians still finding their way in Sweden, five years on

Stockholm - They arrived in unprecedented numbers, pushing a strained Sweden to shut its borders as anti-immigration sentiment flared. Five years later, Syrians are still trying to integrate, some more successfully than others.

Riot in Sweden after anti-Muslim Danish leader banned

Stockholm - At least 10 people were arrested and several police officers injured during clashes in southern Sweden after an anti-Muslim Danish politician was blocked from attending a Koran-burning rally, police said Saturday.

Sweden militarizing large island of Gotland

Sweden is rapidly militarizing the large island of Gotland mostly valued for tourism. Sweden is sending more ground troops to the island and also sending warships to the area.
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