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Swedish prosecutor issues formal request to hold Assange on rape suspicion

Stockholm - Swedish prosecutors on Monday issued a formal request to hold WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, currently imprisoned in Britain, on suspicion of rape -- a first step towards seeking his extradition to Sweden.

Swedish fintech startup devises credit card for sustainability

Doconomy, a Swedish fintech startup, has developed the world’s first credit card with a carbon limit. The new credit card is called DO Black.

Chelsea Manning says she will not testify before new grand jury

Chelsea Manning the former US military intelligence analyst said today that she will again refuse to testify to a grand jury about her leak of classified information to Wikileaks, even if this means she will be put back in jail.

Robots begin doing forest jobs that humans find boring

Sweden, home to vast acres of woodland, is developing robots to carry out many of the forest related tasks that humans find boring and repetitive, focused on monitoring and counting.

Scandinavian airline SAS seals deal to end pilots' strike

Stockholm - Scandinavian airline SAS said Thursday it has reached an agreement with the pilots' union to end a week-long strike that has seen over 4,000 flights cancelled and left more than 380,000 passengers stranded.

Scandinavian airline SAS seals deal to end pilots' strike

Stockholm - Scandinavian airline SAS said Thursday it had reached an agreement with the pilots' union to end a week-long strike that has seen over 4,000 flights cancelled and left more than 380,000 passengers stranded.

Two Pussy Riot members granted asylum in Sweden

Stockholm - Sweden on Tuesday granted political asylum to two activist members of the Russian protest collective Pussy Riot who had feared being arrested if they had returned to Moscow, Swedish public television SVT reported.

US military spending up for first time in 7 years: SIPRI

Stockholm - US military spending has risen for the first time in seven years, reflecting Trump administration policy, according to a new report released Monday by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.Worldwide military spending also rose by 2.

Q&A: How important are presentations for succeeding in business? Special

To succeed in business, getting the message across early in a presentation is key, as is spending time on the look and feel of the presentation. Leading expert Henrik Bergqvist shares some advice.

Review: Avicii's posthumous single 'SOS' released, features Aloe Blacc Special

"SOS" by the late Swedish electronic music superstar Avicii was posthumously released on April 10. It is a collaboration with Aloe Blacc.

Amid worries over Russia, Sweden returns troops to Baltic island

Visby - Under an icy rain, camouflage-clad Swedish soldiers crouched behind a log pile, aimed their machine guns towards the Baltic Sea and, at their officers' barked orders, opened fire down the snow-covered range.

Essential Science: Transparent wood can transmit light

Technologists have developed a transparent wood that has grabbed attention as a future material for green construction. The material is also remarkably energy efficient, in terms of its ability to release heat, thereby lowering energy costs.

Estonia shipwreck claimants have low hopes for compensation hearing

Stockholm - Survivors and families of the victims of the 1994 Estonia ferry disaster that claimed 852 lives hope the shipbuilder and certification agency will finally be held accountable when a French court hears their lawsuit on Friday.

Betsson drives customer service with Ada AI-powered chatbots

Betsson Group, a large international gaming groups with 17 brands, has announced its partnership with Ada and the work it has done to automate its customer experience. The change enables customers to self-serve without a live agent in six languages.

YouTube's PewDiePie 'sickened' by mosque gunman's namedrop

Stockholm - YouTube's most-watched blogger PewDiePie said he was "sickened" after hearing that the gunman behind Friday's New Zealand mosque massacre had promoted his videos before opening fire.

Mum of Swedish girl named in NZ killer's manifesto condemns attacks

Stockholm - The mother of a Swedish girl killed in a 2017 jihadist attack expressed her horror at Friday's New Zealand mosque gun rampage, committed by a man who claimed to want to avenge the child's death.

Nobel figure quits after Swedish body's #MeToo scandal

Stockholm - Swedish scholar Sara Danius stepped down Tuesday from the academy that awards the Nobel literature prize, almost a year after she quit as its permanent secretary amid a sex scandal unveiled by the #MeToo movement.

Swedish ambassador to Beijing recalled over Gui meetings

Stockholm - Sweden's ambassador to Beijing has been recalled after claims she brokered an unauthorised meeting over the fate of detained Chinese-Swedish bookseller Gui Minhai, Stockholm said Thursday.

Vonn in bronze as Stuhec defends world downhill

Vallbo - US ski star Lindsey Vonn brought her illustrious career to a close with a hard-fought bronze at Sunday's world downhill which was won by defending champion Ilka Stuhec of Slovenia.

Mini mice architecture draws crowds in Sweden

Malm - With a grin spreading across his face, a man bends down to take a photo of a miniature rubbish bin and street sign at the foot of a building in the southern Swedish town of Malmo.Lost items from a dollhouse?
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