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Op-Ed: Lessons from the EU’s unlikely success in the war against piracy

Brussels - Remember how just a few years ago one of the most pressing issue to world peace and security seemed to be the sundry band of pirates off the coast of Somalia that was wreaking havoc across the Gulf of Aden by pillaging and plundering trade lanes?

Op-Ed: When is 'extinct' really 'extinct'? The missing snail row

The Aldabra banded snail was last sighted in 1996 and declared extinct in 2007, with the blame placed squarely on climate change. However, it has since been "rediscovered." This has led to a debate about the accuracy of the original research.

Op-Ed: Ancient micro continent traces found in Indian Ocean

Sydney - It’s the Holy Grail for the Earth sciences. An ancient micro continent has been found. The Seychelles are believed to be the modern remains of this continent, submerged during the breakup into modern continental land masses.

Biodiversity: 400 more species threatened with extinction

Hyderabad - More than 400 additional plant and animal species have joined the list of endangered species, the so-called ‘Red List,’ it was revealed at the UN conference on biodiversity held this week.

86-year-old man lives on Moyenne Island with 120 tortoises

Fifty years ago, Brendon Grimshaw bought the island. Today he lives in a blissful solitude in the company of 120 tortoises and converted Moyenne island into a paradise of its own.

Costa Allegra finally reaches Seychelles

After the cruise from hell, passengers are finally able to disembark from the Costa Allegra after the vessel was left drifting without power following a fire in an engine room.

Costa Allegra being towed to Seychelles, fire on Indian Ocean

Victoria - Indian Ocean (Nearing Seychelles) - A small (295-foot) French fishing ship is currently towing the disabled Costa Allegra Cruise ship towards the island of Seychelles (population 86,000,) and not expected to arrive until Thursday.

Costa Allegra cruise ship being towed into Seychelles

The Costa Allegra cruise ship that got into trouble following an engine room fire on Monday Feb. 27 is being towed to one of the islands in the Seychelles archipelago.

Another Costa cruise ship in trouble

A sister ship of the doomed Costa Concordia is adrift powerless off the coast of the Seychelles following a fire, believed to have started in a machine room.

Somali pirates capture fishermen

Pirates in Somalia captured a couple of fishermen last week. The capture took place last week, and occurred 65 miles west of Mahe.

Prince William and Kate left for honeymoon in Seychelles

Newly-wed Prince William and Kate Middleton have reportedly left for their official honeymoon more than a week after their marriage in London last April 29.

Royal couple begin honeymoon amid attempts to avoid paparazzi

Prince William and his newlywed Kate Middleton are on their honeymoon and there will be little doubt that the paparazzi will be attempting to locate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, just to get that illusive photo of the royal couple on the beach.

Katyn's history adds to tragedy of Polish President's death

The historic events that occasioned the Polish President's visit to Russia only add to the tragedy of his death earlier today. His wife, Maria and the Vice-Speaker of the Polish legislature were also killed

US destroyer foils pirate attack, sinks mother ship

Manama - The flagship of the international Combined Task Force (CTF) 151, USS Farragut, operating off Somalia and in the Indian Ocean, has rescued an oil tanker from suspected pirates in the Somali Basin area of the western Indian Ocean.

US warship captures pirates after skirmish in Indian Ocean

Victoria - A US Navy warship has repulsed an attack by a pirate boat and, after an exchange of fire, captured five suspected pirates west of the Seychelles Islands in the Indian Ocean.

'Somali pirates seize yacht and take UK couple hostage'

It is feared that the British couple that disappeared while sailing their yacht in the Seychelles last week has been taken hostage by Somali pirates.

Israeli guards in pitched battle with pirates: save cruiseliner

An Italian cruise ship with 1,500 people onboard thwarted an attack by Somali pirates about 330 kilometres from Victoria in the Seychelles islands along Africa's East coast. Private Israeli guards fired back and the pirates fled.

USS Bainbridge rushing to save US merchant ship from pirates

the USS Bainbridge is rushing to rescue the captain of the Maersk Alabama, a US merchant marine cargo ship with 20 US citizens on board. He's held hostage by Somalian pirates on a lifeboat near the ship after the crew fought back and captured one pirate.

Google launches special sites and services for the Olympics

Google has added multiple sites and services to its various properties for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The company gives the latest updates and information that can be accessed worldwide.

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