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Trump slams Iran in first foreign speech

Riyadh - US President Donald Trump made a 30-minute speech on Sunday in the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh on his first foreign visit since taking office.

Trump calls for international isolation of Iran

Riyadh - US President Donald Trump on Sunday urged Muslim countries to deny sanctuary to extremists and called for international isolation of Iran, which he accused of fuelling "sectarian conflict and terror".

Saudi king slams Iran as 'spearhead of global terrorism'

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia's King Salman on Sunday accused regional rival Shiite Iran of exporting extremist Islamic movements to the world and vowed to eliminate the Islamic State group.

Ivanka Trump says Saudi progress on women 'encouraging'

Riyadh - US President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka said Sunday that ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia has made "encouraging" progress in empowering women but more freedom is needed.

Trump announces plans to soon visit Egypt

Riyadh - US President Donald Trump told Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Sunday during talks in the Saudi capital that he would soon visit Egypt.

Trump urges Muslim leaders to confront extremism

Riyadh - US President Donald Trump on Sunday urged Muslim leaders to take a stand against violence committed in the name of religion, describing the struggle against extremism as a "battle between good and evil".

Op-Ed: What does selling $110bn of arms to Saudi Arabia really mean?

Riyadh - Donald Trump has announced a $110bn deal with Saudi Arabia for new military systems. The Obama administration sold $115bn to the Saudis in its term of office. The question for analysts, however, is about the effects of the sales on the region.

Op-Ed: Saudis give Trump a royal welcome and nearly $110 billion in arms

Riyad - Trump's first meeting with a foreign leader outside the United States is with King Salman of Saudi Arabia. In spite of the fact that Trump in the past has had harsh words for Saudi Arabia he was presented with a medal by King Salman.

US, Saudi agree arms deals worth almost $110 billion: White House

Riyadh - Washington has agreed arms deals with Saudi Arabia worth almost $110 billion, a White House official said Saturday, the first day of President Donald Trump's visit to the traditional US ally.

What Melania Wore: First lady's Saudi style a big deal

Riyadh - What women wear can often be the focus of critique and controversy -- all the more so when the woman is an ex-model, married to the US president and disembarking in Saudi Arabia.

Embattled Trump starts foreign tour with Saudi arms deal

Riyadh - Washington announced a huge arms deal with Saudi Arabia and took aim at Iran on Saturday as President Donald Trump began a foreign tour looking to leave domestic troubles behind.

Trump lands in Riyadh on first leg of foreign tour

Riyadh - US President Donald Trump landed in Saudi Arabia's capital Riyadh on Saturday for the start his first foreign tour since taking office.

Trump aims to mend Muslim ties on first foreign trip

Riyadh - US President Donald Trump will seek to rebuild relations with the Muslim world on his first foreign trip starting Saturday in Saudi Arabia as political scandals mount at home.

Sudan's Bashir, wanted for war crimes, invited to Trump summit

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia has invited Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, who is wanted for alleged war crimes, to a summit with US President Donald Trump and Arab and Muslim leaders, a Saudi official said Wednesday.

Saudi king hopeful over 'historic' Muslim-US summit

Riyadh - Saudi King Salman on Monday expressed hope a "historic" summit to be held Sunday between Arab and Muslim nations and US President Donald Trump will enhance ties and promote tolerance.

Yemeni government rejects southern autonomous council

Riyadh - The government of war-ravaged Yemen on Friday rejected a self-proclaimed autonomous body in the formerly independent south whose formation is seen as an open challenge to the president's authority.

Visit to Saudi Arabia by Egypt's el-Sisi hopes to mend relations

Riyadh - The Egyptian President Abdel el-Sisi received a royal welcome when he touched down and stepped off his plane in the Saudi capital of Riyadh. He was met by King Salman, surrounded by royal officials according to the official Saudi Press Agency.

US wants 'strong' Saudi Arabia: Mattis

Riyadh - The United States wants to see a strong Saudi Arabia, Defence Secretary Jim Mattis said during talks Wednesday aimed at reinvigorating the Riyadh-Washington alliance.

Mattis in Riyadh to boost US-Saudi alliance

Riyadh - US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is in Saudi Arabia Wednesday to reinvigorate the Riyadh-Washington alliance, with both seeing a common adversary in Iran and its "destabilising" activities.

Twelve soldiers dead as Saudi helicopter goes down in Yemen

Riyadh - Twelve Saudi soldiers, including four officers, were killed on Tuesday when their helicopter went down in Yemen, the Arab coalition fighting Yemeni rebels said in a statement.
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