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As Syria rebels face rout, allies Saudi, Turkey may send troops

Riyadh - With rebel forces facing the prospect of a crushing defeat by Syria's Russian-backed regime, their allies Saudi Arabia and Turkey may send in limited numbers of ground troops, analysts say.

Suicide attack kills 4 at mosque in Saudi Shiite region

Riyadh - A suicide bomber attacked a mosque in Shiite-populated eastern Saudi Arabia during Friday prayers, killing four people before worshippers disarmed and tied up his accomplice who had fired on them.

Syria opposition to miss start of key peace talks

Riyadh - Key Syrian opposition members said Thursday they will miss the start of crucial talks in Geneva aimed at ending the devastating war, as the UN warned the negotiations must not fail.

Syria opposition puts off peace talks decision until Friday

Riyadh - Syrian opposition members meeting in Riyadh have postponed until Friday a decision on whether to attend peace talks due to start in Geneva the same day, delegates said.

Iranian President Rouhani visits Europe amid criticisms Special

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has been visiting Europe this week as Iran reintegrates itself with the global economy. Are Iran's intentions genuine or could something else be at play?

Syrian opposition puts off decision on peace talks

Riyadh - A major Syrian opposition group Wednesday postponed a decision on joining peace talks in Switzerland, as wrangling over who will go threatens to derail the biggest push yet to resolve the war.

Syria opposition resume Riyadh meeting on peace talks

Riyadh - An important component of Syria's opposition resumed discussions in the Saudi capital on Wednesday to decide whether to join peace talks in Geneva.

Kerry reassures Saudi of 'solid relationship' with U.S.

Riyadh - US Secretary of State John Kerry reassured Saudi Arabia on Sunday of the "solid relationship" between both countries, even after the lifting of sanctions on the kingdom's regional rival Iran.

Op-Ed: Top Saudi cleric claims chess 'work of Satan' and 'forbidden'

Mecca - Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz Al-Sheikh responded to a question on a Saudi television show saying that chess was "the work of Satan," as were alcohol and gambling.

Kerry in Riyadh to reassure allies over Iran

Riyadh - US Secretary of State John Kerry, on a visit to Saudi Arabia, sought Saturday to reassure Gulf allies concerned about a perceived warming of ties between Washington and Iran.

World Muslim body condemns attacks on Saudi missions in Iran

Jeddah - A global Muslim body on Thursday condemned the attacks on Saudi missions in Iran earlier this month and denounced Tehran's regional "interference".

Muslim body chief seeks healing of Saudi-Iran rift

Jeddah - Worsening relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran are diverting attention from the "real challenges" facing Muslims, the head of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation said on Thursday.

Syria opposition names Saudi-backed Islamist top negotiator

Riyadh - Syria's largest opposition coalition on Wednesday named an Islamist rebel chief backed by Riyadh as its chief negotiator for peace talks slated to open on January 25 in Geneva.

Saudi Arabia's King Salman marks tumultuous first year

Riyadh - When Saudi Arabia's king Abdullah died a year ago on Saturday, his subjects expected their country to keep a steady course under new King Salman.They were in for a royal shock.

Saudi accuses Iran of sowing 'sedition, unrest, chaos'

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia on Tuesday accused Iran of a nearly four-decade record of "sedition, unrest and chaos," as the international community tried to calm tensions between the regional rivals.

Chinese president in Saudi Arabia to bolster ties

Riyadh - Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, the first stop on a trip to raise the economic giant's political profile in a troubled Middle East.

Pakistan PM voices 'deep concern' in Saudi over Iran tensions

Riyadh - Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Monday expressed "deep concern" to Saudi King Salman over escalating tensions between the Sunni kingdom and predominantly Shiite Iran.

Saudi executes Ethiopian woman for axe murder

Riyadh - Saudi authorities on Sunday executed an Ethiopian woman convicted of murdering a Saudi female with an axe, the 50th death sentence carried out in the kingdom this year, the interior ministry said.

Saudi-led coalition denies cluster bomb use in Sanaa

Riyadh - The Saudi-led coalition bombing rebels in Yemen denied Sunday renewed accusations of dropping cluster munitions in the country after UN chief Ban Ki-moon said their use may be a "war crime".

Gulf monarchies back Saudi in row with Iran

Riyadh - Foreign ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council, which groups Sunni Arab monarchies, expressed their "total support" Saturday for Saudi Arabia in its diplomatic row with predominantly Shiite Iran.
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