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Saudi-led coalition says it 'wrongly targeted' Yemen funeral

Riyadh - The Saudi-led coalition battling Yemeni rebels said Saturday that one of its warplanes had "wrongly targeted" a funeral in the capital Sanaa, killing more than 140 people, and announced disciplinary measures.

Gulf, Turkey bemoan UN inaction on Aleppo

Riyadh - Turkey's foreign minister and his Arab counterparts in the Gulf on Thursday condemned "indiscriminate" air strikes on Syria's Aleppo and expressed "deep regret" at the UN's inability to stop the raids.

Saudi eases Yemen blockade 'to allow raid wounded evacuation'

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia announced an easing of its 18-month air blockade of rebel-held areas of neighbouring Yemen on Wednesday to allow the evacuation of hundreds of wounded from a deadly weekend air strike.

'Smashed cranes' slow aid flow to Yemen: UN aid chief

Riyadh - "Smashed cranes" at Yemen's rebel-held Hodeida port are hindering the entry of relief supplies to ease a deteriorating humanitarian crisis in the war-torn country, the UN aid chief said Wednesday.

Yemen rebels pose threat to shipping: Arab coalition

Riyadh - Huthi rebels in Yemen are posing a threat to shipping in the strategic Bab al-Mandab strait, the Saudi-led coalition supporting the government said Sunday after an attack on an Emirati vessel.

Saudi warns of 'disastrous consequences' over US 9/11 law

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia on Thursday warned of "disastrous consequences" from a United States law allowing 9/11 victims to sue the kingdom, in a major spike in tension between the longstanding allies.

Saudi petition seeks 'full' rights for women

Riyadh - Thousands of Saudis have signed a petition urging an end to the guardianship system that gives men control over the study, marriage and travel of female relatives, activists said Tuesday.

From war or wealth: The many faces of the hajj pilgrimage

Mecca - There are those who come from countries at war, others who saved their entire lives, and some making the pilgrimage for the umpteenth time.They are among more than 1.

Key Syria rebel supporter Saudi Arabia welcomes ceasefire

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia, a key backer of Syria's rebels, has welcomed a ceasefire brokered by Moscow and Washington, but stressed President Bashar al-Assad's regime must abide by it.

Saudi launches Persian hajj TV after tensions with Iran

Mecca - Saudi Arabia has launched Persian-language television broadcasts from this year's hajj, the information minister said on Sunday, following tensions with Iran over the annual pilgrimage.

Hajj pilgrims reach site of deadly stampede

Mena - Muslim pilgrims reached Mina on Monday for the ritual stoning of the devil, the last major rite of the annual hajj and the scene of a devastating stampede last year.

Top Saudi cleric 'to skip annual hajj sermon for health reasons'

Mecca - For the first time in 35 years Saudi Arabia's top cleric will not give a traditional hajj sermon to pilgrims from around the world, a newspaper reported on Saturday.

The hajj in numbers

Mecca - The hajj pilgrimage, which got under way in the Muslim holy places in Saudi Arabia on Saturday, is one of the world's largest annual gatherings.Here are some figures illustrating its scale, according to officials and local media:- More than 1.

Hajj nears climax for world's Muslims

Mena - Close to 1.5 million Muslims from around the world prepared on Saturday night for the climax of the annual hajj pilgrimage at a rocky hill known as Mount Arafat.

Nearly 1.5 million in Saudi for first post-stampede hajj

Mecca - Nearly 1.5 million pilgrims have converged on western Saudi Arabia for the annual hajj where new measures aim to prevent a recurrence of last year's stampede which killed around 2,300.

Muslims crowd Mecca ahead of hajj

Mecca - Close to 1.5 million Muslims from around the world had descended Thursday on Saudi Arabia for the annual hajj pilgrimage, undeterred by last year's stampede disaster but with Iranians absent.

From prayer beads to clocks, the retail rites of hajj

Mecca - After spending thousands of dollars to reach Mecca for the hajj, Muslim pilgrims face another unavoidable cost -– for the armfuls of gifts they are expected to take home.

Rituals of the hajj

Mecca - Muslims from across the world have gathered in Mecca in Saudi Arabia for the annual hajj pilgrimage, which is a pillar of Islam, to take part in the following rituals:- Ihram: Pilgrims wear special outfits, which for men is a two-piece white seamless g...

Pain lingers one year after hajj tragedy in Saudi

Mecca - Despite being emotionally scarred by the death of two childhood friends during last year's hajj stampede, Muhammad Sani has still returned to Saudi Arabia for another pilgrimage.

Imploding bubbles create better solar cells

Growth in solar power technology continues and considerable research efforts are orientated towards making solar panels more efficient. A novel way of doing so involves the use of imploding bubbles.
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