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Saudi suicide blast on Shiite mosque 'kills three'

Riyadh - A suicide bomber disguised in women's clothing blew himself up at the entrance to a Saudi Shiite mosque during Friday prayers killing three people, the interior ministry said.The Islamic State jihadist group claimed the attack, the second in a week.

Blast outside Saudi Shiite mosque during prayers: Witnesses

Riyadh - A car exploded outside a Shiite mosque in Saudi Arabia during Friday prayers, witnesses said, the second such blast in a week after a suicide bombing claimed by jihadists killed 21 people.

Saudi executes 88th person this year, topping 2014 total

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia on Tuesday carried out its 88th execution so far this year, surpassing the total for all of 2014 despite activists' concerns that trials are not conducted fairly.

Saudi IDs bomber after kingdom's deadliest attack in years

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia on Saturday confirmed the suicide bomber who killed 21 worshippers at a Shiite mosque had links with the Islamic State group, in what the interior ministry called an attempt to promote sectarian strife.

Op-Ed: Times prematurely warns ISIS no threat

Riyad - No need to worry about ISIS, a New York Times” op-ed piece, headlined “Calm Down, ISIS Isn’t Winning” said Friday morning. Whoops.

21 killed, 81 wounded in IS attack on Saudi Shiite mosque: ministry

Riyadh - Twenty-one people were killed and 81 wounded in an attack by an Islamic State group suicide bomber on a Shiite mosque in Saudi Arabia Friday, the health ministry said.

IS suicide bomber in deadly strike on Saudi Shiite mosque

Riyadh - An Islamic State group suicide bomber attacked a Shiite mosque in Sunni-ruled Saudi Arabia on Friday, killing and wounding several people in an assault that threatens to fan sectarian tensions.

Saudi Arabia considers buying nuclear weapons from Pakistan

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia is said to be engaged in a strategic review of its security that includes as one possibility acquiring nuclear weapons from Pakistan.

Saudi advertises for swordsmen as execution rate soars

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia advertised vacancies for eight executioners Tuesday after beheading nearly as many people since the start of the year as it did in the whole of 2014.

Saudi Arabia advertises for executioners as beheading rates rise

Riyadh - Because of the increase in public executions this year, the Saudi Arabian government is in need of an additional eight "religious functionaries" to carry out the beheadings of people condemned to death by public execution.

Five-day Yemen truce ends with no word on extension

Riyadh - A five-day truce to allow aid into war-ravaged Yemen ended at 2000 GMT on Sunday with no immediate word from the Saudi-led coalition about whether it would be extended.

Huthi rebels absent as Yemeni parties gather in Riyadh

Riyadh - Yemen's exiled President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi was to open a conference of political parties from his war-torn country on Sunday but Iran-backed Huthi Shiite rebels are boycotting the talks.

Saudis to execute prominent Shia cleric for protesting

Riyadh - Said to be the most respected Shia cleric in Saudi Arabia, Sheik Al-Nimr's crime was to take part in and lead a protest by the Shia minority back in 2011 during the Arab Spring. Protests are forbidden in Saudi Arabia.

Op-Ed: Saudis and Turks to support extremist rebels in Syria

Ankara - Turkey and Saudi Arabia are now openly backing Islamic extremists including the Al-Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra, part of the new coalition called the "Conquest Army."

Saudi-led warplanes bomb Yemen rebel stronghold

Riyadh - Saudi-led warplanes struck key targets of Yemeni Huthi rebels in their northern stronghold of Saada, state media said Friday after Riyadh vowed "harsh" punishment for deadly cross-border bombardments.

Yemen rebels to pay dearly for Saudi bombardments: coalition

Riyadh - Yemeni rebels have crossed a "red line" and will pay a high price for deadly bombardments of Saudi Arabia, the Saudi-led coalition said Thursday, hours after the kingdom proposed a humanitarian ceasefire.

Three killed in bombardment of Saudi border city

Riyadh - Three people were killed in a cross-border mortar bomb and rocket attack by Iran-backed Yemen rebels on a city in southern Saudi Arabia, Riyadh's interior ministry said.It did not specify if those killed were civilians or troops.

Secular TV station challenges religious orthodoxy in Middle East

The Middle East now has its first truly secular media station. has launched an online secular news service to provide people across the region with a viewing experience that is free from religious and government interference.

France's Hollande in Saudi calls for death penalty ban

Riyadh - French President Francois Hollande called on Tuesday for abolition of the death penalty, speaking in Saudi Arabia which this year has seen a large rise in the number of executions.

Saudi king warns of Iran threat, rebels hit border town

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia's King Salman on Tuesday urged his fellow Gulf leaders to stand up to Iran, as Yemeni rebels backed by Tehran bombarded a Saudi border city.
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