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Hajj pilgrims to get e-bracelets for safety: Media

Riyadh - Muslim pilgrims joining this year's hajj in Saudi Arabia will have to wear an electronic safety bracelet, newspapers reported Friday, after more than 2,000 died in a stampede last year.

Saudis urged to say 'no' to Ramadan begging

Riyadh - Clad in black and with a baby in her lap, a woman sits on the ground shaking a cardboard box outside the door of a Saudi mosque.

Measure to ban transfer of cluster bombs to Saudis defeated

Washington - The U.S. House of Representatives narrowly defeated a measure to ban the transfer of cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia. The vote was 204 for and 216 against. The vote against the measure was made up of 200 Republicans but only 16 Democrats.

What is Ramadan, the Islamic holy month?

Jeddah - More than a billion Muslims around the world marked the start of Ramadan on Monday, embarking on a month of fasting and prayer to commemorate the divine revelations received by Islam's Prophet Mohammed.What is Ramadan?

Kerry holds Saudi talks ahead of Syria, Libya meetings

Jeddah - US Secretary of State John Kerry met Saudi King Salman on Sunday ahead of a week of crunch talks on the conflicts in Syria and Libya.Riyadh has been a key supporter of rebels fighting to overthrow the Damascus regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

Saudis intercept ballistic missile fired from Yemen

Riyadh - Saudi air defence on Monday intercepted a ballistic missile fired from Yemen, the Arab coalition backing the Yemeni government said, slamming a "dangerous escalation" as peace talks with rebels falter.

Saudi Binladin Group says delayed wages paid to 10,000 staff

Riyadh - Saudi Binladin Group, which has laid off tens of thousands of employees because of financial difficulties, said on Monday it has begun paying delayed wages to its remaining staff.

Reshuffle shows Saudi determination to change, experts say

Riyadh - With a major government reshuffle, Saudi Arabia's King Salman and his powerful son have shown their determination to move the kingdom's economy away from oil, experts say.

Saudi oil minister sacked in government shake-up

Riyadh - Saudi King Salman replaced his long-serving oil minister on Saturday as part of a major government overhaul which comes as the kingdom grapples with a slump in energy revenues.

4 dead in Saudi raid on 'terror' cell near Mecca: Ministry

Riyadh - Saudi police shot dead two suspected militants and two others blew themselves up during a raid near the holy city of Mecca on Thursday, the interior ministry said.

Saudi Binladin Group lays off 50,000 foreign workers, some unpaid

Mecca - Fifty thousand foreign laborers have been fired by the Binladin Group construction company in Saudi Arabia. Some have not been paid salaries for the last four months.

Saudi Arabia to sell stake in Aramco, create $2 trillion fund

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia will sell shares in state oil giant Aramco and set up the world's largest wealth fund under a long-term economic reform plan, the deputy crown prince said Monday.

Obama said ready to release suppressed pages of 9/11 report

Washington - The Obama administration could be ready to release details about Saudi Arabia's involvement with the 9/11 hijackers that were suppressed after Congress formally investigated the tragedy in 2002.

U.S. bill that could allow suits against Saudis meets resistance

Washington - The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act introduced in the U.S. Senate would allow the possibility of lawsuits against any foreign nations found to be involved in funding a terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

No country has an interest in 'conflict' with Iran: Obama

Riyadh - US President Barack Obama said Thursday that neither the United States nor Arab Gulf nations had an interest in conflict with Iran.

US and Gulf states united in goal to 'destroy' IS: Obama

Riyadh - US President Barack Obama said Thursday that Washington and the Arab monarchies of the Gulf were united in their commitment to defeating the Islamic State jihadist group.

Obama in Saudi Arabia on fence-mending visit

Riyadh - President Barack Obama held talks with Saudi Arabia's King Salman on Wednesday as he began a two-day visit hoping to ease tensions with the historic US ally.

Obama visits Saudi amid tensions with historic ally

Riyadh - US President Barack Obama lands in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday to intensify the struggle against jihadists and efforts to end wars in Syria and Yemen, while trying to ease tensions with Riyadh.

Obama courts Gulf kings keen just to see him go

Az Zahra' - President Barack Obama will make another trip to Riyadh to consult Washington's Gulf allies on the crises in Yemen and Syria this week, but may not receive a royal welcome.

Egypt turns over 2 strategic Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia

Cairo - The Egyptian cabinet announced that technical work on the maritime boundary between Egypt and Saudi Arabia showed that the islands of Tiran and Sanafir were both within Saudi territorial waters.
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