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Saudis seize bombs, accuse IS of killing police

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia said Friday it has foiled a bomb plot by the Islamic State group and blamed the jihadists for shooting dead two policemen in the capital earlier this month.

Op-Ed: Saudi-led coalition to cease bombing in Yemen

Riyad - "Operation Decisive Storm" a Saudi-led bombing operation targeting Houthi rebels who control much of Yemen will be ended after nearly a month.

Coalition ends Yemen air war, but keeps options open

Riyadh - A Saudi-led coalition declared an end Tuesday to four weeks of air strikes in Yemen, saying the threat of Iran-backed rebels there had been removed and that operations are entering a political phase.

Saudi king mobilises National Guard for Yemen operations

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia's King Salman has ordered the National Guard, a ground force that exists apart from the army, to mobilise for operations against rebels in Yemen, the official SPA news agency said Tuesday.

Yemen urges rebel army units to drop support for Huthis

Riyadh - Yemen's newly appointed Vice President Khaled Bahah called on renegade army units Thursday to drop their support for Shiite rebels fighting his exiled government.

Last male white rhino on Earth guarded by armed men 24/7

The last endangered white rhino on Earth is currently being guarded constantly by four armed rangers. It is their hope to aid the rhino in mating before the animal becomes extinct.

Saudi border guards face Yemen 'Red Line'

- The Saudi border guard points past a crumbling, abandoned village towards a road barely visible against the hazy backdrop of Yemen's towering mountains."That is the Red Line," he says.

Saudi PR offensive backs Yemen military ops

Riyadh - The lights fade and rapid-fire images flash across a large screen to the sounds of war: marching men, the flaming afterburner of a fighter jet, radio traffic and adrenaline-pumping music.

Saudi special forces 'involved in Yemen ops'

Riyadh - Saudi Arabian special forces are involved in the military operation against Shiite Huthi rebels in neighbouring Yemen, a Saudi adviser said Saturday.

Subway racism: Montreal woman attacked by woman for wearing hijab

A Montreal woman said she was attacked on that city's subway system this week for wearing a hijab. The woman said her attacker, another woman, hurled racist remarks at her and struck her forcefully.

Sweden, Saudi Arabia to resume normal diplomatic relations

Stockholm - Saudi Arabia and Sweden have agreed to resume normal diplomatic relations two weeks after they were unexpectedly interrupted by a row over critical comments from Stockholm.

Saudi Arabia and allies poised to invade Yemen

Sanaa - Latest reports are that up to 150,000 Saudi troops have massed at the border with Yemen together with heavy artillery. There are a number of allies supporting the Saudis including members of the Gulf Cooperation Council and Egypt.

Saudi Arabia withdraws ambassador to Sweden in diplomatic row

Stockholm - A diplomatic dispute between Saudi Arabia and Sweden that has frayed relations between two of the world’s most-influential nations could exacerbate philosophical differences that could threaten cooperation in the battle against terrorism.

U.S. shuts Saudi embassy over security fears

Riyadh - The U.S. embassy in Saudi Arabia said it had suspended consular services in the kingdom for two days due to "heightened security concerns", after warning of threats against Western oil workers.

Saudi top diplomat urges allies to face IS 'on the ground'

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia's foreign minister on Thursday urged the US-led coalition conducting air strikes against the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq to wage a ground war against the jihadists.

'Military pressure' may be needed to oust Assad: Kerry

Riyadh - Military pressure may be needed to oust Syria's President Bashar al-Assad, US Secretary of State John Kerry said in Saudi Arabia on Thursday.

US won't take eye off Iran, Kerry assures Gulf allies

Riyadh - The United States will not take its eye off Iran's "destabilising" acts in the Middle East, Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday after talks with Gulf allies wary of an emerging nuclear deal with Tehran.

Saudi in hi-tech front line battle to keep IS at bay

- The chain-link fences, topped with coils of barbed wire, rise and fall like a serpent's back across the desert scrubland between Saudi Arabia and the jihadist threat across the Iraqi border.

MERS-CoV found in the Philippines

A nurse returning to the Philippines country from Saudi Arabia has tested positive for the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus, according to the Filipino Department of Health.

Gulf states back Qatar in row with Egypt over Libya

Riyadh - Gulf Arab states threw their support behind Qatar Thursday in a row with Egypt, which accused Doha of backing "terrorism" during heated discussions about Cairo's air strikes on jihadists in Libya.
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