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Top News: Religion

Op-Ed: Future religion: virtual churches and artificial intelligences

Perhaps someday we will attend services in Virtual Reality churches, together with robots and incorporeal Artificial Intelligences.

Atheists will sue school unless angels are removed from memorial

Ravenswood - A West Virginia middle school is standing firm on not removing some angels etched into a memorial to a beloved teacher, despite the threats of an Atheist group to hit the school with a lawsuit on constitutional grounds.

ISIS vows to take down Rome

In the most recent propaganda video released by the militant group ISIS, the terroristic group vows to conquer Rome. Some say it is a blatant attack on Christians.

India celebrates Mahashivratri, the 'Great Night of Shiva'

Indians and HIndus around the world celebrated the Mahashivratri festival, in honor of the Hindu divinity, Shiva, on February 17.

Ban them from school books: Christian groups says dinosaurs a lie

A woman who posted an anti-dinosaur rant on social media said she wants to see the U.S. school system stop teaching children about dinosaurs. She, and a group she's part of, don't think they ever existed and believe teaching about them is harming kids.

Why did Craig Stephen Hicks murder three Muslim students?

Chapel Hill - Police in Chapel Hill, North Carolina say an ongoing parking dispute may have led a committed atheist to shoot dead three Muslim students on Tuesday.

Indian minister responds to Obama comments on religious tolerance

India's Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, spoke to media during a function and responded to comments during a speech by U.S. President Barack Obama, about the importance of maintaining religious tolerance in India.

Indian government, people prepare for Mahashivratri festival

Mahahshivratri, a major Indian festival, celebrated in honor of the deity Shiva, is set to be celebrated on February 17, with government arrangements underway, and people making preparations.

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Top News: Religion
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