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Rwanda military uses torture to force confessions: HRW

Kigali - Rwanda's military has used asphyxiation, electric shock and mock executions to torture confessions out of detainees, Human Rights Watch said in a report published Tuesday.

Rwanda poll commission confirms Kagame's nearly 99% win

Kigali - Rwanda's electoral commission on Wednesday confirmed President Paul Kagame's overwhelming victory in last week's presidential election, even improving his score slightly to 98.79 percent.

Rwandans fete Kagame's landslide poll win of nearly 99%

Kigali - Rwandans on Saturday celebrated the third-term victory of President Paul Kagame who pledged to continue transforming the nation after winning re-election with a record 98.63 percent of the vote.

Rwanda's Kagame in landslide poll win with around 98% of votes

Kigali - Rwandan President Paul Kagame sailed to a third term in office with a tally hovering around a whopping 98 percent of votes, partial results showed Saturday.

Kagame poised for third-term win in Rwanda election

Kigali - Rwandans vote in a presidential election Friday widely expected to return strongman Paul Kagame to office for a third seven-year term at the helm of the small east African nation.

Kagame set for sweeping victory in Rwanda election

Kigali - Rwandans go the polls Friday in a presidential election in which strongman Paul Kagame is widely expected to cruise to a third term in office.

Rwanda targets high-end tourist market

- Nicaraguan singer Hernaldo Zuniga brought his entire family to trek through the lush forests and mist-shrouded volcanoes of northwestern Rwanda in search of mountain gorillas.

Rwanda's essential oils offer big profits from little land

- Inside a metal shed in southeastern Rwanda, Nicholas Hitimana brandished a plastic container holding a green liquid: geranium essential oil, freshly distilled and ready for export at more than $200 (175 euros) a kilo.

Rwanda opposition in uphill battle against powerful Kagame

Kigali - On the impeccably clean streets of Rwanda's capital, where a skyline of gleaming new buildings pokes through undulating hills, few have heard of opposition presidential aspirants Frank Habineza and Philippe Mpayimana.

Daughter of late Rwandan tycoon to challenge Kagame

Kigali - The 35-year-old daughter of a tycoon who once bankrolled the ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front said Wednesday she plans to run as an independent candidate against President Paul Kagame in August's elections.

Canada is supporting science research in Rwanda

Toronto - April 7 marks the United Nations Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Rwanda, which makes the news that Canada is investing heavily into science, engineering and mathematics research in the country very timely.

Border agents defy federal courts on Trump travel ban

Washington - In what one congressman called a "constitutional crisis," U.S. border agents are reportedly defying federal court rulings, detaining people from seven majority Muslim countries —including green card holders —and denying them access to attorneys.

Rwanda to probe role of French officials in 1994 genocide

Kigali - Rwanda opened a formal probe into 20 French officials suspected of playing a role in the 1994 genocide, in a move likely to further sour diplomatic ties with France.

In Rwanda, refugees realise dream of a university degree

- Inside a red-brick building with a tin roof in western Rwanda, a group of young people are hard at work studying for a US-accredited university degree.

Rwanda accuses 22 French officers over 1994 genocide

Kigali - Rwanda has published a list of 22 French officers it accuses of helping plan and execute the 1994 genocide, in the latest sign of deteriorating relations between the two countries.

Morocco king seeks support for AU bid in east Africa

Kigali - Moroccan King Mohammed VI on Wednesday began a tour of east Africa to shore up support for a historic bid to rejoin the African Union after more than three decades.

Global deal reached to phase out super greenhouse gases

Kigali - In a major step toward curbing global warming, the world community agreed on Saturday to phase out a category of dangerous greenhouse gases widely used in refrigerators and air conditioners.

World edges closer to major greenhouse gas deal in Rwanda

Kigali - World envoys were Friday putting the final touches to a deal in Rwanda to phase out potent greenhouse gases used in refrigerators and air conditioners, a major step in curbing global warming.

South Sudan violence tops African Union summit agenda

Kigali - Renewed fighting in South Sudan that has claimed more than 300 lives is set to dominate an African Union summit due to open Sunday in the Rwandan capital Kigali.

UPS exploring drone delivery of medications

Delivery company UPS Partnership is examining the feasibility of using drones to deliver packages of medications into remote regions in Rwanda.
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