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Canadian federal court suspends deportation of Rwandan man Special

A Canadian federal court judge has suspended the deportation of a Rwandan man until his case is reviewed and justice is ensured.

Rwandan senate clears Kagame for third term

Kigali - Rwanda's upper house of parliament passed Tuesday a constitutional amendment allowing President Paul Kagame to run for a third consecutive term in 2017, and potentially remain in power for the next two decades.

Rwanda's Paul Kagame accuses Burundi leaders of 'massacres'

Kigali - Rwandan President Paul Kagame has accused Burundi's leaders of carrying out "massacres" on their people in his most critical speech yet of the crisis in the troubled neighbouring state."People die every day, corpses litter the streets...

Op-Ed: Will Canada condemn Rwanda’s brutality at home and abroad? Special

Rwanda’s tragic history and predatory governance have been devastating for refugees. The West has enabled the government’s witch-hunts and has made things worse.

Rwanda parliament votes to allow Kagame third term

Kigali - Rwanda's lower house of parliament on Thursday passed a constitutional amendment enabling President Paul Kagame to run for a third consecutive term in 2017 and potentially paving the way for the strongman to remain in power till 2034.

Singer Stromae 'delighted' at Rwanda homecoming

Kigali - Belgian pop star Stromae said Saturday he was "delighted" but also emotional to be back in Rwanda, the birthplace of his father, who was killed in the 1994 genocide.

Spain dismisses Rwanda case, abolishes universal jurisdiction Special

Spain’s supreme court has dismissed a high profile case against 40 Rwandan military officials indicted on charges of genocide, crimes against humanity and other offenses committed in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo during the 1990s.

Burundi's hunt for 'rebels' spooks frightened Rwandans

Kigali - Buses to Burundi from neighbouring Rwanda used to be full, but nowadays they struggle for passengers: a reflection of tensions amid accusations Kigali is backing a rebellion against Bujumbura.

Rwanda rape victims jailed for abortion

Two advocacy groups said that almost one in four women in a number of jails in Rwanda are serving time for illegal abortions, and many of them are rape survivors.

Rwanda accused of arresting 'undesirables' to keep capital clean

Kigali - An international rights group accused the Rwandan government Thursday of rounding up "undesirables", including beggars and prostitutes, and holding them in a grim detention centre to promote the capital's clean image.

Rwanda parliament votes in support of Kagame third term

Kigali - Rwandan lawmakers voted Tuesday in support of a constitutional change to allow strongman Paul Kagame a third term in power as president, backing a petition signed by millions of citizens.

Another Rwandan is kidnapped in Africa: Kagame agents suspected Special

An investigator who worked on key defense cases at the UN tribunal for Rwanda has been kidnapped in Kenya, amid mounting evidence that Rwandan President Paul Kagame’s intelligence services were behind the abduction.

Roaring success: Lions return to Rwanda, with rhinos next?

Kigali - Groggy on their paws after waking from tranquillizers, lions have returned to Rwanda for the first time since the endangered animal was wiped out following the country's 1994 genocide.

For the first time in two decades, lions will return to Rwanda

Kigali - After being wiped out more than 20 years ago in Rwanda's horrific genocide that claimed an estimated 800,000 lives, lions will return to the country, wildlife officials say.

Rwanda president slams Western 'arrogance' after spy chief arrest

Kigali - Rwandan President Paul Kagame launched a furious attack on Western countries on Thursday after the arrest in Britain of the country's intelligence chief.

Britain arrests Kagame's spy chief on genocide charges: Lawyer Special

Rwanda’s intelligence chief — indicted by Spain on genocide charges in 2008 — has been arrested in Britain, a Spanish lawyer representing victims in a case of universal jurisdiction said Monday.

Kagame's top general, wanted by Spanish court, reportedly in UK Special

Scotland Yard appeared to be facing a legal dilemma Wednesday following credible reports that Rwanda’s intelligence chief – indicted by Spain on genocide charges in 2008 — had arrived in Britain on official business.

Rwanda's Kagame eyes 3rd term as voters call for law change

Kigali - The list of supporters is long: more than two-fifths of Rwanda's voters have signed a petition calling for constitutional reform to allow strongman Paul Kagame a third term in power.

Rwanda welcomes France's declassification of genocide documents

Kigali - Rwanda's justice minister on Wednesday welcomed France's declassification of documents relating to the 1994 Rwandan genocide, in which Kigali accuses Paris of having an indirect role.

Rwanda says French genocide papers could answer 'dark' questions

Kigali - Rwanda said Wednesday that France's declassification of documents relating to the 1994 genocide will shed light on unanswered questions over the mass killings, in which Kigali accuses Paris of having an indirect role.
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