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Putin officially lifts Turkey tourism ban

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday officially lifted restrictions on tourism in Turkey after mending ties with Ankara over its downing of one of Moscow's warplanes.

Putin says 'traumatic effect' of Brexit vote to last long

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday warned that the fallout from Britain's vote to leave the European Union would last a long time.

Putin extends Western food embargo to end of 2017

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday extended to the end of 2017 Moscow's embargo on food items from the West imposed in retaliation for sanctions over Ukraine.

Putin mends ties with Turkey, lifts tourism ban

Moscow - President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday lifted restrictions on travel to Turkey after mending ties with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan, seven months after Ankara downed a Russian jet, triggering a raft of sanctions.

Russia opens first criminal case under 'foreign agent' law

Moscow - Russian authorities have launched their first criminal case against a rights activist for failing to comply with Moscow's controversial "foreign agent" law, the activist told AFP on Tuesday.

Erdogan apologised to Putin over downed jet: Kremlin

Moscow - The Kremlin said Monday that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had apologised to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin over Ankara's downing of one of Moscow's military jets in Syria last year that shattered ties.

Promising drug dissolves blood clots

Saint Petersburg - A promising new development drug lowers the risk of strokes by dissolving away blood clots (thrombolysis) in a targeted manner.

Russian MPs approve anti-terror 'Big Brother' measures

Moscow - Russia's lower house of parliament on Friday approved a raft of anti-terror measures that the opposition called the "Big Brother" law, which may also cost Internet companies billions to store mandated users' data.

Russia invests in futuristic Hyperloop train

Moscow - A Russian state fund said Wednesday it had invested in the company Hyperloop One which is developing a futuristic train project that will propel people and cargo in capsules via low-pressure tubes.

Putin slams NATO for 'aggressive' activities, rhetoric

Moscow - President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday slammed NATO for ratcheting up its rhetoric and its "aggressive actions" close to Russia's border, warning it was forcing Moscow to increase its military capacity.

Azeri, Armenian leaders agree to more Karabakh monitors

Moscow - The leaders of Azerbaijan and Armenia on Monday agreed at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin to bolster the number of monitors in disputed Nagorny Karabakh in a bid to shore up a shaky ceasefire.

Russia says 'completed' first probe of Kremlin critic's murder

Moscow - Russian investigators on Monday announced they had completed a first probe into the murder of Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov, describing the killing as a hit ordered by a low-ranking Chechen official and other "unidentified" suspects.

Gateway to the underworld' may be worse than we think

Massive craters or "slumps" are growing like a pox across the Northern Hemisphere. One of the largest, in a Siberian forest, has become a "megaslump," a mile long and 400 feet deep. Locals call it the "gateway to the underworld."

14 children drown in Russia lake tragedy

Moscow - At least 14 children on a summer camp in northeast Russia drowned when their boats capsized in a storm on a lake, investigators said Sunday.

I want to return to Euro 2016 — Russian agitator

Moscow - The Russian far-right football fan leader expelled from France over unrest at Euro 2016 on Saturday swaggered through a Moscow airport, his outstretched arms holding a Russian flag with a snarling bear -- and vowed to return to France before the end of...

Three astronauts touch down after 6 months in space

Moscow - Three astronauts including Briton Tim Peake landed back on Earth Saturday after completing a six-month mission on the International Space Station (ISS).

Putin questions scale of alleged Russian violence at Euro 2016

Sanktpeterburg - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday called the football hooligan violence at Euro 2016 a "disgrace" but questioned how Russian fans could have overpowered a far larger contingent of English supporters.

'If Britain leaves Europe, it is forever': Italy's Renzi

Sanktpeterburg - Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi warned Friday that if Britain opts to leave the European Union it would be forever, less than a week ahead of the UK's membership referendum.

Putin insists no state-sponsored doping in Russia

Sanktpeterburg - President Vladimir Putin on Friday insisted there was no state-sponsored doping in Russia hours before the world athletics governing body IAAF rules whether its track and field team can take part at the Rio Olympics.

Putin makes pitch for better Europe ties as economy suffers

Sanktpeterburg - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday said he was willing to reach out to Europe to mend relations shattered by the Ukraine crisis but insisted the West was responsible for the bad blood.
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