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Russian opposition figure detained upon release from jail

Moscow - Russian opposition politician Ilya Yashin was detained moments after his release from jail on Sunday after completing a 10-day sentence for his role in Moscow's recent wave of protests.

Easy credit poses tough challenge for Russian economy

Moscow - New machines popping up in Russian shopping centres seem innocuous enough -- users insert their passport and receive a small loan in a matter of minutes.

One-person protests in Moscow for free elections

Moscow - Russian opposition activists held one-person protests in Moscow Saturday to demand free elections, as the wave of the Russian capital's larger demonstrations took a breather this weekend.

For Russia's detained protesters, rights group is first on scene

Moscow - What started as a Facebook post during a wave of mass protests in Russia eight years ago has turned into a rights group that helps arrested demonstrators -- one in increasing demand as police crack down hard on opposition rallies.

Unexploded WWII bomb found in Kremlin

Moscow - An unexploded World War II bomb was found in the grounds of the Kremlin in Moscow during construction works on Thursday, Russian news agencies reported.

Russia releases French banker from jail into house arrest

Moscow - A Moscow court on Thursday released French banker Philippe Delpal from jail into house arrest, days before a summit between the Russian and French presidents.

Russians hail 'hero' pilot after Moscow emergency landing

Moscow - A Russian pilot was hailed as a hero Thursday for safely landing an Airbus carrying more than 230 people in a Moscow corn field after a bird strike.

Russians hail 'hero' pilot after Moscow emergency landing

Moscow - A Russian pilot was being hailed as a hero on Thursday for landing an Airbus carrying more than 230 people in a Moscow corn field after a bird strike.

Russian Airbus makes emergency landing in corn field

Moscow - A Russian Airbus with more than 230 people on board was forced to make an emergency landing in a corn field outside Moscow on Thursday after hitting a flock of seagulls, officials said.There were no immediate reports of serious injuries.

Russia and China claim US promotes protests in their countries

While the State Department urges US citizens to avoid unauthorized protests in both China and Russia, both countries have claimed the US promotes protests.

Kremlin defends 'justified' police response to protests

Moscow - The Kremlin on Tuesday defended the police response to a wave of protests demanding free local elections in Moscow and downplayed the huge demonstrations.

Russian police probe video of officer beating woman

Moscow - Russia's interior ministry opened an investigation Monday after a video showing a riot policeman punching a woman in the stomach during a protest for free elections went viral.

Russians killed in missile test blast were working on 'new weapons'

Moscow - Russia's nuclear agency chief on Monday confirmed that five scientists killed last week were developing "new weapons" and vowed to continue testing despite the explosion.

Russia warns of 'foreign meddling' after protests

Moscow - Russian lawmakers will hold a special session next week to discuss alleged "meddling" by foreign powers after huge protests in Moscow, following a government warning to YouTube.

Russia mourns 'heroes' killed in missile test

Moscow - The city that hosts Russia's main nuclear research site announced a day of mourning Sunday for five of its staff killed during a missile test that provoked elevated radiation levels.

Russian detained over protests in 'serious' condition

Moscow - A Russian man with diabetes was in a serious condition in hospital Sunday after being detained over opposition protests and deprived of insulin, Russian media reported.

Russia says five died in missile test explosion

Moscow - Russia's nuclear agency on Saturday said an explosion at an Arctic missile testing site had killed five of its staff after the military had put the toll at two.

Dozens arrested at huge opposition rally in Moscow

Moscow - Nearly 50,000 opposition supporters rallied and dozens were arrested in Moscow on Saturday at one of the largest authorised protests since President Vladimir Putin's return to the Kremlin in 2012.

Russia freezes assets of Kremlin critic Navalny's anti-graft group

Moscow - Russia on Thursday froze the assets of an anti-corruption group that major opposition figure Alexei Navalny set up to expose the questionable wealth of top government officials, his spokeswoman said.

Russian military base blast kills two, causes radiation spike

Moscow - Two people died in an explosion at a military base in the Russian far north Thursday that caused a brief spike in radiation, the second accident to hit the country's facilities in a week.
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