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Poachers sentenced to life for murder of Kazakh antelope defender

Karaganda - A court in Kazakhstan on Friday sentenced three poachers to life in prison for beating to death a state ranger charged with protecting the endangered saiga antelope.

Turkey claims 50 Syrian soldiers killed in retaliatory attacks

Clashes in Syria's Idlib Province have increased Thursday as Turkish forces attacked Syrian Army forces. The Turks claim to have killed over 50 Syrian soldiers. Turkish officials said their attacks were in retaliation for Syria's killing of two soldiers.

On magnets, mugs and matryoshka dolls, Putin's face still sells

Sanktpeterburg - Under the onion domes of its Orthodox churches or in front of its imperial facades, one face peers out at tourists strolling past the rows of Saint Petersburg's souvenir stalls.

Russia raises eyebrows with blanket ban on Chinese visitors

Moscow - Moscow is to impose a blanket ban on Chinese visitors over coronavirus fears in a move that will hit its tourism industry as experts question the need for such "draconian" measures.

Surkov: Ukraine pointman and Putin's ideologue

Moscow - Vladislav Surkov, the Kremlin's chief ideologue and pointman on relations with Ukraine and Moscow-backed separatists, who was dismissed late Tuesday, was for many years viewed as one of Russia's most powerful men.

Syrian rebels try to regain some ground lost to Syrian Army

Turkish-supported rebels in Syria have begun a new counter-offensive in Aleppo Province during the weekend to try to regain territory that had been won by the Assad government forces in recent weeks.

Body work: Russia's 'biohackers' push boundaries

Moscow - Gripping a scalpel, Vladislav Zaitsev makes an incision in the fold of skin between his client's thumb and index finger and pushes in a small glass cylinder.

Pavlensky, artist provocateur, claims top French political scalp

Moscow - Pyotr Pavlensky, the Russian artist provocateur who forced a top French politician to drop out of a key election Friday, is well known for his shock and awe "performances," usually involving pain and discomfort for all involved to highlight causes he t...

Russian ex-prison official commits suicide in court

Moscow - A former top official in the Russian prison service shot and killed himself in a Moscow court on Wednesday shortly after being jailed for extortion, a court spokeswoman said.

Barrage of mysterious bomb hoaxes plagues Moscow

Moscow - Moscovites are mystified by a flood of bomb hoaxes forcing the evacuation of courts, schools and malls while authorities appear unable to find the culprits even after months of disruption to public life.

Op-Ed: Russia says Israel used civilian plane as cover in Syrian attack

An Airbus 320 passenger jet with 172 passengers aboard was almost shot down over the Syrian capital Damascus on Thursday morning. Syrian missile defense systems were activated to respond to an incoming Israeli attack on the Damascus airport.

Russian sisters separated during WWII reunited after 78 years

Moscow - Two Russian sisters have been reunited 78 years after they were separated by the turmoil of World War II, thanks to a television show and a police search.

Kremlin starts temperature checks at Putin events over virus fears

Moscow - The Kremlin said Thursday it has begun checking the body temperature of officials and reporters attending events involving President Vladimir Putin due to coronavirus fears.

Russian Church mulls stop to practice of blessing nukes

Moscow - The Russian Orthodox Church has proposed a stop to the practice of having priests bless weapons of mass destruction, though sprinkling holy water on planes and ships is still deemed appropriate.

US-Israeli woman pardoned by Putin flies out with Netanyahu

Moscow - A US-Israeli woman jailed for drug trafficking in Russia was released and flew out with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday after she was pardoned by President Vladimir Putin.

Russia funds IVF baby boom to battle population slump

Balashikha - For three years, Valeriya Pashko has been trying to get pregnant. Now her last hope is IVF, provided free by Russia's health service as authorities try to avert a new drop in the birthrate."My husband and I are really relieved to be getting reimbursed....

Putin pardons US-Israeli woman jailed in Russia for drug trafficking

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday pardoned an Israeli-US woman jailed for drug trafficking, on the eve of a visit to Moscow by Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Op-Ed: Coronavirus update — Finally some good news, but many worries

Beijing - Hidden on Xinhua, the first and so far only bit of good news about coronavirus appears in a single line in an article – 38 people who had recovered have been discharged. It gives a little hope in a bleak overall picture.

Russian MPS give quick first approval to Putin reforms

Moscow - Russian lawmakers on Thursday unanimously approved a sweeping constitutional reform bill put forward by President Vladimir Putin in its first reading, after less than two hours of debate.

Russian lawmakers to debate Putin's constitution reform

Moscow - Russia's State Duma on Thursday was set to discuss the constitutional amendment bill submitted by President Vladimir Putin, a reform plan unlikely to meet any serious criticism in parliament.
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