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Crusading ex-cop's arrest sparks police pushback in Russia

Moscow - When police moved in to arrest Vladimir Vorontsov in May, they didn't bother to knock.

Putin triumphant as critics slam vote extending his rule

Moscow - President Vladimir Putin thanked Russians on Thursday for voting in favour of controversial amendments to the constitution that could extend his grip on power, as the opposition and Western leaders voiced criticism over suspected poll violations.

Kremlin hails 'triumph' in vote extending Putin's rule

Moscow - The Kremlin on Thursday hailed as a "triumph" overwhelming backing in a national vote on constitutional reforms to extend President Vladimir Putin's rule.The Central Elections Commission announced that 77.

After vote extending his rule, Putin risks era of 'stagnation'

Moscow - President Vladimir Putin urged Russians to envisage the country they wanted to leave behind for their children and grandchildren during a historic vote this week to extend his rule.

Op-Ed: What if the pandemic lasts until 2050? It might. Just be stupid.

Sydney - If there’s one thing that sabotages humanity on a routine basis, it’s disorganization and mismanagement. This pandemic is the alpha pig, historically, for both.

Lured by prize draws, Russians cast votes on Putin reforms

Moscow - Wearing a dark suit, a face mask and gloves, 82-year-old Gennady Shmal casts his ballot on the last day of Russia's vote on constitutional changes that could prolong President Vladimir Putin's rule.

Russian voters back reforms allowing Putin to stay until 2036

Moscow - Russians overwhelmingly approved a package of constitutional changes in a nationwide vote, partial results showed Wednesday, allowing President Vladimir Putin to potentially extend his two-decade rule until 2036.

Putin urges Russians to vote for security, prosperity

Moscow - President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday urged Russians to take part in a nationwide vote on constitutional reforms to ensure "stability, security and prosperity".

On buses, benches and picnic tables, Russians vote on reforms

Sanktpeterburg - The rickety plastic table beneath a row of towering apartment blocks in Russia's second city Saint Petersburg does not look much like a polling booth.

Russia's opposition flounders as Putin changes constitution

Moscow - Russia's opposition is denouncing this week's vote on President Vladimir Putin's constitutional reforms as a joke, pointing out that copies of the amended basic law are already on sale in Moscow bookshops.

Russian mining giant admits waste 'violations' at Arctic plant

Moscow - A Russian mining giant behind an enormous Arctic fuel spill last month said Sunday it had suspended workers at a metals plant who were responsible for pumping wastewater into nearby tundra.

Putin reform referendum reveals Russian generation gap

Moscow - Ludmila Yudina, a retired speech therapist and supporter of President Vladimir Putin, has been butting heads recently with her grandchildren.

Russian court finds director Serebrennikov guilty of fraud

Moscow - A Moscow court on Friday convicted acclaimed Russian theatre and film director Kirill Serebrennikov of fraud, after a case that supporters saw as a test of artistic freedom in Russia.

Russians cast early votes in ballot to extend Putin's rule

Moscow - Russians began casting early ballots Thursday in a nationwide vote on controversial constitutional reforms that could keep President Vladimir Putin remain in power until 2036.

Russia stages grand WWII parade ahead of vote on Putin reforms

Moscow - Columns of tanks and troops paraded through Moscow on Wednesday as Russian President Vladimir Putin presided over grand World War II commemorations to stir up patriotic fervour ahead of a vote on extending his rule.

Russia and Europe trade barbs over WWII narratives

Moscow - The Kremlin has become entrenched in a war of words with Europe over the legacy of World War II, as both sides accuse each other of cynically rewriting history for political gain.

Putin hails Russian war dead at giant new army cathedral

Moscow - President Vladimir Putin paid homage to Russia's World War II dead on Monday as he visited an enormous new Orthodox cathedral built to honour the military.

Russian court hands down heavy sentences to leftists

Sanktpeterburg - A Russian court on Monday sentenced two leftist activists to long prison terms on controversial terror charges in a case that has sparked widespread criticism.

Prosecutors seek six-year jail term for Russian director

Moscow - Russian prosecutors on Monday called for a six-year prison sentence for acclaimed director Kirill Serebrennikov, accused of embezzling public funds in a case that has stirred criticism at home and abroad.

Stalin purges added to vast human cost of WWII

Moscow - The Soviet Union suffered the greatest losses of any country as it fought the Nazis in World War II.At the same time, Joseph Stalin's regime attacked its own citizens, executing, incarcerating and exiling those it viewed as hostile.
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