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Russia releases first whales held in 'jail'

Moscow - Whales and orcas captured to perform in aquariums and held in cramped pens since last summer have been released into the wild after involvement by President Vladimir Putin, officials said on Thursday.

Russia to withdraw military 'technicians' from Venezuela on Wednesday: embassy

Moscow - Russia is withdrawing its military "technicians" from crisis-stricken Venezuela on Wednesday, the Caracas embassy said, as President Vladimir Putin gears up for talks with US leader Donald Trump later this week.

Putin, May to meet at G20 after spy scandal: Kremlin

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin and British Prime Minister Theresa May will meet in Japan this week for the first time since the row over the killing of a former Russian spy, the Kremlin said Wednesday.

Sisters who killed abusive father spark Russia domestic violence debate

Moscow - A case against three teenage sisters who killed their father after what lawyers say was years of beatings and sexual abuse has sparked protest and highlighted Russia's dire record on domestic violence.

US protests to Russia over arrest conditions of alleged spy

Moscow - The United States on Wednesday formally protested over the arrest in Russia of former US marine Paul Whelan, who has been jailed on charges of espionage since December.

Op-Ed: Is the US still the only superpower? Maybe, for a while

Washington - The world’s experts have come up with interesting, if somewhat predictable, findings that, “The United States is the only superpower, but..." The criteria for the various views, however, is pretty tacky and often dated, and as usual superficial.

Russia bans Georgia airline flights as tensions rise over protests

Moscow - Russia's government on Saturday banned Georgian airlines from flying into its territory, extending restrictions imposed by President Vladimir Putin as part of growing tensions between Moscow and its ex-Soviet neighbour.

Russians hit out at Kremlin ban on flights to Georgia

Moscow - Russia's travel industryhit out Saturday at a decision by the Kremlin to suspend flights to Georgia as a politically motivated move that has little to do with safety concerns.

Putin bans Russian flights to crisis-hit Georgia

Moscow - President Vladimir Putin signed a decree Friday banning Russian airlines from flying to Georgia, starting in July, after violent clashes in the neighbouring country over a Moscow lawmaker speaking in parliament in Tbilisi.

Putin says MH17 probe shows 'no proof' of Russia's guilt

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday the international community had failed to provide any evidence that Moscow was behind the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in which 298 people died.

Russians capture hungry polar bear roaming Arctic city

Moscow - Russian officials said Thursday that scientists have captured a hungry polar bear found roaming the streets of an Arctic city, hundreds of kilometres from its natural habitat, and would take it to a zoo to recover.

Putin says use of US force against Iran would be 'disaster'

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday said any use of force by the US against Iran would lead to disaster as tensions escalate between Washington and Tehran. "The US says it does not rule out the use of force...

Putin oversees release of whales from 'jail' during phone-in

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin during his annual marathon phone-in on Thursday claimed kudos for the release of whales held in cramped pens and intended for commercial aquariums.

Putin promises brighter future as marathon phone-in takes gloomy turn

Moscow - Russians turned to President Vladimir Putin with fears over squeezed incomes and civil liberties during a four-hour annual phone-in Thursday, but the longtime leader insisted a brighter future was ahead.

Who are the four men charged with downing of MH17?

Moscow - International investigators have charged three Russians and one Ukrainian with murder over the 2014 shooting down of flight MH17 above rebel-held eastern Ukraine in which 298 people were killed.

Op-Ed: US — Iran best and worst case scenarios — Leading to war?

Sydney - In a move which will reassure nobody, the US today announced the deployment of more troops to the Middle East. The move comes as Iran restarts its uranium enrichment program after the United States pulled out of the international nuclear deal.

Trump furious at NY Times article on US cyberattacks on Russia

Washington - Last weekend, the New York Times broke a story about US cyberattacks on Russia particularly against their electrical grid. The report suggests the US has placed massive malware across vital Russian systems.

Russia drops extortion charge against editor after outcry

Sanktpeterburg - A Russian court on Monday released a local newspaper editor and former lawmaker who had been facing extortion charges, following an outcry from supporters and international organisations.

Moscow warns against 'baseless accusations' over tanker attacks

Moscow - The Kremlin on Sunday warned against "baseless accusations" over last week's attacks in the Gulf of Oman on two oil tankers, blamed by Washington and Riyadh on Iran."Such incidents can undermine the foundations of the world economy.

Op-Ed: Putin sees US Russia relations worsening by the hour

US and Russian relations have soured in recent years. The Obama administration pared back ties. While Trump appears to be personally friendly to Putin and wanted to improve relations this has not happened even though some consider Trump a Putin stooge.
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