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Serbia wants baby boom, but couples seem not in the mood

Belgrade - "Give birth, don't delay!", says a rousing call by the Serbian state to young couples."Let babies' cries be heard!" is another of the baby-making slogans Serbia is busy producing --- while it struggles to increase actual births.

US backs Kosovo's plan to create an army

Pristina - Washington supports Kosovo's plans to create its own army, the US ambassador to Pristina said Thursday, signalling a rift with NATO, which is against the move.

Serbia 'hopes' it won't need to use army against Kosovo: PM

Belgrade - Serbia's Prime Minister said Wednesday she "hoped" Belgrade would not have to resort to war in response to Kosovo's moves to create its own army, in the latest fiery salvo between the neighbours.

Kosovo Serbs protest Pristina's tariff

Kosovska Mitrovica - Several thousand Kosovo Serbs protested in northern Kosovo on Tuesday against Pristina's massive customs tariff on Serbian goods, a retaliatory measure announced last week that has spiked tensions and curtailed trade between the neighbours.

Three Kosovo Serbs arrested over politician's murder

Kosovska Mitrovica - Three Kosovo Serbs were arrested Friday over the murder of prominent Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic who was shot dead in January, Kosovo authorities said.

Tensions flare after Kosovo's massive tariff on Serbia

Kosovska Mitrovica - Kosovo's move to slap Serbian imports with a 100 percent tariff triggered a new surge of tensions between the former war foes on Thursday, with Pristina ignoring European Union calls to reverse the decision.

Kosovo imposes 100 percent tariff on Serbian goods

Pristina - Kosovo imposed a 100 percent tariff on Serbian imports Wednesday, after it blamed Belgrade for sabotaging its bid to join the international police organisation Interpol.

Jailed war criminal Mladic 'sends kisses' live on Serb TV

Belgrade - Bosnian Serb army chief Ratko Mladic, sentenced to life imprisonment for genocide, spoke live by telephone to a Serbian television channel from a Dutch jail Friday saying he was sending kisses, sparking outrage and increased monitoring from authorities...

Jailed war criminal Mladic 'sends kisses' live on Serb TV

Belgrade - Bosnian Serb army chief Ratko Mladic, serving life in a Dutch jail for genocide, spoke live by telephone to a Serbian television channel on Friday, saying he was sending kisses.

Serbia warns Kosovo against 'undermining' regional stability

Belgrade - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic on Sunday accused Kosovo of "undermining regional cooperation and stability" by raising taxes on Serbian goods.

Serbia president says army being 'dramatically strengthened'

Belgrade - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic on Saturday said the country's army was being "dramatically" strengthened.

Points of dispute between Kosovo and Serbia

Pristina - Normalising Pristina-Belgrade ties seems a long way off as distrust between the former foes still remains strong two decades after the Kosovo war, the last conflict that accompanied Yugoslavia's collapse.

Lake Gazivode, troubled waters between Kosovo and Serbia

Pristina - Controlled by Serbs but a key resource for Kosovo, the cool blue waters of Lake Gazivode reflect the chilly relationship between the former war foes over their contested border.

A Kosovo army would 'jeopardise peace': Serbian leader

Belgrade - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said Friday that the creation of Kosovo army would "jeopardise peace and stability" and put the Balkan country in "big trouble".

Gay activists seek 'freedom' at Kosovo pride parade

Pristina - Hundreds of people took part in a gay parade in Pristina on Wednesday, demanding "freedom" and "equal rights" in patriarchal and Muslim majority Kosovo.

NATO chief hails Serbia partnership despite 'painful' past

Belgrade - NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said he hoped Serbia was moving beyond the "painful" memories of the alliance's 1999 bombings on Monday, hailing a partnership with militarily-neutral Belgrade during the first joint disaster response exercises held in the c...

Life's too harsh in Presevo to worry about Serb-Kosovo border

Presevo - In the border valley of Presevo, neither ethnic Albanians nor Serbs pay much attention to talk of changes to the frontier between Serbia and Kosovo -- they are too busy trying to eke out a living.

Being LGBT in Kosovo: a battle to come out from the shadows

Pristina - On paper, the legal request was small: changing his name from Blerta to Blert.But it was a big -- and risky -- move by Blert Morina, a transgender man trying to bring Kosovo's marginalised LGBT community out of the shadows.

Protestors block Serbian leader on Kosovo trip

Kosovska Mitrovica - Hundreds of Kosovar Albanians blocked access to a village due to be visited by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic Sunday, an AFP journalist said, as a festering row over Kosovo independence clouds hopes that the war foes can normalise relations.

Kosovo and Serbia: how 'redrawing the map' lost its taboo

Belgrade - Serbian and Kosovar presidents Aleksandar Vucic and Hashim Thaci are set to resume talks in Brussels on Friday after a summer that broke the taboo of possible border changes between the former war foes.
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