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Serb 'propaganda' train stopped at Kosovo border

Police in Kosovo prevented a train from Serbia painted with the colours of the Serbian flag and "Kosovo is Serbia" printed down the side from entering the country.

Serbia launches provocative train service to Kosovo's Serbian north

Belgrade - There is no mistaking the Serbian nationalist message of the train, from the Orthodox icons adorning its interior to the bold claim plastered across its exterior in a host of languages: "Kosovo is Serbia".

Outcry after Serbia leader meets war criminal

Belgrade - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic on Wednesday held talks with a former Bosnian Serb leader who was jailed for 20 years by a UN tribunal for his role in Bosnia's war, a meeting denounced by rights campaigners.

Arrest of Kosovo's ex-PM threatens fragile ties with Serbia

Pristina - The arrest in France of Kosovo's former prime minister Ramush Haradinaj on suspicion of war crimes threatens to derail fragile negotiations between Serbia and Kosovo and ramp up tensions between the former foes.

The Danube fisherman hauling suicide jumpers to safety

Belgrade - Putting her backpack down, she climbed over the fence and jumped into the rushing waters of the Danube below: the 16 year-old girl was the 29th attempted suicide to be saved by Renato Grbic, a Belgrade fisherman and restaurant owner.

Kosovo uses sport in diplomatic joust with Serbia

Pristina - Belgrade rejects its claim to independence and Russia blocks it from joining the United Nations, but Kosovo is fighting back for its place on the international stage through sport."Great news!

Balkan countries illegally push back migrants: UNHCR

Belgrade - Illegal deportations of migrants seeking to reach western Europe along the so-called Balkans route have been on the rise, the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) warned Monday.

Srebrenica massacre trial adjourned to February

Belgrade - The first-ever trial in Serbia for the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, Europe's worst atrocity since World War II, was adjourned on Tuesday until February over legal proceedings.

Serbian suspects appear at Srebrenica massacre trial

Belgrade - Eight Serbian men appeared Monday before a Belgrade court over their alleged role in the Srebrenica massacre, Europe's worst atrocity since World War II, in the first-ever such case to be handled by the country's judiciary.

Frozen, homeless: no Christmas cheer for migrants in Belgrade

Belgrade - Inside an abandoned Belgrade warehouse, its walls blackened with smoke, several dozen youngsters huddle together under blankets in a bid to fend off the freezing temperatures as the Serbian winter sets in.

Conservative Serbia becomes unlikely sex change centre

Belgrade - In a country where Gay Pride parades require massive security and almost half the citizens think homosexuality is a disease, Serbia is drawing patients from around the world seeking sex change operations to become men.

Radical Islam breeds in deprived corner of Serbia

Novi Pazar - In a country proud of its Orthodox Christianity, the Serbian city of Novi Pazar is a place apart: young bearded men in ankle-length trousers stroll the streets, the restaurants don't serve alcohol, and the call of the muezzin punctuates the daily routi...

Ratko Mladic: the 'Butcher of Bosnia' whose trial nears end

Belgrade - Ratko Mladic, whose war crimes trial reaches a climax next week, is a former Serb army commander whose brutish leadership during Bosnia's 1990s conflict was blamed for the worst atrocities in Europe since World War II.

Jailed Kosovo activist committed suicide: prosecutor

Pristina - An autopsy on the body of a Kosovo opposition activist who died in prison found that he committed suicide, authorities in the Balkan nation said, after his death drew protesters onto the streets.

The forgotten victims of Serbian wartime atrocities

Prijepolje - Bus driver Adem Alomerovic was returning home to southern Serbia after undergoing medical tests in Belgrade when he was hauled off a train by members of a notorious militia as it crossed through Bosnian territory.

Balkan weapons trafficked west still a 'major problem'

Belgrade - A year after jihadists used weapons manufactured in Serbia to gun down victims in Paris, Balkan countries are struggling to end the scourge of illegal arms trafficking.

Serbian radicals prevent EU diplomat's address

Belgrade - Far-right Serbian MPs prevented a top European Union official from presenting an annual report in parliament on Thursday, local media reported.

Kosovo urges citizens to avoid Serbia over arrests

Pristina - Pristina on Monday advised its citizens not to use neighbouring Serbia as a transit country after the second arrest of a Kosovo Albanian in a month.

Serbia PM moved to safety after weapons found near home

Belgrade - Serbia's pro-European Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic was moved to a safe location Saturday after an arsenal of weapons, including a rocket-launcher, was found close to his house near Belgrade, which a minister said was "preparation for assassination"....

Leading Kosovo guerrilla faces fresh war crimes charge

Pristina - Kosovo's special prosecutor filed a war crimes indictment Friday against a top guerrilla commander turned politician who has twice before been charged and acquitted over atrocities in the 1990s conflict.
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