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Vjosa Osmani elected president of Kosovo

Pristina - Lawmakers elected Kosovo's most popular politician Vjosa Osmani as president Sunday, overcoming an opposition boycott that had kept parliament short of a quorum one day earlier.

Vaccine tourists welcome as Serbians say 'no thanks' to jabs

Belgrade - While most of the world struggles to secure enough Covid-19 vaccines, Serbia faces a different battle -- how to persuade its citizens to get the life-saving shot.

Kosovo's abused 'restaurant bears' move to greener pastures

Mramor - Having only just woken up from hibernation, a brown bear named Ero lazily strolls between the trees under a snow-capped mountain in central Kosovo, enjoying life alongside his chubby partner Mira.

Kosovo drama captures the rebellious work of war widows

S - After being driven out of her village in the midst of Kosovo's war two decades ago, Fahrije Hoti returned several months later to find her home destroyed and her husband gone.

Scents of time: Belgrade's last craft perfumery

Belgrade - From a cobblestoned street in downtown Belgrade, the Sava perfumery has seen more than half a century sweep past without ceasing in its mission to keep the city's citizens smelling flowery and fresh.

Serbian Orthodox Church elects new head with close govt links

Belgrade - The Serbian Orthodox Church on Thursday elected as its new patriarch one of its youngest bishops known for his close ties to the Balkan country's political leaders.

Kosovo election winner Kurti wants new tack in Serbia talks

Pristina - After a landslide win in Kosovo's parliamentary elections, left-wing reformist Albin Kurti told AFP Monday he wants to reframe talks with Serbia to put the two sides on equal footing.

Kosovo poll contenders: reformers vs leaderless rebels

Pristina - Kosovo heads to the polls Sunday in a vote pitting a left-wing reformist party against traditional elites who have run the former Serbian province for the past decade.

Pop royalty, US pride and a special court: 5 facts on Kosovo

Pristina - Kosovo, one of Europe's poorest economies, will hold early legislative elections on Sunday.

Kosovo election pits reformists against old guard

Pristina - Kosovars went to the polls Sunday in an early election that could see a new generation of politicians take the lead after tapping into widespread frustration and fatigue with the political establishment.

Kosovo anti-graft crusaders face old guard in snap poll

Pristina - With promises to root out corruption, a new generation of Kosovo politicians is trying to break the old guard's hold on power in elections on Sunday that could usher in a new era.

Forgotten at home, Italian comic strip enjoys cult status in ex-Yugoslavia

Belgrade - Alan Ford, a 1960s Italian comic strip following hapless secret agents as they battle a bizarre cast of villains, including one who steals from the poor and gives to the rich, was intended as satire.

With China's help, Serbia overtakes EU in vaccine rollout

Belgrade - Inside the dome of Belgrade's concrete fair hall, dozens of nurses in hazmat suits inject Covid-19 shots into young and old alike, working with an efficiency that has turned Serbia into continental Europe's fastest vaccinator.

'Beautiful' or 'kitsch'?: Massive Belgrade statue stirs controversy

Belgrade - A gargantuan statue of a medieval Serbian prince unveiled in Belgrade on Wednesday has sparked a fierce debate: is it a "beautiful" tribute to a historical icon or "monstrous" kitsch spoiling a public square?

'You are not alone': Balkan women seize #MeToo moment

Belgrade - When a Serbian actress accused her former drama teacher of rape last week, the reaction was seismic: thousands of women across the Balkans have since come forward with their own stories, united under the banner "You are not alone".

Trash islands bring Balkan waste crisis to the surface

Priboj - Framed by rolling hills and farmhouses, the emerald waters of Potpecko lake were once a picturesque fishing spot in western Serbia.

Kosovo heads for snap polls after top court brings down government

Pristina - Kosovo was preparing for a snap poll Tuesday after its top court annulled a vote that installed Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti, fuelling further turmoil in the crisis-hit democracy.

As the Balkans ready for vaccination, sceptics make a stand

Belgrade - As Balkan governments scramble to secure coronavirus vaccines, another foe lurks: a growing anti-vaccination movement that is trying to grab the spotlight.

End of an era? Hague trials rock Kosovo's rebel-led politics

Pristina - After more than a decade at the helm, Kosovo's former guerillas may have finally met their match -- not at home but in The Hague, where they are on trial for war crimes.

'Catastrophic': Balkan healthcare overwhelmed by virus surge

Belgrade - Not enough beds and not enough doctors: a skyrocketing coronavirus caseload is pushing hospitals in the Balkans to the cusp of collapse, in chaotic scenes reminding some medics of the region's 1990s wars.
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