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Kosovo heads for snap polls after top court brings down government

Pristina - Kosovo was preparing for a snap poll Tuesday after its top court annulled a vote that installed Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti, fuelling further turmoil in the crisis-hit democracy.

As the Balkans ready for vaccination, sceptics make a stand

Belgrade - As Balkan governments scramble to secure coronavirus vaccines, another foe lurks: a growing anti-vaccination movement that is trying to grab the spotlight.

End of an era? Hague trials rock Kosovo's rebel-led politics

Pristina - After more than a decade at the helm, Kosovo's former guerillas may have finally met their match -- not at home but in The Hague, where they are on trial for war crimes.

'Catastrophic': Balkan healthcare overwhelmed by virus surge

Belgrade - Not enough beds and not enough doctors: a skyrocketing coronavirus caseload is pushing hospitals in the Balkans to the cusp of collapse, in chaotic scenes reminding some medics of the region's 1990s wars.

Thousands attend Serbian patriarch's funeral, coronavirus victim

Belgrade - Thousands of mourners paid homage Sunday to Patriarch Irinej, leader of Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC), who died of Covid-19 during the country's record surge in coronavirus cases.

Serbian Orthodox Patriarch dies of Covid-19

Belgrade - Patriarch Irinej, the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church, died of coronavirus on Friday, three weeks after his unofficial second-in-command also succumbed to Covid-19, the church said.

Hashim Thaci: Kosovo rebel who swapped guns for politics

Pristina - Kosovo's ex-president Hashim Thaci, who was to appear before a war crimes court in The Hague on Monday, is a former rebel commander known as "Snake" who fought for Kosovo's independence and has dominated the young nation's democracy ever since.

Lake Trump? Disputed reservoir could be named after US president

Pristina - In addition to his own golf clubs and hotels, Donald Trump may soon have a lake named after him following proposals to christen a contested Balkan reservoir in his honour.

The art of the non-deal? Scepticism over Trump's Balkan pact

Belgrade - 'Truly historic', 'a real breakthrough' and 'very big' -- US President Donald Trump let the superlatives flow when he announced a deal between Serbia and Kosovo, earning himself a second Nobel Peace Prize nomination this year.

Kosovo veterans handed more 'leaked witness files' from Hague court

Pristina - Kosovo war veterans said Thursday an "unknown person" had handed them a new batch of confidential files about witnesses from a war crimes court in The Hague, in a potential major security breach.

Brown Danube: How Belgrade's sewers taint Europe's famous river

Belgrade - Just down the road from Belgrade's historic city centre, gates open for trucks to pass to the banks of the Danube, where they dump raw sewage into Europe's venerated river.

As hospitals fill, Kosovo battles plague of virus deniers

Pristina - Inside Kosovo's hospitals, beds are filling up with the sick and dying as Covid-19 tears through one of Europe's poorest corners.

Serbia withdraws from joint military exercises in Belarus

Not long after the Belarusian Defense Ministry announced that troops from Russia and Serbia would be taking part in a joint military exercise for six days starting Sept. 10 Serbia has announced they will not participate in the exercises.

Mladic: ruthless Serb crusader dubbed the 'epitome of evil'

Belgrade - Ratko Mladic, the former Bosnian Serb commander whose appeal opens Tuesday, saw himself as a crusading defender of the Serbs but he was dubbed the "epitome of evil" for the mass killings his troops carried out during Bosnia's 1990s war.

Childhood packed in a rucksack: young refugees at risk in the Balkans

Belgrade - A group of boys sit on a sunny patch of grass in a park in downtown Belgrade, but they are not here for a picnic.

Eerie Belgrade exhibit turns Ratko Mladic diary into art

Belgrade - For nearly four years Serbian artist Vladimir Miladinovic started his day with a morning coffee and the diary of one of the Balkans' most notorious war criminals, Ratko Mladic.

World's oldest captive alligator marks 83 years in Belgrade zoo

Belgrade - Muja has lived through multiple bombing campaigns and several countries -- all while never leaving a tiny pool in Belgrade's zoo for 83 years, making him the world's oldest captive alligator.

Anguish and anger in Serbia as virus returns with a vengeance

Belgrade - When Petar Djuric arrived with fruit and water for his father at the hospital in April, he learned it was too late. For this loss, he blames the collapse of Serbia's health system just as much as the coronavirus.

Serbia arrests 71 over virus protest violence, including Briton

Belgrade - Serbian police said Saturday they have arrested 71 people, including a Briton and a Tunisian, after violence broke out during a protest in Belgrade against the government's management of the coronavirus pandemic.

Why coronavirus sparked massive protests in Serbia

Belgrade - For many Serbs, it was the last straw: when the president announced the resumption of a weekend curfew to fight the coronavirus pandemic, thousands took to the streets in anger.Who are these protesters and what caused the outrage?
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