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Top Kosovo MP held after addressing anti-Serbian protest

Pristina - Kosovo police Saturday arrested a top opposition MP and 86 members of his party after he addressed a protest attended by several thousands who want a landmark deal with Serbia to be scrapped.

Kosovo opposition presents petition with 200,000 names against Serbia deals

Pristina - Kosovo's opposition presented a petition to the president Monday with more than 200,000 signatures against EU-brokered agreements with Serbia, which are at the centre of a deepening political crisis.

Balkans limit entry on migrant route to war refugees

Belgrade - Countries along the migrant route through the Balkans have begun tightening restrictions by accepting only those fleeing war, causing a backlog of hundreds of people Thursday on the Greek-Macedonian border.

Kosovo police arrest 13, fire tear gas in protest clashes

Pristina - Kosovo police fired tear gas and arrested 13 protesters Wednesday during clashes in which demonstrators threw stones and Molotov cocktails outside parliament in the latest eruption of anger over relations with Belgrade.

King of Jordan warns of 'world war' against humanity

Pristina - Jordan's King Abdullah II warned Tuesday of a "third world war against humanity", describing the Islamic State group as "savage outlaws of religion" in the wake of the Paris attacks.

Serbian church leader threatens 'force' if Kosovo joins UN agency

Belgrade - The head of Serbia's Orthodox Church Tuesday warned of using "force" if Kosovo were accepted as a member of the UN cultural agency UNESCO and holy sites there were recognised as belonging to the breakaway territory.

Kosovo MPs in tear gas protest -- for third session running

Pristina - Kosovo's opposition paralysed the functioning of parliament Friday by releasing tear gas for the third session running in a bid to get agreements with Serbia overturned.

Croatia allows thousands stranded at Serbian border to cross

Serbia - Croatia allowed thousands of migrants who were stuck at the border with Serbia to cross into its territory late Monday afternoon, having earlier dramatically slowed the number of crossings, an AFP photographer saw.

Migrants told 'Be patient' as entry to Croatia slows

Serbia - Two Syrian sisters hold up a sign on an improvised board made of pink rubber -- an attempt to keep fellow refugees calm as they wait in long, slow-moving queues at the Serbia-Croatia border."There are no buses right now.

MPs stage second tear gas protest in Kosovo parliament

Pristina - Kosovo's opposition disrupted parliament by throwing tear gas in the chamber for a second week running on Thursday, in protest at agreements made with Serbia.

Doctor in sex change protest over 'anti-women' Serbian law

Belgrade - A Serbian doctor has thrown a spotlight on a "discriminatory" new law with a dramatic pledge to change sex after she was told to retire earlier than her male colleagues.

Tear gas and stone-throwing as police question Kosovo MP

Pristina - Police in Kosovo fired tear gas Monday on dozens of protesters who threw stones and smashed windows after a leading opposition MP was taken in for questioning.

Triple whammy threatens Eurozone Special

New York - Three recent crises — the Greek bailout, the surge of refugees and Russian intervention in Ukraine — have called into question the future of the European Union. All these crises involve boundaries – either building them up or tearing them down.

MPs stage tear gas protest in Kosovo parliament

Pristina - Opposition lawmakers released tear gas in Kosovo's parliament Thursday, causing two MPs to faint, in protest against a recent EU-brokered deal reached by the government with Serbia.

Milosevic allies in power with new look, 15 years on

Belgrade - When jubilant crowds stormed Belgrade's parliament 15 years ago and ousted Serbian strongman Slobodan Milosevic, few could have imagined that his allies would be in power today -- and firmly backing European integration.

EU shuts the door on Kosovans dreaming of a new life

Pristina - They don't come from a war zone, they're not fleeing persecution, and the EU doesn't want them. But for thousands of Kosovans fleeing unemployment and poverty, northern Europe is the only place to go.

Serbia and Croatia in border war of words over migrants

Belgrade - Croatia and Serbia were at each other's throats Thursday in a border dispute triggered by Europe's migrant crisis, with the former foes slamming tit-for-tat restrictions on cross-border traffic.

Belgrade Gay Pride march expresses solidarity with migrants

Belgrade - Belgrade's Gay Pride parade, only the second since a ban was lifted, took place under tight security but without major incident Sunday, with participants urging European solidarity with the wave of migrants crossing the Balkans to reach the European Un...

Op-Ed: Terrorists converted from refugees

For some time now we have been witnessing an unprecedented phenomenon in our everyday history. Our mass media bring to our roofs tragic scenes of people migrating from one continent to another.

Hungary says Croatia 'illegally' pushing migrants over its border

Belgrade - Hungary's foreign minister on Friday accused Croatia of pushing migrants to break the law by "illegally" breaching Hungarian borders.
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