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Kosovo government toppled by no-confidence vote

Pristina - Kosovo's government was toppled by a no-confidence vote Wednesday less than two months after coming to power, plunging the unstable democracy into political uncertainty as it tries to halt the spread of coronavirus.

In Kosovo, coronavirus breeds political maladies

Pristina - As Europeans take to their balconies to cheer on health workers every evening, Kosovars have joined the chorus for a different reason: to protest a political debacle threatening to bring down the government in the middle of the coronavirus crisis.

Kosovo approves former leftist rebel as PM

Pristina - Kosovo's parliament approved a new prime minister on Monday after four months of haggling over government posts, raising hopes that long-frozen talks with Serbia could resume.

Kosovo parties reach deal to form a government

Pristina - Kosovo's two biggest parties reached a deal on Sunday to form a new government four months after a snap election, avoiding a potential political crisis, one of their leaders said.

Paralysis in Pristina: poll winners struggle to form coalition govt

Pristina - Kosovans voted for change last October but are still waiting to see it -- the politicians who were supposed to oust the old guard have been unable to forge a coalition, raising fears of fresh, destabilising elections.

Kosovo declares Nobel laureate Handke 'persona non grata'

Pristina - Kosovo declared Peter Handke a 'persona non grata' on Wednesday in the latest protest against his induction as a Nobel literature laureate, barring the Austrian writer from a place he has visited numerous times.

Kosovo declares Nobel laureate Handke 'persona non grata'

Pristina - Kosovo declared Peter Handke a 'persona non grata' on Wednesday in the latest protest against his induction as a Nobel literature laureate, barring the Austrian writer from a place he has visited numerous times.

In Kosovo, the tiny Serb village with a friend in Handke

Orahovac - In the small wine-growing village of Velika Hoca in southern Kosovo, every household has a copy of a Peter Handke book.

Migrants lose in futile game on Hungary-Serbia frontier

Subotica - Asurma Arab and her family spent more than two years waiting in Serbia for their chance to cross the steel fence that Hungary erected along its border to keep out migrants.Little did the Afghan family know, their asylum plea was already a lost cause.

Balkans suffering 'very high' air pollution

Belgrade - Health officials in Serbia warned on Sunday about the risks of "very high" levels of air pollution in Belgrade and several other cities, a problem also being experienced in neighbouring Bosnia and North Macedonia.

Handke's Nobel riles Balkans and authors

Belgrade - Austrian writer Peter Handke's Nobel literature prize win has irked the Balkans, while voices beyond the region spoke out against honouring an admirer of late Serbian strongman Slobodan Milosevic.

Kosovo dissident Albin Kurti reaches halls of power

Pristina - Political prisoner turned parliamentary troublemaker Albin Kurti is within reach of becoming Kosovo's next prime minister after an electoral triumph that could reshape the political scene in Europe's youngest democracy."The day has come!

Kosovo votes amid pressure to reboot Serbia talks

Pristina - Kosovo went to the polls Sunday in an election that could usher in new leadership at a time when stalled talks with former war foe Serbia are a source of instability in Europe.

'War wing' fights for survival in Kosovo poll

Pristina - The former guerilla commanders who have dominated Kosovo since its independence will fight for political survival in elections on Sunday, with opposition parties threatening to boot them from power.

Darwin, Islam: Kosovo imam expelled for accepting both

Pristina - When not leading prayers in his village mosque in western Kosovo, imam Drilon Gashi was scribbling some unorthodox thoughts on social media -- like his belief in the theory of evolution.

Vjosa Osmani, the woman taking on Kosovo's 'nasty' politics to be PM

Pristina - Looking back to her childhood in conflict-wracked Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani remembers listening quietly as dozens of men gathered in her father's living room to discuss the political future of the breakaway Serbian province.

In Belgrade, a struggle to excavate an urban Nazi camp

Belgrade - Moments after she was born in a wartime Nazi concentrationcamp in Belgrade, Estera Bajer was furtively smuggled out in a bag.

Red Star Belgrade fans park tank, spark uproar

Belgrade - Red Star Belgrade fans stirred controversy by parking an army tank outside their stadium ahead of Tuesday's Champions League play-off second leg against Swiss side Young Boys.

Kosovo heads to snap poll after MPs dissolve parliament

Pristina - Kosovo MPs voted on Thursday to dissolve parliament and trigger early elections, a move that could shake up the political scene at a time when negotiations with former foe Serbia are deadlocked.

Kosovo PM set to be grilled by war crimes court

Pristina - Kosovo's outgoing Prime Minister and wartime guerrilla commander Ramush Haradinaj left Tuesday for the Hague to be interrogated by a war crimes court as a suspect, public RTK television said.
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