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Romania blocks Russia minister plane to Moldova

Bucharest - Romania on Friday sparked fury in Moscow by blocking a Moldova-bound plane carrying a senior Russian minister entering its airspace because of an EU travel ban over the Ukraine crisis.

Romanian parliament approves new Social Democrat government

Bucharest - The Romanian parliament on Thursday approved the Social Democrat government of new Prime Minister Mihai Tudose, despite controversy over its economic plans.

Romanian Social Democrat Mihai Tudose designated new premier

Bucharest - Romania's outgoing economy minister Mihai Tudose was designated as the new premier on Monday, days after the ruling Social Democrats torpedoed its own government following an internal power row.

Romania ruling left sinks own government

Bucharest - Romania's ruling left on Wednesday took the extraordinary step of torpedoing its own government with a no-confidence motion in the prime minister following a power struggle.

Romania ruling left sinks own govt after power row

Bucharest - Romania's government fell Wednesday after the ruling party took the unusual step of passing a no-confidence vote in its own prime minister following internal power struggles.

Romania's political crisis explained

Bucharest - Romania's governing left-wing Social Democrats (PSD) are expected to try to torpedo their own government on Wednesday after just five months in office.

Romania's ruling lawmakers seek to oust prime minister

Bucharest - Romania's ruling left-wing coalition called an extraordinary session of parliament on Sunday to file a censure motion against embattled Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu.

Romania's premier stands his ground as political turmoil deepens

Bucharest - Romania's political turmoil deepened Thursday as Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu refused to resign even as he faced expulsion from his governing leftwing party, forcing the government into a standoff after just five months in office.

Romania in turmoil as ruling left drops PM support

Bucharest - Romania's ruling left-wing party withdrew its support for Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu on Wednesday, a move likely to bring down his government, which has only been in power since January.

Romanian ex-leader Iliescu to stand trial over deadly 1990 protest crackdown

Bucharest - Former Romanian president Ion Iliescu and 13 other officials have been ordered to stand trial on charges of crimes against humanity in connection with the deadly crackdown on a Bucharest protest in 1990, the prosecutor's office said Tuesday.

In Romania, Latin holds out

Pitesti - Just like Asterix's small village held out against the Romans, 2,000 years later in Romania a fight is on to keep Latin alive just as it dies elsewhere in Europe.

Fake news in Romania fuels euroscepticism

Bucharest - Dogs paid to demonstrate against the government. A deadly nightclub fire ordered by an American billionaire. So-called "fake news" is prospering in Romania, fuelling euroscepticism in the former communist country.

Measles outbreak in Romania has killed 17 children

Bucharest - A measles outbreak in Romania has killed 17 children and infected thousands more since September due to poverty and an anti-vaccination movement, local media reported Saturday.

Romania's corruption decree ditched for good

Bucharest - Romanian MPs voted Tuesday to definitively shelve a controversial decree that had sought to water down anti-corruption legislation but ended up unleashing the nation's biggest protests in a quarter-century.

Romania's have-a-go heroes fight corruption

Bucharest - Romanian architect Serban Marinescu never thought he'd come up against such brazen corruption. And when a city mayor demanded a backhander, he plucked up his courage and reported him.

Green light for Romania corruption referendum

Bucharest - Romanian lawmakers unanimously approved Monday a proposal to hold a referendum on corruption after mass protests forced the government to withdraw a decree that would have watered down anti-graft legislation.

Thousands of Romanian protesters return to streets

Bucharest - Tens of thousands of Romanians braved the cold and returned to the streets in protest on Sunday, calling on the government to resign as they accused it of attempting to water down anti-corruption laws."Thieves! Resign!

Thousands of Romanians march against government

Bucharest - Thousands of protesters braved the cold to march in Romania's main cities on Saturday, angered by government attempts to water down anti-corruption laws.

Romania's corruption crusader says danger not over

Bucharest - Romania's government may still try to ease up on punishing graft even after the biggest protests since communism forced it to back down over a controversial decree, Bucharest's chief corruption crusader has warned.

Romania's embattled PM survives no-confidence vote

Bucharest - Romania's defiant Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu easily survived a no-confidence vote on Wednesday even as his government continued to face nationwide protests over its efforts to weaken anti-corruption laws.
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