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Romania to probe alleged police violence at protest

Bucharest - Romania has opened an enquiry into alleged police violence at a mass anti-corruption protest against the leftwing government last week where hundreds were injured, military prosecutors said Monday.

Third night of anti-government protests in Romania

Bucharest - Thousands took part Sunday in a third night of protests in Bucharest against alleged government corruption, two days after a crackdown on a mass demonstration left hundreds injured.

Second night of Romania demos after hundreds injured

Bucharest - Tens of thousands gathered Saturday in the Romanian capital Bucharest for a second straight day after more than 450 people were hurt and around 30 arrested in a huge anti-corruption protest.

Over 450 people hurt in Romania protest clashes

Bucharest - More than 450 people were hurt and around 30 arrested during a huge anti-corruption protest in Bucharest, Romanian police said on Saturday, a day after the rally.

Romanian police use tear gas to disperse anti-corruption protest

Bucharest - Romanian police used water cannon and tear gas to disperse anti-corruption protesters in Bucharest on Friday, after tens of thousands rallied to call on the leftwing government to resign.

Romania police probe anti-semitic graffiti at Elie Wiesel home

Bucharest - Romanian police on Saturday announced a probe into anti-semitic graffiti found on the walls of the house where Nobel Peace prize winner Elie Wiesel was born.

Romania minister under fire over 'ballistic' gaffe

Bucharest - Romania's defence minister on Wednesday faced calls to resign after he said the US missile defence system in the south had ballistic missiles, apparently confirming Russian concerns of a security threat near its border.

Romania faces long search for new anti-graft tsar

Bucharest - Romania faced a long search Friday for a new anti-corruption chief following the controversial sacking of star prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi earlier this month.

Assad's son takes part in maths competition in Romania

Bucharest - The teenage son of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is competing in the International Mathematical Olympiad in Romania, where he has asked to be treated like any normal student, an education official said Tuesday.

Romanian president sacks anti-graft prosecutor Kovesi

Bucharest - Romanian President Klaus Iohannis on Monday finally dismissed top anti-graft prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi after long resisting attempts to remove her by the country's left-wing government.

Romanian president sacks anti-graft prosecutor Kovesi

Bucharest - Romanian President Klaus Iohannis on Monday finally dismissed top anti-graft prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi after long resisting attempts to remove her by the left-wing government.

Impeachment decision looms for Romanian president

Bucharest - The leader of Romania's ruling Social Democrats said Thursday the party will decide next week whether to impeach President Klaus Iohannis for violating the constitution.

Romanian leader decries majority's 'dictatorship' over penal reforms

Bucharest - Romania's parliament voted through controversial changes to the penal code on Wednesday, a move condemned by President Klaus Iohannis as "dictatorship of the majority".

The writer inspiring Romania's protest movement at 101

Bucharest - Amid the almost daily crowds of anti-government protesters in the Romanian capital Bucharest, there's one name on the lips of many of those gathered outside government headquarters: the 101-year-old many of them see as their guiding light.

Romania ruling party chief defiant despite new jail term

Bucharest - The leader of Romania's ruling party on Friday said he would not resign despite being sentenced to jail for a second time.

Romania ruling party chief handed jail term over fake jobs scandal

Bucharest - Romania's high court on Thursday sentenced the leader of the ruling left-wing Social Democrat party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea, to three-and-a-half years in prison over a fake jobs scandal.

Thousands protest in Romania, saying corruption fight hampered

Bucharest - Thousands of Romanians took to the streets Wednesday to protest against a relaxation of criminal legislation they believe will hamper the fight against corruption.

Romanian president sounds alarm over penal code changes

Bucharest - Romanian President Klaus Iohannis and the public prosecutor expressed alarm Tuesday over amendments to the penal code voted through by left-wing government MPs fearing the judiciary could be damaged.

US says Romania a 'model' in fight against corruption

Bucharest - Romania is a model for combating corruption in eastern Europe, a senior US official said Monday, as its left-wing government tries to dismiss the country's top graft fighter.

Romanian judges protest ruling party chief's attacks

Bucharest - Romanian judges and prosecutors hit back Monday at attacks on the judiciary by the ruling party's embattled head Liviu Dragnea, who compared prosecutors to the communist-era secret police, saying he should be punished for intimidation.
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