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Exiled from forests, Paraguay's Ache people want land

- Forced from their ancestral forests by the arrival of big agriculture in eastern Paraguay, the Ache people gave up the hunter-gatherer lifestyle that had sustained them for centuries.

Paraguay attack kills eight soldiers

Asunci - Eight Paraguayan soldiers died Saturday in a roadside explosion, the government said, blaming it on a leftist guerrilla group.

Brazilian drug lord turns jail cell into luxury suite

Asunci - Paraguayan authorities got a surprise when they raided a Brazilian drug lord's jail cell... and found a three-room luxury suite complete with library, kitchen, conference room and plasma TV.

Paraguay reports first two cases of Zika birth defect

Asunci - Paraguay reported its first two cases Wednesday of babies born with microcephaly linked to the Zika virus, which is blamed for a surge in the birth defect across Latin America.

Paraguay farmers' leader gets 35 years for massacre

Asunci - The man behind the 2012 massacre of 17 police and farmers in Paraguay, in a crisis that helped bring down a president, was sentenced to 35 years in prison.

Venezuela opposition rallies Latin America for support

Asunci - A top Venezuelan opposition leader on Monday launched a tour of Latin American countries to rally support for his side in its bid to remove President Nicolas Maduro from office.

Virus linked to newborn brain shrinkage rampages beyond Brazil

Until this year, Brazil had few cases of microcephaly, a debilitating and ultimately deadly disorder in which newborns are born with abnormally small brains. Then the country recorded almost 3,000 cases after reporting less than 200 cases in 2014.

Paraguay villagers heap sandbags as flood threatens

Alberdi - Residents of a Paraguayan village that risks being submerged in floodwater were defying authorities' calls to evacuate on Thursday as a nearby dike threatened to burst, officials said.

Deaths, mass evacuations in South America floods

Asunci - Storms and floods battering South America claimed a sixth victim in Paraguay on Monday as river levels threatened to rise further after torrents drove tens of thousands from their homes.

Torrential rains, flooding kill at least 10 in South America

Asunci - Mudslides have killed at least four people in Brazil, one of several South American countries where torrential rains and flooding now have claimed at least 10 lives, officials said on Sunday.

More than 160,000 evacuated in deadly South American floods

Asunci - More than 160,000 people have been driven from their homes in Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay in some of the worst floods in decades, which have left at least six people dead, authorities have said.

Five dead, 150,000 evacuated in Latin America floods

Asunci - Flooding dampened Christmas eve celebrations in parts of Latin America on Thursday, leaving five people dead and driving almost 150,000 from their homes in Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay.

Argentina-Venezuela showdown over 'political prisoners'

Asunci - Argentina's conservative new President Mauricio Macri urged Venezuela Monday to free all "political prisoners," drawing a caustic reply from his socialist counterpart Nicolas Maduro's government, which told him to quit "meddling.

Paraguay ruling party loses key mayoral vote

Asunci - Paraguay's ruling conservative party lost the mayor's office in the capital Asuncion on Sunday in a surprise midterm setback for President Horacio Cartes.

Denied abortion, 11-year-old Paraguay rape victim gives birth

Asunci - An 11-year-old Paraguayan girl who was raped by her mother's boyfriend gave birth Thursday, rekindling the uproar over authorities' refusal to let her have an abortion.

Pope leaves for Rome after South America visit

Asunci - Pope Francis departed Paraguay for Rome late Sunday, bringing to a close a weeklong visit where he drew attention to the poor and marginalized in some of the region's poorest nations.

Pope laments corruption as 'gangrene of a people'

Asunci - Pope Francis decried the scourge of corruption as the "gangrene of a people" in Paraguay, one of the poorest countries in South America and where graft is rampant.

Pope takes message of equality to Paraguay

Asunci - Pope Francis brought his message of equality to Paraguay, on the third and final stop of a South America tour that has burnished his reputation as a powerful voice for the downtrodden.

Paraguay captures man who allegedly impregnated stepdaughter

Asunci - The man who allegedly sexually abused and impregnated his 10-year-old stepdaughter, sparking a debate on abortion in Paraguay, was arrested Saturday after 15 days on the run, police said.

Ten-year-old's pregnancy sparks Paraguay abortion debate

Asunci - A 10-year-old girl who was raped by her stepfather and is now five months pregnant has become the focal point of a wrenching debate over abortion and child abuse in this conservative Catholic country.
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