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Portugal's new PM promises break with austerity

Lisbon - Portugal's new socialist Prime Minister Antonio Costa promised to break "the spiral of austerity" while implementing a "moderate" programme that respects EU budgetary commitments.

New Portugal PM forms government in delicate balancing act

Lisbon - Portugal's new prime minister, Antonio Costa, on Wednesday formed a new government that will have to pull off a tricky balancing act, satisfying both Brussels and his allies on the radical left.

Portugal's Costa: an affable Socialist ready to 'walk the talk'

Lisbon - Affable former Lisbon mayor and now Portuguese prime minister Antonio Costa is a political veteran who is far more popular than his Socialist Party, which recently toppled the conservative government in a dramatic vote.

New Socialist PM for Portugal after weeks of turmoil

Lisbon - Socialist leader Antonio Costa was on Tuesday named Portugal's prime minister and tasked with forming a government, more than seven weeks after an inconclusive general election plunged the country into political limbo.

Portuguese parliament backs adoption by gay couples

Lisbon - The Portuguese parliament, which swung left at last month's general election, backed a law to allow same-sex couples to adopt, in a first reading of the bill on Friday.

Left-wing opposition topples Portugal government

Lisbon - A left-wing opposition alliance in Portugal toppled the country's minority conservative government in a parliamentary vote on Tuesday, less than two weeks after it was sworn in.

Portugal's leftist opposition set to topple coalition government

Lisbon - Portugal's left-wing opposition alliance looked set to topple the country's centre-right minority government Tuesday in a crucial parliamentary vote, barely 10 days after it was sworn in.

Portugal PM issues stark warning ahead of crunch vote

Lisbon - Portugal's centre-right Prime Minister warned Monday about the potentially-ruinous effect of a leftwing alliance taking power, on the eve of a crucial parliamentary vote set to topple his government.

Portugal's leftists agree alliance in threat to new govt

Lisbon - Portugal's centre-right government looked doomed Friday as the main opposition Socialists formed an unprecedented alliance with the far left and appeared set to take over, putting the country on a path to ending austerity.

NATO chief says alliance must counter Russia military build-up

Lisbon - NATO head Jens Stoltenberg said Thursday the alliance must counter a Russian military build-up in the Baltic, the Black Sea and the eastern Mediterranean which could give Moscow control of key areas in a crisis.

Portugal risks becoming 'ungovernable', president warns as govt sworn in

Lisbon - Political instability could make Portugal "ungovernable", its president warned on Friday as a new centre-right minority government was sworn in.

Portugal's new government faces Nov 10 showdown with left

Lisbon - Portugal's new centre-right minority government will face an early challenge on November 10 from a left-wing coalition, in the wake of inconclusive elections, parliament said Wednesday.

Portuguese left scoffs as PM unveils minority government

Lisbon - Portuguese centre-right leader Pedro Passos Coelho on Tuesday unveiled a minority government following inconclusive elections, but the opposition Socialist Party (PS) threatened to bring it down within days.

Portuguese president refuses to allow leftist government

Lisbon - While the government of Prime Minister Pedro Coelho was re-elected after recent elections, it is only with a minority. Coelho's government was known for its cooperation in passing austerity programs in return for a bailout four years ago.

Portugal's Socialists threaten minority government plan

Lisbon - Portugal's Socialist Party on Friday rejected plans for a new centre-right minority government which outgoing Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho has been asked to form, insisting they could assemble their own coalition.

Portugal president reappoints centre-right PM

Lisbon - Portugal's president on Thursday reappointed outgoing Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho and tasked him with forming a new centre-right coalition, despite the lack of a majority in parliament.

Portugal's Socialists say in position to form coalition govt

Lisbon - Portugal's opposition Socialists said Tuesday they were in a position to form a coalition government with the Communists and another leftist party.

Former Portugal PM freed from house arrest

Lisbon - Portuguese authorities on Friday said former socialist prime minister Jose Socrates, jailed on corruption, money laundering and tax charges last year, had been released from house arrest but may not leave the country.

'No progress' as Portuguese parties seek coalition deal

Lisbon - Talks on forming a new Portuguese coalition government have made no progress more than a week after the general election, outgoing conservative prime minister Pedro Passos Coelho admitted Tuesday after a meeting with opposition Socialist leader Antonio...

Portugal socialists tell investors they are 'not Syriza'

Lisbon - Portugal's Socialist Party leader Antonio Costa in a bid to reassure investors told AFP Tuesday that a left-wing government would respect trade commitments and would avoid any new crises in the eurozone.
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