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Polish women protest new bids to tighten abortion law

Varsovia - Thousands of Polish women on Monday demonstrated nationwide against new bids to tighten the staunchly Catholic country's abortion law, which is already one of the most restrictive in Europe.

Tiny wooden clog charm resurfaces at Auschwitz

Varsovia - A tiny carved wooden clog that once belonged to a woman the Nazis deported to the Auschwitz death camp has been rediscovered after more than 70 years, a local foundation told AFP on Thursday.

Body of Poland's late president to be exhumed in crash probe

Varsovia - The twin brother of Poland's former president Lech Kaczynski, who died in a 2010 plane crash in Russia, said Saturday he agrees with the decision to exhume the late leader's body as part of a new inquiry into the accident.

Body of Poland's late president to be exhumed in crash probe

Varsovia - The family of Poland's former president Lech Kaczynski, who died in a 2010 plane crash, has agreed to his exhumation as part of a new inquiry into the accident, his twin brother said Saturday.

Giant slugs found to be feasting on baby birds

Wroclaw - A slow crawling, slimy slug may not seem like much of a threat, but to newborn baby birds, unable to fly or defend themselves, slugs are a risk. New research shows how the slugs devour the fledglings.

Polish conservatives pursue abortion ban despite mass protests

Varsovia - The leader of Poland's governing right-wing party said Wednesday he still hopes to tighten the country's abortion laws, despite parliament's recent rejection of a proposed ban on terminations in the devoutly Catholic nation.

Poland brings up table manners in chopper feud with France

Varsovia - Poland's deputy defence minister on Wednesday claimed that Poles taught the French how to use forks, as a diplomatic row raged over the handling of a failed multi-billion euro helicopter deal.

Poland plans new tender for helicopters after Airbus row

Varsovia - Poland said Wednesday it would launch a new tender process for military helicopters after talks to buy Airbus aircraft collapsed in acrimony.

Thousands of Polish teachers protest against education reform

Varsovia - Teachers held demonstrations across Poland on Monday in protest against education reforms proposed by the right-wing government that critics say could see thousands of jobs slashed.

Poland blames Airbus for grounding chopper talks

Varsovia - Poland on Saturday blamed French aeronautics giant Airbus for the breakdown in talks over a multi-billion euro contract for military helicopters that has triggered a spike in tensions with Paris.

Polish parliament rejects abortion ban after mass protests

Varsovia - Poland's parliament on Thursday rejected an abortion ban after women staged massive nationwide protests in the devoutly Catholic nation, where the law is already among the most restrictive in Europe.

Poland drops talks in 3 bn euro Airbus chopper deal: ministry

Varsovia - Poland's rightwing government on Tuesday quit talks with Airbus on an offset deal linked to a multi-billion euro contract for 50 military helicopters, a government statement said.

Warsaw may not back Tusk for new term as EU president: report

Varsovia - The head of Poland's governing rightwing Law and Justice party (PiS) said in an interview Tuesday the government may not back his sworn enemy Donald Tusk for a potential new term as EU president.

Polish women hold nationwide strike against abortion ban

Varsovia - Tens of thousands of black-clad women protested across Poland Monday against a proposed near-total abortion ban in the devoutly Catholic country, where the law is already among the most restrictive in Europe.

'Save Women' rally in Poland against near-total abortion ban

Varsovia - Dressed in black, thousands of protesters gathered Saturday outside the Polish parliament in Warsaw to protest against a proposed near-total ban on abortion in devoutly Catholic Poland.

Gay Catholics test Poland's conservative church

Varsovia - When gay and lesbian Catholics launched a campaign this month to ask for acceptance in the Polish church, the backlash was swift and uncompromising.

Poland gets 'super minister' for finance

Varsovia - Poland's prime minister on Wednesday tapped her powerful Development Minister Mateusz Morawiecki for the finance portfolio, creating what local media dubbed a "super minister" in a much-vaunted reshuffle of her controversial rightwing government.

Poland anti-government protest draws thousands

Varsovia - Tens of thousands of protesters hit the streets of the Polish capital Warsaw Saturday to rally against moves by the rightwing Law and Justice government that they say undermine the rule of law.

Polish doctors hit streets demanding higher wages

Varsovia - Thousands of doctors, nurses and hospital workers marched through central Warsaw Saturday demanding Poland's rightwing government spend more on public health, especially to hike notoriously low salaries.

Poland pushes near-total abortion ban, nixes liberalisation

Varsovia - Rightwing lawmakers on Friday pushed ahead with a near-total ban on abortion in devoutly Catholic Poland, while rejecting a rival bid to liberalise the existing law already among the most restrictive in Europe.
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