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Poles hold rally to defend sex education

Warsaw - Some 1,000 people demonstrated Wednesday in Warsaw against a Polish bill that proposes jail time for anyone who "promotes or approves underage sexual activity.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski: Poland's polarising powerbroker

Warsaw - What Jaroslaw Kaczynski lacks in size, he more than makes up for in political acumen, audacity and clout which have kept him at the heart of Polish politics.

Populists top Poland vote, expand majority on welfare, family values ticket

Warsaw - Poland's governing right-wing party topped Sunday's general election, an exit poll showed, expanding its majority thanks to a raft of welfare measures coupled with attacks on LGBT rights and Western values.The Law and Justice party (PiS) scored 43.

Nobel winner Tokarczuk calls on Poles to choose democracy

Warsaw - Poles will choose between "democracy and authoritarianism" in Sunday's general election, author Olga Tokarczuk, said on Friday, a day after winning the 2018 Nobel Prize for literature.

Apples, church, video games — these Polish things

Warsaw - Poland, which holds a general election on Sunday, boasts more than 1,000 years of history. It was invaded by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union during World War II, then spent decades under communism. Today it is a member of NATO and the European Union....

Poland's populists set for victory but majority at risk

Warsaw - Poland's governing right-wing party is poised to win a general election on Sunday, buoyed by generous social spending and fiery nationalist rhetoric, but its majority is at risk, giving opposition parties a narrow chance to snatch power.

Polish court orders compensation for 1980s victim of paedophile priest

Warsaw - Paedophile acts by a Catholic priest in the 1980s were like "torture", a Polish court has said, as it lifted the statute of limitation and ordered compensation to the victim -- an unprecedented decision in Poland.

Poland's LGBT community under fire ahead of elections

Lublin - Walking hand-in-hand and kissing in public is something that gay couples in the conservative eastern Polish city of Lublin can do safely only once a year, at the local pride parade, albeit behind a thick cordon of heavily armed riot police.

Poles with Swiss franc mortgages await key EU ruling

Warsaw - Like hundreds of thousands of other Poles, 42-year-old Piotr Zientala anxiously awaits a crucial EU court ruling Thursday on the legality of Swiss franc mortgages which could determine his financial future.

Renia Spiegel, 'Poland's Anne Frank', gets her due

Warsaw - Barely a year after celebrating her first kiss, wartime Jewish teenager Renia Spiegel took to her diary in June 1942 to pray for her life.

Polish Gay Pride marchers push past violent counter-protest

Lublin - Polish Gay Pride marchers under heavy police guard defied far-right groups and conservative campaigners on Saturday who hurled bottles and eggs in an attempt to block them, an AFP journalist saw.

Polish guards board Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior in coal clash

Warsaw - Armed Polish border guards boarded Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior ship, which was blocking a cargo of coal from being unloaded at the port of Gdansk, the environmental group said Tuesday.

Polish opposition picks surprise PM candidate for election

Warsaw - One of the leaders of Poland's main opposition group on Tuesday made the surprise announcement to step aside as candidate for the premiership in next month's general election.

Poland opposes Trump bid for Russia's G7 return

Warsaw - Poland's president on Monday opposed a proposal by US President Donald Trump to reintegrate Russia into the elite G7 group, insisting that "business as usual" was unacceptable given Moscow's occupation of Ukrainian territory.

Poland criticises Russia's 'imperialist tendencies' on WWII anniversary

Warsaw - Poland's President Andrzej Duda on Sunday slammed Russia's military actions as "imperialist tendencies" at ceremonies in Warsaw marking the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II.

Germany asks Polish forgiveness 80 years after WWII outbreak

Warsaw - German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Sunday asked Poland's forgiveness 80 years after Germany's attack triggered World War II while his Polish counterpart denounced Russia's recent "imperialist" aggression against its neighbours.

Zelensky slams Nord Stream 2 as Ukraine seeks US gas

Warsaw - Ukraine's president on Saturday slammed the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline set to send Russian gas to Germany as a "threat" to Europe and welcomed moves by Kiev to tap into US gas supplies.

Warsaw to mark 80 years after WWII outbreak

Warsaw - Poland will on Sunday mark 80 years since the outbreak of World War II with commemorations attended by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the only major leader expected after US President Donald Trump pulled out to focus on Hurricane Dorian.

Walesa to Trump: US no longer moral, political world leader

Warsaw - Poland's freedom icon Lech Walesa on Thursday said the United States was "no longer the main global power" in political and moral leadership ahead of a visit by President Donald Trump.

Poland feeling its WWII wounds seeks German reparations 80 years on

Warsaw - Eighty years after the first Nazi bombs fell on Poland, echoes of the blasts can be heard in the bickering between Warsaw and Berlin over the possibility of billions of euros in war reparations.
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