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From 'evacuation' to 'liberation': the Nazi death camps

Oswiecim - Seventy years after the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, ageing survivors gathered at the site synonymous with the Holocaust on Tuesday -- also International Holocaust Remembrance Day -- as world leaders called attention to rising incidents of anti-Se...

Elderly Auschwitz survivors urge world never to forget

Oswiecim - For what may be the last time, elderly Holocaust survivors returned to the infamous Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp 70 years after its liberation Tuesday, to urge the world never to forget one of history's worst atrocities.

Poland uncovers new names of former Auschwitz staff

Warsaw - Polish officials said Friday they had drawn up a list of 9,500 staff members at the Nazi German death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, thousands more than previous estimates.

Auschwitz survivors relive atrocities, 70 years on

Krak - The piercing screams of a woman electrocuted on a barbed wire fence, children sent to the gas chambers and the constant threat of death: Auschwitz survivors recall life in the world's most notorious death camp with remarkable clarity.

Polish farmers threaten uprising over opencast coal mine

Farmers in Western Poland are threatening civil unrest if the Polish energy company PAK goes through with plans to open a vast opencast coal mine and power plant in the region. Thousands of people are now at risk of being relocated.

Judge charged for planting drugs on woman who denied his advances

On Thursday, a former judge was found guilty on charges after he allegedly planted methamphetamine on a woman after she refused his sexual advances inside his chambers.

At least five dead in Pennsylvania shooting spree

Five confirmed dead in a shooting spree that took place in four separate locations. Reports coming in say at least five have been confirmed dead. Authorities say death toll is likely to rise.

Thousands of protestors flood Polish opposition demo

Warsaw - Tens of thousands of Polish opposition supporters marched in the capital Warsaw on Saturday to denounce alleged irregularities in last month's local elections.

The Dalai Lama not allowed to meet Pope Francis, was told 'No'

The Dalai Lama requested to meet Pope Francis but was refused the right to meet with him. The Dalai Lama was in Rome on Thursday for a Nobel Peace Prize winners' conference.

Ex-president admits Poland hosted CIA 'black sites'

Warsaw - Poland's former president publicly acknowledged for the first time Wednesday that his country hosted a secret CIA prison where a US Senate report says torture was used against Al-Qaeda suspects.

Openly gay mayor takes power in Polish city

Warsaw - The first openly gay mayor of a large Polish city officially took power on Saturday, saying the traditionally Catholic country was "opening up".

Great Horned Owl caught doing breast stroke

After narrowly escaping the attack of two falcons, a Great Horned Owl is caught swimming to safety in style. How you ask? By doing the breast stroke of course.

Malnourished Indiana Girl, 15, found weighing only 35 lbs.

The discovery of a 15-year-old girl weighing a mere 35 pounds leaves the residents and authorities of Madison County, Indiana stunned.

World's longest train journey — China to Spain opens

China has inaugurated the world's longest train journey, traversing the whole of Central Asia and Europe. Dubbed the new Silk Road, it is expected to give a major economic boost to trade between China and the EU.

Town bans Winnie The Pooh mascot for 'dubious sexuality'

Tuszyn - The Polish town of Tuszyn were deciding who to use as a mascot for its playground, but decided that Winnie The Pooh was not a good choice.

Computer glitches mar Polish local elections

Warsaw - Poland's president on Wednesday sought to calm a row over key weekend local and regional elections after computer glitches left the final tally up in the air.

Polish woman declared dead, wakes up in body bag in morgue

Nothing like waking up in a body bag in a morgue to get your heart racing. That's what happened to Janina Kolkiewicz of Poland last week. Declared dead, the 91-year-old was put in a bag and taken to a cold slab at the local morgue.

Nude women used to advertise coffins

Lindner, a Polish coffin company, decided to use some naked female models to try to help them sell their line of coffins.

European bird populations in precipitous decline

Exeter - Over the last 30 years, bird populations Europe-wide have fallen drastically with the sharpest falls seen among the most common bird species.

Warsaw museum sheds light on 1,000-year history of Poland's Jews

Warsaw - The Israeli and Polish presidents on Tuesday hailed a landmark Warsaw museum chronicling the vibrant 1,000-year history of Poland's Jewish community, devastated during the Holocaust, as an investment in future ties between their countries.
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