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Pakistan demands Kashmir action while ignoring China's Uighurs

Islamabad - Even as Pakistan this week drew international attention to the plight of Muslims in Indian Kashmir, Islamabad stayed conspicuously silent about another embattled Muslim community -- China's Uighur population.

Pakistan PM Khan slams 'oppressor' India on Kashmir anniversary

Muzaffarabad - Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan branded India an "oppressor and aggressor" on Wednesday, a year after New Delhi imposed direct rule on Indian-administered Kashmir.

Pakistanis risk unproven plasma treatment in virus fight

Islamabad - Pakistanis with COVID-19 are risking their lives and navigating a shady black market to get blood plasma transfusions, despite scant medical proof about the remedy's effectiveness.

Pakistan warns video-sharing app TikTok over 'immoral content'

Islamabad - Pakistan has issued a final warning to Chinese-owned social media app TikTok to clamp down on what it called "immoral, obscene and vulgar" content on the video-sharing platform.

Taliban reshuffle negotiators ahead of Afghan talks

Islamabad - The leader of the Taliban has reshuffled his team of negotiators ahead of peace talks with the Afghan government, adding four close aides to the group, sources in the movement said Saturday.

Pakistan PM Khan urges 'simplicity' to slow virus over Eid

Islamabad - Pakistanis should celebrate the upcoming Eid festival with "simplicity" to prevent a spike in new coronavirus cases, Prime Minister Imran Khan said Friday.

Former India navy officer refuses to appeal spying death sentence

Islamabad - A former Indian naval officer on death row in Pakistan for alleged spying has refused to lodge an appeal against his conviction and will try instead for a military pardon, an official said Wednesday.

Export gloom sours Pakistan's prized mango season

Multan - Dwindling harvests, drooping demand and export supply chains hit by the coronavirus are biting into Pakistan's mango industry, with producers of the prized fruit battling to weather a disastrous season.

Four in Daniel Pearl case to remain jailed in Pakistan for now

Islamabad - Pakistani authorities renewed the detention orders Thursday for four men whose convictions in the kidnapping and killing of US journalist Daniel Pearl had been overturned, meaning they will remain jailed at least three more months, an official said.

Pakistan's PIA suspended in Europe over fake pilot licence scandal

Karachi - Regulators have barred Pakistan International Airlines from the European Union for six months after the state-run carrier grounded nearly a third of its pilots for holding fake or dubious licences, officials said Tuesday.

Pakistan PM blames India for stock exchange attack

Islamabad - Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday blamed India for a deadly attack on the stock exchange in Karachi, saying there was "no doubt" who was responsible.

Separatists say stock exchange attack targeted China, Pakistan

Karachi - Separatists from Pakistan's Balochistan province attacked the national stock exchange in Karachi on Monday, killing four people in a brazen daylight assault the breakaway group said also targeted Chinese interests.

Gunmen attack Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi: police

Karachi - Gunmen attacked the Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi Monday, with four of the assailants killed, police said.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan slammed for saying bin Laden was 'martyred'

Islamabad - Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan faced a growing backlash Thursday after he said former Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden had been "martyred".

Pilots' virus chat blamed for deadly Pakistan plane crash

Islamabad - The pilots of a plane that crashed last month in Pakistan, killing 98 people, were pre-occupied by the coronavirus crisis and tried to land with the aircraft's wheels still up, according to initial official reports released Wednesday.

Human error caused Pakistan plane crash that killed 97: initial report

Islamabad - A plane crash which killed 97 people in Pakistan last month was because of human error by the pilot and air traffic control, according to an initial report into the disaster released Wednesday.

Op-Ed: China-India clash in sensitive Kashmir area could mean trouble

New Delhi - On the face of it, a clash across a border is an occasional, not necessarily significant event. When it’s near hyper-sensitive Kashmir like the Galwan Valley region, however, it might signify a lot more.

'Catastrophic': South Asia reels from virus surge

Islamabad - Early optimism that South Asia might have dodged the worst ravages of the coronavirus pandemic has disappeared as soaring infection rates turn the densely populated region into a global hot spot.

Pakistan battles locusts by turning them into chicken feed

Lahore - Chickens in Pakistan have been feasting on captured locusts under an initiative to combat swarms of the insects that are threatening food supplies in the impoverished country.

Pakistan hospitals running out of beds as virus cases surge past 100,000

Islamabad - Pakistan has recorded more than 100,000 cases of coronavirus, health authorities said Monday, as hospitals warned they are running out of beds to treat patients.
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