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Doctors' group says 1.3 million killed in U.S. 'War on Terror'

A group of international physicians' organizations has published a study concluding US-led wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan have killed more than 1.3 million people.

Pakistan kills 34 militants in air strikes

Islamabad - Pakistan's military said it killed 34 militants Wednesday in air strikes on a tribal region near the Afghan border as part of a major offensive against insurgents that began last year.

Statue of Buddha's death discovered in Pakistan

Peshawar - Archaeologists in Pakistan have unearthed the largest statue ever found at the site of Takshashila, the ancient university, depicting the the death of Buddha.

Pakistan executes 10 death-row prisoners

Islamabad - Pakistan on Tuesday hanged 10 convicted murderers from prisons across the country, the highest number in a single day after the government lifted a six-year-old moratorium on capital punishment, officials said.

Taliban attacks on Pakistani Christian district kill eight

Lahore - Eight people were killed and more than 50 injured when two Taliban suicide bombers attacked churches in Pakistan Sunday, sparking mob violence in which two other suspected militants died.

Pakistan court orders release of Mumbai attacks suspect

Islamabad - A Pakistan court on Friday cancelled a detention order against the alleged mastermind of the 2008 Mumbai attacks, potentially paving the way for his release.

Pakistan raids MQM political party offices in Karachi

Karachi - Pakistani security forces raided the offices of the main political party in Karachi on Wednesday, seizing a "huge quantity" of weapons and arresting activists, including one accused of murdering a journalist.

Pakistan lifts death penalty moratorium

Islamabad - Pakistan has lifted its moratorium on the death penalty in all capital cases, officials said Tuesday, after restarting executions for terrorism offences in the wake of a Taliban school massacre.

Global fears grow with building of nuclear reactor in Karachi

Karachi - China has reportedly signed an agreement with Pakistan to supply two nuclear reactors to the energy-starved country, despite an international ban on supplying nuclear technology to the country.

Pakistan arrests 45 Indian fishermen: Police

Karachi - Pakistani marine forces have arrested 45 Indian fishermen for violating territorial waters in the Arabian Sea, police said Saturday.

Pakistan parents arrested for not getting children polio vaccine

Peshawar - Hundreds of parents in northwest Pakistan were arrested and jailed this past weekend because they refused to get their children vaccinated against polio. As of Tuesday, 471 people have been thrown in jail out of a list of 1,000 "chronic" refusal cases.

National Geographic 'Afghan girl' in Pakistan papers probe

Peshawar - Pakistani officials are investigating after the famous green-eyed "Afghan girl" immortalised in a 1985 National Geographic magazine cover was found living in the country on fraudulent identity papers.

Afghan bank clerks rob their own bank of $1.4 million and run

Kabul - Bank clerks in Afghanistan's southern Kandahar province may have stolen as much as 81 million Afghanis ($1.4 million) from the country's central bank when they raided their own bank and fled, said one official on Saturday.

Pakistan terror wave sparks rare criticism of Saudi Arabia

Islamabad - Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have long enjoyed close relations, but Islamabad's new-found resolve for fighting the root causes of extremism has seen the Gulf state come in for rare criticism.

ISIS vows to take down Rome

In the most recent propaganda video released by the militant group ISIS, the terroristic group vows to conquer Rome. Some say it is a blatant attack on Christians.

Russian cybersecurity firm reports U.S. embedded spyware

San Francisco - A Russian Cybersecurity firm reported on Monday that the United States permanently embedded sabotage tools and software in targeted networks globally.

Hardline Sunni leader shot dead in Pakistan

Islamabad - Gunmen on a motorcycle on Sunday shot dead a leader from a hardliner Sunni religious group in Pakistan in an apparent sectarian attack, police said.

Pakistan 'probably' knew bin Laden was hiding: ex-spy chief

Islamabad - Pakistan's main intelligence agency probably knew where Osama Bin Laden was hiding and hoped to use him as a bargaining chip before he was killed by US forces in 2011, a former spymaster has said.

Op-Ed: Lessons from the EU’s unlikely success in the war against piracy

Brussels - Remember how just a few years ago one of the most pressing issue to world peace and security seemed to be the sundry band of pirates off the coast of Somalia that was wreaking havoc across the Gulf of Aden by pillaging and plundering trade lanes?

Pakistan test-fires nuclear-capable cruise missile

Islamabad - Pakistan on Monday test-fired a cruise missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, just over a week after its arch-rival India reached a new civilian nuclear accord with the United States.
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