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Philippine President Duterte ends US Visiting Forces Agreement

Manila - The Philippines has officially notified the US that it is scrapping a security pact allowing US forces to train and take part in joint exercises in the country.

Philippines says will withdraw from US military pact

Manila - The Philippines told the US on Tuesday it was quitting a pact key to their historical military alliance, triggering a six-month countdown to the deal's termination.

Philippines reports first virus death outside China: WHO

Manila - The Philippines has reported the first death outside China from the coronavirus that has killed over 300 and spread to other countries, the World Health Organization said Sunday.

Asian nations try to shield against deadly outbreak

Manila - Asian nations were ramping up defences against a deadly viral epidemic Tuesday, sealing borders, shuttering public places and clamping down on visitors from China.

'House of Kobe': Basketball-mad Philippines mourns NBA legend

Manila - A city in hoops-mad Philippines inaugurated on Sunday a new community centre and basketball court named in honour of Kobe Bryant -- only hours before news of the NBA legend's death broke.

Signs of life at 'no-man's land' around Philippine volcano

Taal - A desolate landscape of ash dunes and bare trees left by the eruption of the Philippines' Taal volcano lay in contrast with a few signs of life at ground zero of the disaster on Tuesday.

Evacuation crackdown ordered as Philippine volcano 'recharges'

Tanauan - Philippine authorities ordered a crackdown Monday on evacuees' daily visits to their homes in the danger zone around Taal volcano as scientists warned it could be "recharging" for a more powerful explosion.

Filipinos turn volcano's ash, plastic trash into bricks

Poblacion - Ash spewed by a Philippine volcano is being mixed with plastic waste to make bricks in an inventive response to the country's persistent problems of pollution and frequent natural disasters.

Lost and damaged: Philippine volcano steals livelihoods

Amadeo - Decimated fish, scarred coffee plants and vanished tourists: the Taal volcano eruption in the Philippines has inflicted significant damage on the livelihoods of tens of thousands and is expected to cause more.

Former Philippine police chief indicted for drugs war corruption

Manila - The former chief police enforcer of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's deadly war on drugs will be charged with corruption for allegedly protecting officers linked to the narcotics trade, the justice department said Thursday.

Philippines says danger high despite volcano 'lull'

Tagaytay - The threat of the Philippines' Taal volcano unleashing a potentially catastrophic eruption remains high, authorities warned Thursday, saying it was showing dangerous signs despite a "lull" in spewing ash.

Philippines struggles to keep evacuees away from volcano

Talisay - Philippine authorities were struggling Wednesday to keep thousands of evacuees from returning to homes in areas threatened by a feared massive eruption of Taal volcano.

Risking lives to rescue horses in Philippine volcano 'no man's land'

Balete - The horses were still caked in grey ash as they stepped off the boat, lucky beneficiaries of a risky rescue mission to ground zero of the Philippines' Taal volcano eruption.

Tens of thousands face uncertainty as Philippine volcano spews lava

Tanauan - Taal volcano in the Philippines could spew lava and ash for weeks, authorities warned Tuesday, leaving tens of thousands in limbo after they fled their homes fearing a massive eruption.

Philippines on alert as volcano spews ash, lava

Talisay - Lava and broad columns of ash illuminated by lightning spewed from a volcano south of the Philippine capital on Monday, grounding hundreds of flights as authorities warned of a possible "explosive eruption".

Ash pours from Philippine volcano, halting flights

Manila - The Philippines was on alert Monday for the "explosive eruption" of a volcano south of Manila, which officials said could be imminent after a massive column of ash forced a halt to flights at the capital's main airport.

Flights halted, evacuations as Philippine volcano spews ash

Manila - Philippine authorities warned Sunday a volcano near the capital Manila could erupt imminently, hours after it sent a massive column of ash skyward that grounded flights and coated towns across the region in fine dust.

Christ's bodyguards: the men protecting the Philippines' revered Catholic icon

Manila - Frenzied crowds, exhaustion and blazing heat were dangers bearing down on the cadre of guards who shield one of the Philippines' most revered Catholic icons from the believers desperate to touch it.

Philippine Catholics swarm Christ icon hoping for miracle

Manila - Swarms of barefoot believers thronged a revered icon of Jesus Christ on Thursday in Manila for a lumbering and raucous procession considered one of the world's largest shows of Catholic fervour.

Philippines sending planes, ship to evacuate workers from Iraq

Manila - The Philippines will dispatch cargo planes and a ship to help evacuate Filipino migrant workers from Iraq after ordering its citizens to leave following an Iranian missile strike targeting US troops, officials said Wednesday.
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