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Canadian feds pays $180,000 for mining watchdog that isn't there

Last year, the Harper government spent over $180,000 to run the office of a counsellor of corporate social responsibility for the Canadian mining industry. There's only one problem: There is no corporate social responsibility counselor.

Australia, PNG deny violence at asylum-seeker camp

Port Moresby - Australia and Papua New Guinea on Saturday denied reports that protests at an asylum-seeker camp in the Pacific nation had turned violent, officials and reports said, as hundreds of detainees continued a hunger strike.

Two men rescued after 5 months at sea

Two fishermen from Papua New Guinea were rescued on November 29 after spending five months out at sea on a small, open boat in the Pacific Ocean.

Dramatic Papua New Guinea volcano quietens

Rabaul - A volcano which has erupted in Papua New Guinea was Saturday spewing fragments from its crater and rumbling loudly, but its activity appeared to be subsiding, a seismologist said.

Japan PM says horrors of war must never be repeated

Port Moresby - Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Friday said the horrors of war must never be repeated as he visited a World War II battlefield in Pacific nation Papua New Guinea.

Video: Want to see a tornado bushwhack a 'World Race' ship?

A tornado slammed into a clipper competing in an amateur event for the World Race. Everyone can joke about it now because there were no fatalities and only minor injuries.

Magnitude 7.5 quake strikes off Papua New Guinea: USGS

Port Moresby - A powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5 struck off Papua New Guinea late Saturday, the US Geological Survey said.

New spiny rat discovered in 'birthplace of evolution'

The Spiny Mekot rat was discovered in the mountain forests of Halmahera in the Maluku archipelago. Some of its defining futures include bristly hair and a white tail tip.

Cult leader known as 'Black Jesus' butchered to death

After a five-year manhunt, a cult leader and failed Lutheran minister known as "Black Jesus" was chopped to pieces by angry villagers in Papua New Guinea.

Canadian mining firm faulted for environmental breaches in Chile

Santiago - The Court of Appeals of Copiapó, Chile, ordered suspension of the operations on the Pascua-Lama mining project in the high Andes due to environmental violations; the Toronto-based mining company Barrick Gold Corporation complied with the order.

Researchers discover new sea species in Papua New Guinea

A team of researchers have discovered what they describe as a “treasure trove” of new sea species in the Pacific Ocean during an expedition in Papua New Guinea. Among the discoveries were a new species of sea slug and amphipods.

Young mother burned alive as witch in Papua New Guinea

Mount Hagen - A young woman has been publicly tortured and burned alive in front of crowd of onlookers, including schoolchildren, in the central highland town of Mount Hagen

Nauru, Australia's Guantanamo?

Canberra - To keep asylum seekers off-shore, denying them the rights of Australians, like the Guantanamo Detention Center stripping away American rights, a previously failed option is on the legislative table again this week: re-open the Nauru Detention Centre.

Papua New Guinea's ocean floor gets ready for gold-copper mining

The mining process is expected to start up soon from the seabed of Papua New Guinea as the Government had approved the first deep sea level mining for commercial purposes.

Papua New Guinea cannibal cult made penis soup from dead victims

Police in Papua New Guinea have arrested 29 people, alleged members of a cannibal cult who ate their victims' brains raw and made penis soup as part of a war on 'evil sorcerers.'

Testicle-eating piranha-like fish found in Lake Lou Yaeger

Litchfield - A fish with 'teeth like human molars' caught in Lake Lou Yaeger on June 7 by a fisherman, has been identified as a pacu, a fish related to the piranha. The fish has caused big problems in Papua New Guinea, after castrating and killing two men.

Minor genetic quirk causes Melanesian Solomon people’s blond hair

Honiara - About a quarter of the inhabitants of the Solomon Islands archipelago have dark skin and blond hair. Scientists have identified the reason for the unusual characteristic, dispelling the former belief that the blond hair originated from European genes.

Man divorces wife over loudspeaker at mall

A man in Saudi Arabia divorced his wife in a very public way, by shouting the divorce over a loudspeaker at the shopping mall.

Canadian filmmaker James Cameron to explore world's deepest ocean

Canadian filmmaker and "Titanic" director James Cameron is set to go down 6.8 miles (11 kilometers) down in the Pacific Ocean to visit and explore the Challenger Deep, the world's deepest ocean trench.

Reporter agrees to circumcision for story

A journalist in Papua New Guinea agreed to be circumcised with bamboo sticks in order to get a story which resulted in a tightening of borders and a "best scoop" award.
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