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Archaeologists may have solved mystery of Peru's 'band of holes'

A strange-looking construction in the Pisco Valley on the Nazca Plateau in Peru was documented by aerial photography in 1933. No one has ever been able to figure out what the 5,000 or so strange looking holes could possibly be, until now.

33 rescued lions to fly from Peru to South Africa

- A total of 33 lions rescued from abuse in Peruvian and Colombian circuses will be taken by plane on Friday to South Africa, in what campaigners are calling the largest-ever airlift of big cats.

Peru reports first sexually transmitted Zika case

- Peru has suffered its first case of sexually transmitted, locally contracted Zika virus, authorities said Saturday.

Divisive Fujimori faces runoff battle to lead Peru

- Keiko Fujimori has vowed to unite Peru after her first-round presidential election victory, but she faces a fierce runoff battle to overcome the divisive legacy of her jailed father.

Peru prisoners launch fashion label behind bars

- Santos Arce Ramos is doing 18 years for aggravated robbery, but today he is carefully cutting organic cotton cloth in a workshop at San Pedro, a notorious prison in Peru's capital Lima.

Keiko Fujimori headed for runoff in Peru vote

- Keiko Fujimori, daughter of an ex-president jailed for massacres, was heading Monday for a runoff vote that could make her Peru's first female leader.

Peru votes on Fujimori daughter in chaotic election

- Peruvians voted Sunday on whether Keiko Fujimori, daughter of an ex-president jailed for massacres, should become their first female leader in an election marred by alleged vote-buying and deadly attacks.

Guerrilla attack kills four before Peru election

- Three soldiers and a civilian were killed, and seven others wounded, in two attacks by guerrillas in the jungles of central Peru, on the eve of presidential elections.

Poverty line divides Peru in presidential vote

- Many Peruvians voting on Sunday want a new president who will stop the country's economic growth from slipping away. But millions never felt that growth in the first place.

Fujimori voters nostalgic for Peru's jailed ex-leader

- He is in jail for massacres and embezzling millions in public funds, but many Peruvians still love their ex-president Alberto Fujimori.

Peru mulls dark past as Fujimori daughter leads vote polls

- Peruvians vote Sunday on whether Keiko Fujimori, daughter of a former president jailed for massacres, should become their first female head of state in a divisive national election.

Keiko Fujimori seeks Peru presidency in name of father

- Peruvians say you either love or hate Keiko Fujimori, daughter of their jailed former leader Alberto. Despite his dark legacy she too is now tipped to become president.Smiling broadly in a white shirt, she dances for the crowds at election rallies.

Meet the Fujimoris: Peru power family with dark past

- Father is in jail for crimes against humanity. Uncles and aunts have fled corruption charges. And daughter? She is in position to follow in dad's footsteps by becoming president of Peru.

Tens of thousands march against Fujimori in Peru

- Some 50,000 people marched in Lima to protest the presidential candidacy of frontrunner Keiko Fujimori, 24 years to the day after the coup d'etat staged by her father.Shouting "Fujimori never again!

Half of candidates out of chaotic Peru election

- Half of the candidates in Peru's presidential election have abandoned or been banned from next week's polls and one of the leading contenders may follow, plunging the South American country into political uncertainty.

Peru bars second-place presidential candidate

- The second-place candidate in Peru's presidential election was disqualified Wednesday over procedural irregularities, upending the campaign and giving controversial frontrunner Keiko Fujimori a big boost with one month to go.

NASA to simulate growing potatoes on Mars in Peru

- Do Peru's potatoes have the right stuff?That's the question scientists will be asking in Lima next month, when a selection of tubers will begin undergoing tests to determine whether they're fit to grow on Mars.

The 'boiling river' of legend found in the Peruvian Amazon

There is a legendary four-mile long river, deep in the heart of the Amazon that has water so hot it will boil you alive. Peruvian geo-scientist, Andrés Ruzo, fascinated by the legend, went searching for the river, and what he found was astounding.

Wealthy Peru presidential candidate accused of buying votes

- Cesar Acuna, a millionaire who is among the favorites in Peru's presidential race, could be disqualified for giving money to voters, officials said Monday.

Daughter of Peru's disgraced Fujimori leads presidential poll

- Keiko Fujimori, daughter of disgraced ex-president Alberto Fujimori, is leading among candidates for Peru's April 10 presidential election, a poll showed Wednesday.
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