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'Panama Papers' firm demands prosecution of suspect in Switzerland

Panama - The law firm at the center of the "Panama Papers" scandal says it expects the prosecution of a worker from its Geneva office detained on suspicion of stealing company documents.

Millions of Latin Americans could fall back into poverty: UN

Panama - A third of Latin Americans who have risen out of poverty over the past 15 years could fall back into it due to the region's recession, a UN report showed Tuesday.

Panama Papers law firm closes Jersey, Gibraltar offices

Panama - The law firm at the heart of the Panama Papers revelations is closing its offices in the British-dependent territories of Jersey, Isle of Man and Gibraltar, it Tweeted.

Panama's ex-dictator Noriega has brain tumor: Doctor

Panama - Manuel Noriega, Panama's imprisoned former dictator ousted in a 1989 US invasion of his country, has a brain tumor needing surgery, his doctor, family and lawyer said on Thursday.

Mossack Fonseca to start legal action over 'Panama Papers' leak

Panama - The law firm at the center of the Panama Papers scandal says it is filing suit against the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) for the leak of information it says is false.

Closed Central America borders won't stop us, say U.S.-bound Cubans

Panama - Cubans eager to reach the United States will keep leaving the island despite a decision by several Central American countries to close their borders to them, some Cubans in Panama told AFP on Tuesday.

Op-Ed: The easy way to search the Panama Papers — Without the hype

Sydney - Have suspicions that your local duly elected, taxpayer-funded saint may be a less saintly than it appears? Think your employer is living remarkably well in a few extra mansions? Just search the Panama Papers. It’s easy.

Panama closes border crossing to Cuban migrants

Panama - Panama on Monday slammed shut its border crossing with Colombia to Cuban migrants, becoming the third Central American country to halt access to an unrelenting exodus of Cubans trying to reach the United States.

Panama Papers is a fight between world powers, says Panama leader

Panama - The Panama Papers revealing offshore secrets of the wealthy is really the result of a behind-the-scenes fight of big global powers, Panama's president said on Monday.

Panama braces for online release of Panama Papers

Panama - The Panama Papers scandal promises to deepen around the world on Monday when a journalists' group with access to the digital cache of documents is to put many of them online.

Panama reaches deal to send 3,800 U.S.-bound Cubans to Mexico

Panama - Panama has reached a deal to transfer nearly 4,000 US-bound Cubans stranded on its territory to Mexico, an official said on Sunday, but added the flights would not be extended to future Cuban migrants.

Op-Ed: Austerity or insanity? Britain’s poor hit the wall

London - The Wizards of Westminster, who in the last century or so have presided over the demise of a super power in to a pitiful excuse for itself, have struck again. A million emergency food parcels, 53 deaths from malnutrition; what an achievement.

Panama calls for regional solution to Cuban migrants

Panama - Panama on Friday called for a regional solution to growing numbers of Cuban migrants stranded on its territory as they try to make it to the United States.

'No evidence' to take action against Panama Papers law firm: Prosecutor

Panama - Panama's public prosecutor against organized crime said there was no evidence so far to take action against the law firm at the center of the Panama Papers scandal, following a raid lasting 27 hours on its offices.

Panama police raid law firm at centre of tax leaks scandal

Panama - Police raided the headquarters of the Panama law firm whose leaked documents have unleashed a global scandal over how the world's elite use offshore companies to hide their wealth.

Panama squirms as 'Panama Papers' scandal keeps expanding

Panama - A week after the first revelations from the Panama Papers, the government of Panama was on Monday stepping up a PR blitz to dissociate the country from the expanding scandal.

Panama urges talks to avert financial crackdown

Panama - Panama is fighting off a feared international crackdown on its pivotal finance sector, calling for talks to calm a worldwide storm sparked by revelations of its role in a mass of secretive offshore dealings.

Panama data leak sparks backlash against tax dodges

Panama - Western leaders pledged to crack down on tax dodges by the rich and powerful Wednesday amid a mushrooming scandal provoked by revelations of a web of Panama-based offshore financial dealings.

Panama slams 'unfair' OECD accusations against it

Panama - Panama has hit back at accusations that it is a secretive offshore hub, sending a letter to the head of the OECD saying such allegations were "unfair and discriminatory.

'Panama Papers' law firm says 'hacked by servers abroad'

Panama - One of the founders of the law firm at the center of the explosive "Panama Papers" revelations on off-shore holdings told AFP on Tuesday his company was hacked by servers abroad.
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