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Top News: Odd News

Australia's PM denies buying Facebook 'likes'

The Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott, says that his increased Facebook popularity in India is due to his appearance with India's leader, Narendra Modi.

Down's syndrome man receives 30,000 birthday cards via Facebook

Paris - A French man, Manuel Parisseaux, with Down's syndrome has been sent 30,000 birthday cards after Facebook appeal by his mother.

Penn. city scraps 'pathetic' Christmas tree

Reading - It's not too often that a Christmas tree can cause controversy, but a Pennsylvania town has done just that, with residents describing the tree as "pathetic" and "ugly."

Reading, PA. already taking down not-so-merry Christmas tree

Most of us have been through it, hating our Christmas tree, wanting to replace it. More often, this isn't scientific, it's the female who insists on another and the male who must go along. In this story an entire town wants to replace their tree.

93-year-old woman works for the same company for 75 years

What does a 93-year-old Alabama woman who recently celebrated working 75 years for the same company think of her accomplishment? For one thing, she didn't think she would even live 75 years, let alone work at one job that long.

Gorilla at Berlin Zoo goes bananas, chucks rock at videographer

You can't blame the gorilla in this video for being in a nasty mood, stuck in a cage all day, people staring at you. That he did something about the gawkers is hardly surprising. In the process he showed he's got a pretty good pitching arm.

Competitive eater Joey Chestnut gobbles record 9.35 lbs of turkey

For some Joey Chestnut, American fast-food eating (like he eats his food fast) champion is a competitive person practicing his discipline in the manner of a Peyton Manning or LeBron James. For others he's a pig, in the manner of, well, a pig.

U.S. Physicist: Alien nuclear bomb wiped out Mars civilization

Monmouth - A U.S. physicist claims evidence that an ancient Mars civilization was wiped out by nuclear bomb-armed aliens. He warns that evidence of a past nuclear attack on Mars raises concerns about a similar attack on Earth.

San Francisco window-washer survives 11-story fall

San Francisco - A San Francisco window-washer appears to have survived an 11-story plunge off a downtown office building after landing on a moving car and tumbling onto California Street.

Retriever does lousy, but lovable job in dog show in Finland

This story, this video, is really an illustration of what life's about. Do you do things to make those around you happy? Or do you go for the gusto, making yourself happy and letting the chips fall where they may? The latter is what a Finnish dog did.

Blue diamond sells for record $32 million at auction

New York - Bunny Mellon's Blue Diamond sells for more than $32.6 million at an auction in New York. In doing so, it smashes a world record.

Tapeworm lives in man's brain for four years (video)

London - A man who suffered with headaches and seizures for four years finally found out why: a rare tapeworm was living in his brain. The parasite has now been removed by medics.

Three 'riders' get together for a little sex on Toronto streetcar

Toronto police said no charges were laid but it seems some streetcar riders were in a ballsy case of transit sex. Three streetcar passengers, drunk, were caught having sex — how could you not catch them? — on a crowded streetcar Thursday night.

Town bans Winnie The Pooh mascot for 'dubious sexuality'

Tuszyn - The Polish town of Tuszyn were deciding who to use as a mascot for its playground, but decided that Winnie The Pooh was not a good choice.

'Normal' barbie doll will come with acne, stretch marks and more

A "normal" barbie doll, created by Nickolay Lamm, has hips, thighs and even a backside that is proportioned to look like the average 19-year-old woman.

UK's first ever 'poo bus' hits the road

Bath - Yesterday the first ever poo bus in the United Kingdom hit the streets. The bus is powered on human waste and food waste.

Angry groundhog menaces Hampton couple

Hampton Falls - Groundhogs might be cute, round, and fuzzy, but don't let that warm and cuddly exterior fool you. Inside lurks a merciless biter as one New Jersey couple found out. Gary McGrath and his wife were going about their day when they met IT. Groundhogzilla.

Youngstown, Ohio, firefighters rescue dog stuck on roof

Youngstown - Firefighters in Youngstown, Ohio, rescued a dog — a Rottweiler — that had been stuck on a roof for three days. It took about 30 minutes for the rescue to take place recently.

New York woman celebrates 100th birthday with a skydive

Gansevoort - A New York woman became one of the oldest women skydivers ever when she celebrated her 100th birthday with a skydive recently. She bested former United States President George H.W. Bush who had celebrated his 90th birthday with a skydive.
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Top News: Odd News
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