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Top News: Odd News

Obama's credit card declined in restaurant

Washington - President Barack Obama faced a moment of embarrassment recently, and one that many people have encountered as well. On one of his regular appearances at a restaurant he went to pay the bill, only to find that his credit card was declined.

Sheep get high after accidentally munching cannabis plants

Merstham - A flock of sheep ended up getting high after they accidentally munched thousands of dollars worth of pot dumped on their farm.

Man drinks his McDonald's coffee, finds dead mouse in cup

There was this sketch years ago on SCTV, the Canadian sketch comedy show that featured the late-John Candy. In it the two MacKenzie brothers (Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis) tried to get a dead mouse into a beer so they could sue the beer company.

80-foot high 'sex toy' sculpture raises a furore in Paris

Paris - An inflatable sculpture erected on a famous Parisian square has kicked up a fuss, with its artist even being attacked in the street.

Woman forced to spend a night in jail because her yard was messy

Lenoir City - A Tennessee woman was forced to spend a night in jail because her yard was too messy. No, this Digital Journalist is not making this up. Karen Holloway spent six hours in jail on Tuesday night for something she never expected would get her in trouble.

Texan trapped in London bookshop after staff leave for the night

London - For many of us, being stuck in a London bookshop overnight would seem like a dream come true. However, Texan David Willis did not share this view. He'd popped into Waterstones bookshop shortly before 9 p.m. on Thursday evening to use the WiFi.

Op-Ed: Why not me? Or you? 77-year-old Canadian wins $13,805,045

Yeah, or course we`re all happy for the guy. Naturally we are. But is it fair? Is it good news? Or is it more something that inspires - envy? What we`re talking about is a retired fisherman, 77, who just won $13,805,045.

Socialist group pushing $20/hour min wage posts $13 per hour job

A Seattle-based socialist group that has been pushing for a minimum wage of $20 per hour posted a job that pays $13 per hour.

Spider burrows into Aussie's appendix scar, up to his sternum

Bunbury - A West Australian man holidaying with friends on the Indonesian Island of Bali had hoped for exotic sightseeing experience, but ended up having a curious Indonesian spider going sightseeing in him instead.

Woman gets her head stuck in recycling bin

Southampton - Even though there was a sign saying "glass bottles and jars only," a woman in the UK managed to get her head stuck in a recycling bin.

Man sues after waking up from colonoscopy wearing pink panties

Dover - A US man is suing for intentional infliction of "severe emotional distress" and "mental anguish" after he awoke from a colonoscopy procedure at a hospital to find he was wearing pink women's underwear.

High school student sues over 'F'

Renton - A high school student in Washington was accused of cheating on a test and now she is suing the district, demanding the grade be withdrawn.

Man says McDonald's coffee cup contained a dead mouse

Ron Morals, of Fredericton, said that he got a cup of coffee from a local McDonald's on his way to work, and discovered a dead mouse in his cup.

Florida teacher quits job, becomes professional twerker

If you are looking for a new career making a six-figure salary, you may want to consider becoming a professional twerker like a Florida teacher recently did.

Vietnam veteran get his prosthetic leg back following theft

Philadelphia - A disabled man has reclaimed his prosthetic limb some 24 hours after it was stolen ahead of Sunday's Giants-Eagles National Football League game in Philadelphia.

Ex-convict shot by former rival inmate minutes after release

New York City - An ex-convict is recovering after he was shot Oct. 9 literally minutes following his release from over a decade in prison, in what's being considered a revenge murder by New York state police.

Man claims he had sex with more than 700 cars

On Tuesday, a man revealed in an interview that he has had sex with more than 700 cars throughout his entire life, and that he 'lost his virginity' to a Volkswagen Beetle.

Pet parrot returns after 4 years and now speaks Spanish

Torrance - Four years ago a pet parrot disappeared, but the owner has been reunited with him. However, the parrot now speaks Spanish.

Comedy club charges 'per laugh'

Barcelona - A comedy club in Barcelona has decided to charge customers per laugh. This is achieved through an experiment that uses facial-recognition technology. The technology tracks how much clients enjoyed the show by counting their laughter rate.
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Top News: Odd News
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