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Former NASA engineer saw 9-ft alien with Space Shuttle astronauts

Clark C. McClelland, a man who says he was a NASA spacecraft operator, claimed in a statement first published on his website in 2008, that while monitoring a Space Shuttle mission in the 1990s, he saw a 9-ft tall alien with NASA astronauts in space.

4-yr-old Annabelle boards bus alone at 3 a.m. to buy a slushie

Philadelphia - A 4-year-old girl, Annabelle, woke up in the early hours of Friday, at about 3 a.m., left her home in Tacony, Philadelphia in the midst of a downpour, and without the knowledge of her parents boarded a bus in search for her favorite snack, a slushie.

Illinois town posts signs asking humans to stop pooping on paths

Hampton - A town in Illinois has decided to post signs that ask people to not poop on the bike paths. The signs are not aimed at animals.

When is it right to dissect dead bodies?

The number of post-mortem examinations carried out with the consent of relatives has shown a progressive decline across Europe. This trend has triggered sufficient concern to be debated at a special conference.

Tortoise gets a 3D-printed shell

A leopard tortoise by the name of Cleopatra suffers from pyramiding. Her scrutes didn't grow evenly, and instead they formed structures that look like pyramids.

The Yeti is probably a Himalayan bear

Beware of the Yeti. Talk of a mysterious creature wandering the regions of the Himalayas is a subject of sightings and it is an entrenched part of local folklore. A science team think they have an explanation.

Op-Ed: Something new for your weapons collection — flame throwers!

If you think you have heard it all, you're dead wrong. While other countries look at Americans as gun-crazy, they haven't seen anything yet. Now aficionados of non-traditional weaponry can legally buy flame-throwers that shoot flames 25-feet.

Waitress accidentally serves Sangria to toddler instead of juice

Asheville - A North Carolina toddler wound up in the hospital after she was given sangria instead of cranberry juice at a restaurant. Derek and Tiffany Gilliam took their daughter Gabriella, 2, to the Texas Roadhouse restaurant to celebrate Derek's birthday.

Legendary porn star Rocco Siffredi quits out of love for wife

Porn star legend, Rocco Siffredi, has decided to quit porn out of love for his wife. The news comes after the 50-year-old appeared on the reality TV show Survivor.

Fire extinguisher factory destroyed by huge blaze in Chicago

Chicago - Firefighters responded to a massive blaze Thursday in a place that they probably never thought likely to catch fire: A factory that makes fire extinguishers. The blaze broke out in Chicago's Arthur Heights section shortly after 9 p.m.

Man says ISIS (girl's name) tattoo led to him getting fired

Long Island City - A New York man says he was fired because of his tattoo, which said ISIS. He claims that his ex-girlfriend was named ISIS.

Goose spotted with dart in its head

Last week a woman was visiting Arlington Memorial Cemetery in Sandy Springs, Georgia, when she noticed a goose with a dart in its head.

Radioactive Maxi pads seized at airport

Beirut - The 30 boxes of maxi pads seized at Beirut airport Friday contained a level of radioactivity 35 times higher than is considered safe, Finance Minister Ali Hasan Khalil announced.

Celebs are taking part in the Twizzler challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket challenge raised more than $100 million within months, and now a year later, the Twizzler Challenge may be on its way to becoming as popular or even more popular.

Op-Ed: KKK leader disappears and is found living among blacks in Belize

Three decades after vanishing without a trace, former Imperial Wizard Bill Wilkinson of the infamous Ku Klux Klan, was found living the high life among Belize's predominantly black population.

Boy wakes from coma with an addiction to cheese and swearing

Chesterfield - A teenager from England woke up from a nine day coma, but he ended up picking up some bad habits, which included eating blocks of cheese and swearing.

Posting 'underboob selfies' may be a crime in Thailand

On Monday, women in Thailand were warned about posting "selfie" photos of the lower parts of their breasts, known as "underboob selfies."

Koalas bite, kick each other in Herculean wrestling match

Ashton Webster and his two dogs were out for a walk near his home in Foster, Victoria when he stumbled on two soft, cuddly creatures not being particular soft or cuddly: Two koalas who looked as if they had murder in their heart for each other.

Harold Varmus to step down as head of U.S. cancer research

Washington D.c. - Harold Varmus, who has led the US National Cancer Institute since 2010, is to leave the role at the end of the March 2015.
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Top News: Odd News
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