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Top News: Odd News

Comic Kathy Griffin does ice-bucket challenge in the nude

If you had thought about the ice-bucket challenge and comedian Kathy Griffin you might well have predicted that she would do it buck naked. And that's what she did, while standing by her pool. She then went on a nation-wide TV show to show the clip.

Rome man begs police to take him to jail due to house arrest hell

Rome - It seems house arrest isn't quite what it's cut out to be. A 37-year-old Italian man has begged the Rome police to put him in jail, after suffering nearly three months of constant fighting with his wife while under house arrest.

Santa Fe decision decriminalise marijuana possession vetoed

Santa Fe - Santa Fe recently reviewed its laws relating to marijuana. As a result a legislative change to decriminalize was passed by the City Council. However, the proposal has since been vetoed by Mayor Richard Berry.

Norwegian cyclists hospitalized after drinking soap detergent

Oslo - The makers of a certain new clothes washing detergent are seriously considering changing their labeling after six thirsty Norwegian cyclists were hospitalized after drinking the product, thinking it was a sports drink.

Wasps' nest built in womans' spare room contained 5000 wasps

A spare room in Winchester, Hampshire, was found to contain a wasps' nest that had been built over several months after the homeowner forgot to close the window.

U.S. brother and sister jailed for having sex together in tractor

A brother and sister in Savannah, Georgia have been charged with incest, aggravated sodomy and prowling. Police there say the two admitted to having sex with one another in a tractor trailer parked in a Effingham County church parking lot.

4-year-old kicked out of school because of mom's Facebook

Callahan - A four-year-old at a Christian pre-school in Florida was kicked out after his mom complained on Facebook about the school administration.

Yuck! American saves his nail clippings in a jar for 36 years

The next time that you go about clipping your nails, fingernails, toenails, whichever, consider Richard Gibson. Mr. Gibson, of Lafayette, Louisiana, has saved each and every clipping from his fingers or toes he has clipped since 1978.

GoPro plays Fetch with your dog Special

GoPro responds to customer demand with Fetch, a camera mounted harness system for your dog. GoPro expects Fetch to serve as a gateway product to a new, wider target market.

Strangers move into man's house, change locks, and won't leave

Portland - Moving into a new house is never a stress-free experience, but it's even more stressful when complete strangers move in and decide to break-in the new house for you and change the locks in the process.

Firing range instructor shot dead accidentally by 9-year-old girl

A tragedy at an Arizona firing range has taken the life of an instructor. The man, Charles Vacca was teaching a 9-year-old girl to fire an Uzi Monday morning and when she fired the force sent the gun to her left and up. Vacca was shot in the head.

Porn stars to have boobs squeezed for AIDS research

A group of porn stars in Japan are preparing to have their breasts squeezed by fans for a charity event called “Stop! AIDS.”

911 operator disciplined for not helping baby in hot, locked car

When a Florida toddler accidentally locked himself in the car in the broiling 96 degree heat, his terrified mother called 911, hoping for help. Instead, the dispatcher's response was anything but helpful.

Denver flight diverted after fight erupts over 'Knee Defender'

Denver - After a fight broke out between two passengers, over a "Knee Defender," an airplane flight from Newark, New Jersey, to Denver, Colorado, was diverted. Reportedly, the device could hinder another passenger from escaping during a flight emergency.

Undertakers making money with novelty hearses

If you live in Northern Ireland and are a farmer, maybe you would choose to have a favorite tractor to pull your hearse after you die. If you are a biker, you might choose a motorcycle for the same purpose. A couple is catering to people's choices.

Oxford English Dictionary publishes 2014 additions

The people have spoken, and that means the Oxford English Dictionary is once again bending to their will. In August 2014, the OED released the latest editions to the online version of the dictionary.

'Drunk' bride's photo ordering Taco Bell goes viral

Last Thursday a photo of a bride trying to order some food at a Taco Bell's drive-thru was posted on Reddit and since then it has gone viral.

Canadian man believed dead turns up — 37 years later

A then 32-year-old man who went missing after a fire near London, Ont., Canada, way back in 1977 is alive, Ontario police say. Ronald Stan is alive and well and living in the U.S. under another name and may have been in the States for some 37 years.

How to make cut flowers last longer? A touch of silver

A new study has shown that the addition of silver to a solution can prolong the bloom of cut-flowers by several days. The new technique harnesses nanotechnology.
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Top News: Odd News
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