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Top News: Odd News

Man with world's most unfortunate name gets banned on Facebook

A Vietnamese-Australian man by the name of Phuc Dat Bich cannot understand why people laugh at his name and why Facebook keeps blocking his account. Of course, what he doesn’t get is what the name sounds like when read phonetically.

There's a parasitic worm that may help women get pregnant

There is a parasitic worm that may help women get pregnant. The worm is called Ascaris lumbricoides, a type of roundworm.

Study: Men eat more food when dining with women

New York - Men will eat bigger meals when they are dining with women than they do when eating out with other men. The psychology at play seems to relate to men trying to impress women with their voracious appetite.

Spanish broadcaster mistakes Star Wars symbol for Al-Qaeda logo

Madrid - The Force definitely wasn’t with reporter Jota Abril during Monday’s “La Mañana” news show on TVE in Spain when he mixed things up, using a Star Wars symbol for the al-Qaeda logo.

Topless pioneer Carol Doda dies in San Francisco at 78

San Francisco - Pioneering topless performer Carol Doda, who sang, danced and stripped at a San Francisco nightclub that used a giant neon likeness of her to illuminate its doorway, died Wednesday at 78.

Otto the skateboarding bulldog achieves Guinness World Record

Lima - Otto the bulldog really enjoys skateboarding. He has now set a Guinness World Record for being the first dog to skateboard through a human tunnel made up of the legs of 30 people.

McDonald's fires worker who threw water on Detroit homeless man

Detroit - A worker at a Detroit McDonald's who doused a homeless man with water after offering him a hamburger has been fired after the video went viral and stirred outrage.

Car spotted transporting a van on its roof in Spain [Video]

Segovia - Spain's Civil Guard are seeking the owner of a Ford Focus vehicle, seen driving in an industrial area of Segovia while transporting a van on the car's roof.

Cross-dressing Chinese man with selfie stick arrested at Japan spa

Toukyo - A Chinese male tourist in drag has been nabbed after he entered the female section of a seaside public bath to take selfies, local police said Monday.

Rumblr is a Tinder-style app for strangers who want to fight

Rumblr is a Tinder-style app. Instead of connecting people who want to date, Rumblr connects strangers who want to fight.

Lost cat somehow locked away 23 days survives to purr again

Some of us may wish for a little more solitude in our lives but being shut away alone in a room, with no food or water, for 23 days? No. Not for me and surely not for you. It was, however, the fate of a cat in North Vancouver.

Shepherds discover 'UFO' lying in a field in Spain

A bunch of shepherds made a fascinating discovery while out tending their sheep in southeastern Spain. A strange object had apparently fallen from the sky into a field.

‘Binge-watch’ is word of the year 2015

London - The English language continually evolves, with some words rendered archaic and new words adopted. For 2015, Collins Dictionary has included several words that are, apparently, becoming commonplace.

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Top News: Odd News
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