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Top News: Odd News

FacePalm Friday: Naked guy enters cafe and demands to be killed

Saratov - A naked male entered a restaurant in Saratov, and got on top of a table before he asked an employee to take his life by shooting him in the head.

Thai bridge players arrested for having too many cards

Pattaya - In the resort town of Pattaya a group of elderly bridge players were arrested for having too many unregistered playing cards.

Poet attempts 24000 verse epic 'Ramayana' through Facebook

An Indian poet and journalist is attempting something quite unique. He is simplifying and posting the 24000-verse Indian epic "Ramayana," on Facebook.

Stalin drew up the unlikeliest psychological portraits

Uncovered records indicated Joseph Stalin, ruler of the former USSR, had the excrement of Mao Zedong (and other leading figures) analyzed to draw up a psychological portrait.

Bidet wielded as weapon in Italy brawl

Rome - Italian police arrested a man for attempted murder on Sunday after he threw a bidet out of a window to knock out his adversary during a brawl, according to media reports.

Could a person outrun a T-rex?

This is one of those what if stories that scientists sometimes set themselves: could a human have outrun a T-rex or who the typical person have been the powerful dinosaur's next meal?

Deceased Puerto Rican man posed with stack of chips

San Juan - In an attempt to capture his deceased son doing what he loved one more time, the father of poker player Henry Rosario Martinez had him embalmed and propped up at a poker table posing with loved ones.

Robot solves Rubik’s Cube in around 1 second

Rubik’s Cube has been a mainstay for those interested in puzzles for the past forty-odd years. Over this time various people have broken the record for solving the puzzle. Now a robot has the fastest time ever.

Lizard found in organic salad winds up as class mascot

Princeton - Buy an organic salad, get a free lizard. That's what happened when Sally Mabon unwrapped a bundle of tatsoi greens — she and her kindergartener, Faye, wound up with a three-inch-long green anole lizard tucked inside.

Serbian hermit inherits fortune, gives it away: Report

Belgrade - An elderly hermit living in a mud hut in the Serbian mountains inherited a fortune from her estranged husband in Australia -- but swiftly gave it all away to live off her meagre pension, local media reported.

10 percent of college grads say Judge Judy in SCOTUS, or do they?

College graduates have a severe lack of knowledge about American history, according to a recent survey, which shows that nearly 10 percent think that "Judge Judy" Sheindlin is a member of the Supreme Court.

Oldest man in the world no longer — Japanese man dies at 112

A Japanese man believed to have been the oldest man on Earth has died. Yasutaro Koide inherited the title just last July upon the death of a fellow countryman and hands the title to a man from China. Koide died at 112 years, 311 days old.

'GoFundMe' shuts down Tennessee woman's campaign for lottery loss

Cordova - A Tennessee woman who launched a web crowdfunding campaign to make back money she lost on last week's $1.5 billion Powerball drawing has had her fundraising project shut down.

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Top News: Odd News
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