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Burkina Faso bans big butt contest, brands it as sexist

Women parading around a stage in a competition in which the one with the largest derriere wins is not something the government of Burkina Faso wants to see. So they banned an annual contest of big female bums, an action few are calling a bummer.

Florida man finds a wallet with $3,400 inside and decides to....

Would you or would you not? That is the question. Whether to suffer the slings and arrows of being a wallet thief or to rise up — and return it. For some it's a question not so easily answered but earlier this month a Florida man got it right.

Teenage girl calls 911 when parents 'force' her to go on vacation

A teenage girl from Mississauga, near Toronto, called 911 last week about an event that most of us would welcome — a vacation. She didn't want to go but Mom and Dad said she had to so, well, she reached out for help.

Man swallows 40 knives, receives surgery to remove them

Amritsar - A policeman in India developed a taste for swallowing blades. As a result, he was admitted to the hospital a few days ago. It turned out he had 40 knives in his stomach and they had to be removed.

Here's a switch: Pit bulls come under attack from an elderly cat

Statistics on dog attacks show pit bulls to be by far the most dangerous and vicious dog breed in North America, and beyond. But a recent attack saw 7 pit bulls come under attack - from one elderly cat.

Larry the '110-Year-old lobster' saved from restaurant menu

Maine - Larry, a lobster said to be 110-years old, was recently saved from a restaurant before being boiled and served up as a main course. However, there is a big “but” coming.

Man accidentally receives a hemorrhoids opereation

A man in China experienced something he never expected to experience. He accidentally received an operation for hemorrhoids.

Op-Ed: Intelligent? Then you'll be messy and swear a lot

The summer season and time for the more questionable research studies to be promulgated. The latest one is that intelligent people are more untidy and swear more than those of supposed lower intelligence.

Would you put an hour aside to hunt slugs?

Oslo - One of Norway's political parties has called upon the population to put aside one hour twice per year for the hunting of slugs. This is to deal with the rise of an invasive species.

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Top News: Odd News

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