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Top News: Odd News

Man arrested for shooting down drone hovering over his backyard

Hillview - A Kentucky man has been arrested after he shot down a drone flying over his property, but he's not making any apologies about it.

Man gets bit by rattlesnake, receives $153K hospital bill

San Diego - A man from the San Diego area found himself in a hospital bed, as well as with a huge hospital bill, after he tried to snap a selfie with a rattlesnake.

Someone has been pooping at a Norwegian golf course for 10 Years

Stavanger - Apparently there is someone who has been using the holes at a Norwegian golf course as their own toilet. They have been doing it for many years too.

Man calls cops after seagull tries to snatch his sandwich

Recently, a man in the United Kingdom decided to call 999, emergency services, to report a seagull had attempted to steal his sandwich.

Pub customers 'appalled' as Christmas tree goes up in July

Milton Keynes - A British bar and restaurant has sparked outrage from customers after putting up a Christmas tree over five months before the big day. The pub was apparently using it as a "training exercise" for staff but drinkers weren't happy.

Bright orange lobster caught off the coast of Maine

A lobsterman in Maine ended up catching a rare bright orange lobster on Wednesday. This isn't the first time the man caught a rare-looking lobster.

Scientist warns against replying to aliens' signals

Sydney - On Tuesday, a scientist leading efforts in Australia to find signals from alien life on other planets said people should think twice before replying.

Man saves woman from burning car as bystanders videotape her

Beaverton - While people were standing by at an Oregon Chevron gas station and taking video, a 19-year-old rescued a terrified woman trapped inside her burning car.

91-year-old man confesses to killing a prostitute 70 years ago

Ontario - Why did a 91-year-old man living in Ontario, Canada, confess to killing a prostitute in London in 1946, almost 70 years ago? He reportedly didn't even know her name. Reportedly, the man developed skin cancer two years ago and fought with his conscience.

Why is a woman hanging sex toys on power lines all over Portland?

It is uncertain why she's doing it, it's even uncertain if it is her doing it, but what is certain is someone is hanging sex toys on power lines - dozens - all over Portland. They're being seen by all ages and a young woman has claimed responsibility.

Is the Loch Ness Monster merely the world’s largest catfish?

The Loch Ness Monster, which is affectionately referred to as Nessie by fans, has long been the source of speculation, excitement and tourism revenue for Scotland.

Greek government owes London £1.3m in congestion zone fees

London - It may be the least of the Greek government's worries, although it has been revealed just how much Greek government officials in London owe in traffic related fines.

Brave teen survives plane crash, walks for days to safety

A teenager who survived a plane crash in the forested mountains of Washington state emerged from the wilderness after hiking for days before she was picked up by a motorist who drove her to safety, authorities said.

German campers come across 200K falling from a tree

We all dream of the day when it starts raining money. For some campers in Germany, those dreams came true when 50 euro notes started to rain down from a nearby tree.

Hungry Labrador ate 62 headbands, 8 pairs underwear, more

Pittsburgh - During exploratory surgery, a veterinarian removed an enormous amount of inedible objects -- including hair accessories and underwear -- from a labrador retriever's stomach last week.

Niki Lauda swapped his trophies for free car washes

'Car Wash' is a song associated with the summer and it is also something close to Niki Lauda's heart, or at least more meaningful than his Formula One trophies. Lauda has swapped several for free car washes.

Op-Ed: Brits know more about quidditch than croquet

London Colney - Once croquet was as quintessentially English as red double-decker buses and unarmed police officers. Bit all things must pass and it seems that the ball and mallet game is fading from the collective memory.

Parents complain McDonald's 'minion' toy is cursing

McDonald's swears that its minion toys included in Happy Meals are not cursing at kids. Parents have complained that these toys sound like they are saying, "What the F--."

United Airlines pilot flushes live ammunition down toilet

Apparently, a United Airlines pilot failed to notice the signs in the in-flight bathroom warning people only to flush toilet paper down the toilet. The pilot in question actually flushed live ammunition down the tube.
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Top News: Odd News
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