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Top News: Odd News adds genetics service

Want to know who you are related to? A genealogy company is now advertising a DNA test that can reportedly connect users to their ancestors going back to the 1700s.

Op-Ed: Michael Buble photo controversy is much ado about a nice bum

Singer Michael Buble is in the news, this time not for a concert or an album or his Christmas show, but for a photo he posted to Instagram. It's at a gym or cafe in Miami and in behind him — yuck yuck — is a woman with, well, a nice behind.

Pippa Middleton slammed for eating whale meat

Pippa Middleton, who is famous for being the sister of Kate Middleton, has been criticized for eating whale meat and then writing about how much she enjoyed it.

Google Maps shows Edward Snowden hiding in the White House

A clever prank on Google Maps has led to it appearing as though Edward Snowden is hiding out in the White House. Web users quickly noticed and began leaving comments on the location including "great source of classified information."

Op-Ed: Cops threaten couple with $750,000 fine over missing dog flyer

Washington D.c. - Roger Horowitz and his wife Annemarie did what many of us do when we lose a pet. They posted flyers. Then they received a call from a D.C. police officer who allegedly said they would face a $750,000 fine if they didn't take the posters down.

Video: Phoenix Lights? Residents filmed UFOs on Easter Sunday

Phoenix - Several residents of north Phoenix and Glendale, Arizona, reported seeing strange orbs of orange light over the city on Easter Sunday, April 5, 2015.

Russian UFO researchers say they found 300-mil-yr-old 'screw '

A group of Russian UFO researchers claim they have found a 300-million-year-old metallic "screw" in the Kaluga region of Russia. They said the discovery is evidence that a technologically advanced civilization existed on Earth millions of years ago.

Ancient 10-foot 'Terror Bird' uncovered in Argentina

Researchers have found an almost completely preserved fossilized skeleton of a 10-foot tall "Terror Bird" that lived in South America, 3.5 million years ago.

Firefighters take 6 hours to move massive 700 pound man from home

A 700-pound New York man needed to go to the hospital on Friday and it took New York City firefighters six hours to move him from his sixth-floor apartment into an ambulance. They had to draw up a plan using ropes and pulleys to get him out.

Human error resulted in the sinking of the Ocean Research V boat

Authorities say human error caused a Taiwanese research vessel to drift off course and sink last year, claiming the lives of two aboard.

Is this tabby cat walking upstairs or downstairs? [Photo]

The image shows a tabby on a flight of stairs. Is the cat going upstairs or downstairs? First posted to, the image has sparked a debate splitting viewers into two camps, and inspired multiple YouTube attempts to find a definitive solution.

Man's 17 girlfriends discover each other during hospital visit

A man in China secretly had 17 girlfriends, but they all found out about one another when they arrived at the hospital to visit him.

World's oldest living person dies 5 days after getting title

For the second time in a week the world's oldest living person has died. Gertrude Weaver only had the title a scant five days before her death but reportedly enjoyed the hoopla that came with being the oldest known human, even if it didn't last long.

Bust of Snowden placed on monument in U.S. park

New York - A large bust of whistle blower Edward Snowden was installed on a monument to the Fort Greene Park's Prison Ship Martyrs in a Brooklyn Park.

Man dies after having sex with scarecrow he dressed as a woman

What people do behind closed doors is their own business, but not having a phone may have led to one man's death after he had sex with a scarecrow.

A perfume that keeps on smelling sweet, after exercise

Belfast - Researchers have been developing a new type of perfume that keeps on producing a fragrance as a person sweats, and actually smells sweeter as someone perspires.

High school basketball star goes to prom with Down syndrome girl

A star of a Kentucky school's basketball team has asked a girl with Down syndrome to be his prom date, proposing to her with a sign and bunch of flowers that referenced Taylor Swift, the girl's favourite singer. The news has since gone viral online.

Flying angels captured on video — truth or hoax?

A video released earlier this year captured footage of what appeared to be winged angels flying in the skies above Brazil. The footage and the debate of it's authenticity has recently gone viral.

Human poop may contain gold in it

Denver - A new study has revealed that human feces contain microscopic nuggets of gold, as well as silver and other rare metals such as palladium.
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