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Top News: Odd News

Researchers are now speaking with cows

Nottingham - Scientists have a new hobby: listening in on “conversations” between cows and their calves. This is an attempt to determine how cows communicate.

Monkey goes on chocolate bender in France, gets Tasered by police

Marseille - Fueled by chocolate, an aggressive monkey went on a rampage and was taken down by police using a stun gun in a Marseilles neighborhood. Kids had been giving the North African Macaque chocolate, and the critter's rampage incited a flurry of phone calls.

Op-Ed: Candid Christmas talk with Santa Claus on Grouse Mountain hike

I went to a Vancouver mall seeking an interview with Santa Claus last week only there were too many bleeping kids about for us to talk. But Santa told me he'd parked his sleigh up on Grouse Mountain and then invited me to join him on his hike back to it.

'Star Wars' Christmas light display is 'outta this world'

Fremont - You have got to love this guy in Fremont, California. He loves the Star Wars movies, and it's apparent in his Christmas lighting display, which, by the way, can be seen for miles. So be sure to let the video accompanying this story run on "full screne."

Op-Ed: New video released suggests UFOs live on the moon

A newly released video claims to have captured a fleet of UFO leaving the moon's surface. Here is a series of videos suggesting UFOs actually live within our own orbit . Hoax or Truth? You decide.

Roller skating 'Superman' ring bearer at wedding goes viral [Vid]

Lubbock - A wedding in Lubbock, Texas, last weekend, featured a roller skating ring bearer who confounded the tradition that the ring bearer must be a little boy chosen, usually, from the bride's family. And some have arguably dubbed the ring bearer, the best ever.

Coffee delivery to Germany included a sack of cocaine

Berlin - On Thursday, police said a coffee roasting company in Berlin received their shipment of beans from Brazil, but this time around a sack of cocaine was included.

Parent's video of school nativity play pulled offline

Abercynon - The parents of four year-old Emmi-Rai Homes were ordered to remove a video recording of their child in school Nativity play. This was because it broke the school rules relating to child protection.

Cop shoots cow escaping from Idaho meat processing plant

Pocatello - Five cows escaped from a small Idaho meat processing plant over the weekend, prompting a massive cow-hunt by local police. The breakout occurred in Pocatello, Idaho, with the first escapee, a 1,000 pound heifer jumping a six-foot fence on Friday.

Elephant in CCTV video seen picking up trash, tidying up area

As is more often the case nowadays one must include a caveat emptor in stories such as this one, for it may be doctored footage. But if genuine then it is surely the first time you've seen an elephant put trash in the bin.

Wire inside a candy cane given out at a Santa Claus parade

A woman who was given a candy cane at a Santa Claus parade in Conception Bay North in Newfoundland over weekend bit into it and found a wire inside. She found out where it came from and took it to the store to show them.

Cat receives breath of life after fire destroys home in Oregon

Prineville - With flames crackling in the windows of an Oregon home and time growing short, firefighters battled the blaze and struggled to save three dogs and a cat trapped in the home.

Stray cat's nibbling at Vladivostok deli adds up to $1,000 loss

Vladivostok - In the deli at Vladivostok airport a stray cat managed to sneak under a gourmet fish counter and begin nibbling on the delicacies.

Couple having great sex in car create traffic jam, police called

A couple in Springfield, Oregon recently decided their car was a fine place to have a go at one another. They were in the mood. Problem is there were vehicles driving by and they were parked outside a jail, conveniently, as it turned out, for police.

Mother upset after son, 4, buys a Nazi ring in vending machine

Tulsa - Earlier this week, the mother of a four-year-old boy received an unpleasant reminder that the world can be a rather ugly place. While at a Family Dollar store, the boy bought a plastic toy ring from a vending machine.

Office party in Florida sickens 55 employees, hospitalizes dozens

Maitland - A holiday office party that should have been fun went horribly wrong on Wednesday after dozens of people attending the party became violently sick. Authorities say that food poisoning is the likely culprit.

Baby born on Southwest flight was delivered by Duke Doctor

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Minutes after Flight 623 climbed into the air above San Francisco enroute to Phoenix a woman went into labor. The baby was born in flight.

What do people get up to in washrooms?

According to a new survey, based on people in the U.S., washrooms are used for a lot of different activities (beyond the obvious).

Five things cleaner than your smartphone

Smartphone are known for carrying germs. However, did you know that there are five other common items that are “cleaner” than the cellular device? Digital Journal takes a look.
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Top News: Odd News
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