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Top News: Odd News

Toronto inmate placed in solitary confinement for having HIV

Toronto - An inmate at Toronto South Detention Centre is seeking $200,000 for a Human Rights Violation, alleging that he was placed into solitary confinement, and held for over 90 days, because he had HIV.

Nun gives birth — Says she didn't know she was pregnant

A nun living in Italy gave birth to a baby after complaining of stomach pains. She said that she had no idea that she was pregnant.

Tiny stripper, 3 ft. 11 in., finds love, marrying 6 ft. soldier

A small woman from Ohio is set to marry a much larger man. Much, much larger. The two have found love despite a difference of 2 feet and one inch. He's a soldier, she a stripper, though she prefers to call herself a "smile maker."

Man breaks $100 bill by buying lotto tickets and wins $10M

Boston - A man from Revere, Massachusetts bought two lotto tickets at a grocery shop in Boston because he wanted to break his $100 bill, and he ended up winning $10 million.

Man uses hand to unblock live lawnmower, nearly loses fingers

A man who nearly lost his fingers after using his hand to unblock his stalled lawnmower has described the "moment of madness" that followed.

Spider bites off genitals after mating

After having sex, the male coin spider chews off its own genitals. In the past, the emasculation was just considered a strange evolutionary phenomenon.

Man falls into garbage truck, makes trash coffin to survive

A man in Yolo County, California, built himself a trash coffin after he accidentally fell into the back of a garbage truck, and he survived the ordeal.

Former owner of Ikea monkey Darwin buys 2 more macaque as pets

You might remember the case of Darwin the monkey who was found alone outside an Ikea in Toronto two years ago. A lot of people weren't happy with Yasmin Nakhuda the Monkey Mom — that's what she calls herself — and were glad Darwin was taken from her.

SC Mother reports son missing 20 years after he went Deadhead

Myrtle Beach - Jason Patrick Callahan went missing after he left to follow the Grateful Dead, so his mother Margaretta Evans reported him as missing — 20 years after he actually vanished.

Op-Ed: Inside the so-called 'International Common Law Court of Justice'

Brussels - The International Common Law Court of Justice(ICLCJ) in Brussels has ruled that Pope Francis, Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Pachon and Justin Welby are guilty of rape, torture, murder and trafficking of children.

Man pulled over and ticketed for eating and driving

A man in Georgia was eating a burger while driving, but he was eventually pulled over and then given a ticket for the act.

'True Love Tester' bra unhooks only for true love

A new innovative bra designed in Japan uses Bluetooth to only unhook itself for the "true love" in your life, according to the claim of its manufacturer.

5-year-old charged no-show fee after missing birthday party

Things are changing, no? Parents of a five-year-old boy found an official looking invoice/note in their son's bag when the boy returned from kindergarten last week. A bill for having missed a classmate's birthday party.

Donations pour in to help quadruplets after Arizona mom dies

Phoenix - Worldwide, thousands of dollars in donations have flooded in to help pay for the care of newborn quadruplets whose mother died after giving birth to them, according to a fund raising website set up in the woman's name.

Weathered 1882 Winchester rifle found in Nevada wilderness

There it was in the mountains of Nevada, propped up against a juniper tree: a Winchester Model 1873 repeating rifle. It blended in with the tree and just may have been there since not long after it was made.

RCMP near Vancouver get reports of a man hiking naked in woods

RCMP near Vancouver have had reports of a man hiking in a wooded area while naked and say they would like to find him. The man hasn't done anything to anyone, though being naked in public is an offence under the country's criminal code.

Video: 'Prank On Cops — Officer we have some coke in our trunk'

Los Angeles - A YouTube prank "Coke Prank On Cops," shows four young men who filled the trunk of their car with cans of Coca-Cola and went out pretending to be "coke" dealers. Designed to be a viral hit, the video has instead brought the men harsh criticism.

Eight-foot pet alligator seized in Los Angeles backyard

Van Nuys - Jaxson has been the loving pet of a San Fernando Valley family for almost 40 years. But that ended on Monday when animal control officers, armed with a search warrant, found the 8-foot alligator in a crate in the backyard.

American know-how: Seattle dog rides bus to the dog park — alone

Doggone it but this a cute story — a dog that rides the bus to play at her local dog park by herself. She gets on at a stop that's near her home, gets off a few stops along, plays in the park and then gets a bus home.
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Top News: Odd News
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