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Top News: Odd News

Toronto driverless 'ghost bus' filmed rolling into van on camera

A Toronto bus operator is investigating a "ghost bus" incident after one of its vehicles was videoed slowly rolling away from Bathurst Station with no driver, eventually hitting a parked delivery van.

Deadly venomous scorpion attacks man on plane

A man has suffered severe pain, nausea and hallucinations after being stung by a venomous scorpion that made it on to a flight in South America. The species is believed to have been deadly.

Man who swallowed live goldfish is banned from owning goldfish

Farringdon - A man, who was filmed swallowing a live goldfish in England has been told that he is banned from owning or handling fish.

Alcoholic Russian bears to be moved to Romania for rehabilitation

Sochi - Two alcoholic Russian brown bears who led a sad existence for more than 20 years in a filthy cage may soon have a much better life in Romania. If everything goes as planned, that is.

Rejected newborn goat low-baked in oven until thawed alive

West Milton - Listed as one of the top 10 videos of the week, "Farmer 'bakes' frozen newborn goat, saves life" shows just how far one West Milton, Ohio, valiant farmer would go to save a tiny newborn goat's life after finding him close to death during a cold snap.

Customer wants refund after seeing mouse in Burger King

Paddington - A customer recorded himself asking for a refund at a Burger King in London, after he spotted a live mouse in the ceiling.

Car damaged at West Edmonton Mall after concrete falls on top

Edmonton - As she started her day on Monday this week, all that Raven Nickerson was expecting was a bit of snow falling from the sky.

Indiana cop claims McDonald's served him tea laced with chemicals

Indianapolis - An Indiana police officer isn't "Lovin' it" after he allegedly drank sweet tea laced with cleaning fluid at a local McDonald's. The officer stopped by the fast food chain Saturday to use the self-serve drink dispenser.

Two members of a 'fish mafia' jailed over sandwich war in Germany

Two organized criminals who fought for the right to sell fish sandwiches to tourists in a German town have been sentenced to jail after a series of violent attacks started by the licensing of the fish snacks.

Man in Mass. selling bottles of snow for $89

Manchester - A man from Massachusetts found a way to turn record-setting snow that fell in the area into cash, by selling bottles of it for $89.

Police dashcam captures NJ home explosion caused by gas leak

Atlantic City - A huge blast that was captured on a police dashcam ripped apart a home under renovation and shattered the quiet in a New Jersey neighborhood on Tuesday. Firefighters and gas company employees were already on the scene when the detonation occurred.

After Chelsea fans deny black man on Metro, now green man denied

London - A spoof video has gone viral following the incident in Paris, where a small number of football supporters prevented a black commuter from alighting a Paris Metro train.

TV crew is interrupted by purple UFO

A film crew in Peru captured a bizarre UFO sighting on tape, just as a press conference was being held by a group of people who want to create an embassy for extraterrestrials.

Robbery suspect arrested with loot having coffee a block from bank

Let's say you are gonna rob a bank. I mean just saying. And maybe you also have a hankering for a cup of coffee. Here's a tip: don't rob the bank and then go for a coffee at an establishment a block away from the bank. Not a good idea.

Driver films argument with cop who 'estimated' he was speeding

Coonabarabran - When a seemingly clairvoyant highway patrol officer 'estimated' that the truck driver he issued a ticket to was speeding, the driver filmed the incident and posted it on the social media.

Israel preparing for an alien invasion

Do the Israel Defense Forces really believe an alien invasion might occur sometime in the near future? According to a report from the Jerusalem Post, that's exactly what they've been training for.

Outside the box motorized toilet comes with attached scooper

Bethesda - Created by David Goldberg in Bethesda, Maryland, Loo-cy is a porcelain motorized toilet designed with an add-on snow plow to scoop city sidewalks. Comfort accessories include a magazine rack and toilet paper dispenser to provide a homey atmosphere.

Family home destroyed by fire started by jar of Nutella

A warning has been issued after a family's home was devastated by a raging fire started by a Nutella jar that had been left by a window. It magnified the sun's rays and started the huge fire.

Seven IHOP restaurants raided on 'terrorist pancake propaganda'

On Tuesday, February 17, 2015, seven IHOP pancake houses located in the USA Heartland were raided for terrorist money laundering and employing illegal aliens. Six of the restaurants were raided in Ohio and one was raided in Evansville, Indiana.
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Top News: Odd News
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