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Top News: Odd News

Police in Canada to punish drunk-drivers with Nickelback

Kensington - A small town in Canada found a unique way of dealing with drunk drivers. They are going to punish them by making them listen to Nickelback.

18-year-old selling virginity to buy her parents' house

Aleexandra, 18, is selling her virginity via an escort service. Her goal is to raise enough money to purchase her parents' home.

Canadian politicians argue after the word 'fart' is used

On Friday, the word "fart" was used in the Canadian parliament. As a result, politicians argued over it, and it was all caught on camera.

People donated $100,000 for a big, pointless hole to be dug

Cards Against Humanity, the ones behind the game of the same name, announced it would celebrate Black Friday by digging a huge, pointless hole in the ground. The whole thing was funded by people who were willing to pay for it.

Cats forced to eat each other after being locked in woman's home

Adelaide - A woman in Australia locked up 14 cats inside her home and they were forced to eat one another after they became hungry.

Danish bishop's 300-year-old poo offers whiff of history

Copenhagen - A 300-year-old lump of faeces from a Danish bishop has shown researchers that he had a cosmopolitan diet that included grapes, figs and pepper, a Danish archaeologist said on Friday.

British man gets tattoo of president-elect Donald Trump

A British man decided to mark the U.S. election by getting a unique tattoo on his leg. The tattoo is of president elect, Donald Trump.

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Top News: Odd News