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Babies wanted: Nordic countries crying for kids

Oslo - "Norway needs more children! I don't think I need to tell anyone how this is done," Norway's prime minister said cheekily, but she was raising a real concern.Too few babies are being born in the Nordic region.

Ransom demand for Norwegian millionaire's missing wife: police

Oslo - Police say a ransom demand has been received for the missing wife of a Norwegian multi-millionaire 10 weeks after she disappeared on Halloween, a senior officer said Wednesday.

Two minutes' silence in Norway for hikers slain in Morocco

Oslo - Hundreds of people observed two minutes of silence on Monday in Norway in honour of two Scandinavian women hikers murdered in Morocco's Atlas Mountains in December.

US, Saudi, Russia 'insulted' key global warming report: Al Gore

Oslo - Former US vice president and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Al Gore on Tuesday slammed the world's top oil producers -- his own country, Saudi Arabia and Russia -- for "insulting" a key and alarming report on climate change.

Nobel laureates urge world to help victims of rape in conflict

Oslo - Nobel laureates Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad called on the world to protect victims of wartime sexual violence in their Peace Prize acceptance speeches on Monday, slamming indifference to the plight of women and children in conflict.

Nobel laureates challenge world to end sexual violence

Oslo - Nobel peace laureates Nadia Murad and Denis Mukwege said Sunday they hoped their award would help them push the international community to act to end rape in conflict and deliver justice for victims.

Fight to end rape in war must begin in peacetime: Mukwege

Oslo - Congolese doctor Denis Mukwege may have won his Nobel prize for his work to end sexual violence in war, but the crusading surgeon said the groundwork for equality must be laid in peacetime, as he praised movements like #MeToo.

Nobel Peace Prize to honour champions of struggle against sexual violence

Oslo - Champions of the fight against sexual violence, Congolese doctor Denis Mukwege and Yazidi activist Nadia Murad, a former captive of jihadists, will on Monday receive the Nobel Peace Prize, which this year highlights rape as a weapon of war.

Russia blocked GPS data during NATO exercises: Norway

Oslo - Oslo on Tuesday pointed a finger squarely at Russia, accusing it of jamming GPS signals in Norway's Far North when it hosted NATO's massive exercises in October and early November.

Norway freezes defence export licences to Saudi

Oslo - Norway said Friday it was freezing all defence material export licences to Saudi Arabia over recent developments in the country and the war in Yemen.

Race to stop Norway frigate sinking after oil tanker collision

Oslo - An operation was underway Thursday to try to stop a Norwegian navy frigate from sinking after it collided with a Maltese oil tanker in a fjord in western Norway.

Russia turns up uninvited to major NATO wargames

Norway - The whirring of a low-flying Soviet Union-era war plane signalled Russia's uninvited arrival to NATO's biggest military exercise since the end of the Cold War.

Antifreeze and balaclavas: NATO troops in cold war games

Norway - "This is my second time seeing snow, so it's a rather new experience," said a tank operative, a Florida native more accustomed to ice boxes than ice floes.

Russia to respond to NATO exercises with missile tests

Norway - Russia plans to test missiles off Norway this week in an area where NATO is carrying out its biggest military exercises since the end of the Cold War, a move seen as an escalation of tensions in the Far North.

NATO shows Russia its military might in giant exercises

Oslo - Norway hosts NATO's biggest exercises since the end of the Cold War from Thursday, to remind Russia the Alliance stands united despite seeds of doubt planted by US President Donald Trump.

NATO to show military muscle in massive Norway exercises

Oslo - Some 50,000 troops will kick off NATO's biggest military exercises since the Cold War on Thursday in Norway, a massive show of force that has already rankled neighbouring Russia.

Norway mourns WWII resistance fighter who halted Nazis' nuclear drive

Oslo - Norwegian World War II hero Joachim Ronneberg, who led a major sabotage operation against the Nazis in his occupied homeland, died on Sunday, aged 99.

Norway frees Russian man suspected of spying

Oslo - A Russian man suspected of spying at the Norwegian parliament was released from prison on Friday after Norway's intelligence service withdrew an appeal against the decision.

Norway apologises to mistreated war-time 'German girls'

Oslo - Norway on Wednesday officially apologised for the "shameful treatment" of Norwegian women targeted for reprisals for their intimate relations with German soldiers during the country's war-time occupation.

Norway apologises to mistreated war-time 'German girls'

Oslo - Norway's government on Wednesday officially apologised to Norwegian women targeted for reprisals by authorities for having intimate relations with German soldiers during the country's war-time occupation.
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