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Norwegian Air Shuttle to require two people in cockpit

Oslo - Low-cost carrier Norwegian Air Shuttle said Thursday it would require two people in the cockpit at all times for safety reasons.

Norwegian court ups jail term for mother who drowned infant

Oslo - A Norwegian appeals court increased jail terms Tuesday for a Norwegian woman who drowned her infant and her British lover who gave her instructions via a webcam.

Norway's Catholic Church denies fraud

Oslo - Norway's Catholic Church, accused of exaggerating its membership numbers to obtain more state aid, denied Monday it had engaged in fraud but admitted its past methods were "unsatisfactory.

Nobel Peace committee demotes controversial head

Oslo - Norway's Nobel Peace Prize committee on Tuesday demoted its controversial chairman Thorbjoern Jagland in a move unprecedented in the long history of the award.

Norway arrests radical preacher who praised Charlie Hebdo killers

Oslo - A radical Islamic preacher has been arrested in Norway after praising last month's deadly attack on the Charlie Hebdo satirical weekly in Paris, police said Friday.

Norway's Bastoy prison changes lives using human ecology

Norway has an island prison, but it's nothing like California's notorious Alcatraz federal prison. There are no bars, fences or uniforms. Instead, the island's inhabitants live and work together in peace and harmony with their surroundings.

Norway opens first trial of suspected IS jihadists

Oslo - Two Norwegians accused of fighting with Islamic State (IS) extremists appeared before an Oslo court Tuesday charged with aiding a "terrorist organisation", in Norway's first ever trial of suspected jihadists.

After Copenhagen shootings, Norway's Muslims and Jews link up

Oslo - Norwegian Muslims organised a peace vigil in Oslo Saturday in a show of solidarity with Jews a week after fatal shootings in Denmark targeted a synagogue and free speech seminar.

ISIS vows to take down Rome

In the most recent propaganda video released by the militant group ISIS, the terroristic group vows to conquer Rome. Some say it is a blatant attack on Christians.

Ghost super moon on February 18th will not be visible

The first "Super" moon of 2015 will rise on Feb. 18th. As the moon rises it will be a rare "Super New Moon" which means the moon will not be visible.

Gunfire at Copenhagen free speech talk, 1 dead, 3 police wounded

Shots were fired through windows of a Copenhagen cafe hosting an event on free speech on Saturday, killing a civilian and wounding three police officers. Speakers included cartoonist Lars Vilks, who has offended Islamist with cartoons in the past.

Death toll from Brazil rig explosion rises to five

Oslo - The death toll from a blast which ripped through a Petrobras oil rig off Brazil has risen to five, with another four people still missing, the rig's owner said Thursday.

Skydivers nearly hit by plane

A skydiver has captured video footage of himself and a tandem passenger as a plane nearly crashed into them during a free fall,

Free speech all the buzz as Snowden, Badawi among Nobel nominations

Oslo - After the trauma of the Charlie Hebdo shootings, champions and icons of free speech head the pack in the names put forward for this year's Nobel Peace Prize.

Norway banishes 'hate preacher' to remote village

Oslo - A court in Oslo on Monday authorised police to banish Iraqi Kurd "hate preacher" Mullah Krekar to a remote Norwegian village.The mullah, 58, who has been living in Norway since 1991, founded the radical Islamist group Ansar al-Islam.

'Atypical' case of mad cow disease confirmed in Norway

Authorities in Norway have confirmed the country's first ever case of mad cow disease on Thursday, but allayed the public's fears by saying the case was an isolated and atypical form of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE).

Two members of U.S. Ski racing team die in Austrian avalanche

Tragic news today from the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) as it announced on its website that two of its young skiers have died in an avalanche. The skiers died while skiing in the Austrian Alps on Monday.

Norway scraps controversial seal hunting subsidy

Oslo - Norway's much-criticised commercial seal hunt could grind to a halt following parliament's decision to scrap a hefty subsidy for the controversial practice.A majority of lawmakers voted late Thursday to cull a 12-million-kroner (1.3-million-euro, $1.

Tiger conservation forces conflicts between leopards and humans

Worldwide, there are only 3,000 tigers left in the wild and conservationists are fighting to save these beautiful big cats, but in so doing, they are pushing leopards into fending for themselves and coming into close contact with humans.

The Dalai Lama not allowed to meet Pope Francis, was told 'No'

The Dalai Lama requested to meet Pope Francis but was refused the right to meet with him. The Dalai Lama was in Rome on Thursday for a Nobel Peace Prize winners' conference.
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