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Forgotten Whistler canvas found in Dutch museum

Den Haag - Forgotten for two decades, a dusty old canvas hidden in a corner of a small Dutch museum has been revealed as a painting by American artist James Whistler.

Oil from freighter collision off Belgian coast threatens nature reserve

Den Haag - Belgium and the Netherlands are frantically trying to stop the spread of oil leaking from a collision Tuesday morning between a freighter and a tanker in the North Sea before the slick sullies a coastal nature reserve.

Bogota slams Managua's 'insatiable appetite' in seas row

Den Haag - Colombia on Monday urged international justices to halt Nicaragua's "insatiable appetite" for expanding its maritime zones, arguing it was time to end a long-running border dispute.

Op-Ed: It’s true — Women get less in STEM, academia, research, grants

Sydney - Feminist advocates have been making the point for years that women don’t get the support and breaks that men get. Now, the numbers are backing them up. New grim stats are showing how wide the financial gaps are.

Dutch, French to jointly buy rare Rembrandts for 160 mn euros

Den Haag - The Netherlands and France will jointly buy two rare Rembrandts for 160 million euros, the Dutch culture minister said Wednesday after the two states defused a potential bidding war.

Malian Islamist faces war crimes judge over Timbuktu destruction

Den Haag - An alleged Al-Qaeda-linked Islamist militant accused of ordering the destruction of treasured monuments in Mali's fabled city of Timbuktu will appear before judges at the International Criminal Court on Wednesday.

ICC war crimes suspect Bemba, aides' bribery trial opens

Den Haag - Congolese former vice-president Jean-Pierre Bemba and four close associates went on trial Tuesday before the International Criminal Court, facing charges of bribing witnesses in Bemba's war crimes case.

Nicaragua 'plays the victim', Bogota tells UN court

Den Haag - Colombia on Monday accused Nicaragua of "wanting to play the victim" when taking its disputes to the International Court of Justice, where the two Latin American countries are locked in a bitter maritime border battle.

Ancient Greek shipwreck reveals remarkable artifacts from 65 BC

It is a shipwreck that has been dubbed the 'Titanic of the Ancient World' and though found at the start of the last century it remains a source of "fabulous finds." Famous for revealing the wondrous Antikythera Mechanism, it is now revealing even more.

Islamist sent to war crimes court for attacks on treasures of Timbuktu

Den Haag - An alleged Al-Qaeda-linked Islamist leader was handed over to the International Criminal Court Saturday to face charges of ordering the destruction of monuments in Mali's fabled city of Timbuktu, in the first such case before the tribunal.

Violence in Finland as demonstrators hurl rocks at migrants

Finnish media has reported that anti-refugee demonstrators in the town of Lahti, in southern Finland, gave a busload of migrants a rude reception. The demonstrators threw stones and hurled fireworks at them.

Netherlands to repatriate more MH17 bodies

Den Haag - The Dutch government said Friday it would repatriate more remains of victims from last year's Malaysia Airlines MH17 air crash over Ukraine, as it prepared to publish a report into the cause.

UN court says it can rule in Bolivia vs Chile row

Den Haag - The UN's highest court Thursday agreed to take up a century-old dispute between Chile and Bolivia, saying it could rule in the case as La Paz seeks to regain access to the Pacific.

Escher museum accused of displaying copies of Dutch artist's work

Den Haag - Dutch artist M.C. Escher was a master of illusion. But in a row as mind-boggling as his intricate black-and-white images, a museum dedicated to his work is apparently mostly displaying reproductions.

Dutch govt refuses to drop appeal against greenhouse gases ruling

Den Haag - The Dutch government brushed aside calls by environmentalists and opposition parties Thursday to drop an appeal against a landmark court ruling ordering it to slash greenhouse gases by a quarter by 2020.

Dutch team launches free 'Airbnb' site for refugees

Den Haag - Three young Dutch start-up entrepreneurs have launched a website to find temporary accommodation for refugees fleeing to Europe, modelled on the popular Airbnb home rental site.

Dad punches cougar and saves 2-year-old daughter from mauling

A family in British Columbia is happy that Dad has a pretty good right hand. If he didn't? Then a two-year-old girl, the man's daughter, may not have survived a cougar attack.

Experts urge Dutch govt to drop greenhouse gas appeal

Den Haag - Top global academics, lawyers and doctors are calling on the Dutch government to drop an appeal against a landmark court ruling which orders it to slash greenhouse gases by a quarter by 2020.

Deep in the forest, Dutch prepare to welcome migrants

Nijmegen - Deep in a tranquil Dutch forest a transformation is taking place, as the Netherlands scrambles to set up camp for thousands of migrants who will start arriving this week.

Man who sparked Rotterdam train scare won't be charged

Den Haag - A man who triggered a police standoff at Rotterdam station after locking himself inside a train toilet was likely just a fare-dodger and will not face charges, officials said Monday.
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