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Netherlands rolls out world’s first nationwide IoT network

A long range (LoRa) network for the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) is now available across the Netherlands, making it the first country in the world to implement the IoT system nationwide.

Gene editing could rid you of herpes

Most people carry the herpes virus, although only a few suffer with recurrent cold sores. Advances in gene editing pose the promise of getting rid of the virus for good.

UN judges uphold 22-year jail term for Bosnian Serb leaders

Den Haag - UN war crimes judges on Thursday threw out an appeal by two former top Bosnian Serb officials against their conviction, upholding a 22-year jail term imposed for their roles in "ethnic cleansing" during the 1990s conflict.

Hague court to rule July 12 in South China Sea case

Den Haag - A little-known international tribunal will early next month step into a bitter dispute over the South China Sea, handing down a ruling which risks further inflaming tensions between Southeast Asian nations and China.

Dutch petition for Nexit vote gets over 56,000 signatures

Den Haag - Dutch campaigners have gathered more than 56,000 signatures on a petition calling for The Netherlands to hold a referendum on whether to leave the EU, in the wake of the Brexit bombshell.

Amanda Todd case: Dutch man can be extradited to Canada

Amsterdam - A Dutch court has ruled a 38-year-old man who is facing charges in Canada in the cyberbullying of 15-year-old Amanda Todd that led to her suicide can be extradited to Canada to face charges laid by the RCMP.

Dutch court grants Canada extradition in cyberbully case

Den Haag - An Amsterdam court on Tuesday ruled in favour of extraditing a Dutchman to Canada where he is wanted on charges linked to the cyberbullying of a teenager who committed suicide in 2012.

Kadhafi son's new lawyers urge ICC to drop case

Den Haag - New lawyers representing the son of slain Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi announced Monday they will ask the International Criminal Court to quash the case against him as he has now been tried and convicted by a Libyan court.

Will the Dutch follow Britain out the door?

Den Haag - Britain's vote to leave the EU has sent shockwaves across the Netherlands, a founding father of the European community, but despite a push by eurosceptics analysts say a "Nexit" referendum is unlikely soon, if ever.

Eurosceptics cry victory, say Nexit, Frexit are next

Den Haag - Eurosceptics were triumphant Friday after Britain voted to leave the EU and swiftly demanded referendums in their own countries in what could sound the death knell for the European project."Yes, I think this is the end of EU.

Boyan Slat's dream of cleaning up the oceans becomes reality

The world's first prototype ocean barrier that could catch almost 80 percent of plastics floating on the Ocean's surface is set to be deployed this week, the marine litter initiative, Ocean Cleanup announced on Wednesday.

Dutch crops grown on 'Mars' soil found safe to eat

Den Haag - Dutch scientists said Thursday crops of four vegetables and cereals grown on soil similar to that on Mars have been found safe to eat, amid plans for the first manned mission to the planet.

Man electrocuted as heavy storms batter Netherlands

Den Haag - Heavy storms swept the Netherlands Thursday leaving one man dead after he was electrocuted in his flooded cellar where he was growing cannabis, police and media said.

ICC sentences DR Congo's Bemba to 18 years in jail

Den Haag - The International Criminal Court Tuesday sentenced former Congolese vice president Jean-Pierre Bemba to 18 years in jail, handing down its toughest penalty ever for "sadistic, cruel" rapes and murders by his troops in Central African Republic.

Want to remember something? Then exercise

Having trouble remembering important things, such as names for a business meeting, studying for an exam, or a list groceries? The answer is to exercise, and to time the exercise 4 hours after reading or hearing the thing you want to recall.

Dutch woman leaves Qatar after adultery conviction

Den Haag - A Dutch woman who was convicted of adultery in Qatar after she reported being raped has left the Gulf and returned home, officials in the Netherlands said on Thursday.

Dutch probe cross-border nuclear safety

Den Haag - The Dutch safety board announced on Wednesday it is launching an investigation into how the Netherlands works with its neighbours to prevent and handle any cross-border nuclear power accidents.

Back to back: Dutch expo reveals art's surprising side

Den Haag - For centuries many have pondered what lies behind the Mona Lisa's enigmatic smile, but it was more of a rhetorical question. Now art lovers can literally discover what the back of Da Vinci's masterpiece looks like.

Turkey admits no visa-free EU travel deal by July 1

Den Haag - Turkey's Europe minister has admitted there is no chance of completing a deal on visa-free travel to the EU by the July 1 deadline, during a visit to the Hague.

Swiss fighter crashes in Netherlands ahead of air show

Den Haag - A Swiss fighter crashed and burst into flames in the Netherlands Thursday after hitting another jet during a training session before an air show, officials said.
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