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Horrible Cruelty: Video of man kicking kitten in air, killing it

A shocking video of a man kicking a kitten like it is a soccer ball, lining up to do so and kicking it into the air, killing it, has emerged. The graphic footage is not pretty and not everyone will be able to stomach it.

Study finds exercise can reduce symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease

There has been a lot of hopeful news at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference in Washington, and on Thursday came news of the benefits of exercise for patients. A study found exercise makes patients feel better and improves memory.

Alzheimer's Disease: New drug may be breakthrough science seeks

A drug treatment that may halt the progress of Alzheimer's Disease, but only if caught early, is being introduced at a conference on Alzheimer's this week. The Washington conference will see the introduction of the promising drug Solanezumab.

Why is a woman hanging sex toys on power lines all over Portland?

It is uncertain why she's doing it, it's even uncertain if it is her doing it, but what is certain is someone is hanging sex toys on power lines - dozens - all over Portland. They're being seen by all ages and a young woman has claimed responsibility.

Memorials for MH17 victims as calls grow for justice

Nieuwegein - Relatives of victims of flight MH17 that was shot down over Ukraine a year ago joined emotional memorials on Friday as calls mounted for a UN-backed tribunal to prosecute those responsible for the tragedy.

Britain joins call for MH17 tribunal as relatives mourn dead

Den Haag - Britain on Friday joined a chorus of countries calling for a UN-backed tribunal to prosecute those responsible for downing flight MH17, as relatives remembered their dead in ceremonies on the first anniversary of the disaster.

New cancer research uses 2 viruses to find and kill cancer cells

A novel method of fighting cancer being studied in Canada may be the big breakthrough the world has been waiting for. It is early but by using two viruses researchers may be able to target and kill off cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone.

Dutch blue helmets remember Srebrenica's dreadful days

Den Haag - One remembers the excruciating pain of a wounded child, the other the suicides of those who had abandoned all hope.

Srebrenica's ghosts still haunt the Dutch 20 years on

Den Haag - Two decades after the Srebrenica massacre, one burning question still sears the Netherlands's collective consciousness: could Dutch UN peacekeepers have done more to save almost 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys from slaughter?

Srebrenica massacre: Key figures prosecuted for war crimes

Den Haag - Over more than a decade, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia has indicted 20 suspects for crimes committed in July 1995 at Srebrenica. All were arrested and brought to The Hague.

Op-Ed: My friend Walter, alcohol and drug addiction and good people lost

I worked at a drug and alcohol treatment center on a small island near Vancouver not long ago. It was not the best but nor was it the worst. There were compassionate counselors but the administration caused more confusion than was helpful.

Genocide, the gravest and hardest crime to prove

Den Haag - Genocide, the key charge arising from the Srebrenica massacre two decades ago, is the gravest crime in international humanitarian law, yet it is also the most difficult to prove.

'Silent march' for police victim after Dutch riots

Den Haag - Hundreds of residents of The Hague staged a "silent march" on Saturday afternoon to protest the death of a Caribbean man who died after being forcefully arrested by Dutch police, sparking four days of riots in the city.

Young man who stormed Dutch TV gets 2.5 years in jail

Den Haag - A young Dutchman who stormed national television studios armed with a fake gun and demanding airtime early this year was on Friday handed a two-and-a-half year sentence.Identified only as Tarik Z.

UN 'best option' for trying MH17 suspects: Dutch PM

Den Haag - Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte called Friday for the creation of an international tribunal to try those responsible for downing a Malaysian airliner over Ukraine last year.

Greek situation 'deteriorating': Dijsselbloem

Den Haag - Eurogroup chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem warned Thursday that Greece's financial situation is deteriorating, saying a 'No' vote in Sunday's crunch referendum would question whether Athens still had a place within the eurozone.

Two MH17 victims' remains 'unlikely' to be found: Dutch minister

Den Haag - Chances of finding human remains of the last two victims of last year's MH17 air crash in Ukraine were "unlikely", Dutch Justice Minister Ard van der Steur said Tuesday.

Dutch prosecutors probe 'persons of interest' in MH17 crash

Rotterdam - Dutch prosecutors said Tuesday they have identified many "persons of interest" in their probe into the shooting down of flight MH17 over Ukraine, but no definite suspects.

Fugitive rabbi can be extradited to Israel: Dutch supreme court

Den Haag - The Dutch Supreme Court on Tuesday authorised the extradition of the leader of a Jewish Hasidic sect wanted in Israel for alleged indecent assault of women and girls.

Alzheimer's: Low memory test scores may be early sign of dementia

A new study has found low scores on memory and thinking tests may be a signal a person will develop Alzheimer's Disease. Researchers found that a signal that Alzheimer's is there may be detected up to 18 years before a diagnosis of the illness.
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