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DRCongo's Bemba in ICC dock for bribing witnesses

Den Haag - Convicted Congolese war criminal Jean-Pierre Bemba found himself back in the dock at the International Criminal Court on Tuesday -- this time accused of bribing witnesses and falsifying evidence.

Ukranian art buyer hands back stolen Dutch masterpiece

Den Haag - A Ukranian art buyer has handed back a missing 18th-century painting stolen a decade ago from a Dutch museum, bringing the total number of masterpieces retrieved from the heist to five, officials said on Monday.

The never-ending vigil for millions yearning to bury their dead

Den Haag - Nameless migrants laid to rest in unmarked scrubland, murder victims dumped in mass graves, desperate searches for the missing after natural disasters. Around the world, millions of families wait in vain to bury their dead.

Adidas to return to Germany to make shoes by robots

Adidas, a German company, has not manufactured its products in Germany in more than 20 years. However, later this year it will begin production of shoes in Germany, made by robots.

Dutch MPs vote to strip jihadists of dual nationality

Den Haag - Dutch MPs voted on Tuesday to strip dual nationals of their Dutch citizenship if they join terror groups such as the so-called Islamic State group to fight as jihadists, officials said.

Malian to seek forgiveness for razing of Timbuktu, ICC told

Den Haag - A Malian jihadist will seek forgiveness from his people for attacking the world heritage site of Timbuktu when he pleads guilty at an unprecedented case before an international war crimes court, his lawyer said Tuesday.

Dutch F-35 jets touch down for European air show debut

Leeuwarden - Two US-assembled F-35A fighter jets destined for the Dutch air force have landed for the first time in northern Europe, ahead of the stealth plane's continental air show debut over the summer.

Op-Ed: During Hirshima visit, Obama should not apologize for atomic bomb

Many in Japan, and the world, believe U.S. President Barack Obama should apologize for the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end WW2. The U.S., however, has said that when Obama visits Hiroshima next week there will be no apology.

Dutch artist Cornelis le Mair, an enduring and captivating talent Special

Eindhoven - The Dutch maestro, surely one of the most naturally gifted painters around today, is as busy as ever - though he found time in his schedule to talk to Digital Journal.

Satellite spots possible oil slick near EgyptAir crash site: ESA

Den Haag - A European Space Agency satellite has spotted a possible oil slick near the site where a missing EgyptAir plane is believed to have crashed with 66 people on board, ESA said Friday."According to the satellite image, the slick...

Yugoslav UN prosecutor urges end to Croat Serb leader's trial

Den Haag - UN war crimes prosecutors Thursday called for the trial of Croatian Serb rebel leader Goran Hadzic to be abandoned as he battles the advanced stages of terminal brain cancer.

Police agencies voice concern jihadists mixing with migrants

Den Haag - Interpol and its European counterpart Tuesday warned of growing concerns that radical Islamists could be using illegal people smuggling networks to sneak into Europe or even fund their attacks and activities.

Out of this world: 'Moon and Mars veggies' grow in Dutch greenhouse

Wageningen - Establishing a human colony on the Moon and travelling to Mars has been the stuff of dreams since the dawn of the space age.But these visions face many hurdles. How can humans survive for months or years in the ultra-hostile environment of space?

Two escaped tigers returned to Dutch refuge: police

Den Haag - Two Bengal tigers that escaped Saturday from a big cat shelter in the Netherlands have been recaptured after about four hours on the loose, Dutch authorities said.

Dutch journalist to live in secret after Turkey arrest

Den Haag - Dutch-Turkish journalist Ebru Umar, arrested in Turkey last month after criticising President Recep Tayyip Erdogan but later allowed to leave, said Thursday she is moving to a secret address in the Netherlands for her own safety.

IS may be making chemical weapons, warns watchdog

Den Haag - There are "extremely worrying" signs that the Islamic State group may be making its own chemical weapons and may have used them already in Iraq and Syria, a global watchdog said Tuesday.

Dutch painter Liseth Visser on what motivates and inspires her Special

Veghel - This talented lady from the southern Netherlands is renowned for her beautiful, thought-provoking and deeply striking portraits. She agreed to answer some questions put to her by Digital Journal.

Netherlands to hand out iodine pills in case of nuclear accident

Den Haag - The Dutch government has ordered 15 million iodine pills to protect people living near nuclear plants in case of an accident, officials said Friday, as concerns rise over ageing reactors across the border in Belgium.

Dutch FM warns no safety 'guarantees' for visitors to Turkey

Den Haag - Dutch Foreign Minister Bert Koenders has warned the Netherlands cannot guarantee the safety of citizens travelling to Turkey if they have been critical of Turkish leaders.

Burglary at Dutch flat of journalist briefly held in Turkey

Den Haag - A Dutch journalist who was briefly detained by Turkish police after tweeting about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said Monday her Amsterdam apartment had been broken into, denouncing what she called "intimidation.
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