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Nations urged to 'banish evil of chemical arms'

Den Haag - World leaders on Wednesday urged all nations to help "banish forever the evil of chemical weapons," as the global watchdog warned decades of progress towards eliminating them was under threat.

Dutch IVF kids seek DNA tests from late sperm bank doc

Den Haag - A group of Dutch people born through IVF treatment demanded on Tuesday that DNA tests be done on the late head of a sperm bank who according to reports may have fathered up to 60 children.

Toxic stew: Police seize millions of euros in fake food, drink

Den Haag - Forget fake news. European police have joined forces to seize almost 10,000 tonnes of fake and harmful food and drink, from caviar to cashews, booze to bubbly water and even unassuming stock cubes.

Philippine lawyer accuses Duterte of 'mass murder' at ICC

Den Haag - A Philippine lawyer on Monday filed a complaint at the world's only permanent war crimes court against President Rodrigo Duterte, alleging his war on drugs has caused some 8,000 deaths.

Giant smoke bombs interrupt PSV v Ajax

Eindhoven - Thick black fumes from smoke bombs engulfed stands at PSV Eindhoven's crunch home game against Ajax, interrupting the match and leaving several fans with breathing and eye problems.

Dutch PM stresses EU unity over Brexit with Danish, Irish leaders

Den Haag - The leaders of the Netherlands, Ireland and Denmark stressed the need for "unity" Friday as the three northern European countries seek to minimise the impact of Britain's divorce from the EU.

Dutch bid to be new home for EU medicine agency

Den Haag - The Netherlands on Thursday made a formal bid to become the new home of the European Medicines Agency which will likely have to relocate from London after Britain leaves the EU.

Watchdog rejects Russian bid for new Syria attack probe

Den Haag - The global chemical arms watchdog Thursday "overwhelmingly" rejected a Russian-Iranian move to launch a new investigation into a suspected chemical attack in Syria, delegates said, backing the probe already underway.

'Incontrovertible' sarin gas used in Syria: watchdog

Den Haag - The head of a global arms watchdog said Wednesday that "incontrovertible" test results from an alleged chemical strike in Syria showed sarin gas or a similar substance had been used.

UN court rejects Kiev bid for measures against pro-Russian rebels

Den Haag - The UN's top court on Wednesday rejected a bid by Kiev for emergency measures to halt Russia's alleged funnelling of money and arms into Ukraine's war-torn east, but warned Moscow to protect ethnic rights in Crimea.

UN's top court to rule in Ukraine vs Russia case

Den Haag - The UN's top court will Wednesday rule on a bid by Kiev to halt Russia's alleged funnelling of money, arms, and personnel into Ukraine's war-torn east, a key moment in the three-year crisis.

Police break up WhatsApp child porn image sharing network

Den Haag - Police have arrested 39 suspects in over a dozen countries across Europe and Latin America after busting an online paedophile ring that used the WhatsApp chat service to share images of child sex abuse, officials said Tuesday.

Top UN court to rule on Ukraine's case against Russia

Den Haag - In a key moment for the Ukrainian crisis, the UN's highest court will rule Wednesday on a bid by Kiev to stop Russia allegedly pumping money, arms and troops into the country's war-torn east.

The OPCW: ridding the world of chemical weapons

Den Haag - Russia criticised the world's chemical weapons watchdog for not sending experts to the site of an alleged chemical attack in Syria, saying it was "unacceptable to analyse events from a distance".

New way of breaking down carbon dioxide invented

Amsterdam - A new catalyst which provides an environmental solution has been invented. The catalyst can convert carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide. This provides a sustainable solution to dealing with the greenhouse gas.

Dutch panda mania as giant bears arrive from China

Den Haag - Two giant pandas arrived by plane at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport Wednesday after a marathon 8,000 kilometre journey from China, the first breeding pair on Dutch soil in three decades.

Dutch concern at visit of top Eritrean official

Den Haag - The Dutch government voiced concern Tuesday over a visit by an Eritrean presidential advisor to The Netherlands, where large numbers of refugees have sought shelter after fleeing the repressive nation.

Dutch protest after attack on gay couple

Den Haag - Hundreds demonstrated in Dutch cities Saturday in a show of support for gay rights after a male couple were attacked last week while walking hand-in-hand, media reported.

S.Africa denies breaking rules by not arresting Sudan's Bashir

Den Haag - South Africa on Friday denied flouting international law in 2015 by failing to arrest visiting Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, who is wanted for trial by war crimes judges on charges of genocide in Darfur.

S.Africa in dock for failing to arrest Sudan's Bashir

Den Haag - South Africa will on Friday seek to defend its failure to arrest visiting Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir who is wanted on charges of genocide, at an unprecedented hearing before international war crimes judges.
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