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Dutch government reaches post-WWII longevity record

Den Haag - Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte's cabinet has become the longest serving in the Netherlands since World War II, a milestone reached in large part because of dragged-out talks to form a viable coalition government.

Dutch police arrest man after knife drama at broadcaster

Den Haag - Dutch police arrested a man Thursday in the country's central broadcasting centre of Hilversum, after he took a woman hostage following an altercation in a parking lot, a spokeswoman said.

ICC rules jihadist liable for 2.7 mn euros for Timbuktu destruction

Den Haag - War crimes judges said Thursday that a Malian jihadist was liable for 2.7 million euros in personal damages for destroying Timbuktu's fabled shrines in 2012, as they ordered reparations in a landmark ruling.

Mali ex-jihadist liable for 2.7 mn euros for Timbuktu destruction

Den Haag - A war crimes court Thursday said a Malian ex-jihadist caused 2.7 million euros in damages when he destroyed Timbuktu's fabled shrines in 2012.

War court poised for historic ruling on Timbuktu jihadist rampage

Den Haag - War crimes judges are poised to make legal history on Thursday with a ruling on compensation for the destruction of fabled shrines in the Malian town of Timbuktu, an act ordered by a now-repentant jihadist.

Two in Dutch court over tainted-eggs scandal

Zwolle - Two Dutch men appeared in court Tuesday in connection with the tainted-eggs scandal that swept Europe this month, which saw millions of eggs destroyed and caused tens of millions of euros in damages.

Dutch count massive cost of tainted-eggs scare

Den Haag - Dutch farmers and retailers on Monday were counting the costs stemming from the tainted-eggs scandal that swept Europe, saying the total ran into tens of millions of euros as two men at the scandal's centre were due to appear in court.

ICC to award damages for jihadist Timbuktu destruction

Den Haag - War crimes judges will Thursday hand down a landmark ruling on reparations for the razing of Timbuktu's fabled shrines, but the victims' fund which is to implement the order warned it will not be easy.

Van Gogh goes virtual as 'Sunflowers' unite via livestream

Den Haag - Five versions of Vincent van Gogh's masterpiece painting "Sunflowers" will be united across three continents for the first time on Monday via a consecutive livestream feed, the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam has said."On Monday...

Experts point finger at Dutch oversight agency in egg scandal

Den Haag - Years of cuts at the Dutch food watchdog agency and a tendency among politicians to put economics ahead of public safety may be to blame for the EU's tainted-egg scandal that has spread as far as Hong Kong.

Online matchmaker aims to save Dutch farms with no heirs

Nieuwveen - Standing in his rubber boots in his fields surrounded by his beloved Red Holstein cows, Dutch farmer Gerard Hartveld has an air of resignation as he contemplates the future.Hartveld says he is a dairy farmer in "his heart" and soul.

Talks to form Dutch govt kick off again after break

Den Haag - Tortuous talks to form the next Dutch government began again Wednesday after a three-week break, with party leaders declining to indicate when a new cabinet will be formed.

Incentive based digital feedback of dental devices

Amsterdam - Dentistry and blockchain technology may not immediately spring to mind when considering oral hygiene. However, a new way of providing dental feedback is being tested using a new cryptocoin payment method.

Icy treat for panda stars' birthday in Dutch zoo

Den Haag - Two multi-layered "cakes" made from ice, vegetable juice and fruit greeted a pair of giant pandas at a Dutch zoo Tuesday for their first birthday party since arriving from China.

Dutch egg probe widens to chicken meat tests

Den Haag - In a new twist in Europe's tainted egg scandal, Dutch authorities announced Tuesday they had started testing chicken meat coming from affected poultry farms to determine whether it was also contaminated.

Dutch farmers 'powerless' in the face of contaminated eggs

Ede - In the dark and silent shed of a small Dutch poultry farm, 1.8 million eggs closely packed together wait to be destroyed.In the barn, the machine that sorts and packages the eggs has been shut off and its rolling belt is starting to gather dust.

Police send postcards with an edge to Europe's most wanted

Den Haag - European police forces are sending a series of cheeky "wish you were here" postcards this summer in a bid to track down 21 of the continent's most wanted criminals."Dear Artur, Belgian fries are the best and we know you miss them.

Review: Armin van Buuren phenomenal at Tomorrowland 2017 in Belgium Special

Armin van Buuren's Tomorrowland set in Belgium is available on all digital retailers. His electronic dance music show was incredible.

Millions of Dutch eggs destroyed in growing insecticide scandal

Den Haag - Supermarkets in the Netherlands and Germany were Thursday removing millions of eggs from their shelves believed to have been contaminated by a toxic insecticide in a widening food scandal.

Tainted Dutch eggs scandal widens across borders

Den Haag - Supermarkets in the Netherlands and Germany moved to halt some egg sales Thursday as hundreds of thousands may have been contaminated by a toxic insecticide in a widening food scandal.
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