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Scientists in New Caledonia hope for best after coral bleaching

Blanchot - Marine biologists are crossing their fingers after New Caledonia's coral reef, a UN-inscribed natural wonder of the world, was hit by bleaching this year.

Dancing in ugly Christmas sweaters video turns out be an ad

A video has been making the YouTube rounds in the U.K. of older men dancing in rather ugly Christmas sweaters (you know, your Uncle had one). It has a certain charm but it is not what it seems.

Alert for pregnant women: High risk of car crash in 2nd trimester

A new study finds that pregnant women who drive have a higher risk of a car crash, especially in their second trimester. The study was published in the Canadian Medical Assoc. Journal and authors feel the danger is from fatigue and sleep disruption.

New Caledonia is home to The largest nature park on earth

Covering an area twice the size of the state of Texas, New Caledonia's 320 million acre marine park is without a doubt the planet's largest wilderness preserve, on land or sea. The Natural Park of the Coral Sea shares space with a quarter million people.

Michael Cera, Kieran Culkin to do 'This is Our Youth' on Broadway

Actors Michael Cera and Kieran Culkin will be making their Broadway debuts together in the Kenneth Lonergan play 'This is Our Youth'. A.P. reports Lonergan said the play will start in Chicago in June and move to Broadway in August.

Op-Ed: Training for your first or next job online

Everybody is online nowadays, but can you make it pay? Some are skeptical about training and qualifying online, others less so.

Fewer Beliebers: Justin Bieber film 'Believe' not so popular

'Believe', the second documentary released by pop-star Justin Bieber came out Christmas Day and, compared to his first doc, did so quietly. Of course $1.25 million in business sounds great but in the film world that translated to 14th at the box-office.

Canadian federal minister sorry for mean hungry kids remark

Canada's minster of industry, Conservative James Moore, is trying to get himself out of a jam borne of remarks he made to a reporter about child poverty. James Moore made remarks to the effect that it wasn't the government's "job" to feed hungry kids.

Ottawa woman may go to jail for letting her cat get too fat

A 12-year-old Ottawa, Ontario, cat, Napolean, got so fat he could not clean his fur, matted with his own feces. So fat and in so much pain and poor health, the cat was euthanized by the city's humane society. Now his owner may go to jail.

Wife of actor Nick Stahl reports him missing, seen in Skid Row

The wife of actor Nick Stahl, Rose Stahl, has reported her husband missing. She hasn't seen him since May 9th and has filed a missing persons report with the police. There are rumors he's been seen in L.A.'s Skid Row area.

World's largest paedophile ring busted

Europol announced today that 'Operation Rescue' has identified more than 600 suspects across the world and 184 suspects have been arrested including police officers, teachers, a scout leader, IT workers and other professionals.

Shark rips off teenager’s arm

A new worrying report concerning a shark attack in the southern seas has emerged from the French territory of New Caledonia.

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