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Mexico respected rights of detained caravan migrants: AMLO

Mexico - President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador insisted Friday that Mexico had respected the human rights of hundreds of Central American migrants detained in a robust security force operation the day before.

Mexico seeks US extradition of drug lord's son for reporter murder

Culiac - Mexico is seeking the extradition from the United States of the son of a Sinaloa cartel drug lord over the 2017 murder of acclaimed journalist Javier Valdez, the attorney general's office said Thursday.

Mexico detains 800 Central American migrants headed to US

Ciudad Hidalgo - Mexican troops used tear gas to detain 800 migrants who surged into Mexico Thursday after wading across a river on the country's southern border with Guatemala.

Hundreds of Central American migrants cross into Mexico from Guatemala

Ciudad Hidalgo - Hundreds of Central American migrants surged into Mexico Thursday, wading unopposed across a river on the Guatemalan border where Mexican troops had used tear gas the day before to keep them back, AFP journalists at the scene reported.

Mexico detained more than 2,000 after caravan border crossing

Mexico - Mexican migration authorities released Wednesday an official count of the number of people detained along the country's southern border two days before, estimating that more than 2,000 people were "rescued" after they crossed the border with Guatemala....

Mexico 2019 murder rate highest since 1997

Mexico - There were nearly 35,000 murders in Mexico in 2019, the highest rate since 1997, the first year for which there is an official record, according to official data released Monday.

Mexican troops repel border-storming migrant caravan

Ciudad Hidalgo - Hundreds of Central Americans from a new migrant caravan tried to storm into Mexico Monday by fording the river that divides the country from Guatemala, but National Guardsmen fired tear gas to force them back.

Troops fire gas as migrants try to storm into Mexico

Ciudad Hidalgo - Hundreds of Central Americans from a new migrant caravan tried to force their way into Mexico Monday by crossing the river that divides the country from Guatemala, prompting the National Guard to fire tear gas.

Mexican troops block US-bound caravan travelers

Ciudad Hidalgo - Mexican troops urged some 1,500 Central American migrants to maintain "order and respect" on Saturday after the group attempted to force entry into the country from Guatemala in the hopes of trekking onward to the United States.

Mexico's new plan to sell presidential jet: a raffle

Mexico - Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who has been struggling to find a buyer for what he considers the overly luxurious presidential jet, proposed a novel idea Friday: hold a raffle.

Mexico offers 4,000 jobs to new migrant caravan

Mexico - Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador offered 4,000 jobs Friday to migrants in a new caravan currently crossing Central America toward the United States."We have more than 4,000 jobs along our southern border, and also migrant shelters.

Mexico human rights situation a 'catastrophe': HRW

Mexico - Mexico's government has shown "total disinterest" in addressing a tidal wave murders and disappearances, and is systematically violating the rights of Central American migrants, Human Rights Watch said Wednesday.

Mexico gets 'Chapo' beer

Guadalajara - Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman may be serving a life sentence in prison, but the Mexican drug kingpin can now boast to having his own beer.

29 bodies unearthed from Mexican mass grave

Guadalajara - The bodies of at least 29 people have been unearthed from a mass grave on a property outside Mexico's western city of Guadalajara, local authorities said Monday.

Boy kills teacher, self in Mexico school shooting

Torre - An 11-year-old boy shot and killed his teacher Friday at a school in northern Mexico and wounded six other people before killing himself, authorities said.

Child dead after killing one in Mexico school shooting: police

Torre - A student at an elementary school in the northern Mexican city of Torreon shot and killed a teacher Friday and wounded five other pupils, and then apparently killed himself, authorities said.

40 suspects in Mexico Mormon massacre: lawyer

Mexico - Mexican authorities believe at least 40 people were involved in killing nine Mormon women and children in the north of the country in November, a lawyer for one of the families said Tuesday.

Mexico arrests seven suspects in Mormon family massacre

Mexico - Mexican authorities have arrested seven suspects in connection with last month's massacre of nine Mormon women and children in the country's north, the attorney general's office said.

Mexico vows to take Bolivia to court over embassy spat

Mexico - Mexico threatened Thursday to take Bolivia to the International Court of Justice over what it calls harassment of its diplomatic mission in La Paz, after its embassy sheltered some 20 officials from the former government.

Falls and fun at eco-friendly 'ice' rink in Mexico

Mexico - Mexico is better known for cactus-dotted deserts and Caribbean beaches than winter sports, but the capital's central square is celebrating winter with an enormous, eco-friendly artificial ice rink.
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