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Mexico unveils $5.5-bn rescue plan for ailing Pemex

Mexico - The Mexican government said Friday it would bail out ailing state oil company Pemex with $5.5 billion in additional funds this year -- though that falls short of what analysts say the firm needs.

'El Chapo' leaves a void in his Mexican hometown

Badiraguato - The downfall of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman has done little to diminish his drug cartel's power, but locals say it has had a devastating effect in one place: his remote and lawless hometown, Badiraguato.

Op-Ed: NASA — Greenhouse Effect greening China and India

Sydney - One unanticipated but pretty obvious effect of greenhouse gases and heat is to grow a lot of plants. Extra CO2, for example, promotes flowering. The main areas where this is happening turn out to be India and China.

Radio journalist shot dead in Mexico's latest media killing

Mexico - A Mexican radio journalist was shot dead Saturday in a restaurant in Tabasco state, east of the capital, the latest victim in what has become one of the world's deadliest countries for the press.

Mexican ex-president Pena Nieto, soap opera star wife divorcing

Mexico - Mexican ex-president Enrique Pena Nieto and his wife, soap opera star Angelica Rivera, are getting divorced, the former first lady said Friday."I deeply regret what is a very painful situation for me and our children.

Op-Ed: Huge $1.7bn of ice bust hits Mexican cartels

A huge load of ice, the drug of choice for idiots, was headed to Australia, but got caught in a classic cop story tale . An outback cop stopped a car, found ice making stuff, police investigated, notified the US authorities, and hey presto, a mega-bust.

Mexican zoo welcomes baby penguins

Guadalajara - After painstakingly recreating an Antarctic environment in the balmy climate of central Mexico, the Guadalajara Zoo has welcomed two baby Adelie penguins into the world.

New migrant caravan reaches US-Mexico border

Nuevo Laredo - Around 1,700 migrants traveling by caravan reached the US-Mexican border Tuesday, just as President Donald Trump prepared to give a major speech certain to include calls for his long-sought wall.

FIve things to know about migrant caravans crossing Mexico

Mexico - As US President Donald Trump gives his State of the Union address Tuesday -- sure to include calls to build his long-sought border wall -- here are a few fast facts on the migrant caravans crossing Mexico.- How many are there?

Amnesty condemns 'disgraceful' US 'Remain in Mexico' policy

Mexico - Amnesty International said Thursday the United States is violating international law by sending asylum seekers back to Mexico to await their court dates, a policy it condemned as "disgraceful, mean-spirited and unlawful.

Mexican president brushes off Trump's latest tweets

Mexico - Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador declined to comment Thursday on US counterpart Donald Trump's latest flurry of aggressive tweets, jokingly quoting a well-known line from football coach Velibor "Bora" Milutinovic: "I respect that.

Mexican president declares 'drug war' over

Mexico - Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador declared the country's war on drugs over Wednesday, saying his government would no longer prioritize using the army to capture cartel kingpins.

Mexico, Spain call for Venezuela crisis talks

Mexico - The leaders of Mexico and Spain called Wednesday for talks to resolve the crisis in Venezuela, but gaps were visible between them on what exactly that would look like.

US starts returning asylum seekers to Mexico to await court dates

Tijuana - The United States began sending migrants who have applied for asylum back to Mexico on Tuesday to await their court dates under a controversial new policy from President Donald Trump.

US starts returning asylum seekers to Mexico to await court dates

Tijuana - The United States began sending migrants who have applied for asylum back to Mexico on Tuesday to await their court dates under President Donald Trump's controversial "Remain in Mexico" policy.

Ten killed in clash of Mexican self-defense forces

Chilpancingo - Ten members of rival civilian self-defense groups were killed in a gun battle in the Mexican state of Guerrero, a local security official said late Sunday.

For Cuaron fans visiting Mexico, all roads lead to 'Roma'

Mexico - The success of "Roma," which garnered 10 Oscar nominations this week, has made a star out of one of the movie's key protagonists: the Mexico City neighborhood that gave it its name.

US delays returning asylum seekers to Mexico

Tijuana - The United States has delayed its plan to send asylum seekers back to Mexico while their claims are processed, as the Mexican government said Friday it "disagrees" with the policy.

Did El Chapo's sons kill acclaimed journalist? Doubts arise in Mexico

Mexico - Who ordered the murder of acclaimed Mexican journalist Javier Valdez?The former right-hand man to Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman says it was the kingpin's sons. But a friend and colleague of the late reporter rejected that theory Thursday.

Improving working conditions with blockchain

Blockchain is more often spoken about as an external tool for businesses to help secure supply chain. In a new pilot, blockchain is to be used to help improve health and safety within the workplace — at a Levi Strauss factory.
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