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Mexican tycoon in graft case released after agreeing to repayment deal

Mexico - A Mexican businessman accused of corruption over the alleged sale of a disused fertilizer plant to Pemex was released from prison Monday after agreeing to repay the state oil company $216.6 million, judicial sources said.

People smugglers reap billions selling American dream

Mexico - The tide of migrants sweeping across Mexico to the US border is not just a humanitarian crisis -- it is also a highly organized, multibillion-dollar trafficking business dominated by the drug cartels.

Ecuador ex-president vows to 'keep fighting' after protege's defeat

Mexico - Former Ecuadoran president Rafael Correa told AFP on Tuesday that he plans to keep up his political fight from exile following his protege's election defeat.

By rail, road or on foot, migrants flow across Mexico towards US

Pizaco - Greyssi Venegas devours her first meal in three days at a Mexican shelter near the railroad where migrants risk their lives clinging to freight trains on their grueling journey north to the United States.

Mexico detains 30 Marines accused of disappearances

Mexico - Prosecutors in Mexico have arrested 30 Marines in connection with the disappearances of an unspecified number of people in the northern state of Tamaulipas in 2014, the Navy said Monday.

Mexican villagers take anti-narco fight into own hands

Colotlipa - Mexican children toting replica rifles march alongside armed members of a self-defense force who say they have been left to defend their village against drug traffickers all by themselves.

Op-Ed: COVID — New spike and ‘endemic’ status is a serious threat

Sydney - It’s not over yet, or anything like over. Statistics are showing returning spikes worldwide. Worse, the dangerous situation of COVID becoming “endemic” is now credible for the foreseeable future.

Indigenous softball team bats away Mexico machismo

Akumal - Barefoot and resplendent in traditional embroidered garments, women from an indigenous Mayan community in rural Mexico are challenging gender stereotypes and the country's machismo culture on a dusty softball field.

Mexican election candidate launches campaign from coffin

Juarez - A Mexican congressional candidate launched his election campaign in a coffin Tuesday to highlight the country's many thousands of deaths from the coronavirus pandemic and cartel-related violence.

Border agents, traffickers and migrants mix on the busy Rio Grande

Linda Vista - The sun has barely set when Mexican traffickers inflate their boat, load 15 migrants on board, yelling at the kids to stop crying, and then row in a frenzy across the Rio Grande, landing on US soil in just a few minutes.

Mexico reports Covid-linked deaths far above official toll

Mexico - Mexico registered 294,287 deaths associated with Covid-19 up to mid-February, new government data showed, much higher than the country's official coronavirus fatality toll.

Mexico and Guatemala in joint effort to slow migrant caravans

Gutierrez - The governments of Mexico and Guatemala have launched a joint military-police operation along their common border aimed at blocking caravans of migrants hoping to reach the United States.

On US-Mexico border, a revolving door for many migrants

Juarez - Honduran migrant Fernando Sanchez paid a trafficker $7,000 to smuggle him to the United States with his three-year-old daughter, but they spent just days on US soil before being deported.

Tourists in Mexico party like there's no Covid

Tulum - Tourists writhe their bodies to pumping techno beats on dance floors along Mexico's Caribbean coast -- a magnet for people from around the world who want to party during a pandemic.

Mexico boosts border security to stop child migrants

Gutierrez - Mexico will step up security along its southern border with Guatemala to stop child migrants crossing on their way to the United States, the authorities said Friday.

Mexico makes arrest over murders of suspected Israeli mafiosi

Mexico - Mexican authorities have arrested a woman in connection with the murder of two Israelis suspected of links to organized crime in July 2019, prosecutors said Friday.

American dream dashed for migrants sent back to Mexico

Juarez - Dirlan Hernandez dreamed of a warm welcome in the United States thanks to President Joe Biden's immigration reforms, but when he crossed over with his son he was quickly sent back to Mexico.He is not alone.

Mexico close to legalizing recreational marijuana use

Mexico - Mexico's lower house of Congress voted Wednesday in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana use, in a step towards transforming the land of the drug cartels into a huge regulated market.

Mexican lawmakers to vote on legalizing marijuana

Mexico - Mexican lawmakers were expected to vote Wednesday on whether to legalize recreational marijuana use -- a move that could transform the land of the drug cartels into a huge regulated market.

Mexican election season brings wave of violence

Mexico - Mexico is reeling from a surge in political violence ahead of upcoming elections, with dozens of politicians murdered at the hands of criminal gangs vying for influence.
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