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Mexico beats grim record for monthly murder tolls

Mexico - June was the most murderous month Mexico has seen in at least two decades, official statistics showed, underlining authorities' powerlessness to check a growing wave of violence.

Eight killed in rare Mexico City gun battle

Mexico - Marines killed eight alleged drug traffickers in a rare Mexico City gun battle on Thursday - and presumed gang members retaliated by burning vehicles in unprecedented unrest in the country's safest city.

Op-Ed: Three key changes Canada should demand in NAFTA negotiations

The first round of negotiations between the U.S., Canada and Mexico on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) are to begin next month but Canada has yet to make its key demands clear while the U.S. has done so.

Star chefs in Mexico to defend biodiversity

Mexico - Star chefs from around the world gathered in Mexico City's ancient floating gardens for a symposium on saving the world's threatened biodiversity, a bleak subject they peppered with breaks to savor the local cuisine.

Cooking with a conscience: Colombian chef Espinosa wins top prize

Mexico - Leonor Espinosa, a Colombian chef known for sourcing local ingredients and giving back to the communities that supply them, won the Basque Culinary World Prize Monday, a 100,000-euro prize for chefs who make a difference.

Mexican ex-governor Duarte extradited on graft charges

Mexico - Mexican ex-governor Javier Duarte was extradited from Guatemala on Monday to face corruption and racketeering charges back home, one of a string of scandals involving ex-governors that are threatening President Enrique Pena Nieto's government.

Indigenous Mexicans best pros on extreme mountain run

Guachochi - In old indigenous Latin American cultures, women toil at farming and tackle family duties. Atop this remote Mexican mountain, they also slap on sandals and crush pro athletes on long-distance runs.

Digital technology helps with fish conservation

Conservationists are harnessing digital technology to assess the numbers of threatened and endangered species. One application includes the digital recording of fish songs to track populations.

'I want to live': diva Lila Downs self-censors message to Mexico

Mexico - Lila Downs isn't one to hold her tongue.The Mexican-American singer-songwriter is known for her politically charged music on immigration, human rights and women's empowerment.She even dedicated a song called "The Demagogue" to Donald Trump.

Q&A: Mexican spying scandal

Mexico - Since the story first broke that the Mexican government was allegedly spying on -- of all people -- advocates of a soda tax, the list of those targeted with powerful spyware has kept swelling.

Attackers kill 11 people in home in central Mexico

Tizayuca - Masked men burst into a children's party in central Mexico and hacked 11 people to death, authorities and witnesses said Thursday, in the violence-plagued country's latest mass murder.

Mexican artist aims for record mural on US border wall

Tijuana - On the imposing metal sheets of the border fence that divides Tijuana, Mexico from San Diego, California, a hand reaches out in friendship amid a burst of butterflies.Nearby, in darker tones, a pile of skulls is crowned by a steely cross.

Honduran journalist murdered in Mexico, 7th of 2017

Campeche - A Honduran journalist who sought asylum in Mexico after a colleague he collaborated with was murdered has been killed in the violent state of Veracruz, authorities and activists said.

App turns Mexican women's phones into panic buttons

Juarez - The Mexican city of Juarez has been dubbed "the capital of murdered women": since the 1990s, hundreds of women have been raped, killed and dumped in the desert, or simply disappeared without a trace.

Mexico spying targeted probe of 43 missing students: experts

Mexico - International experts sent to Mexico to investigate the disappearance of 43 students in 2014 were targeted with spyware sold to the government, researchers said Monday.

US, Mexican officials play nice as Trump doubles down on wall

Mexico - Top US and Mexican officials sought common ground Friday on issues such as migration and drug trafficking, even as President Donald Trump combatively repeated his vow to make Mexico pay for his planned border wall.

Families grieve inmates hacked to death in Mexico jail

Acapulco - Shell-shocked relatives of Mexican inmates who had been decapitated and mutilated by their rivals behind bars condemned on Friday what they called a reign of terror inflicted by gangs that extort and torture fellow prisoners.

In crime-plagued Mexico, 'Heavenly Police' turn to higher power

Seguro Social - It sometimes seems there's no hope for justice in Mexico, where ultra-violent drug cartels operate with impunity and graft reaches from the lowest levels of the police to the highest halls of power.

28 inmates killed in Mexico prison riot

Acapulco - Rioting inmates at a Mexican prison slit their rivals' throats and beat them to death Thursday, leaving 28 dead in the latest explosion of violence in the country's often lawless jails.

28 inmates killed in Mexico prison riot: officials

Acapulco - Rioting inmates at a Mexican prison slit their rivals' throats and beat them to death Thursday, leaving 28 dead and three wounded, officials said.
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