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Mongolia to hold first presidential runoff on July 9

Ulan Bator - Mongolia will hold its first ever presidential runoff vote on July 9 after none of the three candidates secured an absolute majority in an election marred by a "sabotage" attempt, electoral authorities said Tuesday.

In Mongolia, democracy unfolds in a yurt

- At 6:55 a.m. on Monday, a man in rural Mongolia stood outside a yurt and looked down at his watch. Five minutes remained until presidential election polls opened in the country of just three million wedged between Russia and China.

Mongolia headed towards first presidential runoff

Ulan Bator - Mongolia's presidential election on Tuesday appeared to be headed towards the country's first ever run-off vote after none of the three candidates secured an absolute majority following a campaign fraught with corruption scandals.

Mongolian voters weigh love-hate relationship with China

Ulan Bator - The waving flags, triumphant song and rousing speeches of a Mongolian presidential campaign rally were interrupted by a fight that broke out in the crowd.

Corruption scandals muddy Mongolia's presidential vote

Ulan Bator - Mongolians pick a new president Monday after a campaign marred by corruption scandals plaguing all three candidates, from jobs for cash to offshore accounts and donations from an alleged cult.

Conflicts of interest keep Mongolian child jockeys in the saddle

- Mongolian courts banned them, human rights groups slammed them and the labour ministry demands they cease, but none of that has stopped Mongolia's politicians from letting child jockeys saddle up.

Mongolia seeks to crush fossil black market

- For years, herder Gelegrash had a sideline bringing tourists to see a dinosaur skull hidden near the Flaming Cliffs in Mongolia's Gobi desert. Then, one day, it was gone.

Tokyo seeks to pressure Beijing on S China Sea ruling

Ulan Bator - Tokyo raised pressure on Beijing at an Asia-Europe summit Saturday to respect an international tribunal's ruling that dismissed its claims to much of the South China Sea.

Europe-Asia summit condemns terrorism after Nice attack

Ulan Bator - Leaders of Asia and Europe condemned international terrorism at a summit in Mongolia Friday, as an attack in Nice drew attention away from Beijing's rejection of a tribunal ruling dismissing its extensive South China Sea claims.

Mongolia vote landslide stinging rejection of government policy

Ulan Bator - A landslide election victory by Mongolia's opposition is a stinging rejection of the government's failed economic policies, analysts and voters said Thursday, as the country struggles to turn its vast natural resources into national wealth.

Long walk to the ballot box for Mongolian nomads

Mandalgovi - It took Mongolian nomad Pagvajaviin Shatarbaatar seven days to get to his polling station to vote in Wednesday's general election -- accompanied by more than 2,000 sheep, goats and horses.

Five questions about Mongolia's national elections

Ulan Bator - Mongolians head to the polls Wednesday for their seventh national election since transitioning from state socialism to democracy in 1990. Here's what you need to know:What's at stake?

Mongolian voters head to the polls amid economic uncertainty

Mandalgovi - Mongolians went to the polls across their sprawling, sparsely-populated country Wednesday as it struggles to benefit from its vast natural resources amid disputes over foreign investment and slumping demand from neighbouring China.

Mongolia votes with mineral riches still a distant dream

- Deep in the Mongolian steppe, a gigantic hole in the ground holds billions of tonnes of riches that politicians say will fuel the transformation of the landlocked and sparsely populated country into a prosperous modern nation.

Mongolia praised for abolishing death penalty

Ulan Bator - The United Nations' top human rights official praised Mongolia Wednesday for abolishing the death penalty, after the sparsely populated Asian country approved a new criminal code eliminating executions.

Mongolia honours China conqueror Kublai Khan on 800th birthday

Ulan Bator - Mongolia on Wednesday celebrated the 800th birthday of epic conqueror Kublai Khan, a source of intense pride in a country trying to highlight its own history after centuries of Russian and Chinese influence.

India's Modi in Mongolia seeking stronger ties in China's backyard

Ulan Bator - Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi held talks Sunday with his counterpart during a visit to Mongolia, with the two nations upgrading relations as Delhi tries to strengthen its influence in China's backyard.

Mongolian scientists claim 200-year 'mummy monk' is alive

Ulaanbaatur - A 200-year-old mummified monk has been found in Mongolia, who, researchers at the Ulaanbaatur Buddhist University say is actually a "very deep meditation."

Mongolia’s 'Sutton Hoo' threatened by Canadian mine

Ulan Bator - A bid by a Canadian gold mining company to strip-mine part of northern Mongolia’s protected Noyon Mountain Forest which includes the country’s cultural equivalent to England’s Sutton Hoo site or Egypt’s pyramids is causing outrage in the country.

Global warming initiatives paying big sums

Countries around the world open their wallets and try to pitch in for the climate fund. Falling short of their pledge of $10b, this controversial issue for developing countries might see a different insight.
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