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Using cigarette ash to remove arsenic from water

In a novel approach to filtering water, researchers in China and Saudi Arabia have come up with a way of using ash from cigarettes to remove arsenic from drinking water.

Huge haul of smuggled Mongolian fossils repatriated by Feds

New York - US authorities approved, Thursday, the shipment back to Mongolia of a huge haul of dinosaur fossils that had been illicitly imported to the United States having been stolen from archaeological sites in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert.

Sumo wrestler Kakuryū Rikisaburō: circle in the sand

Tokyo - Every summer In Japan, the Thunder Gods roar to life in the Grand Imperial Shinto Rite known to the outside world as sumo.

Our continuing fascination with the Mongolian death worm

Mongolia's Gobi is one of the world's greatest deserts, covering over 500,000 sq. miles. Unlike many deserts, there are very few sand dunes here. Instead, it is shaped by large, foreboding expanses of barren, sometimes rocky plains and outcroppings.

Man to serve 3 months in jail for smuggling dinosaur skeleton

A Virginia fossils dealer was sentenced to three months in prison for smuggling a Tyrannosaurus skeleton out of Mongolia.

Ocala Heart Institute: Saving lives at home and abroad Special

Each year approximately 1.1 million Americans have a heart attack. For approximately 515,000, myocardial infarction means death. (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute)

The fading footsteps of Mongolia's Gobi bears

The Gobi is the world's fifth largest desert, and stretches from north to northwestern China and into parts of southern Mongolia. A land of climate extremes, temperatures can reach 122 degrees F in the summer and drop to -40 degrees F in the winter.

Hagel pushes US military ties with China's neighbour Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar - Pentagon chief Chuck Hagel Thursday endorsed stronger military ties with Mongolia as it seeks a US partnership as a counterweight to its powerful neighbours Russia and China.

In Mongolia, Hagel looks to bolster U.S. military ties

Ulaanbaatar - Pentagon chief Chuck Hagel flew to Mongolia Thursday to endorse stronger military ties with a government eager for U.S. partnership as a counterweight to its powerful neighbours, Russia and China.

Siberian cave study warns of permafrost thaw tipping point

Evidence assembled from stalactite and stalagmite formations in frozen caves in Siberia by a team of international scientists led by Oxford University gives some clues as to what might happen if global temperatures continue to rise.

Op-Ed: Killer uses her bra to strangle elderly neighbor

One woman tried to keep abreast of the situation by strangling her elderly neighbor with her bra because he refused to buy alcohol for her.

In Inner Mongolia, nomads fight enemy of advancing desert Special

Chifeng - As the threat of desertification grows higher, a nomadic tribesman in Inner Mongolia is leading his community in their fight against the menace

Heineken threatened boycott over alleged links to Asian dogfight

Heineken has launched an investigation after photo of a dogfight show was posted online with banners of the company flying in the arena. Beer drinkers have threatened to boycott Heineken because of the photo believed to have been taken in Mongolia.

Velociraptor's last meal revealed

BBC News is reporting that the bone of a large flying reptile has been found in the gut of the skeletal remains of a Velociraptor. The discovery was made in what is now Mongolia's Gobi Desert.

Nest filled with baby dinosaurs found in Mongolia

In a significant discovery, scientists have uncovered a nest filled with 15 baby dinosaurs, 10 of which are complete fossil sets.

China files official protest on Dalai Lam’s visit to Mongolia

China has filed an official protest against the Dalai Lama’s low-key visit to Mongolia, one day after the exiled spiritual leader arrived in the country that is bordered by China to the south and Russia to the north.

A 1,000-mile trek across Asia's biggest desert — the Gobi Special

A bold team is about trek 1,000 miles across the largest desert in Asia. The expedition called Gobi2011 will see the team walking across the Gobi Desert in Mongolia visiting indigenous people along the route.

Philippine Azkals receive $20,000 AFC grant for Game 2 against Mongolia

Manila - The Philippine Azkals will be awarded a $20,000 grant by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) within the next few weeks to for Game 2 of the AFC Challenge Cup qualifying match against the Mongolia Blue Wolves at Ulan Bator, Mongolia on March 15.

Relative of Velociraptor found in Mongolia

Washington - Ph.D. students from the UCL (University College London) and GWU (George Washington University) in Washington, DC discovered a relative of the velociraptor, a small but fierce predator made famous by Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park.

Mongolia: -50c Temperatures Kills 2 Million Head of Livestock

As extreme winter temperatures fell as low as -50 c nearly 2 million head of livestock have died. Thousands of families in Mongolia could be facing a food and economic insecurity.
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